Dear Friends and Family in Christ,

Taking Communion At RevivalIts with much joy we continue to bring to you the exciting news of God’s mighty power at work in Melbourne and around Australia! Hundreds of spiritually hungry, thirsty and desperate people continue to gather at the Revival in Hallam to seek the Master’s face night after night in worship and to drink from the river of God’s refreshing presence!

United In Prayer For AustraliaWe continue to rejoice as we witness the mighty anointing of the Holy Spirit in saving, healing, delivering and setting people free from all kinds of sicknesses, fear, depression, stress, anxiety, demonic oppression / possession and many other afflictions. What’s most amazing is almost all of those who are getting set free by the miracle working power of God are born again Christians from so many different churches and denominations across Australia who flock to the Revival desperate for more of God’s love, power, and presence!

Pastor Danny said, “All glory to God as He continues to clean up His Church. A few days ago the Lord gave me the following message, ‘The depth of worship determines the strength of My Anointing, which results in the release of mighty miracles.’” 

Praise CelebrationWell, this is certainly true in Hallam, in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, as we worship the Lord for hours before the Word of God is preached, which then prepares the expectant people to receive their miracle from the Spirit of God! On Thursday night, a man came to the altar wanting healing for his deaf ears. He was totally deaf in his right ear and partially deaf in his left ear. After Pastor Danny laid hands on his ears and prayed for him, the power of God touched him and he was instantly healed. He removed both of his hearing aids and heard perfectly. Glory to God! Another woman was instantly healed from Achilles Tendonitis (a condition which causes severe pain in the ankles) as Pastor Jason prayed for her in the name of Jesus. She started running and praising God!

Deliverance & RestorationOn Friday night on 08-08-08, more than 300 people gathered at the Revival in Hallam to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Rise Up Australia prayer meetings across Australia. Every one was so blessed as communion was served at 8pm to the people of God from so many different churches and denominations who united in the Spirit around the table of the Lord. Many were weeping as the presence of God mightily touched them and joined so many hearts together in praying for Australia’s transformation with the ‘Your Kingdom Come’ gathering in Federal Parliament, as they also took communion at the same time in Canberra, uniting as the Body of Christ to seek the Lord for our nation’s transformation!  There was great passion, excitement and much love as there was a united cry which went up to Heaven on 08-08-08, “LORD, SAVE AUSTRALIA!” Certainly, unity in the Body of Christ is an imperative key for any nation’s breakthrough and transformation! Australia for Jesus!

Freedom From DepressionFollowing is a part of an amazing testimony connected with the Holy Spirit Revival in Melbourne and 08-08-08: “It is with great joy that I give this testimony about what the Lord Jesus has done in my life. How appropriate that on the night of new beginnings, 08/08/08 he gave me the greatest gift of all, deliverance from more than 20 years of bondage and addictions, and a way of thinking that not only caused pain to me, and threatened to destroy me, but caused pain to those around me.” Click Here To Read The Full Testimony

Pastor Danny ministered with a team from Catch The Fire Ministries on Saturday and Sunday in Naracoorte and Bordertown South Australia. Well glory to God, the fire of the Holy Ghost fell in every single meeting with many mightily touched by the power of God!

Healed From Shoulder ProblemsWe rejoice that God has led Pastor Danny to set up more than 50 prayer bases across Australia in the past 8 years, as he continues to travel the length and breadth of this great southern land of the Holy Spirit!  We praise the Lord that each of these locations are begining to CATCH THE FIRE of the HOLY SPIRIT!

Also on Saturday night at the Revival in Melbourne, there was a mighty explosion in the Spirit of the Glory of God! Truly, the Lord Jesus Christ is increasingly pouring out His Holy Spirit like a mighty rushing wind, a raging bushfire, a heavy downpour of supernatural rain from Heaven, as He continues to save, deliver, heal and restore many people in body, soul, and spirit!  The atmosphere was filled with high praise and deep worship to the King of kings and LORD of lords! 

At The AltarAs Pastor Jason trumpeted the prophetic Word of the Lord regarding the Cross and the 2nd Coming of Christ, many came running to the altar in response to the Lord of the Harvest’s End-Time Call to become a holy vessel, a carrier that manifests His Revival Glory Presence in their homes, workplaces, churches, communities, nation and nations! A young lady from a Catholic background surrendered her life to the Lord Jesus Christ at the altar and was gloriously born again by the Spirit of God, receiving eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven! One man mightily shaken by the power and glory of God whispered to his wife,  “Jason left the stage about 10 minutes ago, that’s Jesus up there!”

Restoration & FreedomA lady who suffered from angina (a heart condition) and who couldn’t stand without a walker due to arthritis in her legs for 11 years, was healed and began to dance in the presence of the Lord! She exclaimed, “the Lord has touched me with His grace and glory! Thank you Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit!”

Other supernatural manifestations of the Glory of God included prophetic visions of angels in the Revival, open heavens pouring forth the oil of the anointing of the Holy Spirit, the Lord’s Throne in Heaven surrounded by a myriad of brilliant jewel like colors, and King Jesus as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah preparing His Warrior Bride to roar His Second Coming in Kingdom Power, Authority, Victory and Glory! May His Kingdom continue to come on Earth as it is in Heaven!

Repentance At The AltarBreaking FreeThe Lord spoke to Pastor Danny a few days ago and said, “There are 2 Tsunami’s, first the natural then the supernatural. You have already seen the natural, but now you are beginning to experience the supernatural.  As the natural first saw a small wave and then the giant wave, so will the supernatural!” We believe what we are seeing in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne is the small wave, and we wait with great expectation for the GIANT WAVE of the supernatural outpouring of the Holy Spirit!

Please be encouraged to bring your family, friends, neighbors, pastors, leaders, and members of your church to the Holy Spirit Revival continuing week nights on Friday at 7.30pm and on Saturday at 6.30pm. The venue is Christian Community Church, 30 Star Crescent, in Hallam, Victoria.  Melway Ref: 96 G 3.

Please pass on these details throughout your respected congregation, denomination, ministry, movement, and spheres of Kingdom influence as the Lord continues to unite the Body of Christ in Revival and Reformation across this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit!

By Dianne Johnson

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