Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

Baby in The Womb“Below is a very alarming development in Victoria and if it gets through we will be permitting abortion (better known as murder) right up until 9 months!  Please take some time to pray and act immediately! These are the next generation of Aussies being taken away from us! They have the right to live! It is not about choice but it is about LIFE!”

Many Blessings,
Pastor Danny Nalliah

Dear Supporters,

As you know the Victorian Law Reform Commission provided options to the Government on decriminalising abortion.

Now, the Government have responded. The Abortion Law Reform Bill 2008 was tabled on the 19th August. It will be debated in the Parliament from the 9th September.

The bill allows abortion on demand up to 24 weeks. It also allows abortion up to 9 months, if 2 doctors agree it is appropriate on medical grounds and with regard to “the woman’s current and future physical, psychological and social circumstances.”

In effect, this is abortion on demand up to 9 months. The media expect the Bill to be passed.

There is little time. Each of us must do something to stop this Bill. Here are some options:

1. Write to your politician (see

2. Visit your politician (see

3. Pass this email on to your friends and colleagues.

4. Get creative. Think outside the square. Do something to influence the politicians.

5. Pray!!!

I am reminded of Proverbs 31:8 “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves”. We have a short window of opportunity. Now is the time to speak. (For further information see

Thank you for your concern and support,


Kirsten Jack

Spokesperson for Coalition Against Decriminalisation of Abortion

7 Responses to “Urgent: Abortion Bill Tabled in Victoria- Bad News – Little Time”

  1. 1 Sharon

    Thanks Danny for your email.

    I live in NSW but have written to Ian Trezise of Geelong (Labor MP) and asked whether he will support or reject this bill. I have also forwarded your email onto my Christian aunt who lives in Geelong, asking her to write to Ian and ask that he rejects this outright. I’ve prayed too, that the sanctity of life will prevail on 9/9/08, in Jesus’ name.

    Thank you for letting us know of this important development.



    Wollongong, NSW

  2. 2 Anthony

    Yes; I will Pray & Contact others immediately.

    “Evil Prospers when good men (persons) do nothing.”

    24 weeks is more than half an embryo baby’s life in it’s mothers womb.

    9 months is unforgivable

  3. 3 Kenneth

    Dear Kirsten, This is what I warned you about, with people in the churches going into THE Apostasy Voting ALP Supporting Decriminalizing of Abortion. This is where Danny needs Revival otherwise they will be left behind when Rapture takes place. They have no rights to inflict Agony of pain on babies being aborted from the Womb. Kenneth

  4. 4 Kirsty

    Dear valued politicians!

    I am writing to you not knowing each of your individual stance toward the proposed legislation to allow abortion up to 9 months gestation. If you are against this bill: thank you for your integrity and moral stance on this issue and I pray that you would have such wisdom to debate this matter in parliament and swing the outcome for LIFE for Australians.

    If your stance is for abortion, please consider my story.

    My father was adopted when he was born in the 1950’s. Had his mother been in the same situation today (pregnant outside marriage with a non-committed man), she would have been deceived into thinking ‘Her Rights’ outweighed the rights of her unborn baby. It would have been hugely more convenient for her to have aborted my father. Thank God, that was not the norm back then.

    My mother, too, has survived being ‘unwanted’ by her own mother. My Grandmother has told my Mum that she tried to abort her with a knitting needle while she was in-utero.

    Had they had their way, or had society pointed to the ‘Right’ of the woman to kill her baby, neither of my parents would be here today, and neither would me or my 3 siblings, or my 3 beautiful children.

    I find it so hard to believe how blinded society has become morally with regard to this issue. Abortion is murder. The Ten Commandments include “Do not Murder”. Disobeying the laws of God brings consequences. That’s whether you believe in The One God or not. Women and the Dr’s who abort their children are putting Australia in a dangerous position with regard to the wrath of God. There is only so much murder a holy God will tolerate. He loves His creation whether that creation was planned by us mere humans, or not. Why are we so selfish? It is not always just about “us”. God has bigger and better ideas (his thoughts are high above ours) as was definitely the case in my lineage.

    I am praying that God will give you dreams to bring you revelation of His standards and His truth. I pray He will remove the blindfolds of deception that the enemy has put over your eyes that prevent you seeing the evil that is abortion. I know that God can do this and abolish this bill to save the lives of so many precious children.

    Thank you for your time,


  5. 5 Ian

    Once people get started on taking life to suit their needs where does it stop, we all know it wont stay at that, this issue has a bleak future for the people of the world, the poor little children who are trust their mother to nuture them until they are born must a huge shock to be confronted with the attitude of the mother to kill them off


  6. 6 Graeme

    Dear Mrs Shardey,
    I write to you regarding an extremely
    concerning matter…the discussions going on at the moment regarding
    reforms to the Abortion Bill. I am sure that you are well versed in this
    matter and I write to register a protest against any reforms which in my
    view will legalise murder. Having knowledge of God’s view of killing
    babies in the Old Testament(Tenach) I believe every Jewish person(and
    non-Jewish person)should be voicing loud protests against the Brumby
    Government in what they are seeking to impliment.God’s judgement fell on
    Israel because of child murders.

    This is not just a human government matter but will bring eventual
    divine judgment from God. If the Old Testament is studied it is revealed
    the the sin of a nation will bring famine on the land, that is God’s
    judgment on sin. Look at what has happened in Australia.

    I write to you as in your position you are able to be an important voice
    on this matter. I receive quite a deal of information on this issue
    givng very good reasons for rejecting anything that allows changes to
    take place. Again I believe this is not just a Victorian Government
    issue…it is a divine issue and I believe only in the rarest of cases
    should abortion be allowed.I would be happy to know your views on this

    Yours sincerely,


  7. 7 Cathy

    in response to a previous email sent to me by Catch the Fire, a Facebook group has been started to alert people to the Abortion law reform Bill.
    In just over two days, 1,283 people have joined this group in opposition this new proposed law! Every 5 mins that I refresh the page, more people have joined.
    We are writing to the media, the Victorian MP’s
    and everyone we can think of. I am in NSW but am doing all I can and so are my friends all over Australia. If you would like to take a look at the
    group on Facebook, it is called “Say NO to 36 week abortions”. Unfortunately, the girl who started it thought that 9 months was 36 weeks and we
    cannot change the name but it has not stopped people getting aboard! Please join this group and ask everyone else you know to join too. the
    bigger it gets, the more likely the media are to take interest. Thankyou for alerting us with your emails. It is because of this email, we have been called to war!!

    Kind regards,

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