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Melbourne Healing Revival In National Communtiy Newspaper In AustraliaIt has just come to our attention that the attached media article regarding the Melbourne Healing Revival appeared in the July edition of the Serendib News, a secular national community newspaper with over 10,000 subscribers.

Please note that the actual report is from the 12th night of the Melbourne Healing Revival, although we are now into the 9th week of meetings continuing every Thursday, Friday at 7.30pm and on Saturday at 6.30pm. The venue is Christian Community Church, 30 Star Crescent, in Hallam, Victoria.  Melway Ref: 96 G 3 

We praise and thank the Lord for this outstanding article that features an amazing photo of Jesus as the Chief Shepherd caring for His little lambs, in addition to reporting word for word what we at Catch the Fire Ministries had previously emailed to our supporters across the nation!

May the God and Father of our LORD Jesus Christ be increasingly glorified across this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit!

3 Responses to “Outstanding Media Article On Melbourne Healing Revival That Appeared In The July Edition Of The Serendib News, A Secular National Community Newspaper With Over 10,000 Subscribers”

  1. 1 Marilyn

    That’s just so so good Jason – how wonderful to see being exalted and glorified in the media – one of the things we’ve been praying for.

    I received a phone call from Charters Towers (Nth Qld) today – a man had heard the radio segment we did earlier in the week telling of many recent miracles (incl Ps Danny’s ministry).

    He said “I had been crying out to God, then heard this amazing report over the radio saying Jesus is doing miracles in Australia … I contacted the radio station to get your phone number …”

    This man had a serious bowel prob – prayed for him over the phone – he seemed pretty ‘spun out’ – I believe he was healed – he will be back in touch.

    So much to praise and thank the Lord for!



  2. 2 Chickie

    Thank you all. May God richly bless you all…you have no idea how much it means to me to have you all pray for our family. Blessing and Prayers, Chickie

  3. 3 Macleod


    Do you remember when I visited you a year or 2 ago?

    You guys are doing an amazing job! You are helping to praying in the Kingdom of God – a sustainable ever increasing force in Melbourne. In Melbourne. The Kingdom is like year/a mustard seed and will grow. Thank you for praying for Australia. God bless you Kingdom people.

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