Dear family in Christ,

Pastor Danny NalliahRecently I have been asked by a number of believers where I stand in relation to the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope and Roman Catholic doctrine because of entries on the Catch the Fire website.

There are many Born Again believers in the Roman Catholic Church who are saved and going to Heaven, however, what I must clearly say is that they are NOT saved by following the doctrine, traditions and sacraments of Catholicism. Those who are saved, are saved by the grace of God through faith in the work of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary, nothing more and nothing less.

During World Youth Week, amongst the massive crowd I saw many, many Born Again God loving young people rejoicing together and also many others who were so hungry for more than this world can offer and seeking something. This gives me great hope that our prayers for revival are being answered, may these hungry young people find salvation in Jesus.

Also, the call from the Iraqi PM for Christians to return to Iraq, regardless of whether this was made to the Pope or not is still a great encouragement to us as we continue to pray for healing of a war torn country and the light of Christ to break forth in a non-Christian country.

I do hope this clarifies my position.

Interceding together with you for the Nations,

Pastor Danny Nalliah
Catch The Fire Ministries Inc.

3 Responses to “My stand On Catholicism – Pastor Danny Nalliah”

  1. 1 Sheree

    Hi Danny,

    Doesn’t the Bible say to “Mystery Babylon the MOTHER of Harlots” (Rev 17&18) the Catholic Church – That His people are to “come out of her, that they are not partaker of her sins and that they do not recieve of her plagues (judgement)??

    Part of salvation involves repentance doesn’t it?

    Millions of Christians were martyred by the Catholic Church in past history, because they stood against the False teachings of Catholisicm, and would not align themselves with these teachings, practises, Idolatries, worship of Mary as divine, and the Pope.

    Is it now OK then to remain in the Catholic Church, and be aligned with all of that, for the sake of Ecumenical Unity????

    What about Truth?
    Is Jesus (who said He was “THE TRUTH”), no longer concerned about Truth?

    If so then the millions of Christian Martyrs who were murdered by the Catholic Church and the Popes and Bishops for the cause of Christ – and for the Truth of God’s word – DIED IN VAIN !!

    Could I have your answers please?


  2. 2 Phil (Sydney)

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    Very well said. I am not a Catholic but the message of the Cross came thru very clearly on World Youth Day.

    We are 100% saved by the grace of God through faith in the work of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary.

    As Matt Redman’s song states
    “It’s all about you (Jesus)” and what Jesus Christ did on the cross for all humanity.

    My outward righteousness is a filthy rag that cannot and will not save me.
    Ditto re my regular attendance at a Church (whatever the denomination). It won’t save me or make me right with God.

    Blessing to You and the Catch the Fire Team.
    We must continue to pray for revival across Australia


  3. 3 Bro. John Sitaraman

    Dear Pastor Danny Nalliah,

    There are still idolatory in the Catholicism. As Jesus Says, “God is Spirit and Truth”. When we see the old testaments God has spoken through prophets comparing idolatory to Harlotary. About the child Baptism, how do you explain? Regarding water Baptism, how do you explain? If we see Acts, it talks about the Baptism of Repentance and Baptism of Holy Spirit. How do you explain? Please do not dilute the word of God. Moreover, the miracles are performed by Lord Jesus not only for the sake of living in this World alone, it is for total conversion of (circumcision of ) heart. To follow the path of Righteousness. The fruit of repentance should be borne by the Born Again believers to go to the Heaven. Accepting Jesus is Son of God and only through him we can reach heaven. It is told by Jesus himself inthe the Gospel of John. I am not condemning anybody. Rather I Pray May God open the eyes of these Catholics to know the real truth.

    May God Bless you.

    Bro. John Sitaraman

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