By Teresa Neumann – Christian World News/CBN

Messianic Congregation“This is a real miracle, and there’s beginning to be grace and favor with us in the land.”

(Israel)—Christian World News (CWN) reports that in Israel, there is an attention-getting resurgence in the number of Jews who believe in Jesus, with many leaders saying it’s the strongest growth since the time of Jesus and that the Messianic movement could be on the brink of a great revival.

“This is the first time where we’ve seen Israeli society in general being so open to consider who Yeshua is,” said Messianic leader Asher Intrater. “This is a real miracle, and there’s beginning to be grace and favor with us in the land.”

“I believe with all my heart, after we have come back to the land, we are seeing the Lord, the Holy Spirit, is removing the veil from the eyes of the Jews and more and more Jews are realizing,” Tel Aviv pastor Avi Mizrachi said.

The report notes that although nobody knows for sure how many Messianic Jews live in Israel, it’s believed there are about 120 congregations now and 10,000-15,000 Jewish believers in Jesus. Ten years ago, it adds, there were only about 3,500 Jewish believers and 80 congregations.

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5 Responses to “Messianic Movement In Israel Growing And On “Brink Of A Great Revival””

  1. 1 craig

    I hope so .I often pray for israel.I hope their conversion to Christ will soften their hearts towards the Arabs and stop persecuting them.They need to see Arabs as human beings whom Jesus died for and loves bitterly much.

  2. 2 mark

    God bless the Jews

    Is vat all u can say craig

    Do u know Christ- The Messiah- Yeshua HaMachiach?
    Yes we have to love arabs, as we have to love all people.
    But Is vat all u have to say of the Jews(the beloved of God who brought us the Gospel)
    You would not know God if it werent for Jews

    Is this all u hav to say- hope they are converted so they stop persecuting the arabs- that sounds really thoughtful and loving.

    It is extremist muslims who are killing christians everywhere including in Israel
    have you not considered that what is happening to the palestinians is Gods judgement for what they did to the Jews in the Holocaust
    [Though great atrocities are happening TO Israel right now and have been all throughout there history as a state and prior. this matter is not all about the suffering of palestinians because the Jews are suffering greatly]
    Research on the internet about “the grand mufti of Jerusalem” and his alliance with Hitler
    He actually lived in Germany during the war
    He formed the muslim SS which destroyed most of the Jews in the Balkans(6000 palestinians were a part of this)
    and at his intervention was instrumental in the death of the Hungarian Jews(around 400,000)
    Not to mention other crimes he commited
    Look further and you’ll find out that he was the uncle of yasser arafat(that is how he became the leader of the palestinians, because his family killed Jews)

    Hamas, the Palestinian authority, and the wealthy/influential arab families are persecuting and dessimating the Christian communities in the land of Israel,
    that is a fact

    Genesis 12
    Ezekiel 38 and 39
    Hosea 3
    Romans 11


  3. 3 Larry J.

    The Jews would stop killing the terrorist if the terrorist would stop attacking Israel! Shalu Shlom Yerushalayim! It is true that without the Jewish people we Christians would be without hope! Salvation is of the Jew! G-d bless Israel! Throughout history various people have blamed the Jews for killing Jesus. Do you know who killed Jesus? I did! It was MY sin that put Him on the cross! It was MY punishment He took and in return gave me His rightenous! Jesus (Yeshua) said ” No man takes my life, I lay it down and I take it up again”. Jesus died for ALL sin, yours, mine and indeed the entire worlds sin. G-d loves ALL people Jew, Arab and Gentile! Maranatha!

  4. 4 Crystal

    Yeshua is the G-d of JUSTICE to Craig, not entirely as fuzzy & wobbly as you think. I dont think you know him very well at all…

  5. 5 Judi

    The land that Israel is their land, if anyone told any one of our gov’ts that we had to give the so called Palestinian people a chunk of our nation or that we could not build homes for our citizens, we would tell them to take a hike. Israel does not want war, they just want to be left alone. The so-called Palestinians are an outgrowth of the Terrorist organization the PLO. They are the descendants of Esau, of the Bible, and have no title or right to any of Israel. Look at any map and ask yourself, why would Israel deliberately provoke any of the surrounding countries by attacking them? The truth is that they only retaliate. They defend and attack back. If the other nations would leave them alone, they would not bother them.

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