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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Herald Sun ArticleDear Friends and Family in Christ,

Thank you for your prompt action regarding this issue!

The Melbourne East Police Station in Victoria received more than 200 calls from concerned Christians across the nation who voiced their opposition to these highly offensive t-shirts which blaspheme the Holy Name of Jesus!

The Acting Senior Sergeant at the Melbourne East Police Station stated that they have initiated a course of action to stop the t-shirts from being displayed at the shop or anywhere in public, and have requested that we do not call the station further unless we see the t-shirts displayed in the shop or worn in a public place!

Thank you all once again for your stand for His Kingdom and Righteousness to prevail across our nation!

Rising Up Australia and the Nations as His Kingdom Comes,

Jason Golden

Catch the Fire Ministries


8 Responses to “Update on Stopping Highly Offensive T-Shirts Blaspheming the Holy Name of Jesus!”

  1. 1 Bulk Emails received in Response to this Call Going Out...

    Hi, I’ve just called the police department number contained in the e-mail. Apparently the t-shirts have been taken off the shelves. Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!! But the officer sounded a little upset asking me to inform the sender of the e-mail stop forwarding it, ‘and let them do some police work today’!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! God’s wondrous power works yet again……………. Thank-you, have a blessed day. Crystal

    Dear Catch the Fire, I am glad to see the fantastic response to your e-mail. Thank you for making it so easy for people to object by providing information and phone numbers. Can I ask what is the law that protects our interests in this way? I look forward to many more opportunities for Christians to stand up for our beliefs. Thank you for what you do. Susanna

    Fantastic effort, I have to say, speaking as a lawyer who addresses issues, great to see Christians exercising their legal rights and standing up for themselves and the rights of Christ, and not “gentle Jesus meek and mild”. A few successful legal actions against Muslims and other groups who mock Christianity would soon sober them up and make them think twice about what they do. Warren
    Praise God for the righteous standing up for what is right! Ian from Canberra

    Hi, I completely disagree with the action that Catch the Fire Ministries is taking on this. Freedom of speech and expression should be protected no matter what form it takes because the tables can easily be reversed. For example, it may become a crime to witness to people about Jesus in Australia if some people complain to the authorities saying that they’re “offended”. I’m particularly disturbed by the report that a man was arrested for wearing such a t-shirt because it might not be too long before Christians start getting arrested for witnessing. And we should remember that God is more than capable of defending Himself – He doesn’t need us to do it – He simply requires us to go out and share the Gospel. I would encourage Catch the Fire Ministries to rethink their position on this and to send out another e-mail reversing its position based on the explanation I’ve provided. Regard Ian

    Praise God! He is SO faithful….Thanks for keeping me informed over here in Perth.
    If I was in Melbourne I’d be at all the meetings! It sounds wonderful what God is doing in our nation.
    Bless you Brother, Rose

    I have just called the police regarding this matter and they advised that the T-shirts were removed from sale yesterday. However, they are continuing to receive thousands of phone calls, taking up their time, and they would be if the message could go out to everyone letting them know there’s now no need to call. Glenda

    Why don’t you ask the idiot that owns that shop has he got the guts to put Mohammed’s name on the t-shirt. His problems will be over within 24 hours if he does. Ken

    May I just say again may our LORD GOD bless your ministry beyond your wildest imaginations for doing HIS bidding. Marlene
    We will certainly pray against this. PTL we have the authority in accordance with Luke 10:19. The Word also says Vengeance is mine I will repay. The people doing these terrible things don’t know that they are playing with fire. Christian love and prayers. Audrey & Maurice.

    Just to let you know that I have just read your email and have rang the number you gave to complain and was just advised that the shirts have been taken off the shelves and the police are investigating this matter. Well done good and faithful servants of the Lord for alerting the Body of Christ to stand and take action.

    Greetings in His Name Mate, We’ve got an interesting and factual idea for you guys in Melbourne and those up in shops selling and/or trading anti Christ’s Name. Away back in the 80’s, our local former Priest, now a retired old fellow Father O’Brien and his prayer-warrior Squad, surrounded a particular store in prayers and intercession with Fasting in Melbourne, But also POURING holy water with Salt around the store which was then trading in anti Christian and vile stuff…it went up in SMOKE a week later and never was opened again…They didn’t STOP there, they brought the idea to our local area and did the same thing to a local store, then in our side street, and was CLOSED down a few days later to never open again!!! We’ve just been on to that PROPHETIC and WARRIOR PRIESTLY duties lately and planning on doing it around in 1-2 of our local den of iniquities. The ladies and priest are still alive here in Goulburn and ladies are still doing prayers (Charismatic Catholics) while father O’Brien is in a retirement home fresh as a daisy but very old in his 90’s. Please consider the Age-Old prophetic stuff as well as your current strategy..we’ve gotta be wiser than the serpent and soft as a dove don’t we? why not try all courts are too costly nowadays. God bless you and the blessed Team down there, our love and regards from Goulburn4Christ, Solomon

    PRAISE THE LORD for your alertness and action to remedy these works of the enemy…Praise the LORD for the nation we live in that has police who will act justly and righteously …May the instigators of this blasphemy be convicted of Sin ,Righteousness and Judgement…”Righteousness Exalts an Nation, but sin is reproach to any people” Proverbs 14:34…God bless you C.T.F. Ministries……In HIS grace…Robert

    Well done! Fantastic! Amen!

    I called right after I received your initial message, and was told there had been 200 callers!

    We need more people like yourself in Australia…there is enough secularism and atheism to contend with here let alone commissioning people overseas. God Bless Franz

    I’m very concern with Catch the Fire Ministries email and message, especially this part; You’re urgent prayer and immediate action is needed to stop this blaspheming of the Holy Name of Jesus! I’m OK with the prayer part, to forgive those blasphemer NOT to stop them selling blasphemy, it’s their right – freedom of speech. Before lodging complaint, let me propose a few questions; Will the event be affected/abandon by a few people wearing t-shirts? Is there any part in the bible, Jesus’ teaching that God asked us to stop people from blaspheming His name? Do we have the right to depend the Holy name of Jesus/God? Who are we to defend it? Are we that righteous that we have the right to judge others? What are we saying God cannot defend himself? Can we let God be God? God has the right to judge blasphemer NOT us, our job is to love and pray for them so they don’t get lost anymore. Do we slap back someone who slapped us on our right cheek? Do we need to get irate? Will retaliation starts unnecessary fire? Fire catches fire doesn’t it? Shouldn’t we be channeling our energy to those who wants to hear God’s message by our God’s loving action? I cc this email to my church members and few fellow Christians, I’m interested to hear what they think. I personally find this message hilarious and if I’m wrong, my apology to Catch the Fire Ministries team. Bless you, Jeffrie

    Just to let you know that I put a call through to both the Police and consumer affairs. The police said that they have a team down there right now looking into the situation. Bless you, Dale

    Praise the Lord, and bless you all as you love and serve HIM. Thank you for your love for the Lord JESUS CHRIST.

    Hi, As a Christian, and an Australian, I support the right of these people to Free Speech. Jesus died so those people could have free will, free speech, and freedom of expression. Even if those people use that freedom to attack Him. I’m concerned the logical conclusion of your rally to arms is to become just like the Muslims in destroying freedom of speech and expression in Australia. The day I join in supporting the Muslims in persecuting free speech in Australia is, well, it will never happen.

    Imagine if instead, Christians used this as a chance to support free speech and freedom of expression in Australia, by publishing Press Releases saying they support this shop’s right to free speech, no matter how personally offensive the message may be to our beliefs. That would strike a very clear distinction between us and Islam, and would generate good publicity for us and rally Australia behind Christianity and make Islam look like the dark-age religion it is. Instead, you’re behaving just like the fundamentalist Muslims who persecuted Pastor Danny. Regards, Joe

    Excellent news.

    I have lodged my formal complaint in reference to below with the police department they have suggested that we contact consumer affairs on 1300 558 181 to lodge a formal complaint. Bless you Jeanette

    Thank you for your action. Please alert us if anything turns up in SA. Ian

    Thank you – we’ll do our part – Richard

  2. 2 Peter

    Well done Jason & Catch the Fire on this powerful stand for the name of our precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    Wonderful to see Christians beginning to stand up in Australia against evil attacks on the Name above all names rather than just being upset and doing nothing.

    Well done!!!

    Ps Peter

  3. 3 Tom

    All at Catch The Fire Ministries. Congratulations on a magnificent win for the Kingdom of God and our Lord Jesus Christ against the forces of evil. . Keep up the good work and let’s show thw world and the forces of evil that we mean business. Praise the Holy Name of Jesus. Cheers and blessings abundant. Tom

  4. 4 Mike

    To those people who are complaining about “free speech” being shut down, I would like to remind you that an offensive T’shirt is an offensive T’shirt. You cant actually use foul language in public – its the law, although its not often enforced. This is bad language on a shirt, against the law, and removing them is nothing to do with violating freedom of speech.

  5. 5 Margaret

    Well done!!!I didnt get to the phone before I recieved the mail to ask us not to keep harrassing the police… but fully intended to do so….

  6. 6 Elishua

    welldone peeps,….Now Just a thought!!!!
    ,wheather you give your all or nothing, wheather you are hot or cold, a,disciple oryour life is just religus stubble, wheather you choose,life or death,wheather you are willing or unwilling, what ever your stand,personal reverlation or understanding , level of love for Jesus, your sacrafical obedience or self indulgence, this one thing is a absoulte certain ,all do stand to give account to God on the day of Judgement, so if youve given him nothing REPENT if you are cold REPENT if your life is religus hypocritical stubble REPENT
    If you are ignorant seek knowledge and reverlation and if your love has grown cold and wax REPENT return change your way of thinking ,you course of action and be found right standing on that da7y

  7. 7 John

    The Police probably acted on Section 17 of the Summary Offences Act 1966, probably citing “offensive” behavior, under which an offender may be imprisoned for up to six months.

    The meaning of the word “offensive” may have widened a lot and become more subjective in recent years as Victoria’s society has become more multi-cultural and multi-religious.

    Therefore the “Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee” inquired into the Act, and issued its final report to the Parliament of Victoria in November 2001. To see the long list of offences that have been finalised under the Act, see:

  8. 8 bruce

    It is very interesting that so many people who call them selves christian are up in arms about offensive T shirts being worn during the popes visit, but how many are upset that this pope who is supposely here for our youth is the man responsible with pope John Paul for hiding the bishop of Boston U.S.A, in the Vactian and refusing to let him be returned TO FACE CRIMINAL CHARGES FOR HIS PART IN THE SEXUAL ABUSE OF SO MANY INNOCENT CHILDREN AT THE HANDS OF PAEDOPHILE PRIESTS.





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