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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Pastor Danny Praying For Mute Young ManDear Danny Jason and faithful servants

My son James and I (Rose) are travelling back to Canberra after 3nights in Melbourne specifically to attend Catch The Fire meetings at Hallam. After leaving home in ACT at 8:3oam Fri 11th July and different public transport James and I finally arrived at Hallam railway station at 9pm to a cheer squad who transported us straight to revival meeting. People were lining up for prayer. James and I were introduced to Danny and Jason as Canberra people. After about 10 mins in the prayer line Danny prayed for me, and did I get a blast in the Holy Spirit.  I experienced such a powerful shaking in the Lord, more powerful than I’ve ever known before. Later that night l was standing next to an entire Muslim family, they had all just received Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. we were all so excited, After giving the mother a hug I danced in celebration with the 3 Muslim children.

Shortly after, James my son who has severe disabilities, (autistic and mute from birth), was prayed for. I had spoken with the ministry team about the Lords promise to release James mute tongue. The Lord has been doing an awesome work of healing these last 8 months with him. I take James almost every Mon night to the healing room at Canberra. It is affiliated with our church at Vision Christian Fellowship, they also operate in miracle signs and wonders.

Danny and Jason were faithful in praying for James. Both received several times from the Lord, “James mute tongue will be released, he will praise and worship”. After the first night, the next morning James was saying word after word after word while l was assisting him with his personal care. l was amazed! l have only ever heard him say a couple of words most of his life.

Through different Christian people over the last ten years the Lord has promised James will be a preacher. On Saturday night Jason and l were giving a testimony on the platform of what the Lord has been doing with James. Jason then asked everyone to stand  in faith with me for the Lords total healing for James. I asked James in faith to come to me on the platform, l really didn’t expect James would come up in front of such a large crowd of people, as this is out of character for a person with autism. He surprised me and came without hesitation, amazing!

I would like to thank the Lord Jesus Christ and all who prayed and assisted us to make this a possibility.

God Bless You all.

Rose and James



Healing & Deliverence In The Name of JesusElizabeth

I am a Christian woman and have been so for the past 29 years.  For the last 3-4 years I have been on medication for depression, mostly due to infertility issues and ill health – and I have also been on Workcover due to swollen nerves in my elbows, plus I had many smaller ailments including heartburn, period pain, neck and shoulder pain.

Last Wednesday night 2nd July 2008 I came to the revival meetings (this was my third night).  Ps Danny started to call people to the stage for healing from depression, I already knew he was going to make that call, and I was to go up and be prayed for. 

When Danny laid hands and prayed for me I immediately lost all strength in my body and fell forward on the stage almost into the altar and I already knew that I had demonic oppression.  Danny had the people move me onto the floor and told them to hold me down (to stop me from leaving the building) and pray for me and cover the whole church with the blood of Jesus and sing the song “Oh the blood of Jesus” while he finished praying for the other people. Then he came down and continued with the deliverance.  He asked them how long they had been in me and using my voice they said, “Since birth” and then he asked how many there were and for some reason (either my mind or the demons lied) they said 46, but the number 43 came up from inside me and I knew that was the correct answer.

Then they started coming out as Danny and the people commanded them in the Name of Jesus, with screeching, but Danny wouldn’t let them speak or carry on and he kept telling them to come out and they came out one by one (except the first 3 which came out in one go at the start).  Sometimes they struggled and Ps Danny told me to look in his eyes and he also put his fingers on my eyes at times so that the demons would know that he and God were in control. 

When it came to the last few left of the 40, one of them started saying “scary, scary, scary”, and I believe it was saying its name until it screeched “Scaaaaaary” as it left and I believe it had been there since I was about three.    I believe that the demons came out from last to first, from the ones that entered at age 40 right back to age 3 (the first three had came out straight away – possibly because they were the original stronghold which was broken and then the rest had to leave one by one). 

It felt really good as each one came out as the screeching trailed off each time they departed.  Because everyone in the church was covered with the blood of Jesus, they had to depart straight out the door and straight to the pits of hell.  Hallelujah!!! 

Finally they were all out and I felt free and released and it was such a wonderful, wonderful clean feeling – I felt like a new, washed, clean baby!!!!  When I got home that night I burned my depression medication and painkillers. 

Then Danny got me to stand up and (Darren, my hubby) and I came up on stage to tell the people what God had done for me, and Danny explained what the Lord had shown him, which was that 3 demons had come into me at birth, probably due to some trauma and from age 3 onwards a demon came into me every year for the next 40 years.  Then Danny told me to give a great big hallelujah shout which I did and when I put my fist in the air and shouted Hallelujah!, I realised that my elbow wasn’t hurting anymore!!!!  I have also since noticed that I haven’t had hardly any heartburn, period pain, or neck and shoulder pain!  Many other fears and problems have also been resolved.  Praise God!!

The next day when I went to work, Joan (a Christian woman from work who had been greatly touched at the meetings and who saw my deliverance) came and said that the Lord had told her that we needed to call everyone in the office together (around 25 people) and tell them in one group what God had done for me.  At first I was afraid, but in boldness she said “You are a child of God, you have nothing to be afraid of”, so I did it.  I told my boss what I wanted to do and she said, “Yes, go for it”, so we gathered everyone together and told them everything that had happened, not leaving anything out, and at the end they all clapped! 

One person asked, “If those demons came out of you, where did they go, and why didn’t they go into anyone else there?” (a very insightful question!). We were able to explain to them all about everyone being covered with the blood of Jesus, and worshipping God and that they couldn’t bother anyone else there.  Another person asked if I was conscious and aware of what was happening, and I explained that I was, but I wasn’t controlling them, they had to obey Ps Danny and the other Christians, who in Jesus Name were commanding them to come out.

Some of my workmates have been coming to the meetings, and one couple got saved through it, plus a number of others are coming – about 9 people so far.  We plan to have worship and prayer meetings at lunchtimes, plus bible studies with those that have been saved and renewed.

I also went and saw my GP a few days after, who had originally diagnosed the depression and the elbow problem and when I told her about my healing (all details), she was shocked, but then she asked me for the address of the Revival Meetings and said she has some patients who are depressed and won’t take any medication, and said she going to be sending them to the Revival Meetings!  I also told my physio, plus my two sisters with all boldness, thank God for His awesome power!

Ever since my healing and deliverance I have been such a different person, all the depression is gone, I feel so clean, so happy, so free, and so at peace. I just want to sing worship songs to Jesus all day long and I can’t stop worshipping, singing & dancing at all the church meetings!!  Praise God!!!  I have a burning desire to reach the world for Jesus, and I am planning to do some street witnessing (handing out bible tracts and talking to people) as soon as I get a chance.

Results of my healing

 Renewed joy and excitement for the things of God
 Greater faith
 Much improved relationship with my husband
 Evangelism boldness
 Better understanding of healing (believing and receiving)
 Greater obedience to the Lord – it’s much easier now

Regarding my elbow I had an ultrasound taken of it a week later, which showed that the swelling has gone down considerably and there is a definite and notable improvement!!!  All glory to God!!!  The Lord has also given me a great peace about my elbow and (and the Workcover claim) and has shown me that this is a sign of things to come and before too long it will be completely healed!!!!  My understanding of why it’s not completely healed is because I am going probably to be taking my Workcover issues to an independent medical panel and it will then be proven that my injury definitaly was work related.  Even if it isn’t proven, I don’t care because I know that God is on the job whatever happens, He is completely in charge!  Hallelujah : ~)!

7 Responses to “TWO Testimonies From The Healing Revival”

  1. 1 Ian

    I am one of the team that has been loving Rose and her son James and praying for them on Monday nights in Canberra. She is a precious sister and all she says about her and her son that I know of is true.
    God bless all the team at Catch the Fire. God is surely with you.
    Go for it in His service.
    Jesus Rocks!
    Ian Brearley

  2. 2 Susan

    Dear Rose and James,
    I am so happy to hear that you were blessed and saw progress in healing. I was in Hallam on Wed and heard that there was a mother and son coming from Canberra and I prayed that you would receive whatever you were seeking from the Lord. Praise him for his faithfulness and bless you for your persistance!

  3. 3 Sally

    I do appreciate the uplifting messages& share with others

    the revival ,the many blessings Praise The LORD

    thankyou sally

  4. 4 Phil (sydney)

    Thankyou for these wonderful testimonies.
    This is an awesome demonstration of the power of God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

    My wife and I continue to pray for the Catch the Fire Team.
    Clearly Satan is most unhappy with what is happening in Melbourne but Our God is awesome and supreme. Please continue to pray for the safety, health and well being of all members of the Catch the Fire Team especially Pastor Danny and Jason Golden.

    Satan continues to prowl so all Christians must maintain their vigiliance and be consistent with personal Bible Reading and Prayer

    Much Love
    Philip & Gillian (my better half)

  5. 5 Caryl

    I came to the meeting on the 9th of July and went up for the alter call as a proxy for a friend Tom who was diagnosed with cancer in Feb 08 and given half of one percent chance of any benefit from medication with a life expectancy of 2-3 months. Finally as he hadn’t died, two months later chemo and radio therapy were given. His first check up revealled that the growths in his liver, esophagus and lymph nodes had reduced, much to the specialists surprise.

    Ps Danny prayed for him and gave me an oil dabbed tissue for him to place on his body. When back in my seat I knelt to pray and fleetingly saw Jesus moving through a murkiness and felt a shift. The next day Tom visited unexpectedly, so I told him about being his proxy for healing and got him to read Eph 3 and he dabbed the tissue on his chest and throat, areas of the cancer.

    I had prayed fervently for a good report, this week my husband said he’d received a ‘good report’ from the specialist, all cancer is gone from his throat and lymph and has halved in his liver. Tom has thanked me for our prayers since he was diagnosed as he realises his healing is more than due to the medication. He’s back in hospital for more chemo and I thank God for his grace. Tom is a rambunctios man with a heart of gold and would be a mighty witness for God. I pray that through his healing he will be saved, and bless Danny for his commitment in doing God’s work.

  6. 6 Hannah

    We were so excited to read Rose and James story. We have a son Joshua 13yrs old with Aspergers. We are going to take him to tonight’s revival meeting in Doonside Sydney. Please pray for us that Joshus will be born in again and be healed in Jesus name.

  7. 7 Stevon

    We serve an awesome God of blessing, healing and salvation.
    I am so excited to see souls set free and healed because of our beautiful precious Saviour Jesus Christ the Son of God Almighty.
    May God continue to bless all at Catch the Fire Ministries and pour out His spirit and flood the hearts of the unbelievers with the way, the truth and the life. May all the team at Catch the Fire Ministries be covered by the Blood of Jesus at all times.
    God Bless all & Praise The Lord.

    Stevon Virtue
    Tongala Vic Australia

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