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Dad & Kids“I find that fathers who are religious, and who have partners who are religious, are—on average—more likely to be happily married, to be engaged and affectionate parents, and to get and stay married to the mothers of their children.”

(Virginia)—In a research brief this month, Bradford Wilcox, a sociology professor at the University of Virginia, analyzed three national studies in order to discover if “there is any evidence that religion is playing a role in encouraging a strong family orientation among contemporary American men?” His research led him to conclude that men who regularly attend Christian services are engaged in happier and stronger marriages and are more involved in the lives of their children than men who do not.

“70 percent of husbands who attend church regularly report they are ‘very happy’ in their marriages, compared to 59 percent of husbands who rarely or never attend church,” explained Wilcox, who also said that the studies indicated that wives experienced more marital happiness when their husbands attended regular religious services.

This is likely one significant reason why the studies showed that married couples who attended regular Christian services were approximately 35 percent less likely to divorce then those couples who did not.

Wilcox’s research also looked at the effect religion has on the relationships between fathers and their children.

Fathers who attended regular Christian services spent an average of two more hours a week engaged in youth-activities with their children than fathers who did not attend regular services. Christian fathers also spent more one-on-one time with their children and were 65 percent more likely to hug and praise their children.

The studies also found that children born inside of wedlock had much more “involved, affectionate, and consistent relationships” with their fathers. This is an important statistic given Wilcox’s findings that church attending men are more likely to have children inside of wedlock then non-churchgoing men.

Wilcox concluded his research brief by strongly advocating the positive effects that religion has on husbands and fathers: “This brief provides an array of evidence indicating that religion is an answer to the male problematic—that is, the tendency of fathers to become detached, emotionally or physically, from their children and the mothers of their children. I find that fathers who are religious, and who have partners who are religious, are—on average—more likely to be happily married, to be engaged and affectionate parents, and to get and stay married to the mothers of their children.”

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  1. 1 Garnet & Jan

    Dear Jason,

    Your surname is so appropiate!! It is indeed a golden hour for Catch the Fire Ministries.

    We feel so blessed to receive your emails, hearing of updates, and healings the Lord is performing through your ministry.Thank you for taking the time to send these emails.

    Thank you SO much for the cloth annointed in oil and prayed over ………I have the cloth under my husband’s pillow which our friend from Cowes….[who introduced us to your Ministry] gave us just recently!

    We live on Phillip Island [in Cowes]……and it is just too far to travel to Hallam for us…..with GARNET’S struggling health at present. He has an Acquired Brain Injury due to negligence of a hospital four years ago. He has improved more than the doctors said he would ever get to… Praise the Lord for healing thus far.

    However, there seems to have been a real ‘war’ over Garnet’s body of the past two weeks or so.

    Garnet improved tremendously…..[miraculously] [thanks to your prayers] sufficient enough to leave hospital and come home… fact…..we waited for an ambulance for over 5 hours [on Saturday]to pick him up [from Wonthaggi hospital] and transport to the Epworth hospital, but it never turned up. He stablised, sufficiently for me to take him home…..something I was rejoicing about, and Praising the Lord. My friend rejoiced with us.

    However, since then, Pneumonia has raged through his body warranting hospital again. I nearly allowed him back to hospital last night…he was so ill….but I felt in my spirit ….keep him home for just 24 more hours. If by then, no improvement, [or he fell worse during that 24 hours] it would be… call for an ambulance again….. to go to hospital. The doctor reluctantly agreed to my suggestion.
    This morning, he seems to have turned the corner……….this morning, temperature way down….and his breathing more regular………so ‘cautiously’ I feel optimistic he has perhaps turned the corner. He is still at home. His temp has climbed a little this evening, but this is normal.

    Could your team still please pray for GARNET………could the name of Garnet be on your prayer list’s lips? He loves the Lord so much……….has served him mightily in the past, but ill health has been creeping up on him again! We have seen the mighty miraculous hand of the Lord on his life 12 years ago, and the staff and doctors back then stood back in amazement and in awe. The hospital called him their “miracle boy” back then….and indeed he was. God did it all!!

    I wonder whether this might happen again……?

    …..when its time for our Lord to take Garnet home…..I ‘believe’ will know and have peace. Until then, I will stubbornly believe for his healing. Garnet is indeed my ‘precious gem’!!

    Thank you so much for all you do through your Ministry.

    Praise God for faithful and energetic servants such as yourselves,
    Garnet and Jan

  2. 2 Darleen

    Hi everyone – GREAT NEWS. I’ve been told today(from Mitchell’s dad), that Mitchell is home and the fluid in his body has all but gone, just a bit of fluid left and treating with antibiotics! PRAISE THE LORD. Thankyou, thankyou for all your support and prayers. We serve a WONDERFUL GOD, but we all know that! HALLELUJAH. As we continue to pray for this family, they will get to know it too. Amen. Thankyou for your prayers for my boy and family. God bless you all and I will keep you updated on God’s continuing grace and mercy.

    Love from your sister in Christ


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