Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Clayton From Light FM Receives Touch From GodDear Family and Friends in Christ,

How absolutely amazing to see the Holy Spirit Fire fall continually, and become established in many locations across Australia, as God uses Pastor Danny to carry Mohammed Preaches Jesusthe Spirit of Revival across the nation!

This past weekend in Melbourne saw another awesome outpouring of the power of God, as the Spirit of the Lord visited with great purpose and impact at the Salvation, Healing, and Deliverance Revival meetings in Hallam. Mightily used of God on Friday and Saturday, Evangelist Tallat Mohamed (once a Muslim, now a born again Spirit-filled Christian Minister of the Gospel) presented Crowd Worshipspowerfully the Word of God with signs following, as hundreds of people received from the anointing of the Lord, being healed, restored, experiencing freedom from ungodly addictions and demonic oppression. Many were tremendously blessed as they encountered the loving-kindness of God the Father!

Hungry and desperate people travelled from Albany WA, Perth WA, Sydney NSW, and Brisbane QLD to get to the meetings. Others drove believing in faith for the healings and deliverances needed, some up to 6 hours from far reaching parts of Victoria.

As the people worshipped God for hours the place was saturated by the presence of the Lord, with many receiving their healing during the worship, while others were healed as the CTFM prayer team “laid hands” on them and prayed in the Name of Jesus!

Crowd Worships In QLDWe give thanks to the Lord for the way He used Evangelist Tallat to minister the Word of God in power and miracle working faith, with corporate and individual prayer following to meet each expectant person at their point of need. His testimony of leaving behind a life of  futile religious efforts, to begin a personal relationship in following Christ as the only Way, Truth and Life has certainly reinforced that Jesus loves all, including the Muslims, and is the Saviour, Deliverer, and Healer of all Nations!

Eyesight Being RestoredOn Wednesday Pastor Danny was interviewed by Clayton Bjelan of Light FM regarding the Holy Spirit Revival meetings. Following this, Clayton came for the meeting on Thursday night as he needed a healing touch for his knees, as he had severe weight-bearing problems with them. Well, God is certainly to be glorified, as He touched the Light FM host and strengthened his knees! Please read his testimony sent to us the following day.

“Hi Pastor Danny and Crew, Clayton Bjelan here from Light FM.  I just wanted to write to you to thank you for being used by God.  I wasn’t over the top excited last night when my knees where healed – because yesterday they were actually feeling pretty good! … and I have a habit of being a “people pleaser” – that is given someone what they want to hear… so I didn’t want to be false in my exuberance while I was still trying to work out what was actually going on. However, as I have had more time to experience what has been happening I realise that my knees are definitely stronger – I can bear wHealing From Deafness QLDeight on them now (which was the major problem previously)… they still ache, but being able to jump up and down last night was quite incredible! I won’t be able to be at any of the meetings before I head to China to give a testimony – so I wanted to write to share with you what has happened.  I am also thankful for the word spoken to me about having an impact in people’s lives in China – I feel very humbled by the fact that God would choose to use me in that way and I will be looking for the opportunities he has for me!  Praise God for His Holy Spirit that He gives to us!  Clayton”

Pastor Danny also ministered in Melbourne at the Hallam Revival on Thursday and Friday but travelled to Queensland – Brisbane and the Gold Coast on Saturday for a series of Revival meetings on the weekend. Again some desperate people travelled 9 hours to come, and the hall was filled with more than 400 hungry people for God, who came expecting their miracle and to catch the Fire of the Holy Spirit!

Waiting To Receive Healing QldAt the altar of worship and prayer, many were emotionally, physically and spiritually healed; joyously released from afflictions, and experienced wonderful freedom for the first time in their lives! Three deaf people were healed instantly and took their hearing aids off.  Everyone burst into sponteaneous joy as they applauded the power of God at work, causing faith to rise in their hearts, preparing them for deeper worship and adoration of their awesome miracle working Father in Heaven! The following exciting testimony titled ‘Answered Prayer’ is from Ruth in Kallangur (Brisbane) QLD.  “Thank you Pastor Danny for being so faithful to God in coming to Brisbane. For some time my husband has been saying to me to get my ears tested as he was concerned I had a problem. On Monday 21|7|08 my ears were tested showing my left ear had a concerned hearing loss and my right ear a small amount of hearing loss. When you put your hand over my left ear and prayed there was movement ‘like God was doing a recreating inside my ear’ my hearing was becoming clearer and sharper. My praise and thanks to our Loving God for this miracle of healing in Christ Jesus name”!

Praise Celebration QldAs a 9 year old girl came to the altar for prayer, Pastor Danny asked her what she wanted from Jesus. She responded, “I want love from Jesus, so that I could love others better and tell them about Jesus.” Isn’t this incredibly wonderful! Does it sound like Revival? Yes indeed! When the hearts of the young and old alike have this passion to win the lost, “the dead bones” are coming alive! God said the harvest is ready, we see it, but passion to share the limitless love of Jesus is a vital ingredient if we are to see many precious souls embrace Jesus as Lord and Saviour!

Many young men and women were weeping as the mighty power of God touched and transformed them. Pastor Danny said from Queensland, “I am so excited, as I clearly see Revival Fires sweeping across Australia. Our hour of visitation is upon us and we must not miss it. We must turn this into a habitation with God.” As result of Pastor Danny’s visit to Brisbane and the Gold Coast, some churches have chosen to meet two nights a week to worship and wait on God, with great expectation for Revival Fire to continue to fall in Queensland, and have it spread throughout this expansive State.

Pastor Danny With 8 Year Old Girl QldPastor Danny said the highlight of his trip to Queensland was when he was reunited in the Gold Coast with the first baby that was saved 8 years ago through Options Plus Care, the Pregnancy Counseling Crisis Division of Catch the Fire Ministries.  He personally counseled the parents of this beautiful girl 8 years ago in Melbourne which resulted in them deciding to have the baby!

Please be encouraged to bring your family, friends, neighbors, pastors, leaders, and members of your church to the Holy Spirit Revival continuing week nights on Thursday, Friday at 7.30pm and on Saturday at 6.30pm. The venue is Christian Community Church, 30 Star Crescent, in Hallam, Victoria.

God bless you exceedingly abundantly above all you can ask or imagine as you continue to cry out for ‘MORE LORD MORE!’

Jason Golden

To View More Photo’s Of God’s Power CLICK HERE FOR THE PHOTO GALLERY

4 Responses to “Now Into Week 8 As The Holy Spirit Revival Fire Spreads To Brisbane And The Gold Coast QLD”

  1. 1 Ruth

    “Answered Prayer” Thank you Pastor Danny for being so faithful to God
    In coming to Brisbane, For some time my husband has been saying to me to get my
    Ears tested he was concerned I had a problem, on Monday 21|7|08 my ears were tested
    Showing my left ear had a concerned hearing loss & my right ear a small amount of hearing loss
    When you put your hand over my left ear and prayed there was movement “like God was doing a
    Recreating inside my ear” my hearing was becoming clearer and sharper, my praise is and thanks to our
    Loving God for this miracle of healing, in Christ Jesus name,

    From Ruth, Kallangur, Q.L.D.

  2. 2 Mary


    At your convenience would you please send me “Catch the Fire

    Ministries” emails regarding the “Revival Meetings” as I am just so interested & have to rely on a friend to forward me copies of hers, which is not always convenient. I read them with such awe at this

    Mighty Revival and just what the Holy Spirit is doing – Praise God!

    You are in my daily prayers, & quite a few of us were wondering if

    Pastor Danny would ever be open to the Holy Spirit’s outpouring for a Revival o the Mornington Peninsula? Could you please mention this to Pastor Danny as it’s not always possible for folk to come to Hallam or even to town. May the good Lord bless you all.

    Yours in the Holy Spirit. Mary

  3. 3 Paul

    Dear friends,
    Really encouraging moves by God!
    May His anointing continue and bring a great harvest to the Kingdom!

  4. 4 Luis

    Dear Pastor Danny and Jason,

    I would like to thank you and your team for the wonderful work that you
    guys are doing for the Lord.

    Firstly I would like to say that since I’ve been coming to the meetings i
    have had the urge in my heart to forsake all my old ways and surrender to
    the Lord Christ my life. To tell the truth the process has not been easy
    and a lot trouble has arise both in my personal life as well as in my
    heart. As the Lord shines his pure light in my life i see how dirty and
    filthy my life and heart is, and it takes courage to the point of denying
    the things that i desired the most, and little by little i begin to
    understand that i must die to my own self in order for Jesus to rise the
    new spirit man in me.

    In truth the Gospel is a Gospel of Grace and Love, but in the past I had
    fail to understand the importance of the Fear of Lord. As only through his
    Holy spirit we are able to Understand his Holiness. I feel in my heart
    that the Church in Australia must ask The Lord for this Revelation, and
    for him to put his spirit of Fear of the Lord in us, so that we may see
    his Full Glory and NEVER! turn away from Him, for he is coming back to
    Judge all accordingly to our deeds. That is why I say that in truth the
    Gospel is a Gospel of Grace, since it is only through the repentance of
    our sins and the trust in Christ that we are redeemed from our damnation,
    since the wages sin have a very high price, that is our own soul, more
    valuable than all the riches of this earth.

    By Faith we are made whole in Jesus, Faith that will keep us Holy,
    obedient to his commandments and full of mercy and Love for others.

    So my cry to Australia is – Australia, Australia you are seeking and
    crying out to God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You want to be
    filled with his full Glory? Then repent Australia of your wicked ways,
    that we may find Grace in the sight of a Holy God, The only true God even
    our Lord Jesus. Repent i say again unless is too late and we all be judged
    for not seeing that our Hour is now!

    yours truly,


    And this is my prayer for you Australia, agree with me and lets put our
    inner most faith in Jesus Christ,

    Father, You alone are Good, You are Holy, thank you so much for the Honor
    of being called your children, please don’t look at our sins and mistakes
    that are even hidden to our own eyes, but help us see your Majesty and
    Holiness that we may know you ways and walk with your holy spirit now in
    earth and forever, Amen.

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