Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Ps. Jason prays for a touch from the Holy SpiritExpressions of praise, worship and adoration were evident as the people of God came together to give thanks for all that He is, among them in His manifest goodness, glory and love!  The Spirit of God is truly making His presence felt at Hallam in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, dwelling with those who gather with hungry hearts to meet with their Maker.  The Lord is continually given all the glory as He supernaturally heals, creatively restores, and releases hope to so many, through lifting depression, oppression, and setting many into His glorious liberty! How gracious is our Almighty Heavenly Father!

Healing from partial paralysis after car accidentThis morning a young lady (who has been attending the Revival meetings regularly) called in to the office to collect some more brochures, explaining that due to the motivation received through the Revival meetings, she has now chosen to catch the train to work so she can evangelise and share Jesus on the way!  She is on fire with God’s love and passion to see those in the prisons of darkness come into the joy of knowing Jesus personally and living the life of Christ in an abundant and fulfilling way. She said, “At first it was scary, but most people really are open to hearing about Jesus – and we just need to get over the fear that they may not want to know.” Her face was radiating God’s love, alight with joy, as she bubbled over sharing this testimony with me!People Worshipping God - Soaking in His presenceOver the weekend at one of the Revival meetings in Hallam, Pastor Danny released a word of knowledge for someone who had been in an accident and was in severe pain in body. A woman responded who had been involved in a car accident, resulting in a paralysed right side in addition to dislocated bones in her back. This condition meant she suffered depression, pain, and was often suicidal.  A few days after Pastor Danny prayed for her, she came up to the altar area and shared her miraculous testimony. She shared how her daughter had attended the Revival meetings first and was so impacted by the Spirit of the Lord that she spoke to her Mother encouraging her to attend. The Mother said, “As I was prayed for I felt some relief in my body and the pain started to ease off.” She shared how she woke up one morning shortly after that night and realized she was no longer paralysed down the right side!! Her immediate action was to make a doctor’s appointment and then undergo a medical cat scan which showed her disjointed bones had come back into alignment and normal working order. All pain had left her body and she was no longer depressed or suicidal!  How delighted she was to give the glory to the Lord Jesus Christ!

Breakthrough & FreedomAs Pastor Danny prayed for a man standing in God’s presence at the altar, the anointing was such that he wobbled for a few seconds, then fell to the ground. Pastor Danny moved on praying for others then noticed this same man was about to leave the building. As the Holy Spirit prompted, Pastor Danny called out to him to please come to the altar. His family came with him. At this point he was asked, “Was he a Christian?” His answer, “No, I am a Moslem.” The presence of God was such that this man’s eyes filled with tears, and he started shaking under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Danny asked him if he would like to pray and give his life to Jesus. He said, “Yes!” Standing next to him, his wife was sobbing and crying as she saw what God was doing for her husband. She was asked if she was a Moslem also. She responded, “I am a Hindu convert to Islam” and conviction came upon her. She prayed and gave her life to Jesus, and then it was time for the three children who willingly prayed enabling the whole family to begin their new life in Jesus Christ together!

Instant healing from shoulder problemsIn the past 34 days many, many people have surrendered their lives to Jesus for the 1st time, praying and inviting Jesus to be Saviour and Lord of their lives, including some who were from Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist and Jewish backgrounds!  We are seeing this glorious outpouring of the Holy Spirit lead those seeking the Way, Truth and the Life, into the Kingdom of Heaven!

On Monday 14th July, Pastor Danny reported from Newcastle, NSW, how the Spirit of God had moved incredibly among these hungry, expectant people as he ministered God’s word on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th July. He says, “Certainly this outpouring is meant for Australia and will go to the nations of the world. As I experienced what the Spirit of the Lord did in Newcastle, it gladdens my heart to be a Minister of the Gospel carrying the seed of Revival.  Some of these services lasted for almost 4 hours with so many not wanting to leave the presence of God!  It was challenging to find available seating as spiritually desperate people travelled from Sydney, the east coast, south coast and various other places across NSW. They received their healings and restoration from the Father heart of God, and as I laid hands in prayer; depression left, demonic afflictions were broken and many were released from addictions. One man received hearing after being deaf – so many others were again touched by our compassionate Lord, our All-Sufficient Healer, as His mighty love set them free to experience real freedom for the first time!”

Mute man receiving a touch from God“Two to three weeks ago, I spoke to my wife, some of the Catch The Fire Ministry Board and Leadership Team, and said I was planning to remain in Melbourne instead of travelling interstate to minister as planned. Thankfully, all advised me to go and carry this awesome Spirit-filled Fire across the Land of Australia as planned by the Lord ahead of time. I thank God for this wise counsel – as I am now experiencing the joy of seeing the mighty Spirit of God light up this nation with His Revival Fire, wherever He sends me, in addition to the Fire being carried back to homes, workplaces, churches, and communities across Australia, by those who have caught the Fire in Hallam. Come and catch the Fire, take the Fire, and start a Fire for Jesus!”

On Saturday night in Hallam, Pastor Jason released an encouraging, uplifting, challenging message, which attracted the Spirit of wisdom, revelation, counsel, might, knowledge and the fear of the Lord, through prophetic teaching on the Cross of Christ, the Kingdom of Heaven, Hell, the importance of harvesting all the lost souls in these end-times, and the 2nd Coming of Jesus to Jerusalem, Israel!  Miracles, signs and wonders followed the preaching of the Word of the Lord!

Healed Of DeafnessThis testimony was received from a Mum who had bought her son from Canberra, believing in faith to meet with the Lord for a supernatural healing breakthrough for her son. She writes, “Shortly after, James my son who has severe disabilities, (autistic and mute from birth), was prayed for, I had spoken with the ministry team about the Lord’s promise to release James’ mute tongue. The Lord has been doing an awesome preparation work of healing these last 8 months with him. I take James almost every Monday night to the healing room at Canberra. It is affiliated with our church at Vision Christian Fellowship who also operates in miracle, signs and wonders. Pastors’ Danny and Jason were faithful in praying for James. Both received several times from the Lord, “James’ mute tongue will be released, he will praise and worship the Lord.” After the first night, the next morning James was saying word after word after word while l was assisting him with his personal care. I was really amazed as l have only ever heard him say a couple of words most of his life!”  She believes that the Sovereign Healer Himself, the Lord Jesus Christ, will complete what He has begun, and what has been promised!

Here’s another testimony we received from the Saturday night outpouring in Hallam. “Dear Pastor, I am writing to say thank you for sending the revival emails. Through this ministry I was able to invite a friend from the country to come and attend the Saturday night service. She was healed by the Lord via a word of knowledge regarding neck pain. The symptoms were numbness, neck pain and pain in the right hand and all symptoms left. Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus!”

Please be encouraged to bring your family, friends, neighbors, pastors, leaders, and members of your church to the Holy Spirit Revival continuing week nights on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm with Saturday at 6.30pm. The venue is Christian Community Church, 30 Star Crescent, in Hallam.

God bless you exceedingly abundantly above all you can ask or imagine as you continue to cry out for ‘MORE LORD MORE!’

Revival blessings
By Dianne Johnson

8 Responses to “Day 34 – Holy Ghost Fire Continues To Fall In Melbourne And Revival Spreads To Newcastle, NSW”

  1. 1 Kevin

    Is there going to be a Catch the Fire world youth day? Because I think it’d be a really great idea. Why should Catholics get all the good parking spots in Sydney?

  2. 2 Naomi

    I was at the meeting in Newcastle on Saturday night and I just want to testify to the greatness of our Creator. I turned up expecting the Lord to move considering what has been happening around the nation and in the nations of the world, and HE DID! We had an awesome time of worship and seeking the Lord and letting the Lord stir up my spirit man. Ps Danny brought an awesome word on crossing the Jordan and opening spiritually deaf ears. He also shared some really encouraging and superb testimonies from Melbourne. You could tell that the people at the meeting were hungry for more, when there was a call from Ps Danny for prayer people were running down to the altar in eager anticipation of receiving a touch from the Lord. I came to the meeting wanting to experience Jesus in a way that I had never had before. While I was standing towards the back just worshipping, Ps Danny cut the line and came and gave me an awesome very timely accurate word from the Lord. He annointed my hands and at that moment I felt pins and needles run down both of my arms, then I went down under the presence of the Lord. While on the ground I had an experience with the Lord which I had never had before. I felt like there was this awesome heavy blanket of holy spirit over me. It was just so precious and the love, the peace, the gentleness and grace of the Lord I felt like never before. After spending time soaking in His wonderful presence I got up and I was speechless still feeling the Lord’s presence, all I could say to Ps Danny was ‘thank you’. It was just an awesome night and I am so ready Lord to see Your fire fall in Newcastle. Bring it On!!! Praise the Lord.

  3. 3 Di

    Hi I was at one of the Newcastle meetings. Please pass on to Danny my thanks, I was impressed with his whistling….bought to mind Isaiah 5:26

    He will lift up a banner to the nations from afar,

    And will whistle to them from the end of the earth;

    Surely they shall come with speed, swiftly.
    Praise God – HIS WAYS ARE TRUE.


  4. 4 Warren

    Dear Danny

    I was the church minister/lawyer who met you last night at the Hallam meeting. You prayed for me at the front
    and asked me to speak to the people about my background, ie. I had come from WA.

    I am keen to touch base with you and talk further. I scrutinise things carefully, and a genuine move of God is in
    the beginnings. I know I have some stuff on the law in Australia, and what God is doing, that you will find very
    interesting, and I know you have some stuff I’d like to learn and talk about.

    I am frequently in Melbourne and Sydney for business, and will be there 3 times in the next month. Is there any
    times that are best where we could catch up for a meal or drink?

    At the very least, I am keen to arrange for you to speak in WA at my group.

  5. 5 Ps Ric

    I am a pastor who works with mainly aboriginal people in the eastern
    suburbs of Perth and my wife and I are coming to Hallam to catch the
    fire and impart to God’s people the grace of God for salvation in the
    mighty name of Jesus. Amen

    God Bless You All

    Ps Ric

  6. 6 Christin

    Dear Danny,

    what an awesome privelege for you to be so powerfully used by God. I am so excited about all that is going on and love to receive the emails. I hope I can get there soon. I pray that it will all continue and even get stronger and that every state will really catch the fire.

    God bless you and thank you so much for never giving up.

    With much appreciation


  7. 7 David

    Hi Jason,

    Isn’t God good.

    I remember meeting you on the 1st night of the Holy Ghost meetings.

    The natural rains fell on that night and continue to this day

    God Bless

    Thanks & Regards


  8. 8 Alfred

    I feel it was an awesome event. May God bless everyone.

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