Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear Friends and Family in Christ,

Revival MeetingsRise Up Australia and Catch the Fire of the Holy Ghost!

Come expecting Revival Fire and the Rain of His Glory during 3 days of Throne Room Worship, Prophetic Teaching and Preparation for the Outpouring of the Holy Ghost!  7:30pm Thursday 12th and Friday 13th June

7pm Saturday 14th June

Teaching on each night:

Thursday – The Importance of Praying in Tongues – a Key Weapon to Overcoming the Devil

Friday – Enter the River 

Saturday – Going through the Earthly Fire to Enter the Heavenly Fire

Hosted by Ps. Danny Nalliah and Catch the Fire Ministries at Christian Community Church located at 30 Star Crescent in Hallam.  Melway 96 G 3

Only 5 minutes walk from Hallam Train Station and 5 minutes drive from Hallam South Eastern Freeway Exit

It’s time for Miracles!  Don’t miss this hour of Visitation and Habitation!

We’re prayerfully trusting the Father in Heaven for a mighty outpouring of His Revival Glory and Manifest Presence in the South Eastern Suburbs, around Melbourne, throughout Victoria, wider Australia, and across all of the Great South Land of the Holy Spirit!

11 Responses to “Revival Outpouring Expected In Melbourne”

  1. 1 Malcolm

    Hi, Pastor Danny,

    It’s great to hear of revivals in other lands; I agree with you, it’s high time we had revival here!
    We had a great prayer meeting last night at our pastor’s place- I had in my mind the need for Australia to see itself in the way God sees us. Being, like you, an ‘import’, I have often felt that this country has no very clear idea of its own identity. In the past, Australia was very much the British colony; now, I think there is an increasing idea of being an American ally, with the colonial past being seen as something we need to shake off and forget.
    I feel that there is a need to acknowledge the ‘parenting’ stage (the colonial past) much as children ought to honour their parents, whatever they were like, and to grow up into the identity God envisages for us. As to being anyone’s ally, I guess that’s o.k. if we pick our friends carefully, but our primary identity must be found in the mind of God.
    What do you think? Malcolm.

  2. 2 Dorothy

    Dear Catch the Fire ministry team,
    Thank you for this inspiring and encouraging word. We are celebrating Shavuot this Sunday/Monday in our house fellowship in Moss Vale NSW. Exodus 19-20 are the Torah readings. I was particular drawn to the same scripture you mention in Exodus 19:10-11- also Hosea 6:1-2, and Esther. The third day is is surely quickly approaching. I am preparing to share on preparations for the third day. The King is about to come out of his throne room.
    I so admire your ministry. Thank you for what you doing in our country.
    In Yeshua’s Wonderful Name, DOROTHY

  3. 3 Ray

    Thankyou Pastor Danny for a very heart warming and personable email. You answered the questions I had on my heart! If we are not there in body we sure are in spirit! May God do as He say’s he will do. God Bless Australia!!!!! God bless you Pastor Danny and your family, for your obedience and faithfulness. Ray

  4. 4 Pauline

    Amen Danny,
    We too are feeling the urgency and need to see a fresh out-pouring of His Spirit upon this land.
    We pray that the Lord will stir us all up to seek Him and to see His power made known in this great Southland.

  5. 5 Terry

    Ps Danny,
    It is great to hear of your move to have people come for the Revival Outpouring in Melbourne. I pray that those who come are intending to give their all to the Lord and say Yes Lord, Yes Lord, Yes Lord I will bow down to you, as Revival must start within us first. To God be the Glory!

  6. 6 Joanne and John

    Hi Ther

    We are hungry for the glory of God .We have been watching the Florida Revival for the last 5 weeks and are praying for a revival in our State of Victoria, in my home town , in my own church. Fresh fire ministries and catch the fire ministries are on teh same page, rather God is showing up in His glory, showing signs and wonders. We hope to be there on Friday night

  7. 7 Nadia

    It is well and truly time!

    Only united can christinas oppose the many sins of the modern world-abortion,homosexuality etc.
    My family will be there in full support praising our true God Jesus of nazareth!

  8. 8 simon

    amen we need a revival but todd bentley is in revival because he lives in intimacy with Jesus he spends hours delighting himself in the glory of GOD he has experiential revelation into the heavenlies. until the church has a paradigm shift in oz we are still going to be bound by a form of godliness but denying its power.i praise God4 a generation spearheaded by a heavily tattoed radical thats drawing a younger generation2 back its first love.the churches in oz turned their back on the river in the mid 90 s out of fear of man and lack of intimacy with the saying goes the only thing we learn about church history is that we dont learn from church history.may our lamps be always burning and our understanding opened to the spirit of wisdom and revelation to obey the greatest commandment and great commision GOD BLESS

  9. 9 alan

    hello jason praise god !!! and thank you for your reply re dominiquethe tumour shall die and dissapear and dominique shall be restored by JEHOVAH RAPTHA. this morning i was phoned by judy trigger.she and her husband,lindsay were planning to go to FRESH FIRE MINISTRIES IN CANADA— HOWEVER HER HUSBAND HAS HAD A BRAIN HAEMORRAGE AND IS IN HOSPITAL IN BRISBANE IN AN INDUCED COMA,HAVING HAD SEVERAL OPERATIONS.GODS ARM IS NOT SHORT —we believe lindsay will be completely restored .they were going to canada for some months of training–obviously the enemy does not want that to happen kindly pray!!!thank you alan wecker

  10. 10 alan

    hello jason i think i said it all in the responses section—sorry.please pray for lindsay trigger who is in hospital in brisbane with a brain haemmorage.after operations he is in an induced coma.he and his wife judy were planning to go to canada to do training at FRESH FIRE MINISTRIES in the near future..THE ENEMY SHALL NOT STOP THEM. PLEASE JOIN US IN PRAYING.. GOD IS SO VERY VERY GOOD..ALAN WECKER

  11. 11 Karen

    Hi Jason, More like a question than a reply! Having recently immigrated to Australia from South Africa (where I watched the Todd Bentley Healing Revival in Lakeland, Florida avidly on GOD TV, everyday) I find myself in the little farming village of Mungindi, New South Wales, with only a Catholic and Anglican Church and no GOD TV!!!! Can you please tell me where the nearest NCMI or Rhema or Fresh Fire Ministery Church or anything like these is that I can attend? Fortunately I have been invited to my first Bible Study tomorrow in Mungindi, but I am hungry for the Holy Spirit and desparately trying to find somewhere that I can praise Jesus and hear more about his word…….. Thanks in anticipation, Karen

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