Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

Both as the Church and a Nation,  we are certainly reaping what we have sown in the last Federal Election 2007! 
Over the last several days, I’m sure you watched incredible television reports and read in the newspapers that the homosexual community is about to receive their full rights across Australia, thanks to the liberal thinking of the new Federal Labor Government. Is this really the Government many Christian leaders promoted as a viable alternative to the previous government we had? Frankly, I need to ask the question, ‘Are those Christian leaders who play bipartisan politics,  just trying to play both sides of politics to protect their reputation, or are they really wanting to please a righteous and holy God?’

Now, Christian leaders can be seen jumping up and down trying hard to stop the government they promoted from passing homosexual marriage and civil –unions, when these same leaders have already agreed to give the homosexual community  a ‘same-sex relationship registry’.  

So, when you see Government officials and Christian leaders proclaim, ‘We will fight to protect the institution of marriage,’ please do not be deceived.  Is this declaration only a cop out, as they have already given the homosexual community what they want, except the legal classification of ‘marriage or civil –union’?  In reality, they have received all the benefits that a heterosexual couple (a man & a woman) enjoy by legal recognition.

On the television news I kept hearing the words, ‘We will not discriminate any part of society’.  Well, does this mean soon we will be approving  pedophilia, incest, etc. Suddenly we are seeing laws being passed under the cunning strategy of tolerance and political correctness to change what was once a crime into accepting behavior, such as homosexuality, pedophilia, incest, etc.

Oh, my Lord! When will the Church rise up and boldly proclaim that the above mentioned SINS will send you to Hell and you will burn in the lake of fire forever?  Furthermore, the blood of these precious souls will be on the hands of the people who supported these sinful lifestyles and did not speak out against it!  Let us as Bible-believing God-fearing Christians cry out, ‘Repent, Repent, Repent, there is a way out – turn away from your wicked ways and turn toward the Lord Jesus Christ who is waiting to give you freedom from guilt and shame, and His eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven!’

Today in most churches across Australia, we seem to only hear very simple (sounding) sugar-coated messages such as, ‘simply come to Jesus and everything will be o.k.’  In many pulpits across Australia, we do not hear near enough that Hell is real! Truly, whoever does not confess their sin and is not cleansed from all unrighteousness by the precious blood of Jesus, will end up in Hell forever!

As fair-dinkum followers of the only Way, Truth and Life, let us break free from the softy, softy approach and man-pleasing gospel message!  Contrary to many Christian leaders in the West, most Muslim leaders give their followers absolutes (black and white / right and wrong), and are therefore converting many so-called Christians in the West to Islam.  Sadly, the Church in the West can be found to be using mostly man-made methods, such as user –friendly and seeker-friendly church growth strategies, which fail to produce strong mature disciples of the Lord who clearly stand for righteousness, justice and truth!

Oh Lord, ‘Please wake up Your Church to clear truth, and give her what she needs to stand up for the truth of the uncompromising Word of God!’ One of the biggest problems is that clearly most Christian leaders and their followers do not follow the mandates of the Word of God, or spend enough time in intimate prayer seeking the Lord for His Kingdom come and will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!   As a result they cannot remain in a lifestyle of being led by the Holy Spirit of God, but rather of being led by the spirit of the world, what is most popular with man rather than God!

I challenge you to rise up in the Spirit of God to take Australia for Jesus!!!

Read below an excellent report from Salt Shakers calling the Church in Australia to act in response to this homosexual issue.

With Much Love,  Ps Danny Nalliah 


Federal government plans to ‘remove discrimination’ against same-sex couples

Australia’s federal government has announced today that it plans to rush legislation into Parliament next month to change 100 pieces of Commonwealth legislation to ‘remove discrimination’ against same-sex couples.

The proposed changes give benefits including tax, superannuation, social security, health, aged care, veterans entitlements, workers compensation, employment entitlements.
Attorney General Robert McClelland said that marriage would not be included in the proposed changes. (Media release link below)
The finance to cover these changes to the law will be provided in the May budget. The estimate of the cost is said to be up to $400 million over four years.

This incredible move by the government gives same-sex couples changes to an additional 42 laws over and above the 58 proposed by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission in their 2007 report.

Liberal leader Brendan Nelson told ABC radio, “Whilst we will steadfastly oppose gay marriage, gay adoption and gay IVF, we will carefully scrutinise the proposals being put up by the government, and if they are affordable and reasonable we will certainly be providing support to them.”

The truth is that these areas relate to homosexual ‘couples’, not to individual homosexuals.

Changing all of these laws and giving this range of benefits to same-sex couples is not not passive removal of ‘discrimination’. 
It is active endorsement of homosexual relationships….

We oppose the endorsement of homosexual relationships that will result by making these changes to the law.

Prior to the election we noted Labor party policies prior to the election, so we have been expecting this announcement. However the rush to get it through so quickly has taken most commentators by surprise. Of course the Senate changes at the end of June and this may be a factor in the timing.

Your ACTION is needed!

Write to PM Kevin Rudd – ask him not to pursue these changes to Commonwealth law. See his website contact form at

Write to Liberal leader Brendan Nelson. Ask him not to support these changes to the law. Ask him to allow a conscience vote for MPs. Email –

Write to your federal MP – click here to get their name and contact details –

Write to your 12 state Senators – click here for details:

The Attorney General’s Media Release:

HREOC Report: ‘Same sex – same entitlements’
Index at

Media Articles:

Laws to lose same-sex discrimination
The Australian, April 30, 2008
“THE Federal Government is changing a raft of laws to remove same-sex discrimination.  Attorney-General Robert McClelland said gay people would gain equality in the move. “The changes will provide for equality of treatment under a wide range of commonwealth laws between same-sex and opposite-sex de facto couples,” Mr McClelland said…..

McClelland repeats gay marriage opposition
ABC, 30 April 2008.

ABC News interviews
With Robert McClelland and Brendan Nelson also available at

Law reforms for gay couples
The Age, Misha Schubert, April 30, 2008
“GAY couples in Australia are on the verge of winning equality in tax, health, superannuation, aged care and other areas as the Federal Government moves to rush through laws to overturn same-sex discrimination. The Age believes Attorney-General Robert McClelland will announce today that he will introduce amendments to Parliament as early as next month to alter around 100 federal laws.  The changes will not allow gay marriages or same-sex couples to adopt children, and the issue of access to the Family Court for same-sex couples is still being resolved….”

‘Winners and losers’ in new gay laws
The Australian, April 30, 2008
(Mrs) Jenny Stokes Research Director   SALT SHAKERS


18 Responses to “Reaping What We Have Sown As The Church In Australia”

  1. 1 Phil

    Thanks Catch The Fire,

    I have just sent a very strong letter to Rudd expressing my disgust.

    Rudd will never get my vote


  2. 2 Johann

    Hi Danny, This is quite disturbing news to us as believers in South Africa as well, I really thought we were the only people who actually aborted the Word of God totally out of our Government and our policies, we will keep praying that God will open people’s spiritual eyes and ears so they can understand what Gods heart is really on gay and lesbian relationships in your country and elsewhere. Just this morning I was talking at a meeting about the church of God not preaching the pure unadulterated Word of God anymore but going as far as preaching the word out of context to soothe the ears of the people for popularity and monetary gains. In the last days those who are pure will become purer and those who are dirty will become dirtier, it is the task of the church of God to unite together in unity to address these issues openly with their respective officials and decision makers in government to abolish this foolishness. I believe we have some serious praying and warfare ahead of us.

    God Bless you guys there in the Big A !!


  3. 3 Donna

    Dear Danny and Everyone

    Can’t we have a 21 day fast ( even 1 meal a day) to ask God to wake us up.!! we are not going to if we don’t pray. I think we need to break the Territorial or spiritual powers to be over us. If we ask he can give us a second chance and also we can pray for all the ministers in the Parliament, church leaders and ordinary people to repent become christians .

    I had a dream that the christians were in the church having a good party chatting and having cups of tea.( not drunken like we weren’t bad ) but totally unaware of what was happening out side. I felt God said we were not beating up the servants or being drunk. but we need to look outside.

    I also feel we need to wake up about how Israels situation is !! and they really need our help, support and prayers at the moment.

    Anyway see what God says!!

    God Bless Donna

  4. 4 Brian

    Dear Danny,

    I think it is wrong to condemn christians for the stand that they took. Whatever has to take place will take place because
    2 Thes. 2:7 tells us that, “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way. and
    Matthew 23:28 tells us that, “Even so you also outwardly appear righteous to men, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness. ” people may not appear as what they are when their faith is put to the test because Matthew 24:12 tells us that, “And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.”
    All these things will take place because God is separating the sheep from the goats, the faithfulness of man will be tested with fire. As in 1 Kings 18:18-40 the prophets of Baal were exposed because their God was not God but Elijah’s God consumed the sacrifice and proved that he was God. So also it shall be in the days of lawlessness that God will cause men with the spirit of Elijah to arise and subdue nations. If everything was just going to be good all the way, how would these things be brought to the light. Fighting legislations is not going to change Australia but the Gospel will, because it is the power of God unto salvation. So let us preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit and believe God to make changes!!


  5. 5 Chris

    Well said Ps Danny!

    Ps Chris

  6. 6 Scott

    We certainly are reaping what we have sown. Kevin Rudd has placed himself very precariously within the ‘liberal’ factions of the Labor party machine and I have little doubt he will not only assign full rights to homosexual couples but ultimately give in to the communists within his ranks and allow them to also marry. His current posturing on the rights of gays to marry will ultimately make way for a ‘softening’ of this policy. This ‘softening’ I believe, if rumors are correct, will be the recognition of wedlock among gays who make the ‘union’ in a foreign country that allows gays to marry. This will in tern mean that the Australian Federal Government in the future will recognize gay marriages with all the same rights as normal heterosexual couples. Sadly this will also mean that there will be an increase in lesbian couples using IVF and homosexual couples adopting our poor children. Children who have to suffer the stigmas of bullying at school because of the gays own selfish interests.

    What has Australia now become?

    I hate to say “I told you so” to all those who trumpeted the Christian values and virtues of Mr Rudd, but one only need to look at his own morbid past to see he is a man of little morals and extremely poor character. The cover up of the gang rape of a 14 year old aboriginal girl in the John Oxley Detention Centre 20 years ago by Mr Rudd and Mr Swann is proof positive he is no Christian. His actions in Scores night club in America only add to his lurid mentality. We have let loose a pariah in our midst and society will be the ultimate loser.

    If only John Howard was still PM.


  7. 7 Karen

    I find your accussation and generalisation of the Church very offensive and a continued irritation to my spirit ongoing from the accusatron that the existing Government is in place because Christians did not pray enough or the way you consider they should. My Bible says that NO GOVERNMENT AUTHORITY IS IN PLACE UNLESS GOD ALLOWS IT… it is not a result of the Church or individuals performanace or lack… I wonder if the dabling into politics is not having an effect on this ministry, and pray that I am wrong.,… please consider your thoughts and words against the Church which is the BODY OF CHRIST, with its imperfections at this time.


  8. 8 Amanda

    Amen and Amen

    I was stunned when I saw the results of the last election and prayed what have we done!!

    I have been fighting laws in a Scandinavian Nation where we discovered a paedophile ring operating in the church. The liberal approach there has now given all rights to paedophiles and sex offenders. There was a a statute of limitations there of 10 years whereby any crime after that period got wiped……… there goes most sexual abuse victims ever finding justice. Working with the police and politicians the law has been changed, slightly! Still more work to be done

    Is this where we will eventually fall too? Will schools have to keep known paedophiles working because it would be against their democratic right to fire them.

    Don’t tell me it wont happen we are fighting now!!

    In the UK a law was passed in 1974 that its against a woman’s feminine rights to tell her the contraindications or counsel her if she wants an abortion. A doctor is to give her one without question! So if she has a hysterectomy she is told what could happen but if an abortion she is not allowed make an informed choice!

    In Estonia is a law that its a girls right to have an abortion for contraception. Look at the statistics 2/3 of all pregnancy’s are between 15 – 19 years old and all 2/3 are aborted she is never allowed make an informed choice

    We are there as Providence EU changing laws also

    This is where our liberal minded labour government will take us if not careful!!

    How did we get so blind!!

    My son is a base manager for the airlines and saw Kevin Rudd not long ago and asked do you believe in Jesus Christ in His death and Resurrection…….. Mr Rudd answered I believe in a God. My son said that is not what I asked, Mr Rudd repeated his answer!

    I was preaching some weeks ago and told the statistics of what this government is doing, a pastor stood up and screamed at me , Kevin Rudd is the most Christian politician we have had in this Nation

    That said it all

    We are blind, we are deceived and God forgive this Nation for its stupidity and spiritual lacking and God forgive us for the seeker friendly church we are accepting, where the realness of Hell the absolute of Holiness has been forgotten


    Ps Amanda

  9. 9 Ewan

    Danny, exactly right. I agree totally with what you have said here.

    Keep up the good work,

    Regards, Ewan

  10. 10 Ruth

    Dear Jason,

    Thanks for sending this to me. It is just so true. We are reaping what a majority has sown. I have written to the PM and Mr Nelson about these matters, but I’m not very hopeful. We are in the last days! Oh, God, please send your Holy Spirit to us in a powerful way, before we get ourselves into more of a mess!

    Bless you,

  11. 11 Merrilyn

    Dear Ps Danny,
    Thank you for being willing to speak up. This country is in
    desperate need of prophetic voices who will alert and warn the
    people. You are so right, the church is reaping what it has sown!!!
    May the Christians rise up and be the ‘salt’ and ‘light’ that they
    are called to be!!!!
    Bless you and your family


  12. 12 Kenneth

    Dear Danny, why is it that Catholics in USA & Australia vote Democrats & ALP supporting Abortion even though CC is against it?? Kenneth

  13. 13 Rose

    Thank you for the email Pastor Danny – I have submitted a protest to the PM

  14. 14 Ken

    Please click onto my site below then click onto “warning” at right hand column. You are not the only voice out there Danny, and you must bear in mind that the Liberals under Nelson and Turnbull intended to pass the same homosexual sympathising legislation as what Labour has. It’s the same Devil you know, and the same dead Churches???
    Ken Payne

  15. 15 Alan

    Dear Danny,

    Thank you for your timely alert to this issue, which merely confirms to me something that has been burning in my heart for quite a while. I agree absolutely with your email and I cry with you about the state of Christianity in Australia today; the man-centered ‘gospel’, seeker-sensitive churches, purpose-driven churches/people, etc.

    “Don’t mention Hell, the Wrath of God, the Righteousness of God, personal holiness, or anything like that, because people will be turned off”. What ever happened to the fear of God, which is the beginning of wisdom?

    I have included in this email an article from the website; “Voice of Christian Youth”, which I believe should make us all weep, yet the man written about is to be a keynote speaker at a prominent church in this city. When will someone in leadership take issue with this kind heretical apostasy? IN PUBLIC?? In the same manner as Paul publicly rebuking Peter, I believe that preachers who preach heresy in public should be challenged in public, for the sake of the hearers.

    Here is the article:
    Tony Campolo has tried to straddle the fence for years on the issue of homosexuality. In his 1988 book, 20 Hot Potatoes Christians Are Afraid to Touch, he tries to assure alarmed readers that he isn’t saying homosexuality is okay.

    “I am not asking that Christian people gloss over biblical teachings or ignore their conviction that homosexual acts are sin. I am not asking that we make a case to justify homosexual behavior. I am simply reminding Christian people that we are supposed to love people–even those who offend us. I am calling on Christians to reach out and show kindness and affection toward their homosexual neighbors…If we Christians cannot love these neighbors as we love ourselves, then we are violating the command of Jesus (Matt. 19:19) and ought to cease calling ourselves His followers. Loving people is a commitment to treating people as Jesus would treat them if He were in our places.”1 He repeats these words on page 67 of his 1994 book Carpe Diem.

    Few Christians would argue with the need to treat our neighbors as Christ would. But few would find a Scriptural basis for “gay covenants” or the legalization of same-sex marriages. Tony believes in both. Tony Campolo and his wife Peggy gave the keynote address at the first ever convention of the Welcoming and Affirming Baptists (disfellowshipped American Baptist Churches). The following is a quote from the Voice of the Turtle Newsletter, Fall, 1996 edition. (Voice of the Turtle is the publication of the American Baptists Concerned for Sexual Minorities.)

    “The Friday night gathering was highlighted by Peggy and Tony Campolo. The Campolos are longtime American Baptists who are involved in social ministry, and who hold divergent opinions on the question of homosexuality and faith in one area. They agree that homosexuality is not a choice; that homosexuals should not be excluded from churches, and that the lies perpetuated against the gay community make both of them angry. Where they differ is in their understanding of Romans 1: 24-32. Tony staunchly holds the position that the same gender marriages are against God’s order. On the other hand, he believes that since same gender marriages are becoming more and more a reality, then they should be legalized by the state.”2 (emphasis added)

    In 20 Hot Potatoes, Campolo elaborates on his views on the subject of homosexuality.

    “Actually, Jesus never alludes to homosexuality in his teachings. The fact that homosexuality has become such an overriding concern for many contemporary preachers may be more a reflection of homophobia in the church than it is the result of the emphasis of Scripture.”3

    He continues by giving his apparent endorsement of “homosexual covenants” which he believes are an option for “evangelicals.”

    “Recently two homosexual men who live in Chicago solved their problem of loneliness by establishing a covenant wherein they promised to live with each other ’til death do them part’ even though they simultaneously pledged to remain celibate. They chose to live together as lifelong partners ‘in all love and tenderness’ but without any sexual intercourse going on between them. These two men claimed to be enjoying the humanizing benefits of a genuine love relationship that has provided them with mutual blessings but did not violate biblical admonitions to refrain from homosexual intercourse. Over the past year I have learned of a number of other homosexual couples who are evangelicals and have adopted a similar arrangement.

    “I chose to call this a homosexual ‘covenant’ rather than a homosexual ‘marriage’ because I refrain from using the word marriage because I think that implies a sexually consummated relationship. On the other hand, the word covenant connotes a lifelong commitment of mutual obligation which does not necessitate sexual intercourse.

    “There are Christians who will disapprove of this arrangement claiming that the Bible implies a condemnation of even romantic feelings between members of the same sex. However, these critics are hard-pressed to build a biblical case for their complaints.”4

    In the summer of 1993, the pro-homosexual group “Evangelicals Concerned” reported in their newsletter that Peggy Campolo had recently reduced her involvement in her husband’s office at Eastern College in order to be more active in the cause for social justice for lesbians and gay men. (Note: Peggy and Tony Campolo are mentioned favorably four times in three of the quarterly newsletters published that year. Evangelicals Concerned is headed by homosexual Ralph Blair.) Peggy has been involved with Evangelicals Concerned, speaking at home Bible studies for the group as well as being keynote speaker at their summer Connection ’93 convention.

    In an article in the appropriately named magazine, The Other Side, Peggy attempts to clarify the differences between her husband and herself on the issue of homosexuality.

    “We believe that homosexual orientations are not chosen any more than heterosexual orientations are chosen. We agree that the ‘homosexual life-style’ is a misnomer–there are many homosexual life-styles as there are heterosexual life-styles…We differ on the issue of monogamous, loving relationships between people of the same sex. While we both believe such relationships should be legally permissible in a pluralistic society, I enthusiastically affirm such relationships for Christians. Tony does not.

    “I support Tony’s right to his beliefs, even as I am very grateful that he has, at considerable personal cost supported my right to mine. I have been with him in places where his views on homosexuality put him so far to the left that he is viewed as an enemy by many in the church. He has received letters of condemnation in the church. He has received letters of condemnation and phone calls from evangelical leaders pressuring him to change his stance. I am proud that he has stood up for his convictions on the subject of homosexuality in places where it is far more difficult for him than it is for me to share my words here in The Other Side.”1

    After telling of her conversion to supporting open homosexuality and describing the vacations she and her husband take each year to the resort community of Provincetown, Massachusetts, she talks about the “holy presence of acceptance” she felt in the town which is known for its homosexual “culture”. The following are quotes from Peggy Campolo:

    “I remember saying to Tony, ‘what I feel here is something of what I have always imagined I would feel in heaven.’ “2

    “But I fell in love with Provincetown–not in spite of the gay and lesbian culture there, but because of it. And I have been going back for twenty years.”3

    “I would most like to see a welcoming and affirming Christian ministry start up that would tell people about the real Jesus, who identifies with and loves oppressed people, not the one portrayed on television who despises those who are different. When I got to know Provincetown, I realized how narrow my straight life had been. I did not know any openly homosexual people and suddenly yearned to know that community.”4

    “Though I believe then, as I do now, that homosexuals are entitled to the same rights and privileges I claim for myself, including being able to marry legally and in the sight of the church, I wasn’t standing up for anybody or to anybody. I wasn’t able to do that until I began my own journey, my own coming-out-of-the-closet experience. Homosexuals aren’t the only ones in closets.”5 (emphasis added)

    Their stated differences on the subject of homosexuality have not kept Tony from sharing the podium with Peggy at speaking functions, nor has it kept her from being, according to Tony, first editor of his books.

    Dr. Campolo writes:

    “And then there is the real partner in this mission–Peggy, my wife. People always ask, ‘Do you really write all of those books?’ The answer is, ‘No, she does!’ At least she sees to it that they get written right.”6

    “But most of all there is my best friend for the last thirty-five years- my wife, Peggy. She not only does a lot of encouraging, she also has been the first editor on most of what I write. By the time she finishes with a manuscript, I almost come across as literate!”7

    “When it comes to writing books, I have come to depend on two people….The other is my wife, Peggy, who is a brilliant editor and a superb critic.”8

    “But most of all I have to get down on my knees and offer homage to my wife. She is the one who really made this book happen. She corrected the spelling and the grammar, critiqued the ideas, and kept me honest enough to say what I really believe.”9 (emphasis added)

    Far from viewing his wife’s beliefs on homosexuality as a grave moral concern, Tony Campolo seems delighted by the transformation wrought by her insights on the matter. In 1994’s Carpe Diem he writes the following:

    “Peggy’s Christian commitment is what has motivated her to reach out to the needs of homosexuals. She has come to know many gays and lesbians. She has gained empathy with them as they suffer. Their hurts have become her hurts. The change in her has been remarkable. She is into the Scriptures daily. Whereas once I couldn’t get her into any regular pattern of Bible reading and prayer, I now find that she loves these spiritual disciplines. She enjoys getting up early in the morning so she can have plenty of quality time to spend one-on-one with God. She is reading books on theology, sociology, psychology and biology in an effort to gain a better understanding of what homosexuality is all about. The wonder of all this can only be glimpsed in contrast to her almost anti intellectual attitude prior to becoming committed to her cause. Peggy is more alive, interesting, intense, joyful, purposeful, and spiritual now than at any time during her life. With her, there is no question as to whether or not she has a calling from God. Any evidence of mid-life depression and anxieties in her have all but disappeared. She’s on a high and she knows it. Biblically prescribed visions and dreams do that to people.”10

    What “biblically prescribed vision” is Tony Campolo referring to? These are Peggy Campolo’s words:

    “I dream of the day when there will be, in places like Provincetown, many churches where the real Jesus is preached, where a true biblical life-style that values persons and their loving relationships is taught, and where lesbian and gay people can hear how God wants to bless their relationships and empower them to share their gifts with a world that needs them. I go to a church like that, so I know it is possible.”11

    I want to encourage you to hold fast to your convictions that the church in this country needs revival. You have been a challenge to my own complacency (along with others from different parts of the world), that God has used to wake me up and for that faithfulness to the Truth I want to personally thank you.

    God Bless you,


  16. 16 Phil Sydney)

    Thanks Alan

    Much appreciated
    A very insightful article
    I will reread closely tonight

    I heard Tony Campolo on 103.2 FM sydney (Sheridan Boysey (excuse the spelling))on Sunday Night talking about RED LETTER CHRISTIANS
    Both myself and my wife were concerned with his comments both on Israel and Homosexuality.

    His claim was that the church had to resolve it issues with Christians divorcing before it could make any comments about Homosexuality, I found a serious cop out

    Your article above supports our concerns
    In years past I respected Tony. Now I have very serious doubts about his christianity.

    The Bible states in the latter days the elect will be deceived
    We are seeing that happen now

    How may Christains will Campolo deceive and manipulate
    This is very very serious.

    Mary Kay Baxter also warns strongly against HOMOSEXUALITY and how this is representative of the Satan’s devices to twist and misrepresent God ordained marriage


  17. 17 Chas

    Way back in 1955 when I was still at College (AMC at Cooranbong NSW) we were told that some day same sex marriages will be a fact of life. THAT “some day” happens to be today and where I am now (in Holland) that quotation has long been history.

  18. 18 know

    Today, The California Supreme Court overturned the gay marriage ban. This is happening everywhere. Unfortunately due to media and pop culture the world is desensitised to this perversion. But do you NOT think this was manufactured? There are groups at work higher than government that dictate government policy. Either government party would have brought this into Australia, its was just a matter of time.

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