Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

Part Of The Crowd In AttendanceI am not sure where to start, as my heart is almost totally overwhelmed with thanksgiving and complete joy! Seeing God move and knit together so many hearts at the celebration at the ‘Standing With Israel’ evening was such a sight! It was a visual experience – glorious banners expressing different aspects of the names of God. You could actually see the love transmitted from one to another, as God’s grace laced the words shared. The room buzzed with murmured approval as statements concerning Israel’s journey unfolded through the different speakers, many overwhelmed by what they saw and heard. David Mandel, Danny Lamm, Danny Nalliah, John Searle, Barry Rodgers

The event was held at the Performing Art Centre, Glen Eira College in Caulfield, right in the heart of the Jewish community. The hall was filled to overflowing with 350 – 400 people, drawn from all walks of life, with an obvious intense love for the nation of Israel. There were many Messianic Jews in attendance, along with many Jews from the immediate area.

Dancers In ActionThe night was filled with Jewish songs and dance, speeches of significance, and an informing DVD presentation of the re-enactment on the Light Horse charge. The key-note speaker, Dr Danny Lamm, President of the State Zionist Council, represented the Ambassador of Israel to Australia. In his speech he thanked Australia and in particular, the Christians who love and stand with Israel.   His speech was inspiring aDr Danny Lamm, President of the State Zionist Councilnd provoking, receiving the attention of everyone present (full speech available on DVD). Old Testament scriptures proved that Israel was not occupying Arab land but have simply resettled land that they had to release 2000 years ago when forced from their home land to dwell in exile.  He also stated how much he appreciated the love and friendship shown, making the night a great success. He repeatedly thanked Pastor Danny and Catch The Fire Ministries for organizing such an event to stand with the nation of Israel. Presentation Of The Book

Dr Lamm was thrilled to be presented with a book containing hundreds of messages of encouragement and support for Israel, for achieving the 60 years of Statehood. Those in attendance were given opportunity to convey their love by signing their names, recorded as a memento of the occasion. This book in turn will be presented to the Ambassador of Israel in Australia.

Cutting The CakeOther speakers at the event were Chairman Mr John Searle of the Anti Deformation League or known as B’nai Brith (a Jewish Human Rights organization) and Mr Barry Rodgers a descendant of the Light Horse brigade, who came in full regalia to encapsulate the Light Horseman who lead the charge to capture Jerusalem (Beersheba) in 1917 from the Ottoman Turks.  John (a Jew) and Barry (a non Jew) together rose to the occasion cutting the superbly decorated 60th birthday cake displaying the Israel flag and colors.

Mr. David Mandel representing the Jewish National Fund informed those present of their current work in Israel. An informative presentation by DVD related redevelopment of land in order to resettle incoming Jewish people.

Banners Of The Names Of GodThe worship on the night by Phil Plotnek and his team was superb.   People clapped and danced as they worshipped the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Continuous shouts of joy and applause resounded as people celebrated the night in one accord.  All stood in awe as 24 members from the Catch The Fire Team walked in procession carrying banners declaring the different names of God to stand facing the crowd, then placing them strategically around the auditorium.

Judy McComb from Christians For Israel (who is a well known Christian singer from NSW) ministered in song as a free-will offering was collected to enable a donation to JNF to help facilitate their work. Maddalena Bickerton (from Catch The Fire) along with other dancers ministered in Jewish dance, bringing response from many whose hearts were warmed, some even shedding tears of gratitude.

The Crowd Sits In ExpectationPastor Lance Bergman from Tasmania did an excellent recap of the history of Israel and Pastor Lawrence Hirsh from Celebrate Messiah read meaningful scriptures.

One highlight of the night was when Marliese Whal ( from CTFM) who originated from Germany,  asked the Jewish people present for forgiveness on behalf of her people, referring to what took place under Hitler and the Nazis so affecting the Jewish community. Marliese openly wept as she spoke from her heart, and others in the crowd joined with her. This forgiveness offering was very graciously accepted by the Jewish leaders who were present.  Following this Pastor Danny Nalliah (representing all Christians) asked the Jewish community for forgiveness for the lack of concern demonstrated by Christians during the Holocaust and now. 

Crowd CelebratesThere was also considerable prayer for Israel with Pat Ramsey from Shalom Israel, and Jill Curry from Jewish Prayer Focus, reinforcing that nations will come around Israel, with love and support. Rev. Fraser Harding from Prayer For Israel closed in prayer.

We thank the many Christian and Messianic organizations working on behalf of the Jewish people, for their valued support and assistance in organizing this significant night of history in the making. We could not have achieved this night without you.

The night ended with fellowship and refreshments following the formalities.

Pastor Danny stated, ‘I can only thank God with all my heart for what He did, helping us to show our sincere love to the Jewish people. I give all glory to God.’

We will have a DVD available of the night with all its highlights & wonderful celebration. If you would like purchase copies, please contact the CTFM office on (03) 9794 8211 to place your orders.

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  1. 1 Jim

    It was a wonderful night full of happy faces, great anticipation, activity, joyful sounds of agreement, and sounds of heaven come down! What a privilege to be in attendance for such an historic ocassion! What marvellous worship and dancing… a truimphant night all round!
    Well done Pastor Danny and the Catch The Fire Team

  2. 2 Philip

    Prosperity and a great healing anointing is coming to CTFM. – Philip

  3. 3 Chris

    To all the Team at Catch the Fire Ministries, Shalom.

    Just a note to tell you how appreciated & very special the Israel 60th Anniversary celebrations were. I was deeply moved by everything that took place from the songs, dance, video footage, banners, prayers & speakers that participated.

    The love, unity, joy & beautiful presence of the LORD truly brought tears to my eyes.

    I sat behind three of the dignitaries of the Israeli Jewish community and there was no doubt in my mind that what they witnessed last night was well beyond even their expectations.

    I believe all the hard work, dedication & prayer you placed into the night has produced fruit that will last for eternity.

    God bless you all abundantly, Chris

  4. 4 Estelle

    It sounds wonderful! I was choking back tears as I read this report.

    Blessings, Estelle

  5. 5 Lance

    Thankyou Dianne for all you did towards this event. It was one of the highlights of my Christian walk.

    I will definitely be ordering a DVD. bless you and Shalom, Lance

  6. 6 Gayle

    Hi Dianne,

    I just read the report – great job. I knew I would be sad that I was not able to attend – and I am. It sounds wonderful!!!

    Well done – for all your hard work at making it happen & well done on writing the report. With love, Gayle

  7. 7 Kay

    Dear Family and Friends in Christ,
    How wonderful that celebration must have been to be present and seeing God’s hands moving so wonderously between Israel and the Gentile people. Blessings, Kay

  8. 8 Norris

    Dianne,thank god for Catch the fire and and all of you people at the helm ! wish i could have been there! Norris

  9. 9 Johann

    Hi everyone, reading your e-mail I can actually feel the awesomeness in my spirit of the wonderful time you had. Its amazing what God is busy doing all over the world, there is restoration taking place like never before, even people who were as hard as nails and resisted the move of The Holy Spirit in there lives are turning around and are seeking to find that which only a meaningful relationship with God can give. Isn’t it amazing, we sang the song “ all over the world the Spirit is moving “ for years but it is definitely happening now.! We are surely living in very exiting times right now, every day is just another exiting looking forward to what God is going to do next experience, and every experience is just more exiting than the one before.

    I would surely like to get one of your DVD;s on this and if you can let me have your details to deposit the monies into your bank so you can forward me one I would appreciate it tremendously.

    Love in Christ, Johann

  10. 10 Dorothy

    Thank you for sending this report. This was clearly a wonderful and very important celebration. I love our Jewish Roots and support Celebrate
    Messiah and would love to have been at this event. I so admire Pastor Danny for his very public and relevant witness for Christ in our
    a sister in Christ in Moss Vale NSW, DOROTHY

  11. 11 Victor

    May the Almighty G-d continue to give strength to your members for your much-needed work.
    Your members are among the rightous not just among Gentiles but among all peoples – Jews and Gentiles.


  12. 12 Audrey & Maurice

    Dear Dianne, Thanks so much for sending that report. We rejoice to hear that the Lord blessed the celebration so much and would have loved to have been there. My Wife Audrey is a Messianic Jew and we have a ministry called “Teshuwah (Victory) Ministries”. We minister in churches here in Tasmania on the deeper life and also do marriage seminars. At the moment we are
    heavily involved as Elders in the Lighthouse here in Hobart being responsible for pastoral care of some 20 people and responsible for all Counselling. PTL we are 76 and 77 and believe the Lord would have us “Occupy until He comes”. Wishing you and the work of Catch the Fire every blessing. (Pastors) Audrey & Maurice

  13. 13 Leonid

    “Shalom” Association was founded in 1980 by Russian Speaking Jews from the Former Soviet Union. Our associated organisations are: Veterans of WW2, Former inmates from Nazi Camps, Discussian Club and others. Our members were at your 60th Anniversary Celebration of Israel. They told me – it was fantastic!
    I think it will be very interesting to show the Video of this event at our regular meetings.Therefore we ask you to send a copy of this Video to our organization, which has around 1000 members.

    Leonid, member of “Shalom” Committee

  14. 14 Laima

    I am from a Lithuanian migrant family who came to Australia after the war. After my mother passed away recently we found we have Jewish roots. It was miraculous and obviously at Gods timing. My sister was born on the 13th of may 1948. Although we were raised as Christians we have always deeply loved and prayed for Israel.

    At the celebration I could not stop my tears. God is moving by His spirit to accomplish His purpose. He has reminded us we are blood relatives. Joined by His Blood.

  15. 15 Maddalena

    Website comment from Maddalena Bickerton, leader of the Dance team on the night

    “Regarding the Dance presentation many were delighted with the choreography…
    A specific comment received on the night following the dance, “May the Lord too, rejoice that His Chosen people are being provoked to jealousy. Shalom be upon you.”
    Friends from Israel attending the evening, made these comments, “It was so beautiful and they felt so comfortable with the dancing and rejoicing.” The young man that held the Israeli flag said, “It was a privilege and honour that he had asked him to represent the Nation of Israel.”
    Another lady hugged me and said the Lord’s anointing was upon me, and to keep dancing and worshipping the Lord. I was also thanked much on the night. All glory goes to our God!”

  16. 16 Dina

    I’d like to thank all the team people for making possible the Anniversary of The State of Israel celebration.A big thank you to the dancers, the lady that made the banners, the musicians, the people that put the chairs together, the people at the door. You are all the unsung heroes of the night, and the credit goes to you!! for me personally, after supporting Israel for 15 years, it made me very happy to see christians uniting (well over due) with our older brothers for this celebration.

    Once again, THANK YOU!


  17. 17 Steven

    Shalom Pastor Danny,

    I just wanted to say what a privilege it was for me to be at the Yom Ha’azmaut “Standing with Israel” function the other week. As a member of the Jewish community it was heart-warming to hear so many words of support, blessings and prayers towards Israel and the Jewish people.

    As a travel agent who specialises in group tours, especially Jewish and Christian groups, I feel honoured to have been able to work with groups such as Celebrate Messiah, Jewish Prayer Focus Group, Christian Friends for Israel and the like.
    I was wondering whether, after the wonderful attendance and positive energy towards Israel, you’d be interested in leading a Catch the Fire tour to Israel. I’d be keen to work with you to put an itinerary together and assist you in all aspects of such a tour. Let me know if you have ever considered something like this….

    It was nice to get the brief opportunity to meet you and shake your hand on the night when Lawrence Hirsch introduced us. I hope we are able to keep in contact and work together in the foreseeable future.

    In the meantime, a hearty congratulations to you and your team for a fantastic night.

    Thanks and regards, Steven

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