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By Dr. John M. Lindner

25000 people attend an Easter Service in NepalKATHMANDU, NEPAL - Some 25,000 native Christians and onlookers attended an unprecedented Easter Rally in Nepal, the world’s only Hindu kingdom, BosNewsLife established Wednesday, April 2.

The gathering, held in the capital Kathmandu last week, was arranged by local churches to promote Christianity in this Himalayan nation, where minority Christians have long been oppressed, organizers said. 

People were seen holding banners heralding “the resurrection of Jesus Christ” during the down town celebration, which also included singing and dancing. Two key pastors  preached during the gathering.

The rally apparently aroused the curiosity of local Communist Party leaders, who asked to meet with the Christian leaders. “It is the right time to interact with different political groups, because constituent assembly elections are near,” said one of the Christian leaders. Their names were withheld amid concerns they could become targets of anti-Christian activity.


Churches described the event as “historic” and a result of previous mission work: Nepal, one of the world’s few nations that never came under foreign rule, has long been called “the only Hindu kingdom.”

A pro-democracy movement in the 1990s brought violent repression by King Birendra’s government, leaving an estimated 50 protestors dead in front of the royal palace, but the events later forced the monarch to lift a ban on political parties.

Now a constitutional monarchy, instability has remained. A Maoist insurgency held the nation in hostage from 1996 to 2006, leaving more than 12,000 people dead, according to estimates.

Amid the turmoil, churches in Nepal have grown exponentially with Christians in Nepal swelling to over 700,000, despite a lack of education, scarcity of roads, and limited means of communication, according to missionaries.


While most of Nepal’s nearly 29 million people are Hindus, Christianity has been spreading, especially since the early 1950s, when records show ethnic Nepalis and other missionaries from India began to preach the Gospel in Nepal.

In addittion, a group of mostly Western missionaries formed the United Mission to Nepal (UMN) in 1954, focusing on medical and educational work. UMN missionaries signed a required agreement with the king not to proselytize.  However some ethnic Nepali remained independent, including the late missionary Prem Pradhan, who reportedly said: “Christ died for me openly before all; how can I proclaim Him privately?”

He received a six-year prison term for baptizing nine believers in 1960, but was released under amnesty rules on the king’s birthday, after serving four-and-a-half years in prison.

Despite hardship, Prem Pradhan established a missionary school in Kathmandu with support from US-based Christian Aid Mission (CAM). However in 1972 royal troops closed the school, killing one teacher, CAM said. He was reportedly sentenced to 20,000 days (53 years) imprisonment, but was eventually freed after paying a ransom of one rupee per day ($2,000), raised by CAM.

While in jail, at least a dozen political prisoners became Christians, and after their release helped spreading Christianity and to establish churches, BosNewsLife learned. Another missionary, a former Hindu priest, began circulating a Bible correspondence course in the 1980s that locals say has been subscribed to by more than 390,000 Nepalis.


William Carey’s Serampore Mission group prepared the way for these evangelization activities,  when it translated the Bible into Nepali in 1821, records show.

Among other early missionaries were:

–Sadhu Sundar Singh, who trekked through Nepal on several trips to preach in the early 1900s.

–Scottish missionary William MacFarlane’s Eastern Himalayan Mission, focusing on education and evangelism since the late 19th century, as did the Australian Nepalese Mission, founded in Melbourne in 1911.

Ganga Prasad Pradhan, born into a wealthy family in Kathmandu in 1851 became the first ordained Nepali pastor and a translator of the Bible into Nepali. In 1914, he was reportedly expelled by then King Rana who allegedly said, “There is no room for Christians in Nepal.”

Some 40 years later, his grandson, Rajendra Rongong, was among the first group of Darjeeling Nepali Christians to return to Kathmandu, where last week’s massive Easter Rally was held.

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  1. 1 Pastor- Isu Jung Karki

    The artical I have printed out and will put in the Christian Fedaration meeting and will discuss……

  2. 2 A.S. Mathew

    What a joy to see 25000 believers marching through the streets of Kathmandu
    to proclaim to the whole nation that “Jesus is risen”. If Jesus is not risen,
    we are praching a dead religion, but praise God, our God is risen and living
    today. It is amazing see, how the seeds of the gospel will spread like an
    inferno. I pray that within the next 10 years, more than half of the people
    of Nepal will be professing Christians, and Nepal will feel the impact of
    Christian influence in every sector of the society. There is nothing impossible
    for our GREAT GOD.

  3. 3 indo

    i am supporting all kind of Christian mission in Nepal.

  4. 4 indo

    because of false practice of religion in nepal, still the situation is not good at all so i am suppoting the great Christian mission in nepal and i will work in nepal to serve God. i read the artical, thanks.

  5. 5 Indian

    It is very happy to hear that the fire of good news, love and passon of jesus christ caught in nepal. May god give his big hand to the people who work for the needy people in nepal.

  6. 6 Rosemary


  7. 7 Maria

    My hearth goes with Nepal people. May God be glorified in this country. I have a lot of text books to send them. Please contact me. I will continue pray for all Nepal children to be free in Jesus name.

  8. 8 Ambar

    Really, The God Holy Spirit is working in Nepal. I believe it, he will bless,and return to the way of eternal life for all the nation in Nepal by name of Jesus…..Every thing is possible with lord christ Jesus…..Amen!!

  9. 9 Suren

    After i red this artical, I am seeing, believers are growing inside Nepal not only in quantity but also in quality in faith of our lord jesus christ. He’s risen ! everybody must admit this truth.

  10. 10 kpduwadi

    It is interesting and amazing.

  11. 11 caleb

    Thank you maria
    I wannt to know what kind of text book with you. If you send me I can translate to send nepal
    brother caleb

  12. 12 Dhan Tamang

    Thank you for mentioning brother prem pradhan’s name in this article.
    Many don’t know this person………
    Many ingnore this person’s contirbution….
    Many criticise his works …..
    But he was a man of God, who suffered the severest hardships for the sake Christ’s Gospel in all the Nepali Christian leaders till this day the 8th August 2009.

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