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Dear Family and Friends in Christ,
Yes, it is ANZAC day, once again when we salute our war heroes for the sacrifices they made in protecting our nation.  Very often we forget things quite quickly as we live in this fast moving, ever changing time-frame of 2008. But I am sure, if you think back, you will recall that last year as we were approaching ANZAC day, many regions in  our Nation were facing a major crisis with severe drought, with bush fires burning and threatening in many places. In Victoria, some country towns, such as King Lake and Halls Gap (and other locations) were almost consumed by fire and the residences were asked to leave their homes on ANZAC day 2007.
Anzac Day Prayer MeetingOne week prior to the last ANZAC day, the then Prime Minister John Howard, called on the people of Australia to pray for rain.  The Lord spoke to me clearly, “The King has called the Nation to pray – will my Prophets respond.” Yes, we did, and immediately. On ANZAC day 2007, some 300 people gathered in Fitzroy Gardens (despite the 40 degree heat) to cry to the Lord and repent for the sin in our Nation.  Simultaneously, many others did the same across the country.
It was very well known and extremely obvious at this point that there had been no rain for months. But God answered the prayers prayed and everyone was amazed! While we were praying in the park the weather suddenly changed and it started raining in many different parts of Australia. This resulted in a majority of the fires being extinguished or brought under control quickly.
That night on most TV news channels the name of the Lord was exalted,  as the TV news reported our prayer meeting with captions such as, ‘God answers prayer / Heavens Open etc’. They went on to further state that, ‘The much needed rain has finally arrived!’  and the next day many news papers reported the same. What a mighty God we serve!
 600 People Gathered To Pray At Parliament (National Prayer Call)
In fact I remember the Age News Paper reporter challenging me at the prayer meeting, “How long would it take to rain? Are you sure it will rain?” I responded, “If we are not sure, we will not pray – it will rain within 72 hours.” The reporter had a bit of a giggle. But all glory must go to the Lord, it started raining that same night, and the Age news paper carried a fantastic article the day following ANZAC day, giving glory to God.  I was so thrilled to see residences in Halls Gap and King Lake on TV news being told that the threat had passed and that they can stay in their abodes, as the unexpected rain had released the danger of the fires. I personally interviewed a few residences on the telephone who told me, “On ANZAC day our bags were packed and we were ordered to leave by the Police, but then suddenly everything changed and it started raining, and we were told we could stay.”
 National Prayer Call In Canberra
As you would know this rain continued for a few weeks, but then ceased. At this point we felt strongly that we had to thank God for the rain He gave us, but also on behalf of our Nation, to further repent and pray. Following this, in August 2007, I met with the then Prime Minister John Howard, who gladly embraced the thought of Christians coming together to pray for rain. This resulted in us securing the Parliamentary Great Hall in Canberra on 22nd October, when some 700 saints gathered to reach out to heaven in thanksgiving, worship, repentance and prayer.
This prayer too was answered instantly with much rain starting to fall that afternoon, which has literally continued to date. Farming communities which were facing a major crisis begin to rejoice, which was shown on news. We Thank God with all our hearts for His faithfulness!!
I personally, for the first time in a decade (10 years), did not have to water my lawn at all during the whole period of summer, just finished… and there is still more rain falling across this Great Southern Land of the Holy Spirit.
 Unity in the body with a true spirit of humbleness and repentance will continually move the heart of God.  Let us thank God, this ANZAC day; we do not have this problem. (2 Chron 7:14)
Your Brother In Christ,
Pastor Danny Nalliah

12 Responses to “Saluting The ANZACS And Thanking God For Rain”

  1. 1 Geoff in Adelaide

    I am pleased to read your telling of God’s provision- I am greatly encouraged.
    Here in Adelaide things have actually got worse and I am seeking the Lord as to what is causing this drought to continue – we see rain all around South Australia except for a banana shape of dryness and extreme heat here in South Aussie.
    There is significance in the rain not coming and the Lord has shown me one issue that needed to be dealt with however there obviously is more to be enquired about.
    Thanks for your life of encouragement to us. May God abundantly provide for you. Love Geoff.

  2. 2 Jeni

    Please don’t forget that forty percent of NSW.( I don’t know about other states situations) is still in severe drought. Where we live we haven’t had rain for ages and we had joint prayer meetings too. You may not have to water your lawn but we have to water constantly just to keep things alive. Praise the Lord for the blessings that some have had but think about others who are still suffering.Remember, it rains on the just and the unjust.

  3. 3 Donna

    Dear Everyone

    Remember I asked, If you could pray for my Brother inlaw who wanted 4″ of rain in The Fitzgerald, Raventhorpe, Jerrmungup districts. Between Albany and Esperance. Well he has got 2” and his dams are 1/2 full, I said he will get the rest in a while. I am praying for everyone out there to get saved as well.

    Thank God, and thanks for praying.

    God Bless Donna

  4. 4 Pauline

    Thank you Danny for your prayers as my partner and myself have been accepted in our application for a house a week and a half before our lease is over. Praise to God for he is faithful and a loving provider.

    Thank you Danny and the team in the catch the fire ministries for your prayers that God answered.

    Kindest regards, Pauline

  5. 5 Ps Ian

    Dear Pastor Danny and team,

    Our church here in Canberra held an “If My People” meeting in July 05 to pray/repent for rain in the nation. Lots of prophecies about what we were doing wrong came out at this. Very similar to the National Solemn Assembly, only smaller and less powerful.

    I wrote next morning (after our ’05 meeting) that I sensed that a fire had been lit, and that many more meetings like this will follow.

    Nearly 3 years down the track, and I feel this even stronger. Every time I go to a meeting where the Church is getting together to pray for the Nation, I sense that the Lord’s heart is in this in a special way. I believe He wants us to not only develop a good deep and strong culture of prayer in our personal lives, but to bind together the split-apart branches of His Church.

    God bless you in your good work Pastor Danny

    Ps Ian

  6. 6 Andrew

    Although the suburb where you live in Melbourne has seen God’s favor in the form of rain, there are still many places who have had none.
    Bendigo is one of them.
    It is so dry in Bendigo, and people are continuing buying in water to put in their tanks etc.

    My family and i moved up here to the Gold Coast last year, and the the land up here is always so green and lush. It seems to always rain up here and is mostly sunny, but our family and friends in Bendigo are still doing it tuff.

    We have noticed how Bendigo seems to be the “central hubb” of satanic influence in Victoria.
    The church of Scientology wants to set up their headquarters there, the Bendigo Hospital now has an abortion clinic, the Chinese association have a very influential role in the city (and with their dragons), The Buddhist Monks have one of the largest “Stupors” (temple), and many other “occultic” organizations.
    We have also learnt this year that the land that the Bendigo Town Hall is built on, now belongs to the aboriginal community and the council now has to rent (or lease) the land from them.

    When you and your team gather together, please pray for a breakthrough in the supernatural realm in Bendigo.
    Thank you,


  7. 7 Colin

    Hi Danny,

    When a call goes out to pray whether it be by the Prime Minister or the body of Christ, if a person calls Christ Lord how can they possibly not pray. I always want to stand with you. See you next Friday.

    All my love in Christ, Colin

  8. 8 Irwin

    Hi Danny,

    Whilst we have had a fair bit of rain since that time, the drought hasn’t really broken in many places. Here around Canberra it is quite dry. I totally agree that there should be much thanksgiving, but I there is still needed a “Push” against Heaven that we need more rain, as well that as a Nation we are getting worse morally in a lot of areas still.

    I strongly believe we need another (and maybe subsequently more?) National call to prayer. The day of national thanksgiving is a good step in the right direction. What do you think?


  9. 9 Elijah

    Amen Pastor Danny,

    I am truly moved and blessed, having read what you wrote about last year’s ANZAC day experiences in Australia. This is the great South Land, the land of the Holy Spirit and God’s favor is upon this Land.

    To God be all the glory and honour for everything he has blessed us with now and forever.

    God’s blessings in Abundance, Elijah

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  11. 11 Maurice

    Dear Danny, Thanks for that reminder of what God did in answer to your prayers. PTL He is still a prayer answering God. The age of miracles is not past. There is nothing too hard for Him. We all need to have expectant hearts believing that He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or think. God bless you in all your ministry for Him. Maurice

  12. 12 Sharon

    I have kept is as “Proof” that God answers prayers and that the media gave glory to God last year.

    I remember praying for the Canberra event and the farmers and in Wollongong it began to rain as well on that day. It is a sign of spiritual blessing when God provides rain for the land.

    Keep looking up.

    YIC, Sharon

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