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By Dan Wooding, ASSIST Ministries     Wed. March 12th, 2008, 

Nick VijucicSOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (ANS) — When I first met Australian Nick Vujicic, I couldn’t believe that he could smile so much, having faced such incredible setbacks in his life.
You see, Nick, who is originally from Melbourne, Australia, was born without arms or legs, yet he is a living witness to the power of Christ in his life.

Now based in Southern California, Nick agreed to tell me his story.  “There was no medical reason why this happened,” he began. “I was born in a Christian home and now I’m twenty-five years old and I travel around the world and share with people how God has not forgotten them in their pain, but he has purposes in their circumstance and that His grace is sufficient and that He’s going give them strength to get through whatever He’s has brought them to.

“I started my ministry – Life Without Limbs — when I was nineteen years old and I felt the Lord leading me to live out here in the United States and basically I go around to a lot of churches to do city wide outreaches and share with people how there are times in their life where they may not understand and you don’t see God in their life but I tell them despite that, that He is faithful.”

I asked Nick if he ever got angry with God for his disability.

“I definitely was angry with God when I was eight years old and I didn’t really want anything to do with God,” he said. “I felt like He owed me an explanation of why He did this to me. Between the ages of eight and twelve I really didn’t see much hope to my life and over the journey of my childhood, I was often thinking of how to commit suicide.

“But at the age of fifteen, I read in John chapter nine, where a man was
born blind. Jesus was asked why this man was born blind and He said it was done so that the ‘works of God may be revealed through him’ and, as I read this, a wave of faith and peace came over me. I realized that no one knew why that man was born blind and no one knew why I was born this way, but Jesus did and Jesus does know why He did this to me – so that the ‘works of God maybe revealed…’

“Now I just share what it says in Jeremiah, chapter twenty-nine, verse eleven, that He has a hope, a plan and a future for all our lives He’s with us all the way.”

I then asked Nick what he would like to say to people with a disability.The Always Smiling Nick Vijucic

“I believe we all have disabilities, whether it’s a physical disability or fear or guilt,” he said. “Fear or guilt will hold you back more than the loss of arms and legs. I would like to say to everybody out there that you should just know that God loves you. I don’t know your pain and God is the only one that can tell you the two things that your soul longs to hear: number one that you are loved and number two, everything’s going to be ok.”

Then Nick revealed that he is now spending much of his efforts in reaching out the Muslim nations of the world.

“The Lord has used my life without arms and legs to go into Muslim nations such as Indonesia and speak the Gospel there and see many come to the Lord,” he said. “Around the world many Muslim nations are inviting me and governments are inviting me to go there to talk. This year we’re doing nineteen countries including Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda, to spread the Gospel.”

27 Responses to “Life Without Limbs – Australian Nick Vujicic”

  1. 1 anoke

    is nick married? if yes when did he get married?

  2. 2 Hawkin

    hi nick bro.
    Am very happy to hear your testimony, praise be to god.
    why don`t you come to chennai(india) to preach gospel and your testimony…
    we(chennai) people are much eager to see you(r) testimony.
    god bless you….ever

  3. 3 karen

    hi there nick, when i saw you with no limbs you boosted me more than you could ever realize, i was born with a tremor in both hands and one leg, noone knew why i was born that way, only that it maybe due to a traumatic birth.
    when i was a teenager i developed the tremor more in the leg and at one point wished my leg would just drop off so i didn’t have to put up with the tremor there. I could cope with it in my hands but a leg as well.
    I grew up in a catholic family dad wasn’t though but he helped me write with my better right hand, my left hand was not so good and i never used it much until technology came in my adult years.
    I too asked god why did you give me this tremor and why am i alone with it, and i contemplated suicide when i was 17 but mum had no decent pills in the bathroom cabinet. i don’t like blood so i gave up on the idea, but i still struggled and couldn’t pass my favourite subject at school accounting. the 3 hour exam was to fast for my slow writing.
    I do have one good right leg though and the rest of my body is shakey free, so i thanked god for that.
    i found the odd jobs at 18 and at aged 24 a wonderful man walked into my life who didn’t care that i was shakey and we married the following year and have now been married 17yrs and god has taken care of me because my dream if i couldn’t be an accountant was to grow kiwifruit, and that is what we have been doing for 16yrs we have two children and they don’t have a tremor, which i found out can be passed on.
    I was diagnosed 3yrs ago with dystonia and essential tremor and to me god answered my prayer of what is it i have, it took alot of years but it happened.
    you inspire me because of your life without limbs and you came on telly in my living room when i was doubting myself .
    I am a very positive person and get out there and enjoy tennis and bush walking, not a good swimmer but i can swim.
    I lead guiding, so i can talk to kids but i never talked about my disorder when i was young because we thought that was best, not to focus on it, but it is a part of me and this is what god gave me to be strong and still live a great life, i don’t know how to tell kids that without sounding corney. you have a great way of talking.
    I can’t stand in front of alot of people because i get very shakey just thinking about it.
    keep up your great work you are so amazing.
    karen beaver(nz)
    p.s i hope you get time to read this

  4. 4 g.sagaya

    just few months before i aware about you through my only i read your sharing such a wonderful healing to you “PRAISE THE LORD” pray for INDIA this is my kind obligation

  5. 5 Angela

    Thank you so much for your testimony, God bless you muchly

    Ange Seiuli
    New Zealand

  6. 6 Leena

    Dear Brother Nick,

    Praise God for all that He is doing in your life. You are a great inspiration to go on in life no what our circumstances are. God bless you……

  7. 7 doreen

    I am touched by by faith brother Nick. My husband recently graduated as a pastor, sometime next year we are planning to open a church, I will love to have you at our opening. You are a blessing to the world who do not know and come to know Jesus, our Savior.
    God bless you. With love of Christ, doreen

  8. 8 Ngenzi

    Dear Nick ,

    Wonderful is God!! wonderful you’re bfr thy hand for he created you like that for his mighty Glory and believe so indeed.

    As a vessel can’t ask the person who mended it why I’m i like this neither shall we ask God why! We each of us unique to each other
    but in his image, understanding that is an amaizing impact to my relationship with the holy God.

    Courage , you’re living for the mighty Glory of God , you a special one before him. You testimony is salvation witness to many of
    which is the major purpose of your life.

    Every Body was created the way he or she is unique for a special purpose. P’se do not wish to be like so and so.

    Blessed you’re and be blessed more for God have an owesome plan upon you.

    Ngenzi Jf
    ( 25008506852)
    from Rwanda-East Africa.

  9. 9 THIERRY G

    Dear nick!
    Praised be the lord!!I’ve had your existance from a freind,i don’t know how much your testimony have been helpful to him but is has been of great impact in my life.You said that you asked once to GOD that why you were born so and you thought even putting an end to your life.As you come to read later from the holy bible that every man is create to show the greatness of GOD.Brother your life and testimony will help many people from the 4 corners of the world to know despite their that God has loved all humany being and he has never made any difference from color,physical appearence,etc…
    You are the living model of faith and trust in God.

  10. 10 Ningzi

    Hi Nick, nice to “meet” you.
    We played your DVD at our church.( We are Tokyo Chinese Christian Church.)
    We are deeply moved by your testimony and feel so shame that we are somehow disablities in our spirits.

    In Tokyo, many people killed themselves because of great stress,
    we feel powerless to stop it.
    There is only 1% Christian in Japan,
    If you can also come to Tokyo…
    I’d really like to have a hug with you.
    Eager to see that moment come!

  11. 11 Be Blessed

    I will not praise the lord for not creating me like Nick; rather I will praise him for creating like Nick and give strength to handle it! Nick U are a wonderful creature of God! Be Blessed!!

  12. 12 Piglet = )

    Hey Nick

    U r my rolemodel. God has worked through ur life indescribably. Isnt He awesome? I spent my 13th b-day at an orphanage. U should have seen their abused yet precious faces, the gratitude, the stillness, our unchanging God. I see why u smile so much! Life’s not so cool right now, but i’ll hold tight 2 JC and the message He shines thru u. God Bless.

  13. 13 Joyce K

    We heard you speak this weekend at CCV in Arizona. You presented and awesome message. Thank you for coming and bringing your message to us. My granddaughter and I were touched…and inspired by your story. We will continue to share your story with others…you bring hope to everyone. Joyce

  14. 14 stephanie

    Hello nick,
    I am extremely happy with everything you have accomplished for the ministry of Jesus Christ.
    I must tell you that, your testimony, changed my life. The way I think is completely different, especially when it comes to difficult
    Circumstances in life in which we feel God has forgotten about us. I have more faith in my Lord because I have a wonderful, powerful
    God that has promised to never leave our side.

    I remember on one of your DVD’s, you mention we should be secure christians, not only safe christians.
    I realized I was a safe christian doing just enough. I immediately asked God for forgiveness and asked
    For wisdom and faith. I have started to talk to my friends and co-workers about my wonderful, giving, forgiving, Jesus Christ, and
    How Jesus can make a huge difference in their life if only they gave him a chance.

    Thank You for your inspiration and your might. God Bless you and your family!
    Your organization will be in my prayers!

    Stephanie (from San Diego, CA)

  15. 15 Maricor g. Militar

    Bro Nick,

    As i am watching you in TBN, i am amazed of the things God has done in your life….the power which he puts upon you and the life you live with our Lord has gave us big impact and inspiration.

    God Bless you

    Sis. maricor

  16. 16 Tammi Jay

    Hey Nick,

    I first knew of you and your mission a couple of week ends ago at CCV. You totally blew me away and my life has definently been affected in such a positive way. I admire your message of hope and perserverance and peace in your walk with Jesus. I feel that you are showing us, by your wonderful example how fulfilling the journey should be….I thank God that you are out there on a daily basis, sharing the love that God has for each and everyone of us. I am praying for you and your team to reach as many people as possible.

  17. 17 Sumati Nathan

    Nick you are indeed a role model for whom life has not been so beautiful. You infact have shown the world that you dont need a powerful personality to inspire someone.
    I thank Jesus to help me know you and fill my life with a purpose to win souls for His Kingdom!Glory be to His Mighty name and Nick you indeed are my Rockstar!

  18. 18 Ifeoma Egwuatu

    thank God for you, i love your faith in christ and i encourage you to contiune
    sometimes we feel that God is asleep but like youn said all things work together for our good. there sometimes i felt that it was all over with my life but God gave me a reason to live for him.
    i pray that God will upheld us all in this last days.Amen
    thanks Ifeoma
    from Nigeria

  19. 19 Eunice Wong

    hi, Nick

    i knew u from my friend’s facebook uploaded video which was a encouragement song. my first idea when i saw you is “im wondering whether are you really exits in world? are you really born to be so or cause of accident? is the story character – you, is a true story or just like a bed-time story??? that’s too much questions pop up in my head. i try to search your name from internet and i found some introduction, videos and story about you, you really do inspired me lots. im touched by your strengtheners and braveness. although im not a christian, but i still can feel the strong believe in religions that exits in you.
    Nick, you are indeed a role model for whom life has not been so beautiful. You in fact have shown the world that you don’t need a powerful personality to inspire someone. if there’s the chance, hope you won’t be mind for me to use your story as an inspiration for the children, let them know that they should appreciate what they already have and not always blaming for what they didn’t have!
    thank you for willing to share us your story your life, it’s really meaningful for us. wish u all the best and i’ ll praying for you and family.

    Eunice Wong

  20. 20 Ralin

    hi Nick

    You are lucky because you had come to term with your problem that i cant .its really bothering me that why i should born with such a problem.i have been living with jesus for 6 years but i still suffer.i wondering why he doesnt heal me .i feel he is leaving me such a pain when he could at least decrease my pain by providing money.i love jesus because he is so kind to me that he forgave me my sin but i cant understand are a happy man because you have hope and faith.i wish i were as strong as you.God bless you

  21. 21 geni

    oh hi nick,
    To actually see where God has taken you just amazes me.
    I’am a student and your experience has inspired me a lot.
    And the biggest thing that I am praying for in my life is to be able to futher my studies in health and disability studies..
    I know that i have a great God and he is real….
    all I’ve gotta do is patiently wait.May God continue to use Your ministry to inspire others!
    Wish u all God’s blessings!

  22. 22 Marcelle

    Dear Brother Nick,

    Praise God for you.You are such an inspiration to the world.Its amazing to see your faith is soo deep in Christ.I really like what you said.We are all disabled in some way or the other.We look at you & feel sad.But there a millions out there trapped with Fear and so many emotions,they are not able to get out of.

    You have made an attempt & trusted God with your life.Today God uses you to let His glory shine before men.Hallelujiah!!!!!!
    Thats the spirit bro,just keep ROCKING for JESUS…

  23. 23 Rita

    I saw your story and it brought me to tears. I have recently been given some not so good news and I began to get depressed, but after reading your story I realized, “That All things do work together for good to them who love God and are called according to His purpose. Thank you for sharing your heart with me.

  24. 24 judy

    Peace be with You Nick,
    You are God’s Heart with a FACE…..Jesus has left his hands and feet on the cross and is moving around in YOU…..Thanks be to our Heavenly Father


    HE IS A LIVING SACRIFICE. A PERFECT SPIRIT IN AN IMPERFECT BODY. ‘Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.’Matthew26:41 ‘ And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transform…ed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.Rom.12:1,2. This man has amazing WILL survive like a soldier without weapons. He has taken this zeal to a higher realm: WHERE ALL THINGS BECOME POSSIBLE! He eats, walks, swim, phone, do household chores without hands and limbs. HE IS A LIVING SACRIFICE. I KNOW FOR SURE THAT ALMIGHTY HAND OF ALMIGHTY GOD IS WITH HIM. NO MAN CAN DO IMPOSSIBLE THINGS EXCEPT IT BE GIVEN FROM ABOVE.James 1:17. I pray by the mercy of God that this young man BE A TRUE LIVING SACRIFICE BY GIVING HIS LIFE TOTALLY TO JESUS CHRIST. GOD HAS A PURPOSE FOR HIS LIFE NOT IN FLESH BUT IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH. ‘But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are: That no flesh should glory in his presence.
    But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption: That, according as it is written, He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.’1Corinth.1:27-31

  26. 26 Shonna

    Hi Nick,

    Love your story Please don’t take this the wrong way But!

    Just maybe there is a reason! You see the last time
    Our Lord sent someone exactly like you!…………….. we didn’t listen and nailed him to a cross!

    This time the Lord is a step ahead!


  27. 27 kanthi

    Hi nick
    I am very happy to talk to u like this.i am a student .i am very inspiring to watch ur video.i really like what u said.Nick you are indeed a role model for whom life has not been so beautiful.

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