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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear Friends and Family in Christ,

1) Following is an interesting article that recently appeared in the Australian newspaper stating that the Christian vote was the primary factor in the Rudd Labor Party’s rise to power in the recent election:

‘Why Labor Won the Federal Election On a Swing and a Prayer’ Christopher Pearson – March 8th, 2008 The Australian

JOHN Black is a former Labor senator from Queensland. These days he leads a demographic research and marketing group called Australian Development Strategies.

Across the political class he’s regarded as one of the most astute observers of electoral politics and his analyses of federal elections are awaited with keen interest by the secretariats of the main parties.

He’s just produced his profile of the 2007 Australian Election. The most surprising of his findings is that the religious affiliation of swinging voters played a more decisive role in determining the outcome than any other single factor. This cannot conceivably have been true in any other federal election since the Menzies era and the heyday of the Democratic Labor Party in campaigns fought over state aid to church schools and communist infiltration of the trade union movement and the ALP. Plainly commentators who’ve blithely assumed that religion is an increasing irrelevance in Australian politics will have to think again.

Black says: “The strongest correlate of the swing to Kevin Rudd’s new Labor Party was Pentecostal churchgoers, alongside Baptists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Lutherans, Salvos, Seventh-Day Adventists and the Uniting Church.

Click the link to read the article from The Australian newpaper,25197,23336628-7583,00.html

2) Following is a excellent analysis on the above article by Harvey Brice from New South Wales who is a Christian standing for the truth of the Word of God!

This article from the Australian highlights the very interesting fact that the Christian vote, in particular the Pentecostal and Uniting churches, played a decisive determining role in the outcome of the Federal election.

The Christian votes were significant among those swinging vote areas that turned to Labor. The implication of this is that the Word given by Pastor Danny about the election is validated: for it was not the lefty university students who swung the vote to Labor, nor was it the factory workers worried about work choices, nor the “Warm Earthers” wanting to see Kyoto signed.

It was, rather, the Christian church that swung the vote.

As a Pentecostal friend of mine said the other day, many Christians he knows voted Labor because of the Coalition’s work choices. That means they chose work choices as a more important issue that abortion, Homosexual marriage, religious vilification laws, and such things.

We deserve the government we get. That is for sure.

I thank God for Kevin Rudd, for he would seem to be the proverbial finger in the dyke that stops the whole ocean from sweeping in and consuming the land. [cf. The fairy story from Holland.]

But there is a limit to what he can do in a party in which the majority would seem averse to anything Christian. And even though he is indeed a Christian, for which we must praise God, many of his policies are, in my humble opinion, based on popular but false scientific myths of our times.

We, the church, knew what we were doing in this election. But let no one lie to themselves and falsely say that the church was “united in prayer” before this Federal election. It was utterly disunited in this election which may yet prove to have been the most crucial in Australia’s history.

Some say Pastor Danny overstepped the mark in letting the arena of politics become an area in which specific prayer, specific words, specific advice, specific warnings, could be made.

However I think to the contrary, many Christians overstepped the mark when they let their party-political pride stand higher than the justice and righteousness of God for the nation.

People are entitled to their opinions. I also respect those who may have superior knowledge about politics and who may have special reasons for how they decided to vote.. I have some such friends.

However, there is a certain line we as Christians must cross when it comes to certain moral issues, and sadly it has been the slackening and libertine parts of the body of Christ that have dropped the ball in this case.

I don’t claim to be an expert. But the words of warning concerning the last election came from many corners, from many proven godly Christians who are at the heart of politics and who have stood faithfully for Australia’s Christian nationhood and for religious freedom for Christianity in this land.

We even had a pentecostal preacher, Pastor Danny, give a stern and solemn word. Now who was that addressed to: Catholics? The Baptists? The Lutherans? I’m sure all were welcome to it, but by and large this word was for the Pentecostals, for that is where the word needed to be heeded!

And the Pentecostals for the most part understood the conditionality that was incorporated into this word. Others may not have quite so understood it. Regrettably, some have been devastated. I hope God gives them clarity. But for the Pentecostals, I think those who rejected this word knew what they were doing and why, but I believe they were wrong reasons.

It was just wrong of people to despise the courageous step of these humble men like Pastor Danny and others in sticking their necks out to speak on what is necessary for our nation.

And wrong of people to choose those pseudo-moral issues of economics and “science fictional” ecology as having precedence over the abominable and anti-Christian things that hung in the balance in this election.

5 Responses to “‘Why Labor Won the Federal Election On a Swing And A Prayer’”

  1. 1 Lorne

    I think the classic signs of disunity were there when John Howard and Kevin Rudd spoke at Hillsong before the election, and the outcome (given by the media) was about 50/50, or slightly in favor of Kevin Rudd. It is a shame on a large portion of the ‘pentecostal’ church that people cannot see beyond what their natural senses are telling them.

    It also seems that many have been blinded by economics and this ‘save the planet’ doctrine, the latter that has been promoted as a ‘moral obligation’ – where those who oppose or question it appear to be the ‘immoral ones’.

    I look forward to the time when the people of God “…do not judge after the seeing of their eyes, neither reprove after the hearing of their ears: But with righteousness and judgement shall they judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth:…”(Is 11:3b,4a)

    bless you in your work,

  2. 2 Lin

    I am personally very angry that so many “Christians” were duped into voting for Labor and Rudd. Rudd is not a Christian – when publicly asked if he believed Jesus was the Son of God, he said “well everyone knows I go to church….” WRONG ANSWER. Believing Jesus is the Son of God doesn’t make one a Christian but no true Christian can believe otherwise. Rudd courted the Christian vote because he knew it was pivotal to his election success and so many fell for it and for the lies of the Labor media machine. I fear they will have blood on their hands – Christians are supposed to be discerning in all things even voting. How can any Christian vote for a party with fiercely anti-Christian policies just because their leader pretends to be a Christian? Rudd is going to be up on corruption charges ( from his QLD public service days) very soon – all kept quiet by the compliant media during the election – he will have to step down and the marxist socialist and anti-christian Julia Gillard will be PM. Will those same dupes thank God for Kevin Rudd then?


  3. 3 David

    Thank God One of you finally recognises Kevin Rudd as a good man. I, for one am excited about the Godly choices he appears to be making.
    It is possible that spiritually insiteful Christians can vote for the ALP in good Godly conscience, I think I’m one of them. It’s possible that I, and the others who voted similarly are wrong, but I suspect that it is equally possible that you in the Christian Right have got it wrong. I suppose time will tell.
    Where I really struggle is that you assume a monopoly on the truth and instruct others from that position, which most reasonable people would see as an abuse of your position. Again, I guess time will tell.
    I would strongly suggest that you try harder to work with the ALP rather than create the raw animosity and polarisation that appears to be the case so far. We, as Christians should be the ones to lead the way in these forms of finding a way together.

    You’re still in my prayers, God Bless, David

  4. 4 Stan

    I’ll definetly count it all joy as some of the more religious christians get off their blessed assurance and stand up for good old classic biblical values.
    I don’t agree with Kevin Rudd, but whatever the devil meant for evil God can turn to good provided we know who we are and the authority we carry especially when the church starts working together.
    I think it was Bob Jones who said if you get 37 people in a place and come against something, it’s going to be brought down (interview on
    I don’t know about that, but think of the possibilities of when the church arises in unity like the glorious bride it is and stands for ‘Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’.

    hah! stan-out

  5. 5 Donna

    Dear Danny and Everyone

    Why Labor Won the Federal Election.!!

    I feel in my heart most of Danny election comments were fine, A lot of my friends had discerned the same thing. Hang in there Danny G-d will vindicate you. Don’t listen to them(negative)comments just listen to G-d.(I know you Know this)

    Australians need discernment whats really going on.

    G-d Bless Donna

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