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Pride March Photo: Vicki Jones

 Dear Friends and Family in Christ,

The following is an email from Salt Shakers with attachments of some very shocking articles regarding the Rudd Government’s unrighteous support of the ‘Homosexual Pride March’ in Melbourne and ‘Sexual Diversity’.

As Bible-believing God-fearing Christians, what do you think our Almighty Father, the Righteous Judge of Heaven and Earth, is thinking and feeling as our federal government endorses gross public sin and wickedness?

Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?Equal Families Photo: Vicki Jones

Following is an excerpt from the attached article, ‘Rudd declares his support for Pride March’:  As part of the post-march celebrations, the new member for Albert Park, Martin Foley, passed on a message of support from Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who said his government would “continue to march towards tolerance, respect and diversity”. 

“It was fabulous what Kevin Rudd said.” said Mr Hayhoe, “It was the first time that a Prime Minister openly supported us. We certainly never received vocal and open support from a Prime Minister in the six years I have been on the board. It is most pleasing that he recognizes how diverse this community is.”

“If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn away from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)
1. Mr Rudd ‘endorses’ homosexual ‘Pride March’ and ‘sexual diversity’ 

2. Salt Shakers were not there, but we made the homosexual paper anyway

3. 1,000 Homosexuals encouraged by the Victorian Government to “come out and enjoy Melbourne”! 

1. Mr Rudd ‘endorses’ homosexual ‘Pride March’ and ‘sexual diversity’,21985,23154334-2862,00.html

“Martin Foley, the new member for Albert Park, relayed an important message from Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who said his government would “continue to march towards tolerance, respect and diversity”.
The attached article from the homosexual press actually says “Pride March gets PM’s blessing” – See attached At
Write to Mr Rudd and tell him you do not want Australia’s Prime Minister endorsing homosexuality – go to

Salt Shakers comment – At least the Herald Sun is learning to count – “…thousands of Melburnians celebrated…”
This is much better than the 35,000 and 50,000 stated in two homosexual newspapers. See other attached documents.

2. Salt Shakers were not there, but we made the homosexual press anyway
See attached – because somebody has to tell the truth!!

3. 1,000 Homosexuals encouraged by the Victorian Government to “come out and enjoy Melbourne”!
COST to YOU – around $30,000!! See attached government media release.
Public partners included: Melbourne, Stonnington, Yarra, and Port Melbourne City Counsels, Victoria Police and Vic Tourism 

Endorse WHAT? Enjoy WHAT? You may well ask.
What do many homosexuals usually do when they ‘enjoy’ themselves? What are they proud of?
One simply has to look at the homosexual newspapers – you will see the large numbers of ‘sex on premises’ adverts. Ask yourself why they give out free condoms at homosexual dance parties.
Ask yourself why the same homosexual newspapers are running graphic adverts warning about HIV/AIDS and other STD’s – Adverts that state “Last night WE both [had sex] with what’s-his-name”!!!
Now you have the answer!!!

Yet, under the pretext of an event called the ‘Out Games’, which is a mini version of the Sydney homosexual ‘Gay (sad) Games’ of 2002, that was somewhat of a financial disaster, the Victorian government is encouraging deviant, promiscuous sexual behaviour in our town/State.
Why ‘deviant’? – because homosexual sex is unnatural – against nature.
Why ‘promiscuous? Because that is what happens at dance parties and homosexual night clubs – multiple partners engaging in indiscriminate sex -which is why they give out condoms.
Why should we be concerned? For many reasons, but not the least that they come to Melbourne at a time when there is growing concern about a virulent, drug-resistant, and potentially deadly strain of Staph infection predominantly afflicting homosexual communities around the world.
Add to this the increased rates of Syphilis, gonorrhoea and HIV/AIDS already in Australia – mainly amongst the homosexual community.
We have a right to be concerned. We should be discouraging this dangerous behaviour, not encouraging it

We do not want our PM, our Governments, our Police or our City Councils supporting and promoting homosexuality.
Mr Brumby: Email:
Victoria Police: – Mark your email ‘attention Christine Nixon, Chief Commissioner
If you live in one of the above City Council areas contact your council and Mayor.
Melbourne City Council web comment:
(If the links do not work copy and paste it into your web browser or email)

Peter P Stokes
Co Founder & Executive Officer
Salt Shakers Inc
Ph: 03 9800 2855

8 Responses to “Rudd supports homosexual ‘pride’ – 1,000 Homosexuals encouraged to “come out and enjoy Melbourne””

  1. 1 Pastor Frank

    Dear friends,

    Thanks for the information. We as Christians will only take authority in the name of Jesus and bind all these evil forces which are now coming to the fore even as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Pastor Frank

  2. 2 Robyn

    Dear Jason

    Unfortunately this does not surprise me. Julia is only acting in the way she understands. Sadly all that has happened with this Government to date is not a surprise. Prayer does change outcomes. As for me and my household we will serve the Lord and I will continue to pray. Call forth the things that are not as if they were according to His Purpose. Thank you so much for your updates. This is my work email so I don’t usually respond. I am so grateful that I do not stand alone with my thoughts and understanding. Only Divine Wisdom will change this Nation.

    In the end I forgot to send this until now when I received the latest email concerning gay pride. My heart cries but I know God knows all our hearts and the reason why. I will again continue to pray and believe that He is the God of the Impossible and more importantly the Divine Physician. Is anything too hard for the Lord. No Nothing.

    God Bless


  3. 3 Kenneth

    Greetings, I did warn you before Federal Elections that Mr Rudd was not a real , True Christian. He has no Testimony of Yeshua being his LORD & Saviour. He has no witness of Yahweh, NO witness of HIS written WORD. Here in QLD, ALP is set to force Sodium Fluoride into our drinking water instead of Calcium Fluoride which is more expensive but is not poison like SF is. So ALP is behaving like a dictatorship since Rudd came to power. So Christian church is in Apostasy as Laodician church of End times. Pastors are not preaching our LORDs Teachings so HE will spue them out of HIS mouth. So Nature is groaning in deep travail waiting for our LORD to come for HIS Ecclesia.

  4. 4 Ewan

    Indeed Jason & Danny,

    K Rudd is simply behaving in the way those of us who campaigned against Labor knew he would. Tis no surprise and probably his statements will even be welcomed by the liberals in the church who helped to make him PM.

    Regards, Ewan.

  5. 5 Trevor

    Why dont we give him sexual diversity and simply champion the cause
    of celibacy. Asexuality is a recognised form of sexual expression and
    overt sexual expression as promoted in schools and media is an affront

    to them. Dont you think its time Christians got off their butts and
    put these people on notice that THEIR behaviour is also an affront to
    a silent group of people who are belittled collectively by both
    homsexuals and heterosexuals? Its rather sad because most children
    are naturally celibate. The behaviour of the homosexual AND the
    heterosexual lobbly including their most vociferous champions feminazi
    school teachers, toward this silent and vulnerable group is at best
    deficient and at worst criminal. The tacit acceptance of the status
    quo by Christian lobby groups is a disgrace to the name of our master,

    The drought has broken but it will return. God WILL withdraw his
    blessing from this land totally if His people don’t stop making excuses
    for deficient leadership in ALL Australian society INCLUDING the church.
    It isn’t hard
    DON’T call right wrong and wrong right !
    Plead the legal case of the widow and fatherless boy,
    The just live by faith NOT by rolling balls for other people to fire.

    The Counselor spoke to me once saying ” Who are the oldest married
    couple in the universe? ” I said ” You know” HE said “Mercy and
    Justice. Only the Father knows where one ends and the other begins. ”
    This word was confirmed as true from a story I heard about a youth
    caught in the act of sexual abuse. The boy who caught him beat him to a
    pulp and threw him in a sewer. HE took the abused child and washed in in
    the ocean saying you are clean now. That man has suffered no ill effects
    from his ordeal as a child. The victim was David Crabtree’s brother.

    Thus any “call arms” that lacks mercy and forethought is purely
    wickedness. Homosexuals have sealed their own fate by their own
    liberation manifesto. *All that is required is for Mr Rudd to live up to
    his word in a way that protects ALL forms of sexual diversity especially
    celibate children. GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF THE REST!

    *In the Service of Christ

  6. 6 Christine

    Dear Brother in Christ

    This is all very obnoxious. I think the Lord is asking us to look at the whole issue that exists in the society at the moment. I don’t think He wants us to target any particular person – I don’t think Jesus ever did it. I believe the Lord has given us the government we deserve so that all obnoxious things just stick up right on our faces for us to get convicted so that His servants also change from lukewarm servents to fired up servants of Christ. That is the need of the hour -we need to pepper our ministry with Lord’s agape love..

    There is no doubt that the society we live in has become worse than Sodom and Gomorrah – only Christians don’t want to do much with it and want to live as pharisees – we are better than thou mentality – and not deal with the situations that cry out to be rectified. There is also much apathy among the average Christian who works in various trades and businesses. We see the non christians taking the upperhand in decision making in most cases.

    I pray that one day the walls of the church would burst open to let in the world. That’s what Jesus would want us to do.

    Thanks for the e-mail. We just have to keep praying for our nation to become a Bible believing and Jesus praying nation.

    In Our Lord


  7. 7 Scott

    Recieved your email thankyou. My question to the government is “so when do we get to celebrate a day for those who are heterosexual?” Is the government willing to invest $30,000 into a program to reduce the high divorce rate, which is costing millions in court costs, social security benifits and not to forget the emotional well being of the family?


  8. 8 AJ

    Why write him off? None of us should criticize him for his beliefs. ‘…Not a true Christian…’ We can all be pulled apart in this same way, we all need to constantly work at bettering ourselves – but that is where the focus should be – not on criticizing others… He still has to ‘run’ a country full of diverse people from different backgrounds and perspectives. We can’t expect everyone to find Christ in the same way and the same time-frame that we did. Even when we have found Him that does not make us exempt from moments where we falter. We each have a unique plan…

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