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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Dear Friends and Family in Christ, We received this email from Bill Muehlenberg of CultureWatch regarding the chaplaincy program in schools across Australia for your prayerful concern! Where is this all going to end?Dear friends, (Start of Bill’s email)

Some of us warned that a Labor government would make many changes which would impact on the Christian faith. Consider one such recent change. Under the former Howard government, schools were given funding to have religious chaplains, to help bring some spiritual dimension to the life of the students. New Education Minister Julia Gillard wants to change all that, and allow secular counselors. She wants the scheme to be secular in nature:,21985,23047448-662,00.html

This change was not announced during the election campaign. You can share your concerns to her by this address:

The secularists have not wrecked divine things; but the secularists have wrecked secular things, if that is any comfort to them. The Titans did not scale heaven; but they laid waste the world. G.K. Chesterton (end of Bill’s email)

15 Responses to “Government to Enforce Secularism – ‘Oh LORD, what have we done?’”

  1. 1 Peter

    Identifying the devils footprints in the Government is a very effective prayer tool and very important. But there must be made a distinction between devils and men. Praying for God’s hand to produce peace in the the land so that we can grow in holiness in peace is a command in scripture. Making accusations is very different. Ever heard of “love the man but hate the sin”? The Government is not a ministry tool. It never has been and it never will. Human bodies possessed by the Holy Spirit are ministry tools. We serve the Kingdom of God whose king is the Lord Jesus Christ. And whose citizens are His Body: all those who are in the Spirit. Thus it is a Heavenly Kingdom invading Earth at all levels, in all places, in all people who are in Christ. The early church did not need a government that supported their rules and traditions and the wisdom of heaven, they expanded rapidly because of the stoning of Stephen and the subsequent persecution that spread them everywhere. If a man sins, don’t you first rebuke them privately, and then if they won’t listen, then you get two or three witnesses to come with you and talk together and only then if they still don’t listen, publicly rebuke them in the gathering of the church and then if they will not listen then treat them as if they are unsaved and are thus objects of God’s love that He longs to save, heal, deliver, bless, protect, teach and lead into everlasting life. And this only applies to people who are in the church. Everyone else is already in the unsaved category that God longs to show His love to. Are those who are in the Spirit in the morning also always in the Spirit in the afternoon? Perhaps if they are not then they are in the Flesh and are thus sinning and a tool of Satan. Thus on Thursday in the Flesh and Saturday in the Spirit, would you vote such an unreliable man into Parliament House? And if you yourself be like this can you ever denounce another just like you who God has CHOSEN to allow to be voted into such a place?

    Thank you for warning us of the Governments plans that do not agree with scriptural teaching. Please continue to bring early news of all these things.

    yours sincerely


  2. 2 Alexandra

    Thanks for the info. Just thought I would forward the letter I wrote to Julia Gillard in response.
    Bessing from Sandy

    To Julia Gillard,
    I was very concerned to hear that you are going to secularise the chaplaincy program that has been started in our schools and has been very well received and is in much demand.
    I think the chaplaincy system is working very well and should not be changed for a many reasons. I have copied and article below as some hard evidence for the continued support of traditional Christian influence to be maintained in our schools.
    Secular counselling is everywhere and is already easily available. Why not keep the people in there that actually have some answers for our kids,


    As part of her Ph.D. studies at the University of Queensland’s School of Population Health, agnostic Rosemary Aird conducted a survey of the effects of spiritual thoughts and behaviours of over 3,000 21 year-olds looking at two different belief systems: belief in God as associated with traditional religions vs. new spiritualism with no recognition of God.

    Aird discovered that the newer non-traditional beliefs were linked to higher rates of “anxiety, depression, disturbed and suspicious ways of thinking and anti-social behaviour.”

    Why? Aird says: “Traditional religion tends to promote the idea of social responsibility and thinking of others’ interests, whereas the New Age movement pushes the idea that we can transform the world by changing ourselves. The downside is that people are very much on their own and not part of a community, which may lead to a kind of isolation.”

    Aird found that individualism was the common thread in the shift away from traditional religious thoughts to non-religious spirituality and that popular culture “has fed the trend toward non-traditional beliefs with the popularization of spirituality.”

    “People who are into the New Age spirituality tend to shop around and will often borrow from all sorts of old beliefs, like Wicca, witchcraft or Native American religions,” said Aird. “It’s a whole mish-mash and changes all the time, where they’ll do something for a while before doing something else. If there’s no sense of any kind of tradition, it means you’re kind of cast adrift and there’s no fundamental basic thing to hang on to.”
    Source: World Net Daily

  3. 3 STEVE

    As a labor voter I have just written to Julia Gillard.

    I told her my powerful personal story as a teacher in many soulless state schools, and of how I once had to turn to a chaplain when I had a serious marital problem that I never would have been able to take to a counsellor. I told her chaplains are the missing link in state schools – the missing link to something lost.


  4. 4 Christine

    Dear Jason

    Thanks for your e-mail. I am going to write to Julia Gillard straight away because thanks to secular ideas and a general stupidity devoid of any understanding of biblical teachings on raising children, our state system is in a mess. Teachers don’t have any self esteem -more so teachers from the Indian community. Migrant teachers specially from Africa and India have no respect and acceptance among their colleagues and are hardly given any freedom to excercise authority in the classroom.

    My teaching career has come to a nought thanks to secondary education. Not only that, I have ended with slurs hurled at me by Year 10 students that I have some weird sexual problems. Which has caused me to have absolutely no confidence in my teaching ability while I am in Australia. This country has killed me I tell you in every way. Add to it the flavor that I have got from the very church where I got water baptised. I think we need to kick our own shins and bite the dust and wear sack cloth for all the wrongs that we have done to one another to start off with.

    I basically take authority in the name of Jesus Christ and rebuke the entire secular education system. Let us not worry as our Lamb can also be a Lion and His time is coming and Satan is on its last leg. Do keep me in your prayers because I have started a kind of silent but peaceful rebellion against them. If you are interested to know more I am happy to meet with you so you can pray for me and with me. Secondary school systems are hell and there is practically no discipline nor any desire for studies.

    Even some of the Chaplains we had in the state schools were totally ineffective due to prevalent legalism in the school and they practically did nothing there. I hope one day I finish my work from India and work as a School Chaplain in a State System. Unless we turn to God this country has no hope – with it would go hope of many other nations to rise above darkness including India.

    I am blessed to have gone through some training on Christian curriculum in Sydney and praying that the Lord will equip me to go to India very soon.Please keep me in your prayers in this area of need for extension of His Kingdom.

    In Our Mighty Lord

  5. 5 Warren

    Dear Catch the Fire,

    I am greatly concerned that your ministry has assumed that God has joined the Liberal party. God almightly is above these human divisions.

    I struggle to discern your accusations from the media statement in your attached link.

    I would think it best that Christian schools fund their own Chaplains independent of government support, otherwise you set a precedent for government to fund schools of others Gods???? ie Islam or Buddist etc? What do you think?

    There is a separation of church and state in our nation, is this a good thing? I ask this question so that you might consider the consequences of being in a different position ie. of being under the yoke of Rome or Medina?

    Importantly, will you respond? Or is this just a monologue of communication not a true dialogue for CTF.

    I ask humbly for an intelligent response.


  6. 6 Trevor

    Hi Jason

    Secularism presents the best chance in centuries to evangelize. What we can do is attack some of the concerns we have which can be justified in a secular world. IF Ms Gilliard doesn’t play ball then the right wing Christians such as yourself have cause to complain. If we attack sex education and the lack of recognition for celibacy as a legitimate form of sexual expression we WILL have performed a legitimate service for ALL

    Australian children irrespective of their origin or religious affiliation, Remember the experience of Lord Ramsey. He became a Christian because of

    the inherent truth in the scriptures. The stance of Ms Gilliard gives us

    a unique opportunity to demonstrate the truth of the scriptures. I hope the next communication we have outlines a campaign such as I have outlined. It would be terrible if the behavior of my brother Christians continued to be such a trial.


  7. 7 David

    You actively try to make the Church and Christianity an enemy of the Labour Party (many of whom seek genuinely to do what’s right), and then you act indignant when they do not support our Christian agendas?!? It is you who started this.
    It is my opinion that this campaign has had very little to do with God and the truth and a great deal to do with personal political agendas. You’re integrity appears to be seriously lacking.

    God Bless…… and get a clue,


  8. 8 Victor

    I used to enjoy getting your emails etc however I will be unsubscribing due to the constant condemnation of those who voted against the Howard government. Since when did God give you the right to tell me who to vote for. No I’m not like other people I actually did prayer and research and was very open to the idea of voting for Howard right up until I walked into the polling booth.

    Just after the election the email that came through was what I would consider condemning. Now we have another saying “we warned you” . I have no idea who your God is but My God is well able to change governments and you cannot convince me that “things” wouldn’t have happened under the Howard government that you wouldn’t have been happy with….

    I’m very sorry it has come to this but you might want to think about how you word your future emails.


  9. 9 Kenneth

    Dear Jason, What else did you expect when so called Christians in ALP, people in churches voted for Abortion on demand by voting ALP in state & federal elections. People get governments they deserve, So our LORD will give Laodician church what they deserve. Kenneth

  10. 10 Anita

    It is imperative that we have Chaplains in schools to provide ongoing education in Christianity – the only one True God – Creator of the World. No other book denotes a Creator, neither do any books or religions refer to a Resurrected Christ but the Bible. This book is widely circulated and widely read and does not teach evil but love. As a Christian I am alarmed of what is actually going on! I thought that Australia WAS a Christian country – I have no qualms of any other books or religion but don’t hold back Christianity.

    You take God away from our Schools and Country and you are heading for disaster.


    Give the best you can and
    it may never be enough;
    Give your best anyway

  11. 11 Peter

    HI Jason,

    Yes this is a very worrying sign as to the potential anti-Christian nature of the new Labor government- especially with Julia Gillard as deputy PM and education minister. I had letters published in my local paper immediately and an article was done on this story but the major dailies wouldn’t run with my letter. Some past Labor administrations such as the Whitlam government (1972-75) were markedly anti-Christian in character,



  12. 12 Chris

    Dear Jason,

    Thanks for letting us know about this, below is my imediate email to Julia Gillard.

    To the Honourable Julia Gillard. MP,

    Please receive my express concern in your plans to “expand” the chaplaincy program at the end if its current contract. The program is over subscribed by schools proving it’s success and need amongst both state and private schools. This move to undermine the attainability of spiritual input into our children will greatly weaken the moral and ethical basis upon which this country is formed.

    This nation has its foundations and therefore the strength of it’s future in the Judeo Christian faith. In fact it is those very voters that have elected Kevin Rudd and will certainly not do so again should these kinds of measures be introduced.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this correspondence, I shall be advising my church congregation on your plans and I look forward to advising them of your re-consideration favouring “religious” chaplaincy.


    Rev. Chris

  13. 13 Ian

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am sorry to hear your Christain faith is impacted by the Rudd government. Strangely I still have my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His Kindom of which I am a resident.

    We travel a slippery road whenever we draw on the financial resoures of the secular community. I trust we are never held to account for Government moneys used to fund our Christain schools or welfare activities. We are a servant to whoever employs or pays us, “he who pays the piper calls the tune”.

    Until recently I was part (secretary) of a ministers committee supporting district school chaplaincy and I express my frustration at the churches and their leadership who found it so difficult to rise to support chaplains. There seem so many demands on Christain resources and so little faith in the one who said he would supply all our needs. Thankfully the Government did step in, it has given the Church time to reassess its resoures and hopely to focus on the One who has cattle on 1000 hills.

    Is your god so small you can’t trust him in this country? (lower case chosen deliberately).

    Blessings to all
    In the name of the One true God

    Ian (Pastor)

  14. 14 Pablo

    Hi all.

    Yes, this may set a dangerous precedent, but hey, I believe the church will only reach its prime under persecution. In a Prophetic sense, we are moving in the right direction :) , i.e. the direction the Bible says the world will follow.

    On another note but very much in relation to the above; maybe the only way to knock the stuffing out of the extremely infectious disease in our churches that is “prosperity doctrine”, “seeker friendly doctrine” etc etc, is for the church to fall out of the mainstream and experience the hardship the Word says true believers will suffer. This will certainly separate the goats from the sheep. Consider the following- 2 Timothy 3:12 “Yea, and ALL that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.”

    The key word here is ALL, i.e. ALL those who live Godly lives will be persecuted. Therefore, in the Church’s current state of comfort under the security blanket of mainstream culture, it is impossible for it to please God. Dare I say, if one does not experience persecution as a believer, one has to ask him or herself whether he/she is walking the narrow path. If you are too comfortable, chances are you are walking with the devil.

    Sorry guys, but welcome to a fallen world.

    Let us all learn in faith to delight in the hardship inflicted by this world, for these are the birth-pains, and vengeance is the Lord’s.

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