By Jeremy Reynalds : Jan 24, 2008 : ASSIST News Service

“When Christians unite to pray things happen; continents are shaken, movements begin and history is made. I truly believe that this is Britain’s season for change.”

Global Prayer London(London, UK)—Churches from across London will converge on Westminster Chapel in central London this Friday, [at 7pm local time], to launch the Global Day of Prayer London 2008, and celebrate the completion of London’s prayer marathon.

According to a story on the Christian Today website, thousands of individuals from hundreds of churches representing Christianity across England’s capital city joined together in continuous prayer for London every minute of each day in 2007.

Christians from every denomination will attend the GDOP launch and celebration, [this Friday], which will kick off with mixed worship and united prayers seeking God’s favor for the United Kingdom, so that individuals, towns and cities are transformed.

Christian Today reported that the [actual] Global Day of Prayer for London [event] will be one of the largest gatherings of Christians in the capital this year, when it takes place at Millwall Stadium on May 11, 2008. As many as 30,000 people are expected to gather to pray for London, the UK and the world.

The massive prayer event will build on the success of the Global Day of Prayer London 2007 gathering in West Ham Stadium, which drew 20,000 Christians from around the world to pray on Pentecost Sunday, last year.

“The narrative of the church is the story of prayer,” Dr. Jonathan Oloyede, Assistant Pastor of Glory House church in London and one of the initiators behind the Global Day of Prayer London event, told Christian Today.

He said, “When Christians unite to pray things happen; continents are shaken, movements begin and history is made. I truly believe that this is Britain’s season for change.”

Oloyede added, “It is our hope that as hundreds of churches come together and thousands of Christians mobilized, we would catch a glimpse of God’s heart for reconciliation, spiritual renewal and community transformation.”

The initiative for the Global Day of Prayer [reportedly] originated in South Africa with Graham Power, and has drawn ever growing numbers around the world, with 200 million in 2007.

To find out more about the Global Day of Prayer London event in May, as well as this Friday’s launch event, go to

2 Responses to “Christians to Unite in Prayer for London”

  1. 1 Stephen

    Believing that Global Day of Prayer will be a focus for the churches in Sydney and around Australia in 2008 — for unity does not come without gatherings of prayer praying God’s way and Global Day of Prayer is praying for Holy Spirit to come in power Acts 1:7, 8 and not focus on other things — this yaer in a park in Silverwater people will join in the prayers with the nations of the world on Pentecost Sunday Mothers Day 11th May 2 30pm May the Holy Spirit come in power to australia so thta the Harvest of souls can be gathered in The kingdom of Come come on Earth. Praise be to God.

  2. 2 s.sukumar

    Dear in Christ, I greet you in the most highly exalted name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God has privileged me to send this e-mail for your kind co-operation for the extension of the kingdom of God. If God inspires you please have your involvement in the way God enables you and strengthens your hand. Years are passing very quickly. We know that our dear Lord’s coming is very imminent. We are seeing the signs of His advent. But still there is still a lot of Gospel work to do. A number of precious souls are perishing before our eyes with out knowing Jesus. Our ambition is to reach every nook and comer and promote the Gospel to every perishing soul. In this regard I request you to have your involvement in the way that our Lord inspires you and enables you. You know that India is a country of idolatry and superstitions. Indians worship more than 35 million gods and goddesses. Out of one billion Indians only 2.4% are Christians. There have been endeavors to root our Christianity from India. We sense that in the coming days the doors for Gospel work in India will be closed Christianity will not be allowed. Before that happens we wish to do as much Gospel work as we can and save as many perishing souls as we can. In this regard I request you very humbly to have your partnership in the Gospel work in India. If it is possible for you please visit India to share the Gospel with our people, community activities and encourage missionaries to visit India in teams to have a thunder bolt on the darkness of the enemy and lead many in the light of salvation. Your regular prayers are more important. Jesus said to Peter in John 21:15-17 “ Feed my Lambs”. We believe that it is the will of our Heavenly Father to feed His Lambs. The Organization deals with organizes, help the aged and the widows, health care etc., please encourage me with your kindest reply for which God will surely reward you. I await your kind reply prayerfully and hopefully. Thanking you, yours Brother in the wonderful love, Sukumar .S, INDIA.

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