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What great faith the Israelites must have had to begin their descent 11 miles down and then back up again to reach the other side of the Great Red Sea.  Can you imagine the feelings they must have had? God always takes care of us but is our faith as strong as theirs must have been?
Chariot Wheels found at the bottom of  the Red Sea — See pictures and the route




You will be surprised to see proof of  Pharaoh’s chariot and bones of horses and men found in the Red Sea . Evidence of the crossing of the Red Sea .. Pharaoh’s drowned army. 



Confirmation of the actual Exodus route has come from divers finding coral-encrusted bones and chariot remains in the Gulf of Aqaba . ONE of the most dramatic records of Divine intervention in history is the account of the Hebrews’ exodus from Egypt .
     The subsequent drowning of the entire Egyptian army in the Red Sea was not an insignificant event, and confirmation of this event is compelling evidence that the Biblical narrative is truly authentic. 
     Over the years, many divers have searched the Gulf of Suezin vain for artifacts to verify the Biblical account.  But carefully following the Biblical and historical records of the Exodus brings you to Nuweiba, a large beach in the Gulf of Aqaba , as Ron Wyatt discovered in 1978.
     Repeated dives in depths ranging from 60 to 200 feet deep (18m to 60m), over a stretch of almost 2.5 km, has shown that the chariot parts are scattered across the sea bed.  Artifacts found include wheels, chariot bodies, as well as human and horse bones.  Divers have located artifacts on the Saudi coastline opposite Nuweiba as well.
Since 1987, Ron Wyatt found three four-spoke gilded chariot wheels. Coral does not grow on gold, hence the shape has remained very distinct, although the wood inside the gold veneer has disintegrated making them too fragile to move.



The hope for future expeditions is to explore the deeper waters with remote cameras or mini-subs. (ABOVE GILDED CHARIOT WHEEL – Mute witness to the miracle of the crossing of the Red Sea by the Hebrews 3,500 years ago. Found with a metal detector.) Coral-encrusted chariot wheel, filmed off the Saudi coastline, matches the chariot wheels found in Tutankhamen’s tomb.



Mineralized bone, one of many found at the crossing site (above center). This one tested by the Department of Osteology at Stockholm University , was found to be a human femur, from the right leg of a 165-170cm tall man. It is essentially ‘fossilized’, i.e., replaced by minerals and coral, hence cannot be dated by radiocarbon methods, although this specimen was obviously from antiquity. Chariot wheel and axle covered with coral and up-ended.  (Exodus 14:25) ‘And took off their chariot wheels, that they drave them heavily…’ Solomon’s memorial pillars.
     When Ron Wyatt first visited Nuweiba in 1978, he found a Phoenician style column lying in the water.  Unfortunately the inscriptions had been eroded away, hence the column’s importance was not understood until 1984 when a second granite column was found on the Saudi coastline opposite –  identical to the first, except on this one the inscription was still intact!      In Phoenician letters (Archaic Hebrew), it contained the words: Mizraim (Egypt ); Solomon; Edom ; death; Pharaoh; Moses; and Yahweh, indicating that King Solomon had set up these columns as a memorial  to the miracle of the crossing of the sea.  Saudi Arabia does not admit tourists, and perhaps fearing unauthorized visitors, the Saudi authorities have since removed this column, and replaced it with a flag marker where it once stood ..  


How deep is the water? The Gulf of Aqaba is very deep, in places over a mile (1,600m) deep.  Even with the sea dried up, walking across would be difficult due to the steep grade down the sides. But there is one spot where if the water were removed, it would be an easy descent for people and animals.  This is the line between Nuweiba and the opposite shore in Saudi Arabia.



Depth-sounding expeditions have revealed a smooth, gentle slope descending from Nuweiba out into the Gulf.  This shows up almost like a pathway on depth-recording equipment, confirming it’s Biblical description, ‘…a way in the sea, and a path in the mighty waters.’ (Isaiah 43:16)
     The Bible writers frequently refer to the miracle of the Red Sea crossing, for it was an event which finds no equal in history.  The Hebrew prophets describe the sea at the crossing site as ‘…the waters of the great deep…the depths of the sea…’ (Isaiah 51:10)
     Knowing the exact spot to which the Bible writers were referring, what is the depth there?  The distance between Nuweiba and where artifacts have been found on Saudi coast is about 18km (11 miles).



Along this line, the deepest point is about 800m (2,600 feet).  No wonder that Inspired writers of the Bible described it as the mighty waters.  And no wonder that not a single Egyptian survived when the water collapsed in upon them.  (Above right NUWEIBA BEACH- the spot where the crossing began.)


  1. 1 charlie

    Praise God!!! Why isn’t more of us christians excited.

  2. 2 Greg

    This is awesome! Just another in a long list of physical proofs. Blessed be the name of The Lord!

  3. 3 Earlene from San Diego

    We, as Christians, are wondering why not a single TV station has reported this important, ancient discovery. The lame-stream media seems only to pick and choose the things they report and obviously dismisses anything and everything to do with spiritual or Biblical discoveries. What it all boils down to IS THAT THE BIBLICAL ACCOUNT OF PHARAOH’S ARMY DROWNING IN THE RED SEA WHILE PURSUING MOSES AND THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL IS T R U E!!!!!!!!!! I just sent the article to my local TV station and asked why this was not reported, asking what else has happened in our world which never made the press?

  4. 4 Travis

    Signs are starting to pop up from everywhere.I believe seals are about to be broken and ancient truths are about to be revieled. Exciting Times!

  5. 5 Charlene

    So excited to see this because now we can show physical evidence of scripture to those who think our faith is all imaginery.. Why can’t we publicize this more? Because things to oppose biblical truths are publicized alot more through media.

  6. 6 Austin

    its so amazing that god led the iserilites to the most elevated part in the water and why would you ever not believe gods word.

  7. 7 D.Campbell

    Blessed are they who having not seen believe.

  8. 8 Israel

    Wow so this was just a recent discovery? I believe that God is really working overtime to let himself be known in this faithless age. Something major is coming up. Praise God!

  9. 9 Ray

    This was on national news around 1984 when it was first discovered. Check out youtube for the video of the interview.

    Since then others have confirmed the fact. Search the net for them.

  10. 10 Jolela

    This should not surprise any one except those that do not believe in God! We that believe know that through God any thing is possable.God is Good ….All the time.

  11. 11 Noah

    Wow, God is amazing! He’s powerful too. That He would drown an Egyptian army and then leave proof! Noah 8 yrs. old

    God is good! He helped the Israelites get across. I want to go see the Red Sea. He loves us! JESUS! Samuel 5 yrs. old

  12. 12 Lindelani

    John 20:29 “blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed”

    Isn’t fascinating how we have grown to embrace the system of the world – evidence then believe! Brotheren, these signs are for they who do not believe, that they may see and believe. But for us, we ought to believe, with or without evidence. For the just shall live by faith and we live by faith not by sight. Beloved, let us hold on to unwavering faith in our LORD. It wont be long now, our salvation is at hand, and lo, if we abide by His Word, we are His disciples indeed.

    Hang in there, the LORD is with us, to the very end, He shall shame the wise!!!

  13. 13 peter

    Hi, not many people know about the finding of the true Mt sinai, and the chariot wheels that were found in the red sea, I would like to see these proofs that affirm the bible as the word of God, to be shown on worldwide television so that the world will know that there is a God in heaven who controls the events of this world, nothing happens unless he permits it.

  14. 14 Perla from the uk

    Hello i m glad to know all this ,God is capable of so much in all eterneties ,now and forever ,may he bless us ,Amen

  15. 15 Rhonda

    The wonderful Works of GOD! There is Truly a GOD and he is definitely ALIVE.

  16. 16 Patrick from Belgium

    A major film/documentary is to be shown soon, by Tim Mahoney :

    Maybe time for all people on this planet to start considering to celebrate the feasts of the Lord (see Lev 23)…
    Shalom and may Hashem bless the ones who do “Shema” ( Listen and repent)…

  17. 17 JOEL

    Gods’ grace is being manifested to day for men to come to acknowledge him. To our God be the Glory.

  18. 18 Marcus

    I believe in Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit. I am a saved Christian.

    There seems to be a question of how authentic, this discovery is. This discoverer also claimed to have found the site of the Crucifixion, the tablets containing the 10 Commandments, Noah’s Ark, graves of Noah, and wife, etc. However, like the chariot evidence, it cannot be produced for examination.

    I believe in the Exodus, out of faith. Do a search on Ron Wyatt, see what I mean? He is (Was, died in 1999) a strange guy, and I do not believe in his claims of discovery. He discovered WAY to much….. nobody has that kind of luck, which is not verifiable.

    Sorry, Bible-Yes, Mr. Wyatt- No.

  19. 19 Christine

    THIS IS AMAZING! Praise the Lord! I’m taking all these photo’s and sharing it with my church. I love this!

  20. 20 Nestor Merle

    This is proof enough that the Bible is the true words of Our GOD Almighty, therefore we must also consider the MODERN DAY NOAH’S ARK also written in the
    BIBLE. Time is very short for us we must all board the new ARK all the answers that will lead to the New Ark is in the Bible, read, search and “Board” for we only have “Ten Minutes” from December 26, 2004.

  21. 21 Collins

    This discovery is amazing, Praise YAHWEH, Hallelujah, ‘For our Lord God Almighty reigns’ Rev 19:6 Yes dear friends “In times past God did not look at what people did. They did not know any better then. But now he is calling all people to stop doing those things(Repent from sins). God has set a day(1000 years) when he will judge the whole world in the right way. He has chosen a man to do this. He has proved to all people who the man is. He has raised him from death. Acts 17:30-31. After this “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. No one will die. No one will ever cry or be sad for any reason. No one will ever have trouble. The old things are gone. The One who sat on the throne said, `Look, I make all things new.’ And he said, `Write this, because these words can be trusted. they are true.’ He said to me, `It is finished! I am the First and the Last! I am the Beginning and the End. I will give the river of water that gives life to those who are thirsty. It will cost no money. Revelations 21:4-6.

  22. 22 Monique

    It’s interesting that I should find this site. I am writing a story for Christian Perspectives–biblical objects describe scriptural events ( My story is told from the point of view of the Red Sea and how it experienced God’s power!

  23. 23 Christian

    How cool :)

  24. 24 Thomas(Christian)

    The Bible is actually Major Histories of those days the rulers and the high priest of Israel so others gave an account of these amazing things !! God be the glory
    Here is a red cow that the Jews are needing to build the third temple which means to me that Jesus Rapture is about to happen so here is the link for you peoples to check out:

    Illinois lottery pick 3 was 666 check out link below:

    with this said about the Anti Christ for one has to be in power which means The USA Presidency right plus The Anti-Christ has to play a major part into the peace processes with Israel and there enemies which are mostly Islamic cult which proves to me that President Obama is not Born here in the USA or why would he seal his birth certificate in the first place unless he was hiding something back LIES all LIES and the USA citizens fell for it all hook line and sinker !!! Link below

    Obama Grandmother said that Obama birth was not in USA but in Kenya and then she died after that statement so what do you think happen to her ? Link below

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