Please stay tuned to Vision Radio Network (United Christian Broadcasters), in your particular location across Australia, over this week for a very informative interview regarding the Election 2007 with Ps. Danny. May the Righteousness, Justice, Freedom and Truth of our LORD Jesus Christ be increasingly proclaimed across our nation of Australia and the nations of the world! See

updatgreen2.gifConfirming Wednesday Dec 05 as the broadcast date with Pastor Danny.time slot between  12mid-day EDST – 1PM.

We will air the interview in two parts (it was 16 minutes in Length).  A song by the National day of Prayer choir called ‘we pray’ will play between the two segments.

A song by Planet shakers ‘pray for Australia’ – will play at the conclusion of the second part.

4 Responses to “Vision Radio Network Interview re Election”

  1. 1 Mandy

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I wanted to email you to let you know that I believe the prophecy you spoke regarding the federal election this year was accurate and that the reason we have the new government we do is our own fault. I know God can and does use all circumstances we find ourselves in and nothing takes God by surprise. We do indeed now have the government we deserve, a phrase I used on the night of the election in my home.

    I wanted you to know that there is still a remnant of Christians in this country who adhere to sound doctrine, who love the Word of God that won’t compromise with the world and it’s ‘culture’. Perhaps the good that will come from this election is some persecution to drive the Christians to their knees in repentance, the church historically has always prospered under persecution, but flounders under prosperity, and right now the modern church in this country and most of the western world is gorging and choking itself on it’s so-called prosperity.

    The church of Laodicea comes to mind at this point.

    Anyway, my reason for emailing you is twofold, to tell you I support you and am thankful for your courage and tenacity for truth and righteousness…you’re not alone though you must have felt you were.

    Also, perhaps you could put a link to the Vision Radio Network on your site so that even those who are not in listening areas can listen online if they want to. and they can continue listening to find out the exact day your interview will be aired.

    Again, I thank you and want to encourage you in the Lord.

    Shalom Rav (Abundant Peace)

    Mandy ♪♫

  2. 2 Pastor Des

    Dear Pastor Danny


    You truly have been a Prophetic voice to the Australian Church. You have given Apostolic leadership when it counted. The real problem is that we as God’s people, the Church, have become so ‘politically correct’ and lukewarm that we care more about what the world thinks of us, than what God thinks of us. When we stand for the truth, accusations are aimed at us of being on the ‘Fundamentalist fringe’ and being behind the times — we tend to run and hide rather than face criticism. God truly did promise us better times ahead if we would take a stand for righteousness and “unite”. He can still do it, and will do it, but now it may be a lot harder for us all.

    When sin is culturally acceptable, the whole nation will be corrupted and suffer. When moral boundaries are crossed and accepted socially there are destructive consequences.

    The apostle Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 10:1 – 12 that the “stories” (recorded) in the Old Testament were written as warnings ‘for us’ so that we would learn from history!!

    But it doesn’t look like we are learning!

    We would rather remain in disunity — shooting at one another, than attack the sins of abortion, homosexuality and laws that restrict freedom of speech.

    Keep up the battle for righteousness, we stand right with you !!

    Pastor Des

  3. 3 Rod & Maureen

    Will you please pass on Maureen’s and my love and our continued support of him and that our thoughts and prayers are with Him and family.

    I thought that Danny may like to hear this. I spoke to Simon our pastor re what happened and his comment was that he admired Danny for his courage to stand up for what he believed.

    Would you pass on my thoughts that God sent Danny to Australia for the purpose of standing against the spread of Islam and that we need him now more than ever to lead this cause.

    Whether Danny missed what God was saying or not, it will take a lot of courage to continue the ministry, but now is not the time to quit. The fight must go on!

    Jason looking forward to seeing you and your family in March

    Love Rod and Maureen.

  4. 4 Sonia

    Dear Pastor Nalliah,

    We are sorry for the outcome of the elections but we dont have blood in our hands because we voted for John Howard. My precious son loved John Howard and he even received a letter from him. My son always wanted us to vote for him. He called the Labour Party a pack of rats. I dont know what it means.
    God Bless you all

    Sonia de Mel

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