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Dear Friends and Family in Christ,

Over the last week, a few people have contacted me with questions regarding the Australian Prayer Network’s comments released on the 30th November about the outcome of Federal Election 2007.

Some concerned Christians have also asked me whether Brian Pickering spoke with me before releasing his article through the Australian Prayer Network on the 30th November. The answer is ‘no’ and I choose not to comment any further. However, below is a email which was sent from another Christian Leader to Brian Pickering (and copied to me) at APN in response to their analysis of Federal Election 2007.

Pastor Danny Nalliah

“Dear Brian,
I agree with you that God was not taken by surprise by the outcome of the election & frankly, neither was I, although I was quite disappointed. There is no doubt that Australia will arrive at the place God has for her but, I believe that the choices we make do influence the quality of the road along the way.
Relative to prophetic declarations, the most prominent ministry (as far as I am aware) that was proclaiming the return of the Howard Government was very clear that it was conditional upon the church praying, uniting and acting together.  The outcome of the election is a far better indication of the condition of the church rather than the accuracy of the prophecy.
I totally agree with you that as we enter this new phase of Australia’s destiny, we must “hold firm to biblical truth on all issues” while  also “demonstrating the heart of God, His compassion, mercy and grace to a hurting and needy nation”. However, I cannot accept that a government has to sacrifice moral standards in order to show a tender heart to the disadvantaged. One can be grasped onto while still holding the other.
There is no doubt that people wanted change but I am afraid that many in the Body of Christ voted against AWAs and Work choices rather than against the recognition of homosexual relationships, abortion and anti-vilification laws. Somehow I think the 30 pieces of silver gained will lose their luster under the leadership of a Prime Minister who has openly declared that he will be lead by the advice of public servants rather than by God.
As far as your thoughts on change within the government being “mirrored” within the church, this indeed is a grave concern, but should also come as no surprise. Scripture is clear that “the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear”.   The fish & the loaves have always been more popular than the Flesh and the Blood and so it follows that the majority prefers not to hear of the fear of the Lord, holiness, righteousness, sin, & the judgment to come. Those who continue to preach that way may indeed go “Howard’s” way.
It is quite likely that the Christian voice will appear to lose ground for a season & if so may that be motivation for us to humble ourselves & seek the face of Almighty God for the sake of our nation.
May God bless Australia.
Yours sincerely,
Pastor Bob Cotton

5 Responses to “Responding to Australian Prayer Network’s Analysis of Federal Election 2007”

  1. 1 Ewan

    Hi Danny,

    Excellent comments by Pastor Bob Cotton. I say don’t be afraid to take on the false prophets/teachers in the church like Pickering.

    This was my initial reaction to the infamous APN newsletter:

    “As for Brian Pickering, as a psephologist he makes a good pastor. I totally disagree with almost everything he has to say. It reads as if he is putting the best spin on a bad outcome. Like many Christians he clearly does not understand the biblical role and function of civil government (i.e. to restrain evil and administer justice [in the interest of protecting life and property], not to operate and maintain a welfare state whilst encouraging a multitude of sinful behaviour). He has bought the lie of the Left that conservative policies are somehow lacking in “compassion, mercy and grace”. The “poor, the widows and the orphans” that he speaks about will be worse off under Labor’s socialistic regime. They always have been. Labor has such a liking for the poor they usually end up creating more of them.

    His craziest statement is this:

    The door has been opened to a new season of holiness…..

    I think the opposite is true.

    And what does this statement mean?

    For our part we must ensure we are…..holding firm to biblical truth on all issues but also demonstrating the heart of God, His compassion, mercy and grace to a hurting and needy nation.

    It reads as if he thinks these two concepts are mutually exclusive!

    In addition he also seems to be endorsing the seeker-sensitive perversion of the Gospel.

    I think the guy has lost the plot.”

    And here are some reactions from others:

    “…..this writing reveals some of the worst theology (concerning events in history) I have heard for some time. And Pickering has the gall to blame God! ..e.g…”The battle to hold the ground has been ended with one sweep of God’s hand.”

    With interpretations like this, it is no wonder Christians lose elections.”


    “Of course, the Germans voted in Hitler too, so would [Pickering] be praising this as God’s work [and] praising Hitler’s soft heart for the unemployed?”


    “This is Islamic fatalism: whatever happens is the will of Allah.”

    Regards, Ewan.

  2. 2 Greg

    Thanks Danny.I also found Brian’s comments strange & believe you’ve been wise in not commenting.

    I’m sending him Peter Stokes latest Salt Shakers asking him where APN stands with this.

    We Christians must stand united.

    God blessYou!

    In His amazing grace,


  3. 3 Phillip

    Danny I am with you, I believe with out a doubt that you are a Jeremiah in this nation.
    I have great concerns about the newly elected government and their policy’s. Unfortunately to add to the wound the newly appointed Liberal leader is backing a famous and influential Homosexual leader here in Tasmania and wishes to presser the government on equal rights nationally. I see the recent move from the Victorian government to be also a motivator. Australian denominations don’t realise the vast amount of amount of Christ believing people who don’t go to Church and are looking on shaking their heads looking for leadership and morel grounding, and are saying “I want to see Jesus, were is the authentic power and signs and wonders and heart of God of which the Church was founded on.” Most denominations today started as a result of a powerful move of God! But how could I give any credit to most Church leaders or denominations today when it was people freely following after Christ and his HOLY ANOINTED ministers because they see the Love and compassion of the loving God. Not a political dead institution of power abusive people.
    I’m sorry I bet there is people with good intention but like what good old Kenneth Copeland has to say about the state of the modern Church in his teaching Revelation of Redemption: “Just face it, most of the Churches these days are merely middle class social clubs. And they couldn’t help a needy person even if he’d walk in to one.” No I’m sorry the Church isn’t suppose to be weak, and Jesus did rebuke his disciples when they were scarred on the boat and Jesus rebuked them and said you of little Faith. We are people who are supposed to have authority over the elements. And I’m sorry I don’t consider Allen Davis to be a leader of the true Church of Christ but a leader of the AOG. He preached that we are to be weak and rarely see people healed and Jesus never rebuked his disciples when they couldn’t. No my Bible says that these signs shall follow those who believe. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE A PEOPLE OF POWER IF WE BELIEVE, WHAT ELLS ARE WE GOING TO DO WHEN THERE IS SO MUCH DEMONIC POWER AROUND WITH PEOPLE HAPPY TO USE IT. I’m not sitting around and wait until some dead Church leader releases me into ministry I will be like Paul and go with out consent and continue to see people in the streets of Hobart healed and have the Gospel communicated to there minds and probably never get promoted in a denomination in my life. ALL IN THE NAME OF JESUS!
    You know what I’m able to do, and it’s not my imagination that drives me!


  4. 4 Hammar family

    Dear Pastor Danny
    May God bless you abundantly and cover you with His Mantle of protection. Our family has commenced praying for a “Damascus conversion” for our Prime Minister as we have been quite devastated by the election results.
    We know it is prayer and ONLY prayer that will protect our nation. Thank you so much Ps. Danny for your boldness and courage in speaking for all of us
    God bless
    The Hammar family

  5. 5 Ray

    An awesome letter from Pastor Cotton. Thankyou CTFM for keeping people throughout Australia informed and for the integrity with which you have done so. God Bless our beautiful country because You Lord Cannot Forsake even 10 righteous in a city, no not even 1!

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