Dear Friends and Family in Christ,

We just received this very exciting email from a supporter of Catch the Fire Ministries who attended the ‘National Prayer Call’ at the Great Hall in Parliament House in Canberra on 22nd Oct 2007. I pray that you’re wonderfully blessed as you read the miraculous answers to united prayer for rain across our nation. Yesterday on the 3rd December, we in Melbourne experienced more than 30mm of rain. I personally want to thank all of our faithful supporters from across our nation who joined together in praying for rain. Surely, we’re experiencing the mighty hand of our Creator God at work in breaking the drought! Please continue to pray for the fulfillment of 2 Chronicles 7:13-14 in this present generation. My heart’s one cry is, ‘Lord, give us Australia as an inheritance and bless this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit!”

With all of my Love,

Ps Danny Nalliah

Dear Ps. Danny:

The two maps below show the phenomenal amount of rain which has fallen in November following on from the national prayer event. This is the best November rainfall since November 2000 and the best monthly rainfall for all months since June 2005.

(Click on the link & Under “Rainfall” Click ‘Totals’ & ‘Deciles’ to view each map)

Other amazing stats:       

#   Since the prayer event on the 22nd of October  it has rained everyday except one (14th November) somewhere in the catchment of the Murray Darling Basin. Most of these rain events have been good/significant falls.

#   In the month prior to the prayer event there were 14 days where no rain at all fell in the catchment area. This included the 9 days prior to and including the 22nd of November  ie the 14th to the 22nd of November.

#   The unusually early start of the Cyclone season with the appearance of Cyclone Guba. Meteorologists predicted that Guba would move east into the coral sea within 2 days of appearing but it hovered in the same place for over a week bringing good rain to inland Queensland and causing moisture laden air to move into NSW bringing the rain we have had  for the past 2 weeks.

#    Wettest November in Sydney for 12 years and in Canberra for 7 years.

#     Most meteorologists are now convinced that La Nina has arrived and will bring above average rainfall to Queensland and NSW.


All of these events can be clearly seen to follow on from the Prayer event on the 22nd of November and even the most ardent skeptic would be hard pressed to      argue away the probability of these events occurring randomly. This is all compelling evidence that the worst drought in 100 years is breaking and we are living the midst of the greatest miracle in the history of Australia. God has given us a great opportunity to evangelize this nation.

            God bless you and your ministry,

                                                  Dr. Michael Bishop

3 Responses to “Prayers Answered – Record Breaking Rains Continue”

  1. 1 Daniel McAloon

    Hi Jason, and Ps Danny

    Please check my blog at where I have made some posts about you.

    I think it is awful how we have been deceived about ‘climate change’. Radical environmentalists are going to ruin our economy, unions are going to do the same and seeing Pastors support the Greens in Tasmania is a sign that Australia does not get it when it comes to ‘Faith’. (it is like seeing Jedis in Star Wars help Darth Vadar to murder all the other Jedis, and then those Jedis get murdered themselves…..)

    If I had a message ever, it would for Australia (especially Christians) to seek the Kingdom of God, to search out the scriptures and find out what God is saying to us.

    Until then, I think conservative politics in this country is gone for a while. Only when people realize what God says in His Word is when we will see real change here.

    God Bless You for all your Godly endeavours here, and may God use you even more Pastor Danny!

    What about the Teddy Bear in Sudan, have you got a comment on that?

    With Love

    Daniel McAloon

    Evil Prevails when good people do nothing.

  2. 2 Kay

    Dear Christian Friends

    It is wonderful to hear the rain and to know that Almighty God has answered our prayers. We certainly needed to ask Him for forgiveness on behalf of the people of Australia. Our prayers for Parliament (Federal and State) are so important to keep this country being obedient to our Lord and Saviour – more important than ever!

    Blessings, Kay

  3. 3 Ian Brearley

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I live in Canberra, which means that it was not hard to attend the National Solemn Assembly, the prayer meeting at parliament house, and another inter-church prayer meeting for the nation at St Andrews in Canberra recently. In all these meetings, I have found the Lord was amazingly present. It is becoming more and more obvious to me how much His heart is for His people across this mighty land to get together and cry out to him, united in our concern for this beautiful land, and what is happening here. I thank God for you and your team, that you are in the forefront in this. Go for it, good Danny.

    God bless you and all your team.

    Ian Brearley


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