Dear Friends and Family in Christ,

It’s with deep sadness we bring to your attention that Ps. Danny’s wife Maryse’s father (Ian Oorloff) passed away on Sunday night 9th December in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


There will be a memorial service held for Maryse’s dad on Tuesday 18th December at 7:30 pm at the Lighthouse Christian Community Centre at 927-937 Springvale Rd. in Keysborough. Melway 88 H11


We kindly encourage you to pray for Maryse’s immediate and extended family during this time of challenge and we look forward to seeing you at the memorial service, if possible. Supper will be provided following the service.


Thanking & Blessing You,


Jason Golden

Catch the Fire Ministries

37 Responses to “Pastor Danny’s father-in-law goes to be with the Lord”

  1. 1 Rocky

    Our deepest sympathies to Maryse and pastor Danny.

    God bless

    Rukmal (Rocky)
    Managing Director

  2. 2 Ken, Ghale and family

    Dear Danny and Maryse and Fam,

    Saddened to hear about Maryse’s Father’s passing away. Our prayers are with you at this time.


    Ken, Ghale and Fam

  3. 3 Tim

    Dear Danny & Maryse,
    May God bless you abundantly and be your strength to lift you during this time. May you find comfort in the knowledge that he is now rejoicing with Jesus in Heaven. Praying for you and your family…
    Love Tim & Stace

  4. 4 Sarah & Amanda

    Dear Pastor Danny and Maryse,

    I’m so, so sorry to hear that your father is no longer with you. I’m so happy to hear he’s with the Lord Jesus, you will mourn him and you will miss him of course. His heart meanwhile, is soaring, he is no longer bound by natural laws, he’s in a redeemed body, glorifying God with the angels and feeling more alive then he ever did in his years on earth.

    My prayers and thoughts are with you all. Treasure the memories of a beautiful dad and grandad and look forward to embracing him again once more when we enter the veil of eternity.

    May God bless you and hold you during this time.

    With lots of love,

    Sarah and Amanda

    xxx ooo

  5. 5 Marilyn

    Kindly extend my sympathy and love to Ps Danny, Maryse and family –

    Thank you

    Church Arise Ministries
    Mansfield Qld

  6. 6 Pastor Ralph

    My condolences and deep sympathies in the Lord to Danny, Maryse and family. May they know the very deep comfort of the Holy Spirit at this time.


    Pastor Ralph

  7. 7 Koresh

    Dear Pastor Danny

    Please pass our deepest condolences to Maryse and her immediate family.

    We will be praying for her family.

    God bless

    Bro Koresh & fly

  8. 8 Denise & Mark

    Hi Danny and Maryse
    Please accept our condolences and your family are in our prayers.–
    Denise & Mark

  9. 9 Ps Jon

    Please convey my condolences to Maryse and Danny and all the family

    (Pastor) Jon

  10. 10 Sue

    Please convey my sympathy to Daniel and Maryse. Unfortunately I am unable to attend this service but God continues to speak to me about Daniel so you are all in my prayers constantly. At some point – when the Lord releases that I would like to meet with you again.

    With love and respect,


  11. 11 Mike

    Condolences to Mayse, Danny and family on Ian Oorloff’s passing away.

    God bless you all abundantly in your time of grieving the loss of a loved one.

    Thankfully Ian is now with the Lord.

    He has attained his Blessed Assurance.

    Alice Springs

  12. 12 Steckis family

    Please give our deepest sympathies to Maryse. We will hold the family up before the Lord. May they be comforted at this time of grieving.

    Love from the Steckis family.

  13. 13 Ps Lucky and Dami

    Please convey our deepest sympathies to Ps Danny and Maryse, at this loss.

    May the Blessed Holy Spirit comfort and strengthen them and the family, at this time of grief.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with them and the family.

    Ps Lucky& Dami

  14. 14 PRODOS

    From my wife, Barboo, and me,

    Our condolences to Danny and Maryse, and their families.

    Thinking of you.

    Best Wishes,


  15. 15 John

    Dear Pastor Danny:

    Condolences to you, to Maryse and family.

    Thoughts and prayers are with you.

    As you have poured out your life in love for others, so may it return to
    you now and always.

    God bless you!


  16. 16 Rob

    Dear Danny and Maryse,
    I am saddened to hear that Ian Oorloff has left his family behind,
    but the joy of it is that you will be united with him and all our
    family members who have died trusting in the Lord. He who bore your
    grief and sorrows on the cross will enable you to rejoice and his
    ‘graduation’. It’s hard to lose a beloved one but now you are more so
    in the front line as far as the generations are concerned, it is our
    responsibility to cast the vision for eternity with Christ to as many
    as will listen.
    May you all be strengthened and comforted in the knowledge that for a
    believer to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord!
    Yours sincerely in His love,

    Senior Minister Rob.
    Christian Fellowship

  17. 17 Helene

    Dear Maryse and pastor Danny

    May you be aware of God’s comforting arms around you in this sad time. May you experience His Joy in your sorrow

    With Christian love



  18. 18 Graeme & Sally

    To Danny and Maryse,

    Please accept our deepest sympathy in the sad loss of a father and we pray the Lord will aboundantly comfort you both. We were saddened to read this email and so pass on our prayers and wish God’s blessings on you both now,

    Christian love,

    Graeme and Sally.

  19. 19 Christo

    Hi ,

    Thanks for informing me about Maryse’s dad,Do me a favour conver my deepest sorry to them,Our prays will be with them.

    Christo and family,Brisbane

  20. 20 John & Brenda

    Pastor Danny & Maryse

    We express our condolences to you and the family at this sad time, and assure you of our prayers that you will know the peace of God in your lives and find comfort in His presence.

    John & Brenda – UK

  21. 21 Arlene

    Dear Danny, Maryse and family

    I heard late Monday night about the sad news of Maryse’s precious dad and send you my heartfelt sympathy and sincere condolences. Since I was leaving for overseas I was unable to pay you a visit yesterday. At the moment I am at Singapore airport so thought I would grab the opportunity to get in touch – praise God for emails.

    Yes, it is a difficult time for the family, especially since it is so close to Christmas and I know how families rally to be together even if it is a phone call away. May God grant you His peace and comfort at this sad time and may you know and feel presence at all times.

    When I get back I will certainly pay you a visit but it will not be until the first week in Jan. Members of our family are heading for Canada to be with my Uncle for his 90th birthday and also celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary so I know how important family are and my heart goes out to you at this time.

    Please be assured of our prayers for you and the family and I am sure friends will rally to also give you support but I know no words of comfort will ease your pain. However, your Dad is in a better place now and who better to be with than the Lord who gave us life. This transit time here on earth can be very painful until it is time for us to go to our Heavenly abode but at least we have hope in the Lord that we will all be together again one day.

    Thinking about you and I do wish you all have a Peaceful Christmas and God’s abundant Blessings in the New Year with Peace, Joy, Love and Happiness always.

    With lots of Love to you all.


  22. 22 Marlene & Robert

    Please pass on our condolences. I hope to see Pastor Danny soon in Camden NSW.

    Marlene and Robert

  23. 23 KSM



  24. 24 Malcom

    Dear Ps. Danny,

    please extend my heartfelt condolences to your family, especially my sister Maryse, upon the death of your father-in-law, Mr Oorloff.

    Even when we know where our loved ones are going, it is always a wrench when they leave us.

    In His service,


  25. 25 Eunice

    Please extend my condolences to Maryse and Danny. It is always harder for family when far away. How thankful we are that we have our hope in the risen Saviour and that for his disciples death isn’t the end but the start of the heavenly part of our existance!


  26. 26 Jeyaraj, Anne Jonathan & Prashan

    Dear Danny and Maryse,

    We are sorry to hear about Maryse’s dad. Please accept our heartfelt sympathies. It is sad when we lose a loved one, but we know that they are in a better place. May God give you all peace and assurance of steadfast faith in times like this. Remember – GOd is faithful to the faithful.

    Hope the children are well, especially Brianna. SHe is a beautiful baby.

    Love and God Bless

    Jeyaraj, Anne Jonathan & Prashan

  27. 27 Zion

    Please send my deep condolences to Ps Danny’s and wife Maryse.

    Thinking and praying for all of her family.

    The Lord’s comfort be with them in this time.



  28. 28 Conrad and Marian

    Could you please send my condolenses to Danny and Maryse and from Marian as well. We will keep Maryse and Pastor Danny up in prayer.

    I hope you and your family are keeping well.

    God Bless
    Conrad and Marian

  29. 29 Office 2

    Dear Pastor Danny and Maryse,
    I have just received your email with the news that your father/father in law has gone home to be with Jesus and joined the great company of those who have been faithful in serving the Lord Jesus while on this earth and now entered into His presence.

    The power of the Holy Spirit will be your comforter and give you the knowledge of His peace.

    The Eternal God is your refuge and dwelling place and underneath are the everlasting arms (Deut. 33:26-27).

    I was greatly blessed and encouraged with this scripture when my husband died suddenly without any prior sickness.

    The joy we have is to know that we will all meet our loved ones again as we look forward to that soon coming Day of the Lord, when Jesus will return and His Kingdom will be established on the earth for all eternity.

    You will be in our prayers,

    Belle (wife of late Leo)

  30. 30 Office 2

    Dear Maryse & Danny,

    I want to express our sadness at the loss of your father, Maryse, and so far away. Adelaide, from the Central Coast of NSW where Maurice & I live, may as well have been a moon away when my own Dad died. The years go by and still I think, “I must tell him about such and such …………..”, and then comes the realisation that I cannot. Praise the Lord that your Dad is with Him, and therefore, his joy is perfectly, totally and most abundantly, filled. I know Danny will be a great comfort to you Maryse as you walk through this inevitable path of grief, but you must grieve – it is human and healthy to grieve such a sad loss. The LORD Himself comfort you at this time. There is no comfort like His comfort. Praise Him.

    Not many days to Christmas. I have VERY mixed feelings about this time of the year – have you read the Two Babylons, Danny? Besides, it was June/July in Israel for shepherds to be in the field by night. However, it is good to have two specific times in the year when Christian concentration is, or should be, on thanking God for His Love, Grace, Mercy, Kindness and all else that He is when He sent us His Beloved, only begotten Son. Begotten cannot be adequately translated into English, and it is only addressed to our Beloved LORD Jesus Christ. The coming, soon coming, LORD of Glory fill you with all Joy and Peace in believing.

    With loving thoughts and greetings, Anita & Maurice.

  31. 31 Office 2

    Dear Danny,

    Our prayers are with you at this sad time for you all. Blessings, Barry.

    Barry Chant

  32. 32 Office 2

    Dear Danny and Maryse,
    please accept our condolence and well wishes even as you celebrate the life of Maryse’s Dad.
    May the Lord comfort you and your entire family both here in Australia and in Sri Lanka.
    God be with you,
    Love from
    Ibukun & Shalewa
    for RCCG Jesus House Melbourne.

  33. 33 Office 2

    Deepest sympathy to Maryse, Pastor Danny and all of the family on the news of Mr Oorloff.

    I greatly appreciate your family commitment, conviction and stand for our nation, and continue to pray and agree with you for Australia. Thankyou for being courageous to speak the truth, and to stand strong for God’s Word and His ways. Keep up the good fight.

    Yours in Christ

    Kim and family

  34. 34 Office 2

    Sorry to hear of that but, the good news is that he is now rejoicing with the Lord. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

    From the Family Saul,
    Canberra, ACT

  35. 35 Office 2

    Dear Maryse and Danny,

    We were sorry to hear of the passing of your Dad Maryse but, we do understand that truly he has gone to be with the Lord. Death is the one sure thing in life but, we are not afraid as we are always ready to meet Him!
    Being human, there is a note of sadness and loss however, we are also glad that we do have the opportunity of meeting our loved ones again in glory. PTL! OPkease di acceot our condokences and be sure we will pray for you and your family for, we know the Lord of all comfort will be with you.

    Yours in His love,
    Frank and Joy

  36. 36 Office 2

    I wish to express my sympathy to Danny and Maryse on her father’s seath. I pray that Jesus will bring his comfort and peace at this time especially. I wish to express my great thanks for the wonderful work for the Lord that you and the team at Catch the Fire Ministries are doing for and with us in Australia. We wish you all Jesus Love, Joy and Peace that Jesus brought for us with His birth at Christmas.

    Love in Christ,


  37. 37 Office 2

    Hello Pastor Danny and Maryse.

    Just a quick note to send my sincere sympathy and prayers at the loss of your wife’s Father, your Father In Law and your children’s Grand Father..

    God bless you and your Family at this time of Sadness and Sorrow.


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