It’s high time as Bible believing God fearing Christians, to get on our faces in corporate repentance and intercessory prayer for our nation of Australia!  ‘LORD, please have mercy and help us!’

Possibly you would be aware through the national media coverage  (television, radio, newspaper) yesterday evening 4th December and today 5th December, that the Homosexual Lobby has won a major victory within 48 hours of the new government being sworn into office.  Following are the relevant links to the newspaper articles.

New laws to mirror marriage rights for gay couples
Herald Sun, December 05, 2007

Register for gay, de facto couples
The Age, David Rood. December 5, 2007

4 Responses to “LORD, please have mercy and help us! Same-sex couples get equal rights in Australia”

  1. 1 Kay

    Dear Family in Christ,

    How sad we Australians are to see this happen! Yes, we certainly will be praying for repentance.


  2. 2 Chris

    In Response to: ‘Heterosexual marriage’ and other endangered species

    These new rights gays will have is little more then a slippery slope,
    paving the way for the legalisation of gay marriages in Australia. When
    that happens, gays will become a protected species. Next they’ll try to
    make preaching against gays a crime and the final stage will be
    infiltration of our children, giving them the message that there is no
    difference in marrying either sex. When that happens it will become an
    embarrassment to live in Australia.

    Prayer can only do so much but Jesus preached that we must also ‘press
    in’ to make our prayers come to fruition. I stand by my original plea
    for a clandestine group to be formed to dismantle gay activist groups,
    the catalyst for the embarrassing reforms Labour are rubber-stamping. It
    would be very expensive to start up, but the social rewards would be
    worth it. If anyone has any other suggestions of how to keep the
    institution of heterosexual marriage from becoming an endangered species
    then I’m quite eager to hear it.

  3. 3 Cegah Satwa Punah

    Thanks for the informative post

  4. 4 Jeff

    Gay rights in marriage is wrong! Lets not go their!!!

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