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Albany, WA
Away from the Election, the past two weeks for Pastor Danny have been exhilerating but challenging as he has served the Lord’s people. The weekend of Pastor Danny Preaching in Albanythe election – Friday to Tuesday – he ministered in Albany Western Australia  witnessing God move incredibly in the region. Some meetings were attended by up to 200 people who were mightily impacted by the presence of the Lord.
A highlight of this was more than 60 men came for a Men’s Breakfast to (i)  Crowd at Albany Meetingmake a commitment to be good fathers; (ii) rise up as husbands in their homes; (iii) love their wives and most of all, (iv) to be the priest of their family and lead them into the presence of the Lord.  Sunday 25th the night service extended for over 4 hours with many coming to the altar weeping, repenting and rededicating their lives to Jesus.

Werribee, Vic

Southland Christian Centre - December 2nd, 07Sunday 2nd December Danny ministered at Southland Christian Centre in Melbourne where more than 250 people came expecting. The Lord prompted Danny’s heart to speak on Daniel, to stand strong for Jesus, resulting in almost the whole congregation responding to the altar call. DVD’s of this message “Dare to Be A Daniel” are now available at the CTF office.

Merimbula, NSW

Following this weekend Ps Danny ministered on the 5th & 6th December at Merimbula at a Rise Up Australia prayer meeting and a Women’s Aglow meeting where more than 80 people heard the word of the Lord. We thank God for the many woman who willingly take a stand and follow Jesus even though their husbands do not encourage them. Ps Danny spoke on Esther, to “rise up and take a stand” for the people of our nation, even if it spells sacrifice and brings persecution. Many were greatly, thoroughly impacted through this time of ministry.

Dianne Johnson

PA to Pastor Danny

4 Responses to “God Moves Mightily Through Pastor Danny in the Last Two Weeks in Albany WA, Melbourne Vic, & Merimbula NSW”

  1. 1 Brianna from Albany

    Hello Pastor Danny.

    Your words, over the weekend, have touched many (including myslef) and I’ve seen a progress allready. For example, yesterday I was in town with my mother, brother and sister. We ran into some christian friends of ours (that attendned the meetings on the weekend) and we decided to have lunch together. We had enjoyed lunch together and were walking out of KFC. I’ll cut long story short. Mum and her friend somehow started talking to a young man and they witnessed to him (they also gave him a bandiad, becuase his hand was bleeding, they fed him and showed alot of Gods love). There were his peers hanging outside Hungry Jacks (about 10 metres away) and I dont really know what happened but mum and her friend were praying loudly in tongues, and I could tell there was a spiritual war going on. Mum and her friend spent a little bit of time with him while waiting for a man in our church (who has a heart for the youth) to come and talk to him I guess. It was a bit uncomfortable for us kids, becuase we could feel the attact of the enemy, but in the end, we felt Gods peace, knowing we are safe in his hands. Thank you for everything you said and done last weekend. You have helped me step up, becoming more on fire for God and wanting to really live for him. I am going to live out, reach out and speak out and not just say I’m going to do so. With your love, compassion, and God centred life, it has shown me that there are trustworthy adults (especiialy men) still alive and strong in our Father. Thank you for all you’ve done, and the wisdom you have shown. The love you have for the one and only living God is so huge, and the way you care for all his people, really inspires me.

    I’m off to read the word with mum and pray a little now.

    God bless and have a great week!

    Love Brianna

  2. 2 Karen from Pambula

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I want to thank you for taking the time to visit and minister in our area. So often small towns are overlooked, but the people are as needing of Christ’s truth as those in the big cities.

    I would also like to encourage you in your ministry. At every meeting the presence of God fell heavily and I believe many were touched and changed. Glory to God!

    At the First meeting on Wednesday 5th December, though there wasn’t a big turn-out, the Lord came umong (and In us) in an awesome way and I know lives – including my own, were changed. Prayer is so important and I believe many were stirred to spend more time and feverency in prayer.

    The Women’s Aglow meeting on Thursday morning was a great turn-out for our little town. Many of the women and men were touched and stirred by the words you spoke. All those whom i have spoken to – even people who, before the meeting were very critical of you, have told me how refreshing it was to have someone speak the truth and be straight forward.

    The Thursday night meeting, however, is one that I am sure will not be quickly forgotten. After sharing the amazing miracles you have witnessed and been a part of, you shared a story about a girl you had once met. You said the Lord had wanted you to share it and you weren’t sure if someone there needed to hear it or if they knew someone who needed to hear it. It was at that moment that my husband and i just looked at each other. There was a friend of ours present at the meeting and we were sure that the message was for her.

    Afterward, when you asked me to assist you to pray for people, I was amazed at what i saw and heard. At most meetings i have been to, there is a word spoked from The Lord to maybe three or four people and the rest are lovingly prayed for. I remember what you had said before you started praying for people and that was not to tell you what their problem was but to bring it to their minds as you prayed for them. Almost every person you prayed for recieved a word from the Lord through you and i want to encourage you, because 100% of what you spoke to those I know personally (which is more than 95% of the people there) was absolutly spot-on! Some of these people had previously talked to me in confidence and the words you spoke that night were right at the heart of their issues and worries. I spent the whole prayer time in tears because i know the Lord was working mightily, melting hearts and changing lives. I myself was changed by some of the words you spoke to others!

    I pray that you continue to be bold for the Lord. I know you definitly hear from Him! Be encouraged; because of your obedience to the Word and to the Lord’s calling on your life, so many are being mightily touched and changed by the power and presence of God. Already people are asking me when you’re coming back!!

    Bless you,

    Pambula NSW

  3. 3 Carol from Albany

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    How are you? We hope you are mightily encouraged and equipped for every good work in our Lord & Saviour and King of all Kings!

    Thank you for giving your time and efforts to the people of Albany. The testimonies that are coming in, have changed many lives from your good works here. We are grateful to you forever!
    Please thank Maryse and your precious family of God for releasing you – we have been amazingly changed and also encouraged to fight the good fight of faith in standing with you for our nations promises! God is faithful!

    Thank you again. May God continue to overshadow you in all that you do.
    We love you immensely!

    Kindest regards,
    Church Of All Nations
    Albany, WA

  4. 4 Judy Lorbek

    Hello Pastor Danny,are you coming to Sunshine Coast at all?

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