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Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

Danny NalliahCatch the Fire Ministries leader Pastor Danny Nalliah has branded the nation’s drought catastrophe the result of a spiritual crisis in Australia and tied the flow of rain fall directly to sin and prayer.
Pastor Nalliah points to a verse in the Bible which reveals the reasons behind the drought. “In the Word of Almighty God (i.e. the Bible), it proclaims in 2 Chronicles 7:13-14, “When I shut up the heaven and there is no rain, or command the locusts to devour the land, or send pestilence among My people, if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn away from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”
“In the past few months, Australia has experienced severe drought to the point that many farmers have committed suicide. It’s no question that there is a mad rush from every political party to blame climate change as the reason for the drought. Are we as a nation missing something?” Pastor Nalliah said.
“However this nation’s rainfall is conducive to its spiritual climate. Australia has turned away from Almighty God. As Christians, we believe that the sinful condition of mankind has contributed to the stem of rainfall. There has been a rapid deterioration of moral values, disrespect for the elderly, ethical issues such as abortion and not to mention divorce, homosexuality and the general decline of the family unit in society all contributing factors,” he said.
When the Prime Minister John Howard called the nation to pray for rain and the Church enthusiastically responded in united prayer, the heavens opened as the much needed rain began to fall across Australia.
“The rain fell after the National Prayer Call on the 22nd October when more than 700 Christians, led by Catch the Fire Ministries, united at the Great Hall in Federal Parliament in Canberra to pray for rain and the Federal Election 2007. Since that historic prayer gathering in our nation’s capital Australia has experienced unceasing drought breaking rain!
“More than 90% of our nation has experienced varying levels of rainfall with many catchments and farming communities receiving much needed rain.  The million dollar question is, “Is the root cause of Australia’s national drought, ‘Climate Change’, or ‘Sin’?”
Prior to the 22 October Canberra prayer meeting, the forecasters had not predicted any significant rain fall over the following 2 weeks. The first week of November resulted in up to 1 inch of rain over an area equivalent to half of the continent. 2/3 of NSW had up to 2 inches and half of Victoria had up to 4 inches. The dark blue patch in Victoria is an area which received up to 6 inches of rain and is directly over the Thompson reservoir, the main domestic water reservoir of Melbourne. Before winter it was only 17% full and up to this event was 27% full and falling. At this time Melbourne’s water situation was at crisis point. Recently Victorian Premier John Brumby said that this rain event would add 1% (30 giga-litres) per day for the next eek.
 * See Bureau of Metereology maps at or
“I personally believe it is sin that separated mankind from a Holy and Just God and that Australia as a nation must desperately return to the Creator God of Heaven and Earth! If that happens then the rains will fall – guaranteed.”
Danny Nalliah is available for interview on 03 9794 8211.
Media contact: Jason Golden on 0404 952 768 or Sarah Champness on (0439) 615 413.

6 Responses to “Media Release – Climate Change Crisis Points to Sin”

  1. 1 Office 2

    Greetings Pastor Danny,

    I agree with your comments and you are spot on. This wonderful nation of Australia has forsaken its God.
    The Church is to blame and so are we , we have allowed sin to creep into this Nation.
    Repentance and prayer is the only answer to the mess we find ourselves in, but there is hope as we stand in the gap for this Nation . It takes Gods people to turn this nation around and as the word of God is a powerful tool in the hands of His people all things are possible.

    I also believe we have it too good here and God has been taken for granted, I love this nation and its people and I will keep on believing and praying for this nation to rise up and the end time nation to lead the other Nations into receiving the comming of the Lord.

    Greetings to your family and staff

  2. 2 Office 2

    Hi I’m Glad to read Pastor’s statement BUT the Bible states “if MY people who are called by My name….” Therefore it is up to us who claim to walk in His name to humble OURSELVES, pray, seek the Lord and turn away from OUR wicked ways: from our lukewarmness; from the way we take on the things of this materialistic world; from the way we count numbers and don’t look at hearts; from the I! I! I! culture; from compromise with the world in many and varied ways;

    It disappoints and saddens me how few of us as Christians come together when there is a call for a united front, what sort of a witness is it to the world when we have a march, a prayer summit, etc. and only a very small percentage of us come along. Yet I am encouraged by the story of Noah where God said if only ten.

    Keep up the good work in the name of Christ Jesus our Lord

    Your sister in Christ

  3. 3 Rod

    Yes – I agree that the drought etc is due to sin… the sin is what is causing climate change in the first place… the human race’s selfish, greedy exploitation of the world’s resources! It isn’t a choice between sin and climate change at all when we are looking for a reason.
    Repentance doesn’t mean just saying sorry – it means to turn and do the opposite. So I believe that if we are to truly repent we will adopt policies and practices that will reverse climate change! This will mean that we will NOT “Go for Growth” or vote in this election on the basis on economic issues! We – as Christians – should be supporting the development and use of renewable energy, the lowering of our national consumption of goods, the increasing of aid to the world’s poorer nations – as well as standing up for personal moral standards.
    The recent rain is a sign of God’s grace and patience with us. (See Luke 13:6-9) Let us not waste this opportunity to truly repent. I long for the day when we as Christians cease to blame the others – e.g. the homosexuals, the abortionists, the Muslims, the atheists – and admit that we have been complicit in adopting our world’s foolish aims fo materialism and personal greed and security.

  4. 4 David Brooker

    Dear Danny,
    I really struggle with the image of God that is portrayed in your article (and some of your other writings) – it appears to be a vindictive, punitive God who sits ‘out there’ somewhere, meting out punishment against those who sin. I am prepared to accept that the drought, and the general global warming and climate change that we are experiencing, is indeed a consequence of human sin – by our greed, our selfishness, our abuse of God’s creation and our exploitation of other people we create these problems, they are consequences of our own errant ways – but I have great difficualty with the concept that drought and climate change are somehow ‘sent’ as punishment for our sin by a God who dwells ‘out there’. That is not the God I have come to know. The God I have come to know, and, I believe, the God that is revealed in the life and treaching of Jesus, the God of the gospel, is a God of grace and generosity, compassion and love; a God who, far from sitting out there in judgement, has chosen to get invovled with us, to live in the midst of this mess that we have created, and – even more – to transform us by God’s Spirit into people who live with grace and generosity, compassion and love, patience and peace. Certainly we ought to seek forgiveness for the way we abuse God’s creation, but our prayer ought not be a mere hope that our prayer will change God’s mind and we will be accorded mercy – God has already accorded us mercy – rather our prayer ought to be that we will be open to the transformation of God’s Spirit and, in God’s power, change the way we live. Thank you for the opportunity to respond.

  5. 5 Wendy

    Dear David Brooker,
    Yes, God is a wonderful loving God but He is also Judge. I believe the whole world is coming under judgement. Prayerfully I hope that “sinners” will turn to the Lord in their pain and sorrow and repent and be saved.

    We Aussies have had it “good” for a long time, and many people do not feel the need of God in their lives. Crisis often turns people to God and brings back the backsliders especially. We must pray that this will happen and to repent for the sins of the nation corporately. How can a loving God ignore such things as abortion, prostitution, crime, murder and the list goes on? He can’t ignore them or turn a blind eye or He wouldn’t be God! But He shows His love by his patience and longsuffering, wanting that none should perish.

  6. 6 Rod

    Dear Wendy,

    Does the list of things God cannot ignore also include racism, poverty, discrimination against minorities, overexploiting the environment, greed, religious pride, ….?

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