by Pastor Bob Cotton, Maitland
Dear Pastor Danny,   

I want to encourage you to keep declaring the truth according to God’s Word regardless of how it is received.

I noted that when you declared what the Lord had told you, you included the word “IF”. While some would see this as a disclaimer for you to dodge criticism should the prophetic word not come to pass – the “IF” is meant to be an encouragement & motivation to the Church.  2 Chron 7:14  is an example of this type of condition. “IF my people….. etc”.  Obviously, the condition was not met.

One of the Father’s criticisms of the Old Testament priests was that they did not  teach the people how to choose between the clean & unclean, the holy & the common nor did they dress the wounds of the people according to their severity but declared “peace, peace” when there was no peace. When the truth became offensive or unpopular, at times they chose to offend God rather than offend the people & it seems that nothing much has changed over the ages.

Brother, you  however, have boldly declared the difference between right & wrong in obedience to Scripture. We are told to have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness but rather expose them (Eph 5:11) & this you have faithfully done.  Unfortunately, when declaring the truth is uncomfortable many “leaders” either go quiet or ignore & cover up and as a result, the Church suffers.

We should not be too surprised for the Bible is clear that in the last days people will not put up with sound doctrine & they will find preachers who will tell them exactly what they want to hear much the same as the false prophets and corrupt priests comforted wayward Israel by “whitewashing walls” & declaring “peace, peace” when there was no peace between them & God. The result is an apathetic, compromised “church” that arrogantly thinks it is rich and needs nothing but, in reality, is poor, naked & blind, having a reputation for being alive when really quite dead. Nothing more than salt without savour.

Much of today’s modern church is more concerned with lifestyle, money, pleasing man rather than pleasing God, outward appearances,  being politically correct & not rocking the boat. Little wonder Jesus and the Apostles spoke/wrote so much about deception in the end times and all the trappings that go with it such as false prophets, blind guides, doctrines of devils, heresies, other gospels, hirelings, lovers of money & pleasure, servants of mammon, wolves in sheep’s clothing etc.

I cannot remember an election where it has been easier for a Christian to make an informed vote relative to matters of righteousness. Information such as the Christian values checklist made it a “no-brainer”. Even if one understood nothing of politics “right” & “wrong” were clearly identified & the choice should have been simple. How can a Christian cast a vote in the direction of candidates (or those supported by the preferences of candidates) who support what the Scriptures so clearly condemn? Many within the Church have sown a vote that may well return a harvest of unrighteous legislation, loss of religious freedom & even persecution.
In my opinion, this election was cross road for the Church. We had a choice, there was an “IF” factor and I believe that we missed it. A man of God once told me that Australia was going to see a great move of the Spirit of God & it would happen either under blessing or under persecution. The move of God will come regardless but the circumstances under which it comes would be up to the Church.  Perhaps we have chosen.

May the Lord bless you, Bob Cotton 

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  1. 1 Ps Chris

    So what now?

    We have had prophetic words concerning the re-election to government of John Howard and the Coalition. This has not happened as we see it now. Does that mean that these prophetic voices are false? No, it does not! Time and time again in the Word of God we have seen God proclaim through the mouth of His prophets His will and yet His people did not obey.

    There has been an apathy in the church, despite the call to “Arise”. People have decided to “have a change” much like many have done with church, jumping from one thing to the next to see what is better! Well now we need to pray. If you have been apathetic about these elections, then wake up!

    Our Bible mandate is to pray for the Government, to pray for our Prime Minister, and that we will, with fervent effectual prayer. The church is the spiritual government of this nation and it is only the fear (reverent awe) of God that will employ wisdom to lead.

    As I was preparing in prayer for my Sunday sermon this morning the Lord spoke to me and said, “HOLD! Hold it in prayer. Don’t let it slide, all will be well.”

    11 days ago the Lord prepared me with some scriptures;

    Hebrews 11:24,27 (NKJV)

    23 By faith Moses, when he was born, was hidden three months by his parents, because they saw he was a beautiful child; and they were not afraid of the king’s command.

    27 By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king; for he endured as seeing Him who is invisible.

    Pray for Mr Rudd with all your heart, pray the will of God over this nation. Govern in the Spirit, and most of all do it by faith, not fear!

    Free will has been given to man as an image of God attribute. God does not cross the will of man, however there is one exception…the leader of a nation!

    Proverbs 21:1 (NKJV)

    The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, 1 Like the rivers of water; He turns it wherever He wishes.

    I believe that we have been led by a Godly man with Godly principles. I believe that the prayers of the church in Australia have ensured that. I believe that the prayers of the church in Australia need to go forth now like never before, that we stay aligned to Israel, that we choose righteousness! pray that what lies in secret will be revealed and pray by faith for the positive redemptive place that this great nation of Australia has before the Lords return.

    I also believe that this will serve to wake up the American church to contest for God’s will as they approach their national elections!

    Blessings and Love, Ps Chris Twinn

  2. 2 Pastor Al

    “Does that mean that these prophetic voices are false? No, it does not!”

    Hi Chris, your comment is pushing the credibility envelope far too hard. The word is really clear in this matter. We are to judge all things. How is the church going to know how to judge a prophecy etc if a ‘prophet’ can say whatever he wants even if it does not come to pass? Two ‘prophets’ can say opposing things neither of which come to pass. How do you know which one is right?

    Example, on could say: Howard would be reelected and Costello will get the leadership and another could say the Liberals will be reelected but Howard will lose his seat. Each could say that they were speaking by the Word of the Lord, each would be wrong. How is the church to judge all things then? It would be lame to say ‘these prophetic voices are not false’. Is God giving contradictory prophecies?

    and …

    In the beginning of your comment you are making a claim that needs testing.

    “Time and time again in the Word of God we have seen God proclaim through the mouth of His prophets His will and yet His people did not obey.”

    This is a serious indightment on the inspired prophetic ministries. I am sure I am not the only one reading this who is keen to have you clarify your position.

    Al Persohn
    Pastor, Botany City Church

  3. 3 Win Brunner

    God Bless you Danny. My heart is grieving for the choices the people of this nation have made. I feel such a burden to pray, but where to start. God help us

  4. 4 Ps Dale

    Danny, you were like a Caleb when you met Prime Minister John Howard and gave the word to the nation. Caleb received information of the Promised Land. “Tell My people there is a mountain to be taken”. Unfortunately God’s people would not believe the word so they did not go into the Promised Land for years. Now God gave Danny a word concerning the Prime Minster of Australia and unfortunately only a small number would believe it. Many did the opposite and came against the word. So we did not receive the Prime Minister God had for us.

    Contend for prophecy

    Even others while they did not disagree with it they did nothing with the prophetic word. When a prophetic word comes we must contend for it. Contend means we must argue for it and declare it.
    Danny, your prophetic word was conditional. “If the Body of Christ unites in prayer and action.”
    It was conditional on the body of Christ being united in prayer. While they may have been praying they definitely were not united.
    Since we were not united in prayer we did not receive the word God had for us.
    Time and time again in the Word of God we have seen God proclaim through the mouth of His prophets His will and yet His people did not obey. So this has happened one more time.
    Now the Church needs to unite and pray for Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the government. As we do this we will have a quiet, peaceable life in all godliness and honesty (1 Tim 2: 2).

    Ps Dale Smith

  5. 5 Malcom

    Regarding the election result, I would say this:

    I agree that there needs to be unity among Christians in Australia; I am sure that we grieve the Lord by our disunity.

    I agree with Bill Muelenberg that neither John Howard nor Kevin Rudd appear to be evangelical Christians in the way we understand this to mean.

    I agree that there needs to be revival in Australia,and around the world. I actually think that revival is the pre-requisite for righteous government; I do not think that electing someone who merely says that they espouse ‘christian values’, desirable though such values undoubtedly are, is going to make the necessary difference. As things are, all Australian politicians are bound to operate under secular-humanist rules of engagement, whatever they may personally believe.

    What we need, then, is REVIVAL!!! in all its convicting and sanctifiying power. When revival comes, it wouldn’t matter if Joseph Stalin were elected Prime Minister of Australia, because the abiding presence of God and the convicting power of His Holy Spirit would have him on his knees repenting and then on his toes dancing with joy as he proclaimed the Gospel of the Kingdom in obedience to the command of his newly-found Saviour, Jesus Christ!

    Keep up the good work, my brother.

    In Him, Malcolm.

  6. 6 Peter

    Thanks! You are appreciated and we pray for you.

    Peter Smith (AOG Pastor) .

  7. 7 A Friend

    Hello Pastor Danny

    Bless you for your great ministry and stand for this nation.
    Like you, I am also quite disappointed with the election result.
    I am about to send a ‘Special Article’ to those on my mailing list regarding prophetic words.

    I am concerned at the lack of understanding regarding the conditions of prophecy and the general apathy/ passivity/ and influence of a prevailing religious spirit.
    I have the attached article: Praying Prophetic Words

    We have seen significant breakthroughs overseas when God’s principles have been applied – and the battle has been won first in the heavenlies.

    I have sent an earlier blog to your site.

    So many of us appreciate you for your courage and faith

    Yours in Christ, A Friend

  8. 8 Carol

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I loved your refections on the outcome of the elections and I love your spirit. I shall uphold you in prayer. My name is Carol Porter and I go to a church in Redcliffe, QLD – ‘Lord of the Breakthrough’.

    I share the same feelings as you because very soon after the elections and before I heard any other ministry give their explanations of the election outcome I wrote the following:

    In this election, the Christians in Australia were divided and that’s why things went wrong. I believe that Pastor Danny Nalliah, Kenneth Copeland and Margaret Court did not miss God when they prophesied that John Howard would become Prime Minister but we Christians as a whole missed it. I remember the condition in Pastor Nalliah’s prophesy – he said John Howard would become next Prime Minister IF the Christians will pray (it through). I know we’ve been praying and even fasting but some battles are so intense that they need so much more prayer from everyone united and earnest (the corporate anointing) to push it through. We can still do it! and I believe we will! I’m repenting and committing to more prayer on these things and praying for others to wake up too!

    There’s always hope! Our church has begun this week to pray passionately and earnestly about our government. The election outcome plus my pastor’s (Yarra Gerreryn) message on Sunday morning has catapulted me into passionate prayer. I’m excited about the future and what God will do for us! In the bible there are many examples of wicked kings changing their hearts. I draw hope from this.

    And then Pastor Danny, through the week I began to hear other Christian’s points of view. Some, I felt were wishy washy and spineless but yours! plus Salt Shakers’ and Col Stringer’s confirmed what I had been thinking all along.

    I thank God so much for you.

    God bless you Carol

  9. 9 Leonie

    Dear Pastor Danny

    Just a quick note. On Saturday I was also devastated by the news of Kevin Rudd- the Labor Party being elected, its consequences spiritually to this nation. I felt down and a friend on Sunday morning had felt sick by the news, it was affecting us spiritually. I am also aware that many in the church are asleep and thought maybe this will wake up the people for now they will have to fight. Maybe the next 4 years will see darkness but maybe the people will realise and wake up and hopefully there will be someone righteous to come back into power. The fight will be harder as it is always harder to take ground the enemy has taken, when we could have continued advancing now we have retreated. I was also thinking of the persecuted church in China and how under persecution the true church rises up and grows. You are either a christian – true believer or a non believer, there isn’t any grey or middle ground. God does work all things out for good and so maybe this will distinguish the sheep from the wolves, maybe the pressure will show who is truly loyal, committed to Jesus and those ones will rise up to take this nation for God. People often don’t appreciate what they have till they lose it.

    I was also aware of many christians not wanting to vote for John Howard as they wanted change and didn’t see what he had already done for the nation, people always are given the negative of what a person does and do not understand all the bills that were stopped preventing more spiritual garbage into our nation. Many looked at the promises of a new party not understanding that promises can be broken and not looking at the true spirituality of the person. I was remembering your prophesy about John Howard being re-elected in and also remembered the fact that it said if the people would join together and prayer, and realised that the church had failed – you are spot on. Of course many will look at your prophesy latching on to part of it and want to tell you, you are a false prophet, but God knows and those righteous ones who seek God will also know that you are not.

    I have recently read your bio and realised you had been through a lot in life, I have to a smaller degree and in all the trials and tribulations they have been the times that I have grown and become stronger in Jesus. I asked God 13 years ago to be more intimate with Him, to have compassion and to be a warrior. I did not realise what I would have to go through for those characteristics, but I would not go back on what I have prayed as I know I would probably be a flaky christian today. The struggles have made me stronger in my believe in God. It has made me a warrior. Maybe as this nation goes through struggles it will make real warriors for the Kingdom of God, the true Church/Bride will rise up to take the Promised Land. Joshua and Caleb had fight/passion/revelation to take the promised land but the other 10 spies and the people were wimpy, did not want to fight, they were content with God providing manna, water and clothes that didn’t wear out and not having to do anything. The next generation that took the promised land had to fight, they worked with God – had a relationship, they had to do their part. When they walked into the land the miraculous provision stopped and they had to work the land, fight the giants with God alongside them. It was a partnership. The previous generation just wanted to sit back and let God drop it in their laps they had become lazy. Many in the church today are the same, intimidated by giants, too tired to get up and pray or go to a prayer meeting, complain about mundane things in life and many do not want the Holy Spirit to move in the church they are churches that are man controlled. The true church in Australia today will be the Joshuas and Calebs that will teach the next generation how to war and rise up to make this land of Australia the great south land of the Holy Spirit, where revival will flow like a river and the glory of God will be seen.

    Blessings to you and your family


  10. 10 John Douglas

    Dears Friends in Christ,

    I thank Ps Col Stringer and Ps Danny Nalliah for last weeks emails on above subject. Some, maybe aware I recently published a book called ‘Australia Land of Destiny’. In that I too predicted John Howard’s win. Do I have some explanations? (See below) Others have asked did we get it wrong. Obviously we got it wrong! Why? is the question. Danny Nalliah and Col said clearly the Christian Community was very much divided. (So was the nation.)

    I really liked the comments a Pastor made to Ps. Col, being 1.” To honour John Howard.” 2. Our mandate is to pray for the Government –The Church is the spiritual government of the Nation (he said.) 3. He also confirmed present apathy in the Church.

    Ps Danny’s confession about the election weekend being the worse in his life, fitted with me; generally speaking it was mine also for different background reasons however I’m sure the core reason was the same. There was a spiritual battle going on, in which, this one – we had lost! In fact the week was very oppressive for my wife & I, I sensed it was spiritual. During the mid-week I composed an article called RUDD’S MASTER PIECE. (See attachment.)

    I believe the Lord gave me this insight. (I have fine tuned it later and have added more thoughts in this email)In fact, my feelings were so strong I related to a number of people that I had come to hating Rudd as much as the Devil himself. Now being Christian of course I had to deal with that, but friends it is time we stopped playing church. Playing, Mr Nice–Guy! The seriousness of our life position is critical. The time of Jacob’s Troubles is about fall upon us and the Western World. The scenario’s which I hear coming are ugly to say the least. I have a prophetic friend who is continually receiving warnings for the USA from here (also some for us.) I am acquainted with Pastor Dmitri Duduman’s forewarnings for America over 20 years ago, and many other dire warnings.

    Also, I am aware of the likely scenario that China & Russia will combine to knock out USA in the near future.(said to be end of 2008) To say nothing about radical Jihad –Islam and the political vacuum which will be caused by this event heading ultimately to the Super Power of Europe. Ps. Danny’s Ministry is “Catch the Fire” Yes, he is bold and truthful to declare our so-called global warning is the result of sin and calls people to discover the grace of our wonderful Lord Jesus. But we need to be doing more to warn our people of the impending dangers of our day, and We have lost a key spiritual battle. (It will be 6 months before the new senate is tested in its new balance of power.) But we can’t lose the war. AUSTRALIA MUST BE THE LORD’S To quote Ps Danny’s word from the Lord –RISE UP AND FIGHT!

    I notice ministries offering guidance to people about who to vote for were far too polite ;( it was like fighting with one hand tied behind your backs.) I think in future we just have to be blunt! Vote for so and so BECAUSE! This reminds me why Malcolm Turnbull’s angry comment to be more commanding and decisive to his new leader.

    ”Do I have an Explanation?”

    Recently I attended the prayer for rain in Canberra, Parliament House which was inspired by ‘Catch the Fire’. It rained afterwards because every one was united (quote Ps Danny). But Australia and Christian were divided by RUDD. Let me remind you in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Headline on Monday 2 Oct 2006 said: RUDD SEEKS CHURCH ROLE IN POLITICS. One line in the article said “fearlessly speak the truth to the state” and especially in calling the Howard Government to account. Another quote was; it’s not OK to go to church on Sunday and be unconcerned about social justice on Monday. (Of course there was more!)

    How clever Rudd was! Everything was built around this premise which he himself had set for the nation. Therefore his campaign was cohesive, and the emphasis was upon those people who had missed out in Howard’s reforms. Mr Howard in the beginning did not take the Unions seriously, he felt after they had gone for a time they would give up, and go home. They didn’t. Therefore the government was out manoeuvred tactically. They had not thought through what was being said and how to counter it well in advance. Therefore the continual proper gander in adverts, testimony, which of course included many lies, and many half truths but all of them were professionally presented and that took its toll. Then of course was the, ‘It’s time theme.’ Mr Rudd really ridiculed the government. Mr. Howard “Blinked” and lost his nerve, then he began almost to beg the Australian voters to give him more time to finish his plans. AT THAT POINT HE WAS A GONER!

    After that nobody took notice of anything he said. He was never going to recover at that point because he LOST the respect of the nation. Also it revealed a spiritual blunder, his love for his job had become almost an idol to him.( In my own life I was National Sales Manger of a company and I loved my job almost to exclusion of everything else- God was second, So I recognised what happened to Mr. Howard) In truth I don’t believe that was a fair judgement of him, however we are in different world of image, slogans, and peer pressure. Today the Media can make or break you quickly. (Reason for Turnbull’s comment he is worldly wise) The Press of course aided and abetted Rudd at every turn (They are also of the same ilk- socialist/Left) Kerry O’Brien gave him a home run! They love to back a winner. Rudd was a winner from the start. And Howard lost the belief of the Christians and/ Battlers and they felt it was immoral to vote for Howard, besides the country is doing well, it will be alright! They voted out of ignorance and hope of gain? But mostly I believe they lost their TRUE NORTH by hearing the wrong arguments continually. Right through the election there was a very narrow focus for a good reason. Labour almost controlled the headline issues. Of course all take the responsibility for people’s decision. (Man reaps what he sows)

    My Admission

    When compiling my book ‘Australia Land of Destiny’ (with help of Greg Biddell) I was challenged as I tried to paint some picture of Australia’s future government but coming from a fairly middle to right political bias. I admit being a conservative voter although I did vote for Whitlam once. My challenge was with regard to the onsequences and out working of the very strong and particular words from God. I call them GOD’S unconditional promises which He has made to me on behalf of the Nation.

    They are in my book, however I will table them here again to present the strong thoughts/doubts I had related to this matter.

    1.) 6th Dec 1993, (Summary only) GREAT FAVOUR TO COME UPON THE NATION AND THE POOR.

    2.) 7th Sept.1994.(Described by others as) A MANIFESTATION OF GODS MAJESTY AND GRACE.

    (His final words were this, “not a man, woman or child will be with out the knowledge of God in this place!”)

    In my book as I went on to present the case that during Mr Howard’s government time, debt was repaid and great wealth was accumulated, thousands of jobs have been created in the last 3 years of Work choices so that everyone can get a job if they want to work. Now the poor were beginning to be lifted up and opportunity was now with us to give not only a fairer distribution of the wealth but an adequate one! Then I claimed that soon was time for the second major promise (The Spiritual one) to come into being. i.e “ not a man woman or child would be without the knowledge of God”. In my book I declared this would happen because God had said it, and He is faithful. (So it will happen, did not the Lord say “FIGHT”.)

    I cannot deny these following thoughts I had at that time, all though I never did allow any reference to it in my book. For a start, it was contrary to my politics! But my heart was challenged that maybe it would be a Labour Government who would be far more generous than a Liberal Party government in facilitating the distributing of the new wealth of our Country to the Poor. Well, at this point, it has happened! But, as I said to Peter Costello recently we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Rudd may only last 3years. We have to preserver.

    The Contingency Plan.

    So what does God think about all this? Australia so named ‘The Great South Land of the Holy Spirit’ I asked the question “Has God got a contingency plan?”

    I believe His contingency plan was given on the 8th October 2001, The Day America bombed Afghanistan. God has prepared a challenged for the Muslim people in this land. As the question will be asked, Who is God? Jesus or Allah. The New Year 2008 will see the challenge made.

    I am sorry to be so ‘wordy’ but I trust you have found this an answer and a comfort.

    God Bless you

    John Douglas

  11. 11 John & Louise

    Very well written – couldn’t agree more; this nation is headed straight toward end times and has joined the ranks – need we have been surprised? We WILL stand firm and will NOT compromise the Truth – even if it costs us; your words are words that have come from above, and are Godly words of wisdom;

    Ps Danny, those that stand for Christ, know and discern exactly what you are saying;

    We will continue to uphold you in prayer for your continued strength.

    Blessings John and Louise

  12. 12 Ps Carl

    Dear Pastor Danny I did appreciate your email and I totally agree with you. Praise God you took your stand.


    Pastor Carl Moses


  13. 13 Barry & Roslyn

    Dear Pastor Danny

    I have read your response and that of Pastor Bob Cotton also Peter
    Stokes but not Brian Pickering. I To was disappointed but not surprised
    at the result, the other respondents seem to feel that work choices and
    the environment were key factors, this may be true however the main
    difference that I observed was that Mr. Rudd seemed more knowledgeable
    and he had a vision for the future, or he was better at communicating
    it than Mr Howard also the government ran a negative campaign. I am
    also saddened at the fact that the body of Christ does not look at the
    moral issues that Break Gods Heart first, which leads me to a question.
    In regards to the prophesy you gave, it was conditional upon unity ,
    how does The Lord define unity in this case, does it require every
    Christian or every denominational leader or some Christians or some
    denominations or just those of us within your sphere of influence i.e..
    those of us that heard the prophesy?

    I feel it is more important than ever to Rise Up and Catch The Fire and
    pray for our Nation and the people in Government that they would be
    convicted of their sin and repent an be saved so that they will govern
    according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Keep inspiring us Pastor

    Yours in Christ
    Barry & Roslyn
    CTF reps Corryong

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