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Danny NalliahBy Ps Danny of Catch the Fire Ministries

Dear Family in Christ,

I am just back in my office after 5 days of ministry in Western Australia. Sorry for the delay in bringing out this email.

We at Catch the Fire Ministries congratulate Prime Minister elect Kevin Rudd and the Labor party for winning the election. We will pray for the elected government, as instructed in the Word of God. “I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone-for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.” (1 Timothy 2:1-4)

I would like to thank every one who took the time to write me emails, letters and send messages to the office of Catch the Fire Minstries. Due to the high volume of emails we continue to receive, we’re unable to personally respond to each one, but hope that this message will help you in better understanding the results of the Election 2007.

Of course, I’m well aware that there will always be some people who will not agree with whatever I say, and I uphold your right to do so. However, the Lord has developed broad shoulders in me to cop quite a bit of flak. If I couldn’t stand tall through the fiery storm of accusation, criticism and persecution, I would not be able to do what I have been doing for the advancement of the Kingdom of God across our nation of Australia. “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in Heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” (Matthew 5:10-12)

Personally, the weekend of the election was one of the worst weekends in my life. On Saturday 24th November, as I was just about to minister at a combined churches service in Albany, Western Australia, I received the shocking news from my wife that John Howard had lost the election. She also told me that upon receiving a telephone call from Sri Lanka, she heard that her father was rushed to the hospital with heart failure. Since I was away from my home at the time, it was really difficult for us as a family. As Bible believing Christians who struggle not against flesh and blood, but wrestle against principalities and powers of spiritual darkness (Ephesians 6:10-20), we all know that our adversary satan waits for the opportune time to attack. “Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of suffering.” (1 Peter 5:8-9)

Immediately I said, “Lord, what’s happening?? How can I even rise up and preach Your Word?” But praise Almighty God, as we prayed together for my father-in-law, the Spirit of the Lord strengthened me to rise up and preach the Word of God. That night he miraculously recovered and is now doing very well. Glory to God!

After ministering to the people of God on Saturday night, I struggled to fall asleep in my motel room in Albany, Western Australia, as I was all alone, in tears and feeling very sad for most of the night. I kept asking the Lord, “DID I GET IT WRONG???”

Around 5.00 am on Sunday morning, I begin to hear the voice of God say, “Why are you so downcast, rise up and fight. The word you received was from Me. Did not I confirm it through many of My servants? I promised My children, through my servant Moses, that they would enter the promise land when they left Egypt. However, they rebelled against Me and My servant, consequently spending 40 years wandering in the wilderness. During this time My servant Moses went through much ridicule and mocking from My own people, with many saying that they should have stayed back in Egypt.” (Read Numbers 14:1-5)

At this point I said, “Lord, why is it when the Body of Christ comes together to pray for rain, You answer our prayers so quickly?” The words from the Lord came to me, “For My people are united when they pray for rain.” At this moment I felt so prompted to read the prophetic word from the Lord regarding the election that I released on 11th August 2007.

As I begin reading the prophetic word from the Lord, I was greatly stirred in my spirit to read the following words that I had stated, “I will boldly declare that PM John Howard will be re-elected in the Nov election – ‘IF THE BODY OF CHRIST UNITES IN PRAYER AND ACTION.’
Again I heard the voice of the Lord, “For My people were not united in prayer and action for this election. If they were, they would have experienced spiritual revival under My freedom reigning in this nation, but now My people have chosen another way. They have not voted for My will, but for self gain and personal change.”

At the beginning of the court case 5 years ago, some Christian brothers told me, “You will never win this case, just apologize and settle it.” Then when I lost the case in Tribunal, they were quick to criticize me, “Did we not tell you? At least now apologize and settle it.” I told them, “We only lost this present battle, but we will win the war in the Name of Jesus.”

5 years later the court case ended successfully with the Supreme Court clearing us of any wrong doing.  We praise the Lord for this tremendous victory for His people and the Kingdom of God, in protecting Australia’s Judeo-Christian heritage, maintaining freedom of speech and proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Victoria and across our nation.  Now, many of my former critics say, “We thank God you stood your ground and did not back off.”

I believe we as the Body of Christ in Australia have just lost a spiritual battle (Election 2007), but we will definitely win the spiritual war in the Name of Jesus!

In the Bible, the Israelites (Old Covenant People of God) wandered in the wilderness for 40 years due to disobeying the voice of the Lord God through His prophetic servant Moses, and consequently their generation did not enter the promise land flowing with milk and honey that the Lord had prepared for them. “In spite of this, you did not trust in the Lord your God, who went ahead of you on your journey, in fire by night and in a cloud by day, to search out places for you to camp and to show you the way to go.” (Deuteronomy 1:32-33) Did Moses, the prophetic servant of the Lord, hear accurately from Almighty God? YES! Did the children of God (Israelites) disobey the word and voice of the Lord God?- YES!

I do not know how long it will take for the Church in Australia to see God’s prophetic promises fulfilled for this Great South Land, but we must persist in united prayer and corporate repentance, rising up and fighting in the Spirit, as we continue to boldly proclaim the will and Word of God.

Over the past few days I have received many telephone calls from many Pastors and Believers in Christ from across the country. They told me, “Pastor Danny, you have warned the people of God (Body of Christ) very clearly of the dangers we will face as the Church in Australia. You have done your part.” (Read Ezekiel 3)  I feel that a weight has lifted off my shoulders as I have obeyed what the Lord instructed me to do regarding the Election 2007.

The level of disunity in the Body of Christ was very clear to me closing in on election day. I received emails and messages from many professing Christians who were voting for Labor and the Greens. I just could not understand how they could do that, as their vote could be a vote to change existing laws to give greater rights to same sex-couples, legalise Abortion on demand (up to birth), introduce Federal Vilification Laws (eliminating freedom of speech), stop Prayer in Parliament, force Christian schools to employ homosexual teachers under Anti-Discrimination Laws, and the list goes on and on.
Just for your information, the Labor Government refused to preference the Family First Party, and did all its preferences with the Greens. Now both Labor and the Greens are in bed together. DID YOU VOTE THEM IN????
I hope and pray that we will not take our nation back to Egypt.
At this point I want to caution you, prayerfully watch out for Christian Leaders who support unscriptural, ungodly, and evil legislations as mentioned above, by stating, “We cannot stop them so let’s counter propose by giving them 20-30% of what they ask, giving it a different category or name.” (Read 2 Timothy 3:1-5)

Then these so called Christian Leaders will gloat, “Oh we got a win.” No, you did not! You just willingly approved a part of what is evil in the site of an Almighty, Righteous and Holy God.  The ‘USER  and SEEKER FRIENDLY’ church will continue to tell people what they like to hear rather than what they need to hear.

It’s not about how much prosperity and success we experience on earth by compromising the WORD of God. It is about standing your ground for the Righteousness, Justice and Truth of the WORD of God.  Just because 100 Bishops come together to legalise Homosexual Priests, does not change or alter the WORD of God. His WORD stands forever and ever. (Read Hebrews 4:12-13)

I urge all Bible-believing Christians to watch out and unceasingly pray against the enemy’s strategies, for in the days ahead there will be many wolves in sheep’s clothing, deceiving many in the church. They are from within the church and could even be some very prominent Christian Leaders. (Read 2 Peter Ch. 2)
I do not look for my reputation amongst man, but from Almighty God, and will continue to prayerfully seek our Heavenly Father’s perfect will for our nation of Australia.

In His Grace, Mercy, and Love, Ps. Danny Nalliah

63 Responses to “Election 2007 – Did I get it wrong?”

  1. 1 Bryan

    Hello Pastor Danny,

    Thank you for the explaination. But why are you so frightened by the ALP win?

    I am a Christian – and I don’t believe I have to be Right-Wing to be so. I probably did not vote the way you did. Does this mean, in your mind, that I am not a listening, committed Christian.

    I have close connections with your home country Sri Lanka. And I have seen what awful things happen in that nation when the Buddhists try to be involved in politics.

    You claim that your prophecy regarding John Howard being elected was stymied by the Christians who did not agree with you. Were they not listening to God?

    It is right that we test prophecy. I am sure you agree. Do you know that many Christians and Christian leaders in this nation were praying for an end to dishonest government and trusted that God would work through Kevin Rudd, another Christian?

    Are we wrong and you are right? Have you seriously searched your heart about this?

  2. 2 Ps Mike

    I’m with you Pastor Danny and praying for you
    Ps Mike

  3. 3 Carol Davie

    I couldn’t agree more with what you have said. I was devastated at the result but God said to me that He hasn’t finished with this situation yet. Also many sincere brothers and sisters in Christ did vote for labor and the Greens without looking and discerning what they truly stand for. This is a time to pray not criticise one another.
    Carol Davie

  4. 4 Aurora

    Pastor Danny, I felt as devastated as you did and have been walking around feeling heavy ever since. Your message here is right on. God moves on behalf of His people and if half of them are praying against His will, of course we cannot expect the power needed to bring the result we need.
    Apparently a psychic predicted a Rudd win. That alone tells me what Rudd is about and that I don’t want to be on side with these occult voices. I believe that God can bring good out of this and often the church grows faster when it is out of favour with the ruling political powers. We need to pray that the true church will rise up and be strong in the face of the dark hours ahead of us.

  5. 5 Rod

    I thought the correct answer was YES I did get it wrong!!!

    However you won’t publish any comments that differ from your point of view.

    Thank God that His wisdom is greater than your’s. I will pray for you.

  6. 6 Doug and Melissa

    Bless you Danny,keep fighting the good fight!

  7. 7 David Lee


  8. 8 Brendan Willis

    I know the Lord has plans for good for all who follow his word and accept his son Jesus. You spoke at my church and I believe your prophesy extended to Peter Costello. Could you please comment.

    Also you published on your website a prophesy of Kenneth Copeland:

    “God’s man in Australia stood up and publicly declared Australia a Christian nation! ‘If you want to come here and join us in our Christian faith you are welcome here but don’t think you can come in here and try and force some other religion here on us and don’t think you are going to tell us how to believe God and who we are going to worship.’ He publicly did that,

    now this is no time for that man to be defeated. Well he’s not going to be. Amen.

    He is Lord to the glory of God the Father. He is Lord to the glory of God the Father. He is Lord over Australia! It has been announced! Amen.”

    It would appear this prophesy was false? Could you please comment.

  9. 9 Richard Mackenzie


    Many people from a number of Churches were gathering over a period of time and praying taht “God’s will would be done at this election”.

    Does God not place any value on our prayers?

  10. 10 Ken & Adrianne

    Thank you Pastor Danny for your communication. We do appreciate it. We too, were in turmoil temporarily, very disappointed and almost physically ill at the results after effort put into prayer and fasting. Never before had there been such prayer etc together with the solemn assembly etc.also. Mr Howard got in ok last time without so much prayer. However, perhaps he did not heed as he could have apart from the church pulling its weight. We were spoken to through Judges 20 in that there must be determination that the battle must continue, regardless of the defeats, for in this passage the Lord says go up, but they were slaughtered – and yet they came together as one nation – almost – at the time. Later you find they were not all together – there were still those who were not with them in chapter 21. But God gave them victory regardless – the third time. We also had a dream of 3 snakes which looked fierce but were easily destroyed. So, we continue to pray the prayers we were supplied with before the election, but must now pray them in the context of what the Lord will do. He is the God of miracles. This will be harder for us to see Him able to move yet, He is able. We thank you for the direction you provided at such a time. It was greatly appreciated. Sincerely in the Lord, Ken & Adrianne

  11. 11 Allen Moore

    Thanks Pastor Danny – it is very helpful to have read your reflection, sadly, it does ring true – we Christians were not united in this election….

    I am glad to hear that you have been encouraged by the Lord in respect of your original statement …. you did not get it wrong….. we the body of Christ did – oh for ears that will listen.



  12. 12 Dallas & Janine

    Hello Danny,

    Thankyou for your email, Dallas and I were very disappointed in the election results too, your email of the history of the Israelities helps to understand where we ( Australia) is at,at this present moment. We will continue to pray and uphold the name of the Lord.

    God Bless and continue your faithfull walk with the Lord. kind regards Dallas and Janine

  13. 13 David

    Mate i don’t care if u got it right or wrong making im just impressed by backing what u believe god told u to do and following through knowing full well what ever u said prophetically on the election it would stir controversy and u would cop persecution for it. I voted for Rudd and i received a dream last night which i think confirms to me maybe i didn’t obey what he said about who was meant to be elected.
    Don’t stop prophesying and making bold proclamations david

  14. 14 Daniel

    Dear Danny Nalliah
    Thankyou for the work you are doing in the Kingdom of God.
    Thankyou for your boldness to step out in prophetic.
    Thankyou for standing strong( in the face of those in the body of Christ who lack wisdom and understanding )

  15. 15 Robyn

    Dear Pastor Danny
    Romans 15:13
    “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit”.
    Thankyou O servant of the Most High God.
    I don’t believe you got it wrong. I’ve never heard God say “oops”. It is time for the church to rise up.
    God bless you and your family.
    Yours in Christian love, Robyn

  16. 16 Barbara

    Dear Pastor Danny,
    Thank you for the email. Yes, I also had a terrible night after the election. I have been waiting to hear from you and I am encouraged by what you have said.
    I have actually been telling Christians that now the Christians will have to get up off their buts and do something.
    But deep down I have been wondering what had gone wrong when we had been praying so faithfully for the election.
    The answer is in your email.
    I am astounded that Christians could not see through the promises of the Labour Party. That they could not see where it was all heading. That they could vote in the Greens.

    You are overloaded with emails at this time so I will finish here. Thank you for the time and effort you spent in writing that email.
    May God bless you and your family. Barbara

  17. 17 Marg

    Dear Pastor Danny, I couldnt agree more, I believe you are absolutely right with what you say below…I felt like I had been “socked in the belly” when I heard the election results…
    I dont know that Im very prophetic but I thank God for what you and Daniel Scot have stood for… against the forces of darkness… on behalf of the people of Australia. I was present in Canberra thro an amazing series of events…
    I saw your prophecy and I knew in my spirit that it was from God….(re the election). Yes we, as christians failed to unite…”.Where bretheren dwell together in unity there the Lord commands the blessing….”
    I think we actually are going to experience some things that we need not have endured… ( like the 40 years in the wilderness.. due to the idolitary etc.. .. reminds me too ” oh foolish Galations.. who has bewitched you”…)
    I also really feel deeply for John Howard,.
    Hes a good man,a righteous man, and if I could I would have contacted him to THANK him for all the years of service hes given this country…. He should not have been defeated…..He needs our prayers too.
    Thank you for ALL that you have done…..( We need to keep fighting!), Blessings Marg

  18. 18 Heather

    Dear Danny,
    Thankyou for your email; I’ve been wondering what you will have understood as you’ve come before God regarding the election outcome.
    In the months before Kevin Rudd was considering standing for Labour party leadership but then deferred to Kim Beasley, I had started to take notice of him and I was impressed by his manner and forthright speaking. I was thus pleased when he was elected to the leadership. However, something changed in the months preceding the official campaign and I began seeking God as to why I felt a caution in my heart regarding him as a potential leader. This is what I understood, “He will say or do anything to gain power.” I began to understand more about what was going on then and was praying as I thought was appropriate. Someone could say wouldn’t most politicians say or do anything to gain power? The issue I see with that is that Kevin Rudd claims to be a Christian so therein lays the problem. I actually sent him an email stating that I wasn’t going to vote for him and why. The response I received about 2-3 months later was obviously from his staff and was a less than satisfactory reply in effect being a newspaper “cut and paste” job.
    All that being said I agreed with your sentiment that we need to pray for Mr Rudd in the way that the Holy Spirit inspires us to do so.
    May God continue to bless you with courage, perseverance, joy and peace.


  19. 19 Hilary

    Dear Ps. Danny,
    Thank God your father in laws health has improved….I feel for you very much and have been praying for you through this time…..Thankyou so much for sending out this wise response… totally confirms what I felt the Lord has said to me…we must pray for the new government….The Lord said to me the problem is the state of the hearts & the sin of His people who are blinded and have voted foolishly, so the Lord will have to allow the people to learn the hard way & to actually have to wake up by personal suffering & experience….
    I too and many ohters I have spoken to suffered greatly on that first night really struggling with the Lord…and on Sunday night, the Lord lead me to Jn 11 and the Lazarus story, yet again……and highlighted the phrase…..those who believe will see my glory….Yes Jesus, we do believe you and we will see you glory her in this land, one way or another!
    I will take this message to our RUA meeting tomorrow night for us to pray through,
    May the Lord bless you and keep you and cause His face to smile upon you, may He be gracious to you and give you favour and grant you and your family deep peace IN HIM.
    In Christ’s love, Hilary

  20. 20 John & Christine

    Dear Pastor Danny Nalliah,
    Thank you so much for your E-mail, and I just wanted to say how it impacted my thoughts over the election outcome.
    We supported CDP and preference to John Howard , spent the day manning the booth and scrutinising at the end of the day.It was our joy to serve the Lord in this way.Like you, could not make sense of the end results. But I still know God is in control, and we want you to know that we support all that you are doing for our Nation and we take heed to God’s warning to pray against the enemy’s strategies. God bless you and we uphold you and your family daily.
    John and Christine

  21. 21 Ray

    God bless u Pastor Danny and team! Ray

  22. 22 Anon

    Keep up the Good Work !
    Do not be dissuaded.

  23. 23 Trisha

    Hi Danny,

    Well said! I agree with what you have said, and I must admit when I heard the news of Labor’s victory, I was led to read from Lamentations. I believe God was grieving as I was. So were other chrisitans.
    As Jesus said to his disciples, you will mourn while the world rejoices but the time will come when you will rejoice. We lost this one, but who knows what is up ahead.


  24. 24 Glenda

    Dear Pastor Danny and your support team
    Thank you for rising up and being bold in the Name of Jesus. I was thrilled to see you declare our land is suffering because of SIN – thrilled because I believe you to be right. To us Christians it is obvious but the World thinks us crazy to suggest this. Each day we see the sin increasing before our very eyes.
    Yes, it was a sad day when our Liberal Government with Mr John Howard was voted out of parliament. Please continue being bold and exerting us out-in-the-worldly sphere to seek Gods way of being and doing right. Then we shall see victory in our land.
    I will include you in my prayers for strength, boldness, peace and joy. I pray God will continue to bless you richly.

  25. 25 Matt

    I receive your word as from Jesus Himself, we must stand for Righteousness regardless of the cost… On with the Revolution!


  26. 26 Cindy

    Blessings in Jesus’ Name…greetings to you, your family, Danny & all your team in Vic….

    My name is Cindy.

    I don’t know if you remember me, I met you at the “Prayer Weekend”, & you also met and prayed for my youngest son.

    Well, anyway I wanted to share with you all, a conversation the Lord had with me…on Sunday the 25/11/07.

    I had not heard who had won the election yet, I went off to Church and was having a blast in Praise & Worship. Then my Pastor gets up and halts the Praise & Worship and says there’s some prayer points to address, at the end of this he adds a prayer for Father God to guide the new Government i.e.; Kevin Rudd. Then we went back into Praise & Worship…well, I’m going to be totally real with you; my head spun, then I felt a bit light headed & numb, and I said: “Father why?”, I think I said this a few times in my mind to the Lord…I couldn’t grasp it.

    Then the Lord spoke to me in a firm yet gentle voice: ” Who are you to question the Father?…His Will is His Own, it is up to you to follow it, not to question it”. “Daughter you have followed it as have others of His Children, though many of His Children did not.”

    Jason, now I understand…I was grieving for Australia, (& even though I feel sadness about it, I feel in one sense at peace, and in the other sense so very deeply sad…it is the Father’s Heart I grieve for now). I feel at peace because I know I have followed my Master’s Will./However, I feel such a sadness & heaviness in my heart of hearts…indeed my very soul is sad because the Father’s Great Heart is overflowing in sadness because His beloved Children have not heard His Voice, they did not listen, they followed their own will instead of their Father’s Will. Father God spoke through His most faithful servant Danny, He spoke His Words through the mouth of His prophet…the whole nation, (world even) was witness to this, now those who aren’t of the Heavenly Kingdom can’t be expected to grasp these things, of cause they would scoff and scoff they did. However those who are of the Heavenly Kingdom were meant to hear and obey their Father’s Will, but not all did.

    The Father did not ask His Children for much, not as much as His has asked of others; He did not ask us to be imprisoned for this election/He did not ask us to give our life for this election/No, all He asked was that we follow His Will (He wasn’t taking our freedom of choice He would never do that, He gave us a choice: Follow His Will/Don’t follow His Will)…it was all very simple what He was asking His people.

    We as the Father’s Children were meant to stand in the gap for those who don’t know Him.

    Pst. Jason, I want to thank you and Pst. Danny & the other two Danny’s, and your families, and all the team for your continual obedience unto Father God, for he used you (the things you talked about re: the election at the prayer weekend) to help bring me to a place where He could reason with me.

    He has used you all for many others of His Children as well.

    I know you all must be feeling terribly discouraged at the moment…however, you must also rejoice for when your Heavenly Father Spoke; you listened. When He said follow My Will; you followed. The Lord said:” My Sheep know My Voice, and they will follow Me”.

    I know you are all seasoned servants of The Most High God, however please do not allow the enemy to gain a foothold with any of you…do not allow yourselves to question yourselves, because you know in your heart of hearts that you have all been faithful servants, and have done and are doing all that your Father in Heaven requires of you.

    May our Loving Father in Heaven give to each of you and your families the peace that transcends all understanding that flows from His Throne. May He drench you all inside and out with the Fire of the Holy Spirit, may He also guard each of you and your families with Warrior Angles and Angles of Protection. May He put a thick covering of the Blood of Jesus around your minds and your spirit man…in the Name above all Names; Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I claim and pray this for all of you…Amen.

  27. 27 Jill

    Dear Danny,
    I have no doubt at all that you, like the rest of us, are feeling pretty devastated by the national events of the weekend. I just want to take this opportunity to build you up when the enemy will be trying to cut you down.

    I truly believe that you are a gift of God to this nation. You have risen up with an uncompromising love and obedience to the Lord that I have not seen in this nation in my lifetime. As such you are an inspiration to me and to many others. I admire your boldness and your commitment to Australia, especially since you were not born here. We Aussies need shaking up and the church needs leadership such as you have displayed.

    You are really a people-person and your love for the lost and for those around you is tangible. You demonstrate the love of Jesus in action, not only in words.

    The church in Australia is in desperate need of prophets and apostles and I believe the Lord has raised you up for such a time as this. You are the first leader whom God has been able to use to speak in such a way to the governmental leaders of this nation and to bring unity across the denominations. The enemy of course hates this and want to get rid of you, but He will not succeed.

    In my quiet time this morning, the Lord took me to Exodus 14, where GOD lead the Israelites through Moses into a certain corner where there was no escape. The Egyptians clapped their hands as they thought the Israelites had been delivered into their hands. The Israelites wanted to go back and serve the Egyptians again. The Lord was, however, setting up a trap for the EGYPTIANS and a miraculous escape for the Israelites according to His purposes, so that all the nations would fear the Lord and His people. The word for Moses was “Why are you crying out to me? Tell the people to GO FORWARD” (verse 15). I feel this is a word for you and for us. We are to GO FORWARD, not look back and God will open up the sea, lead us through and devour the enemy, even though it doesn’t look like that at the moment.

    The people have demanded a king and God has given us one (I Sam 8). You, the prophet, has faithfully warned the nation, but God is preparing David, even while Saul is in power.

    I am looking forward to what you have to say on Wednesday. May God lead you in His wisdom and understanding in these days and have mercy on our nation.

    God bless you and your family. Shalom, JILL

  28. 28 Ian

    We love and respect you Pastor Danny


  29. 29 Dougy Nehru

    Keep on praying, Danny

    God bless!

  30. 30 Ps Bob Cotton

    Even if the truth is unpopular it is still the truth –

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    I want to encourage you to keep declaring the truth according to God’s Word regardless of how it is received.

    I noted that when you declared what the Lord had told you, you included the word “IF”. While some would see this as a disclaimer for you to dodge criticism should the prophetic word not come to pass – the “IF” is meant to be an encouragement & motivation to the Church. 2 Chron 7:14 is an example of this type of condition. “IF my people….. etc”. Obviously, the condition was not met.

    One of the Father’s criticisms of the Old Testament priests was that they did not teach the people how to choose between the clean & unclean, the holy & the common nor did they dress the wounds of the people according to their severity but declared “peace, peace” when there was no peace. When the truth became offensive or unpopular, at times they chose to offend God rather than offend the people & it seems that nothing much has changed over the ages.

    Brother, you however, have boldly declared the difference between right & wrong in obedience to Scripture. We are told to have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness but rather expose them (Eph 5:11) & this you have faithfully done. Unfortunately, when declaring the truth is uncomfortable many “leaders” either go quiet or ignore & cover up and as a result, the Church suffers.

    We should not be too surprised for the Bible is clear that in the last days people will not put up with sound doctrine & they will find preachers who will tell them exactly what they want to hear much the same as the false prophets and corrupt priests comforted wayward Israel by “whitewashing walls” & declaring “peace, peace” when there was no peace between them & God. The result is an apathetic, compromised “church” that arrogantly thinks it is rich and needs nothing but, in reality, is poor, naked & blind, having a reputation for being alive when really quite dead. Nothing more than salt without savour.

    Much of today’s modern church is more concerned with lifestyle, money, pleasing man rather than pleasing God, outward appearances, being politically correct & not rocking the boat. Little wonder Jesus and the Apostles spoke/wrote so much about deception in the end times and all the trappings that go with it such as false prophets, blind guides, doctrines of devils, heresies, other gospels, hirelings, lovers of money & pleasure, servants of mammon, wolves in sheep’s clothing etc.

    I cannot remember an election where it has been easier for a Christian to make an informed vote relative to matters of righteousness. Information such as the Christian values checklist made it a “no-brainer”. Even if one understood nothing of politics “right” & “wrong” were clearly identified & the choice should have been simple. How can a Christian cast a vote in the direction of candidates (or those supported by the preferences of candidates) who support what the Scriptures so clearly condemn? Many within the Church have sown a vote that may well return a harvest of unrighteous legislation, loss of religious freedom & even persecution.

    In my opinion, this election was cross road for the Church. We had a choice, there was an “IF” factor and I believe that we missed it. A man of God once told me that Australia was going to see a great move of the Spirit of God & it would happen either under blessing or under persecution. The move of God will come regardless but the circumstances under which it comes would be up to the Church. Perhaps we have chosen.

    May the Lord bless you,

    Pastor Bob Cotton

  31. 31 Andrew & Jeanette

    Praise God for you Pastor Danny!. Thank you for upholding the truth of our Almighty God in the presence of His people. May God redeem His bride in Australia to the glory of Jesus!

    Andrew & Jeanette

  32. 32 Margaret

    Dear Pastor Danny

    Just to encourage you. You did not get the prophecy wrong. Most of us so called “Chiristians” are asleep and do not know what is going on around us (nevermind in the Government of our country) It is time for us to wake up and look around. The Lord may have to let us suffer a little before we see we have made a BIG mistake in voting in the wrong government and not praying enough for the elections. I cannot understand why so many christians are so shortsighted and so uninformed. Someone we know voted for the ALP simply because “they help the poor”!!

    When I heard that the ALP had won the election I was very sad and I too asked myself was your prophecy wrong and very quickly got the answer by remembering what God had said in the prophecy about praying. We have not been united in our prayers because we all do not see thinks in the true light. May God help us.

    I pray that God will encourage you and give you more courage and more boldness to keep standing up for what is right.

    God bless you

  33. 33 Sandy

    Hi Jason,
    Not sure if you meant me to resend the original comment which was taken off your site which I originally wrote to about?? If so I didn’t save a copy as I am not that computer literate, just commented on the site under “Another prophecy regarding the election” about the prophecies by Karen Hetherington and Kenneth Copeland….I just really wanted some insight from people I respect and the basic gist was this (I don’t care if others see it, was just hoping for some understanding from you guys)….”In view of the last devastating 24 hours with the defeat of the government and John Howard set to lose his seat of Bennelong what are we to make of the prophecies of Karen Hetherington and Kenneth Copeland? They are very specific and I am wondering how to understand them. I truly believed the Howard government was meant to be returned and I am in absolute grief and mourning over the outcome. Where were God’s people standing in the gap for our nation and for those who did along with myself what went wrong? We have opened a gate of unrighteousness and I fear for our land with a government who does not believe in prayer in parliament, where 50% of its members refuse to swear allegiance to the bible and who advocate abortion on demand, euthanasia and recognition of same sex relationships. I would appreciate some insight into this as I myself also seek the Lord…” those are not the exact words and I probably left out some of it, but that was the basic content of the email comment….thank you, Sandy A.

  34. 34 Pastor Wayne

    Hi Ps Danny

    Keep up the good work dear brother and may Gods blessing be with you and His peace you have a good heart and so lets continue to press forward for our Master and Lord Jesus keep seeking the Lord for our nation and thanks again for the email may we all catch the fire of His presence.

    Ps Wayne

  35. 35 Andrew

    Thank you Ps Danny

    I have been eagerly awaiting your email about the election and I thank you for your response.

    A while ago, before I knew of your election prophecy I had a vision of John Howard standing defeated he was a broken man in my vision weeping and worn out. It then troubled me because of what your prophecy had declared, I thought how could 2 opposite things come from the same source of eternal truth?

    After you had pointed out that the lack of unity in the Body was the cause for Labor’s win (and many other problems we are facing) it brought a sense of peace(knowing that this vision was correct and from our Lord) and sadness too for I had wanted the Liberal party to win also. Your email also brought a sense of conviction while I was reading in regards to my sloth and lack of concern for serious matters in the Body.

    I pray you be encouraged by our Lord for I know he is doing a work among those who love Him, I have felt his Spirit moving in my life and seen and heard the same from others in my area (Cessnock, NSW) There is much division in the Body here, it doesnt try to disguise itself at all, a friend even said that many people have “out-grown” their pastors.

    I want to stand and make a change in this place because it is all backward, once again thank you and I pray you enter into the secret place as much as you can

    Regards, Honour and Love Andrew

  36. 36 Kim

    Dear Pastor Danny
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for your email. I, too, had one of the worst times in my life after the devastating news of this election. This week has been dreadful. My health has been attacked big time and, for the life of me, I could not understand WHY Christians could vote Labor and Greens. Your email has greatly encouraged me, THANK YOU!
    With love to all your family and team. Kim

  37. 37 Greg & Judy

    Thank you Danny for continuing to be the man of God we know!

    God will continue to bless & guide you.

    In His amazing grace, Greg & Judy

  38. 38 Anonymous

    Dear Pastor Danny,
    Sorry and gladdened about your father in law and the strength you showed in preaching to the people of Albany. The word of God is true and correct
    Things will come against to help us to rise above the devil and become stronger in the Lord God as you have shown many times.
    As to your question did I vote them in no I personally didn’t, I advised people who would listen and my children to vote family first so as not to go down the road of lust and lies in human nature so called…. My children listened but most others didn’t, while handing out how to vote cards for family first only over a period of 2 hours 2 people only asked for family first the rest graciously took all information handed to them.
    Sadly we now have a party that tends to sway against biblical values and advise, but like the good book says it is our job as believers to continue to pray for the government elect and let the Lord God Jesus stir their waters and relies their ways, not to implement change that will bring the Christians
    Down as God the Almighty will not allow this to happen and bad times will fall upon them in sickness and decease. These are strong words but the bible is clear continue your ways and these things will fall upon you, anyway , Pastor Danny the Lord is in control he knows the path we follow and may blessings, signs and wanders continue to follow you in the good works that you do in the name of our Lord God Jesus bless you and your family today and always…….

    Yours in Christ Sharon South Australia

    You are a true servant of the Lord God Jesus……..Always in my prayers and thoughts the struggles that you and yours have faced – God Bless Always

  39. 39 Peter Miles

    Pastor Danny and brothers and sisters,
    We can be thankful for the past 11 years of John Howard’s government. However, let us not be too discouraged by the results of this election. After all we live in a democracy and the majority of people voted for Kevin Rudd. God does not over ride people’s free will. Australians, though, will have to bear the consequences of that decision. Perhaps we have put too much confidence in a man (John Howard) when we ought to be seeking the power of the Holy Spirit in us, God’s people. The experience of the church in China shows that, despite 60 years of persecution, the church has not only survived but grown so that, proportionally, there are as many or more Christians than in Australia. So it seems in times of darkness and adversity, there is an opportunity for God’s people to shine brightest.

  40. 40 Vani Houghton

    Dear Ps Danny
    The battle is the LORD’s!
    It is not finished yet!
    Amen and Praise the LORD!
    May God arise and His enemies be scattered!

  41. 41 Malcolm McCaskill


    Thankyou for being bold to declare God’s word on the election on your website, and the update on why we didn’t get God’s best. Prior to checking out your website in the week before the election, I was looking forward to the changes Labour government would bring.

    Some months before the election I talked with a spirit-filled pastor who has a lot of contact with parliamentarians in Canberra. Not long beforehand he had been phoned up by Kevin Rudd asking for prayer. It wasn’t my place to ask more, but the pastor volunteered that Kevin Rudd was unequally yoked to Julia Gillard. She represents the socialist left wing of the Labour Party. While not electable in her own right as a Prime Minister, I expect she will use her anti-Christian influence as Jezebel did through Ahab.

    Kevin Rudd really needs our prayers, to stand up against ungodly influences of the Socialist Left. We can be glad that Kevin Rudd is a Christian, and willing to seek advice and prayer from charismatic pastors. Within the Labour Party he can’t be as open about his faith as in the Liberal Party. (Like Tony Blair in the British labour Party). Anything that shows the size and influence of the Christian vote will help him in these internal party battles. That’s why I cast my vote with Family First.

  42. 42 Des & Christine Gibson

    Well done brave servant . When we heard your prophecy we thought it was good but we didn’t like our chances while the Church as a whole is so disorganised , poor in scriptural understanding and weak in prayer . We have had situations the same , where God made his will known but it went the other way because no one was listening or prophecies were misinterpreted through poor theology, or prayer was weak .
    You were obedient , that was the main thing . Now we must bear the consequences of this decision as a nation . Things will have to get worse and the Church stronger before we can start to turn it around .
    May the Lord be with you and your helpers .

  43. 43 Noel

    This is from another Pastor,

    I preached a very interesting sermon on Sunday in Romans – what Paul is saying about people in government and how Christians have to obey them.

    As for me Howard or Rudd or whoeverelse – I will honour. Only if I am asked to do something against the Word of God – then I will stand for God. If not for other issues – we are supposed to pray for the evil and God will heal our land.

    For prophecy – in regard to Election etc – we should be careful. As the Bible says, anyone in rule is ordained by God and appointed by Him for a season or many seasons.

  44. 44 A Friend

    Dear Pastor Danny
    Thank you for boldly speaking the prophetic words the Lord gave.
    Some people may not be aware that prophecy is conditional: upon both prayer and obedience.
    As well we see in 1Tim 1:18 Paul urged Timothy to ‘wage a good warfare according to the prophecies spoken over you’. This is also a condition for the fulfillment of prophecy. We are in a war: the battles must be first won in the heavenlies.
    Although many faithful people were praying (and fasting) it is clear that we need a major arising in intercession and warfare if we are to win future battles.
    Blessings to you, your family and your team.

  45. 45 Rachel

    Dear Danny,

    I too was devastated by the results of the election last weekend especially when I read your prophesy and had been praying for John Howard. Many thanks that you were willing to speak out what God had told you. However as you say many Christians were deceived by Labours promises and as far as I am concerned a vote for Labour was a vote for the Greens who have many anti-Christian policies. I will continue to pray for you and for this great nation of ours but thank you for standing up for what you believe in and may our God reign supreme.

  46. 46 Jinty

    Christians WERE united and prayed that God’s will be done at the election. I did not vote labour, however, I believe God’s will has been done as we prayed. Now I will pray for our new government that the Lord will have His way. There are christians in every party – we don’t have to vote liberal for Gods will to be done. He is above politics!!

  47. 47 James Garth

    Dear Pastor Nalliah, and to all readers of this website.

    I write this message as a fellow Christian, and a fellow believer in charismatic gifts and of the relevance of the living prophetic word in the life of the church today. I am encouraged by the fact that there are fellow Christians who believe that God wishes to pour out His spirit on this nation of Australia, and appreciate the efforts your ministry has made in moving forward with such passion and enthusiasm in your quest to see this vision become reality.

    Danny, your recent prophecy predicting a Howard landslide victory in the 2007 Federal Election, and the claiming of Peter Costello as ‘God’s anointed’ PM has caused me great concern over recent weeks.

    You spoke with such authority on this matter, and invoked the name of God in such a way, and with such specific detail, that I sat up and took notice when I came across this prophecy while visiting the ‘Crikey’ website. At the time, I was not certain whether or not events would transpire as you suggested, and awaited the outcome of the election with considerable interest.

    When it transpired that your prophetic words were off the mark – twice, it would seem, I felt sad for you, and expected to hear an interesting response on your website; perhaps some words of humility and a commitment to be more cautious in the future when making such statements.

    However, having read your response, and the comments of your supporters on the forum, I fear that there is a real sense of ‘denial’ going on, and that lots of words are being written which are what itching ears are willing to hear, rather than words of truth and advice which needs to be advanced at such a time.

    Danny, when you speak in such a way and claim prophetic insights which then fail to occur, you risk driving a wedge between Christians and those who are unbelievers, or even curious seekers, and provide fuel which opens up the prophetic gift to ridicule and mockery in the eyes of the world.

    As much as it pains me to say this, I believe in this case the prophetic word that you believe you heard may have been a manifestation of your own desires, rather than a genuine insight from God.

    I believe there is a hard and perhaps painful lesson that must be learned here; and that is that we must be exercise caution and humility when speaking in a prophetic manner.

    In fairness, I accept that in your response that you have invoked the sentence “IF THE BODY OF CHRIST UNITES IN PRAYER AND ACTION” as a kind of ‘escape clause’, implying that though God apparently desired the Coalition to be re-elected, Australians have now gone their own way and voted for ‘self gain and personal change.’

    But this raises another problem. Your words clearly imply that you believe that the Liberal party has earned God’s wholesale spiritual endorsement. I am also rather concerned about the language you use which frames the Election in spiritual terms, with the Liberals deemed to be the conduit of spiritual revival, and Labor and the Greens flagged as representatives of ‘the powers and principalities’ of darkness.

    You take great pains to mention (correctly) that the Labor party advocate many policies which seem to be troublesome to Christians, including:

    – Advocacy for same-sex couples
    – Liberal abortion laws
    – Support for Vilification laws (although Rudd seems open to advice on this matter)
    – Elimination of Prayer in Parliament (although this is more a bastion of Democrat and Greens policy)

    I agree that these issues should be of serious concern to Christian voters. However, you fail to mention the flipside, the fact that the former Coalition themselves held to a number of policies which should have been of equal concern to followers of Jesus. These include:

    – Neglect of our responsibility to be responsible stewards of God’s creation (by not pursuing clean energy as means to mitigate climate change)
    – A policy towards asylum seekers which runs counter to Bible’s commandments to care for the widow and the fatherless (“As you have done to the least of these – so you have done to Me.”)
    – Supporting treatment of enemy combatants which would classify as torture to most reasonable people, and denying natural justice to terrorist suspects. (Love your enemies, do good to those who persecute you.)
    – Not honoring our promise to commit 0.7% of GDP to the Millennium Development goals, aimed at alleviating poverty and hunger.

    From the above examples it seems clear to me that both parties have policy pros and cons, both require some measure of reform, and it should be clear that no party has a monopoly on God and can laim to be representing ‘Christian values’ across the whole ethical spectrum.

    There are committed Christians in all parties. From Kevin Rudd and Peter Garrett on the more progressive side, to Tony Abbott and Peter Costello on the more conservative end. I feel that we need to move beyond the notion of God endorsing a particular party, and instead encourage and exhort these Christians, and others, to work within their own parties to bring about reformational policy changes, across all political persuasions.

    As a constructive case, I refer you to the example of Bono, a modern day version of the prophet Micah, who sought out the influential leader Bill Hybells and passionately exhorted him to marshal his forces to join the fight against poverty, using the words of Christ to justify his case. This to me seems a great example of where people from different ends of the left/right political spectrum can come together for the purposes of Christ and the good of humanity.

    I wish you all the best for your ministry, and pray that you would treat this message in the spirit which it is intended (i.e. being constructive rather than judgmental). I simply urge you in the future to seek wise counsel from seasoned Christians (e.g. Tim Costello, George Pell, Peter Jensen) before making such prophetic proclamations. It may be especially helpful to seek out Christians who may have held differing viewpoints to you in the past to gain a fuller perspective.

    Yours in Christ, most respectfully,


  48. 48 Malcolm


    Thankyou for being bold to declare God’s word on the election on your website, and the update on why we didn’t get God’s best. Prior to checking out your website in the week before the election, I was looking forward to the changes Labour government would bring (but not casting my vote with them, and hoping Labour/Greens did not have control of the Senate).

    Some months before the election I talked with a spirit-filled pastor who has a lot of contact with parliamentarians in Canberra. Not long beforehand he had been phoned up by Kevin Rudd asking for prayer. It wasn’t my place to ask more, but the pastor volunteered that Kevin Rudd was unequally yoked to Julia Gillard. She represents the socialist left wing of the Labour Party. While not electable in her own right as a Prime Minister, I expect she will use her anti-Christian influence as Jezebel did through Ahab.

    Kevin Rudd really needs our prayers, to stand up against ungodly influences of the Socialist Left. We can be glad that Kevin Rudd is a Christian, and willing to seek advice and prayer from charismatic pastors. Within the Labour Party he can’t be as open about his faith as in the Liberal Party. (Like Tony Blair in the British labour Party). Anything that shows the size and influence of the Christian vote will help him in these internal party battles. That’s why I cast my vote with Family First.

    Now we have Julia Gillard as Education Minister, able to choose people aligned to her point of view to govern Commonwealth funding to independent schools (including Christian schools). Very little of this will go through cabinet, nor the Parliament, because it would be within her executive authority as Minister.

  49. 49 Mrs Hillary

    dear pastor danny, Thankyou so much for your faithfullness, your discernment and prophetic voice. I agree with every thing that y

    o u said about the election. there was no unity in the church on the issue of howard returning. May god forgive us for this sin. praying for you and your family.

  50. 50 Lynne & Peter

    Hello Pastor Danny & team!
    You guys are such a blessing!
    Thankyou for all the words from the Lord & prophetic declarations that have come out of your mouth & your spirit. You have heard very clearly from the Lord. I witnessed in my spirit every word that you declared to this land, & the fact that you prophesied it,means that it still resounds in the spiritual realms, & as you say, we will win the war because “greater is HE that is in us, than he that is in the world”. I had heard the Lord say a similar word to me, & like you was devastated, until God showed me that He is the Sovereign Lord, & can turn all things to good for His glory.Romans 8:28.
    Pastor Danny, you are truly the “Daniel Prophet” for these times in which we live. You are His voice to the nation, & we in Geelong thank the Lord for you. We continue to pray for you,& believe God will continue to raise up a voice in this land,that will call out believing prophetic prayer that will release a fire of the Lord, to liberate his purposes for this time in Australia! Thankyou & bless you, & give our love to your beautiful family who allow you to be the man of God for our country.

    Keep believing, & may God’s smile of favour & blessing be upon you,& your family.

    Lynne & Peter Geelong

  51. 51 Chris

    Please pass on my thanks to Pastor Danny for his uncompromising stand during the Federal Election.

    I am an ordinary house mum and wife who serves an amazing God.

    I determined to make my vote count and DID NOT vote Greens nor Labor.

    In His service Chris

  52. 52 Clare

    Thank you soooo much, Danny, dear servant of God, for this detailed explanation and your renewed and sustaining vision of truth.

    I could hardly sleep last Saturday night for anguish as to what was happening in the election. I saw the jubilation from the Labor camp as releasing a demonic flow over the country, a vicious rabble that had been waiting, scrapping behind the starting barriers, to burst out upon their legal release: the announcement of Labor victory. They knew they were about to get freedom. They had already cornered and achieved confusion in Howard who, not having enough knowledge or power through the Holy Spirit, had crumbled on some major as well as minor issues, providing further fuel for the blind amongst Christian brothers and sisters to vote against him.

    I saw it, with dismay, as the devil’s gazumping of God. I knew He could be gazumped, just as our all powerful God can be helpless: that is, when we, his children, make decisions that are not in his will! He will not over ride the free will he gave us but has to stand back and let one of his spiritual laws take effect: individual or corporate, decisions bring the same thing, we reap what we sow …

    Your explanation here about division in the body tells me more about the ways of God, and His dealing with his people in the 21st century (as of old!) that I was anxious to know in this particular instance.

    I was also relieved to hear your personal welfare was restored and intact in the wake of such a shattering experience. I could see you in Albany when you heard of the election result – I know the place well from my youth, having been born and spent the first 15 years of my life just north of there, in Mount Barker.

    So thank you and bless you.For this and all the other messages from CTF I received this morning.

    These days I meet with the Nelsons in Pambula, having recently left a church (with a proper and courteous farewell!) that was following the wrong track, not because of political beliefs only but for many reasons, mainly of deception.

    At the Nelsons, this email message of yours was read out in group and we prayed for you and the government situation. Long and hard.

    I look forward to seeing you at Aglow and other meetings in Merimbula next week, hearing your words from God and affirming you.

    Blessings, grace and mercy upon you, your family and Jason and other members of your faithful team, and travelling protection where ever you go.


  53. 53 James & Jenny

    Pastor Danny

    I want to thank you for the stand you took and continue to take in our nation.
    We will not understand everything this side of eternity, we may not even agree on the things we think we understand, but we are one in Jesus Christ and we stand together as one body united in Jesus Christ.
    We believe that Australia will see the Glory of God and His kingdom come on earth just as it is in Heaven!

    Keep on cathcing the fire! James and Jenny

  54. 54 Esther

    Dear Pastor Danny: The scripture that comes to mind regarding “the Church” and the Federal Election is this: “Unless our righteousness exceed that of the Scribes and Pharisees ….. we will not see the Kingdom of God” So many Christians are so exacting and self-righteous regarding their need for a “moral” government, while completely ignoring Jesus’ heart for the poor, disenfranchised and down trodden. Whose righteousness, if we have choose, do you prefer? Is the Kingdom of God going to be fought by and brought in by political means ? It is heartening that our nation refused to be bribed by more “materialistic” gain, making us even more spiritually insensitive, for more honesty, integrity , and a far go for our poor, our aborigines, our refugees and our homeless. “These things we have left undone!” is the judgment of Jesus, I believe, on our former government. Super-spirituality is false spirituality, when it does not have at it’s heart, the well being of lost and suffering humanity. We are not able to change the heart of man through right laws, as good as these my be. Lastly, we often become “unstuck” when we try and operate outside our God-given gifting. Blessings to you and yours Danny. Esther

  55. 55 David

    Dear Danny Nalliah,
    Thank you for this email – it has been a great encouragement to me.
    Your reference to “wolves in sheep’s clothing” is particularly appropriate as this is the tactic used by the Fabian Society in the world and Australia – to subtly infiltrate the key areas of society and gain social change and power. I understand that the Fabian Society’s original symbol was a wolf in sheep’s clothing but was changed as this was too obvious to what they were on about. The Fabian Society has a long history of anti-Christian activity (including shocking acceptance of depraved sexual practices), and I understand that the current membership of the Australian branch is composed of Gough Whitlam (president) and a number of former Labor prime ministers. The Fabian Society’s links and debt to Lenin is alive and well, and their influence on the Labor spirit is also alive and well.

    The Labor Party is actually not a political party at all – it masquerades as one. It is a religious party with its doctrine being humanism, atheism, and naturalism, and its god is man (that is, the glorification of man to solve all problems in the world and society to the blasphemous exclusion of its Creator – God).

    The Church can expect the insiduous and subtle persecution of Christians that have increased under State Labor, to increase further now with some unfettering of the shackles of decency that has resulted due to the large Federal Labor win. I have just received word that even the new Liberal leader is now falling into the moral abyss and supporting the recognition of homosexual relationships.

    But God be glorified because His ways are right and pure and the victory is His. Persecution brings perseverance and focuses the mind on the glorious Son.

    Blessings in Christ, David

  56. 56 Evelyn

    Dear Ps. Danny & all the crew,
    You did what God called you to do. I am so sad to hear of your time in W.A. that was so painful, but praise God your father-in-law has recovered.
    You’re a mighty man of valour Danny. I wonder how many dinky Aussie men would fight for the good of our land like you do.
    Keep up the Great Commission
    My love and prayer to you and all your family

  57. 57 Lee

    Hi Danny,
    Be encouraged you are doing well.

    God spoke to me about 7 years ago when Kevin Rudd was not so much anyone really, and told me to watch his rising, and to pray for him as one day he will be prime minister. Which I have been doing. Regardless of the fact that I do not agree with a lot of what the man stands for and has said we need to be praying for his total conversion to Jesus Christ.

    Your prophecy had encouraged me that we still had time….
    Reality is that I voted according to my convictions, and was hoping and praying that this election would not be when this would happen, and was devestated as much as anyone at the outcome of this election, because I’d always hoped that Kevin would in fact be turned upside down for Jesus BEFORE coming to power.

    Having said all that I really want to encourage all, that Jesus was not taken by surprise and He knows what we are all facing and will empower us by His grace to walk through whatever comes. It is time now to call forth the word that even out of affliction the gold of revival can arise.

    Danny for future reference to actually bring change and correction to His body, Jesus has given in the word guidelines of how that is brought to pass and only one of the principles is declaring the prophetic word. If you would like to discuss this sometime contact me. Take a look in acts where Paul and Barnabus took a situation to the Jerusalem council, and actually they already had been delegated the authority to deal with the situation, yet they went to the council and convened. Then from the decision the council made, they took a team of Prophets with them ( one of the ways Apostles and Prophets work together), and they the Apostles delivered the word of the Lord, as agreed by the council, to correct a situation, then the Prophets exhorted the people.

    True prophetic exhortation once apostolic authority is released, can and will empower people by God’s grace (grace means the divine influence on the heart and the reflection in the life thereof including gratefulness) – will empower people to rise above selfish motives and do what they should do.

    To declare God’s word without the empowerment to walk it out is like declaring to a shoe to walk, come on shoe you were designed to walk. Then being cross with the shoe for doing what it does natureally without a foot in it, just sits there waiting. If we want the body of Christ to rise up we need to work with God in helping them be positioned for His foot to step into, then look out Australia.

    In the new testament when Jesus gave the great commission, then empowered the disciples to go, by sending Holy Spirit, they still stayed around having a good time in fellowship, what eventually forced them into God’s will was persecution, which scattered them.

    Be encouraged God is not taken by surprise and still His plans for Australia will not be averted.

    Love and blessings.

  58. 58 Pat

    We too were saddened by the election results but sadly the people have
    what they want – many of them. We believe that God will use this time,
    particularly as we are in the end times, to chastise & correct where
    needed. Do not doubt your calling for you are called of God. May you be
    blessed greatly.
    In His name, Pat

  59. 59 John & Louise

    Very well written – couldn’t agree more; this nation is headed straight toward end times and has joined the ranks – need we have been surprised? We WILL stand firm and will NOT compromise the Truth – even if it costs us; your words are words that have come from above, and are Godly words of wisdom;

    Ps Danny, those that stand for Christ, know and discern exactly what you are saying;

    We will continue to uphold you in prayer for your continued strength.

    Blessings John and Louise

  60. 60 Dave Humphrey

    God strenghthen you and go with you Pastor Danny and be your rear guard. Just as God used the Syrian and Babylonian nations to discipline Israel, then God judged them at a later time and so shall he use these circumstances to bring the church to unity and a new level and bring us to our knees so that we will cry out for his deliverance and change as the times get darker and more evil. God will raise up the stardard, a highway of holiness and only the pure in heart will walk there on. God bless you and keep you strong as you lead us in the way.

    In Jesus Dave and Sally Humphrey

  61. 61 Bernie

    Ps Danny,
    Keep proclaiming the true Word and God will vindicate you and all you are doing to advance the
    Kingdom of God. I stand in prayer with you to see the Glory release in our Great South Land of the
    Holy Spirit.
    The Word says that the battle is the Lords and He will see His Word fulfilled.
    Be encouraged as we are the WINNERS in the end.
    Your Brother in Christ
    Bernie Rodrigues

  62. 62 John Ruiz

    James Garth….here, here. Totally agreed.

  63. 63 Pastor Silas John

    Greeting in the name of Jesus Christ………….

    Dear Friend’s in Christ

    We are running Bible Preaching Ministries and Gospel Education Church in please prayer and Ministries need’s

    thank you
    God bless you
    Pastor Silas John

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