Australians Worship The Lord God As The Elections Approach

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By Gary Lane CBN News
November 21, 2007

Watch Low Band – Last month, a fallen Australian soldier made his final journey home from Afghanistan.

In all, three Australian servicemen have died in Afghanistan and Iraq since 9/11. Polls show a majority of Australians are opposed to their country’s involvement in the Iraq war.

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Will Iraq be a decisive factor in the upcoming federal election?

That question was posed to commentator Bill Muellenberg, creator of the Internet site, Culture Watch.

“I don’t think it will be the critical issue in the election, but it’s one that has already separated left from right, and probably not much is going to change,” said Muellenberg.

But polls on voter preferences have changed in recent days. Prime Minister John Howard’s Coalition government has cut Labor’s lead nearly in half.

At the start of the election season, Rudd and Labor led by about 15 percent. It’s now down to about 8 percent.

Most political observers predict the election will be close. This is where Australia’s Evangelical Christians come in.

In a tight race, their votes could make a big difference.They’re about 12 percent of the Australian population. Most are values voters.

One Australian evangelical had this to say when asked about the ideal candidate to vote for in the election, “I think a conservative person, conservative family, who’ll vote for the family values.”

Another said, “I’m concerned with what is happening with the children, with families.”

Godly character is the key attribute looked for by many believers, “I think above all, honesty and integrity. That’s an important perspective to look at.”

Here’s what one Christian man said about his change in political parties.

“I’m not going to vote Labor this time because they’ve got no family values,” said the new conservative voter. “I’ll be looking at the Family First Party because of their stance against abortion.”

Both John Howard and opponent Kevin Rudd say they are Christian.

Jenny Stokes is with Salt Shakers, a ministry dedicated to helping Christians understand current issues.

She says Rudd has been courting Christian voters and even penned an article about faith and politics.

“He said Christianity is the theology of social justice,” said Stokes. “He says that Jesus of Nazareth never said anything against homosexuality, and so, when you start to put some of these things together, you start to think what sort of Christianity is he really promoting?”

Australian media reported when Rudd was asked if he believed Jesus to be the Son of God, he hesitated and responded, “My regular church attendance is well known.”

Australian Christians want God to bless their nation.

They know it’s important for them to get out and vote, but just prior to their national election, Australians from all over the country gathered at the Great Hall of Parliament to pray for their nation.

“As your people, we acknowledge you as Lord of Australia,” prayed one man at the Great Hall. “We pray that our Christian heritage will not be thrown away in this election.”

Pastor Danny Nalliah of Catch the Fire Ministries organized the national prayer event.

“I think the Christian community by and large is seeing a place where they are praying and saying, ‘God, we want to see your will come to pass in our nation right now,’ and I think this election will make or break Australia.”

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  1. 1 roger norris-green

    Congratulations on organising the prayer event.
    I do believe however that Australia’s involvement in the Iraq War
    was such a big sin that God punished the Liberal Party in the election.

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