Catch The Fire Ministries has Changed it's Name

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc. has changed its name to Reformation Harvest Fire, and moving forward, you will see references to this name. We aim to complete this name change as soon as feasible and by 30 June 2020 at the very latest.

People gathered to pray at ParliamentGreat Hall 600 Gathered to PrayDear Friends and Family in Christ,

My heart is overwhelmed with joy to see what Almighty God did at the Great Hall in Federal Parliament as His people united to seek His Face on behalf of our nation, Australia.  I was greatly encouraged to see approximately 650 – 700 people pack out the Great Hall (also many in balcony) to lift up corporate repentance, intercessory prayer, praise and worship to the King of kings and LORD of lords for a miraculous breakthrough in the weather and for His perfect will and plan to be fulfilled regarding the Federal Election on the 24th November.

 I wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in this historic event on behalf of our nation’s destiny.   A special thanks to all churches, pastors and ministries who supported the event, in addition to a personal word of thanks to the Hon. Prime Minister John Howard for sending a message of support and urging the Church to pray for rain. I personally faced many challenges in organizing this National Prayer Call in our nation’s capital, but I thank and praise the Lord that His name was high and exalted as He received all the Glory!

We thank the Lord for the tremendous media coverage as many newspapers, in particular The Australian and The Age, reported the event in Canberra all across our nation. Additionally, I’ve been on many Radio interviews, including a national broadcast on ABC Radio, and nearly every major T.V. Network, including ABC, SBS, Ten, Win (Regional Nine), and Sky News. In particular, the Today-Tonight broadcast on Channel Seven at 6:30pm Tuesday night 23rd October covered the prayer meeting for 5-7 minutes across the nation, including an interview with myself (Ps. Danny), which ultimately spread the effects of the prayer meeting at the Great Hall throughout thousands of homes across Australia. All Glory to God!

A particular mention must be made regarding the hundreds of farmers who gathered separately from our prayer meeting at the Great Hall, although many did join with us, as we appreciated, honored, and prayed from them and the farming communities in crisis across our nation.

I wish to challenge every one of you to continue in prayer for further rainfall and the upcoming Federal Election on the 24th November.

Thanking & Blessing You,

Ps. Danny Nalliah

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  1. 1 Office 2

    We love you and thank God for you all Pastor Danny’s mob! I had the privilege of running across one of your prayer warriors from the Solemn Assembly in Feb at the parliament house meeting. Surely this is a taste of what it will be like when we all stand around the throne of our lovely King Jesus and worship Him together. Do you think this is something to look forward to? Think of being able to look up those precious saints who went to be with Jesus ahead of us. Think of when you go to meet your favourite Bible characters – I want to surely look up Jepthah.

    Keep up the good work guys.

    We love you all.

    Ian Brearley


  2. 2 Office 2

    Hello Jason, I am one of many that has been inspired by the ministry of pastor Daniel. I am a ROMANIAN that heard you speak passionately about Christ the Redeemer and our mandate as christians to be on fire proclaiming Jesus as King and Saviour, saving souls.

    I was sad to hear on today tonight a fellow christian from the uniting church speak in a derogatory sarcasting way about pastor Daniel and his intensions regarding australias future politicians and how we christians of all denominations should pray and acnowledge the need for politicians to uphold the christian values. I feel that somone should get in touch with this man for he’s lost his purpose and has no vision for the future of christianity in Australia. If a muslim or a hindu condemned our ministry I could allmost understand but… very sad case.

    Love you’s and will continue to pray with you for I believe the day of rejoicing in Gods promises will come soon.



  3. 3 Office 2

    To Ps Danny,

    I read your newsletters and learn so much that i would never normally get to understand. Thankyou for all you do for the body of Christ and standing up for righteousness in Australia.

    The elections are on the way and i have to do an absent vote and will not be able to get the usual hand out cards that give direction to vote (it is not responsible to just put anything with out knoweldge). I trust your judgement and experience in this area   and ask you to please a.s.a.p provide, if possible, your view on vote order to allow for the country to be positioned in the best order, government wise. Please could you provide this not just to me but, i am sure many others would be very happy to recieve your opinion on the voting order.

    thankyou  and God bless you from


  4. 4 Office 2

    Thank you! Thank you for standing up for our Lord and Saviour at Parliament House. I was rejoicing when I saw how many of you attended that Prayer gathering. I know the media are always negative as well as some other church going people but I give God the glory and honour for this great happening in our great south land of the Holy Spirit.

    Blessings one and all. Kay

  5. 5 Office 2

    Hello Danny and team,

    Thankyou very much for the prays you offered the farming community on Monday. I was there soaking up the prayers. We were very impressed with your ministry, if you are doing any more pray meetings for the country people, farmers etc. please let us know.

    We are farmers from Barham on the Victoria and New South Wales border and are finding it very tough but we have Jesus to call upon to help us and His promises. We have been fighting financiers for the last 5 years as we have been in drought for the past 7 years on a daily basis, and even today we have had two big repossession agents come on our property trying to repossess our tractor, we haven’t been through the courts yet, having stand over tactics. My husband and one of my sons didn’t take the bluff and were able to get them off the property. They even came through a locked gate to get here.

    The farming community has generally gone away from Christ. Their forefathers were strong Christians but today they have lost their way, I believe that God is not only going to send the physical rain but He intends sending down the spiritual rain to ignite the farming community for His Glory.

    We have a great farm here and you and your team are most welcome to visit if you need somewhere to come to the country. We are only 3 1/2 hrs from Melbourne.

    God Bless,
    Dallas and Janine Cossar

  6. 6 Jo

    Hey, we are getting drenched here in the ACT! Thanks for the prayers…and most of all PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!

  7. 7 Office 2

    Dear Pastor Danny and all the staff

    Thank you to each one of you for your courage and perseverance in standing up for righteousness in Australia. God has called each one of you to inform Christians about what is really going on in both the Federal and State Governments. I am very thankful to God that He has raised up an organisation like ‘Catch the Fire Ministries’ (and other similar ministries) to open our eyes to the truth. I know that we Christians need to be more informed about the policies of each Political Party and know what each leader stands for. It is vital so that the enemy does not gain any more ground in our Country. We also need to pray more for our political leaders. Christians are being called to pray and cry out to God for His Holy Spirit to be poured out on this Great South Land. May we all hear that call and obey.

    Thank you gain for all your hard work. God bless you all.

    Every blessing

    Margaret Kuruvilla

  8. 8 Office 2

    Thank you! Thank you for standing up for our Lord and Saviour at Parliament House. I was rejoicing when I saw how many of you attended that Prayer gathering. I know the media are always negative as well as some other church going people but I give God the glory and honour for this great happening in our great south land of the Holy Spirit.

    Blessings one and all. Kay McInnes

  9. 9 Office 2




    Julie Bennetts

    Perth, W.A.

  10. 10 Office 2

    Thank you for all the work you do for Catch The Fire. I appreciate getting the emails with the information. And I know how time consuming that can be for you. It is very disturbing that so many people do not know how to distinguish between fact and fiction in relation to the promises given regarding the election. We must continue to pray. Our country has gone so far away from the Christian principles laid down by our forefathers. And, if as a nation we do not come back to God, God will judge our nation.

    Please pass on my thanks anonymously to the many people who give so much of their time to this cause.

    Barbara Pollard

  11. 11 Office 2

    Dear Pastor Danny,

    We thank the Lord for this wonderful answer to prayer and it is only the beginning of what God is going to do. We have noticed in our church an increase of God’s presence & there is a hunger in the hearts of God’s people to pray & intercede. As we unite in prayer across our nation we believe we will see revival. Our prayers are with you, God bless you abundantly

    Pastor Gary & Carol Cass

    Parramatta City Christian Life Church

  12. 12 Office 2

    just want to THANK YOU!!!!!! so much for everything you are doing!!!!!!! thankyou for calling homosexuality what it is and for standing for truth!!! and for the God of our nation to be recognised and exalted!!!!!!!!!!! T H A N K Y O U !!!!!!!!!!!!! keep standing!!!!!!! keep serving!!!

    Aimee Walmsley

  13. 13 Office 2

    Thanks for this…. Saw this on Channel 7. It was great….

    Praise God for people like Danny and his team who don’t compromise the word at all….


    Sydney Imports

  14. 14 Deirdre Reader

    Dear Jason, Danny and team @ CTF,

    I was extremely excited when I saw the pictures of the Great Hall, in the email you sent me during the week. The huge skylight in the ceiling(I presume),light streaming down into the room and reflecting off the polished floor, hands raised high to The King as His Glory filled the temple.

    Do you recall receiving a report from us here in WA, during the days leading up to the 22nd, of what the Lord showed us during intercession when we gathered specifically to pray for your meeting?

    The huge mirror held up to the Lord and the glory being poured out with light and glory, then being struck by lightening and fire, and then finally shattering into hundreds of pieces which were being flung all across the nation?!!!! I believe He has done exactly that on the day. I am sure that each saint attending has been imparted with something very special from the Lord and have carried that back to their respective fellowships.

    Give Him all glory and honour and praise.

    Blessings to you all, Deirdre Reader WA.

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