VCAT Official Statement

 Dear Friends and Family in Christ,

Attached (or read below) is the Official Media Release from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal regarding the successful mediation between Catch the Fire Ministries and the Islamic Council of Victoria in this historic (spanning 5 years and now finalised) court case in Melbourne, Australia.

Thank you so much for standing with us shoulder to shoulder in prayer, moral and financial support during this lengthy trial for the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Thanking & Blessing You,  Ps. Danny Nalliah


VCAT Media Release
Human Rights Division – Anti Discrimination List – VCAT Ref: A392/2002
Friday 22nd June 2007

Joint Statement of the Islamic Council of Victoria Inc., Catch The Fire Ministries Inc., Daniel Nalliah and Daniel Scot

The Islamic Council of Victoria (the ICV) has reached an agreement with Catch the Fire Ministries, Pastor Daniel Scot and Pastor Daniel Nalliah about the complaint the ICV brought in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), concerning what it alleged were acts of religious vilification in contravention of s 8 of the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001 (Vic).

Although some of the terms of that agreement are confidential, the parties have agreed to make this joint public statement.

Notwithstanding their differing views about the merits of the complaint made by the ICV, each of the ICV, Catch The Fire Ministries, Pastor Scot and Pastor Nalliah affirm and recognise the following:

1) the dignity and worth of every human being, irrespective of their religious faith, or the absence of religious faith;

2) the rights of each other, their communities, and all persons, to adhere to and express their own religious beliefs and to conduct their lives consistently with those beliefs;

3) the rights of each other, their communities and all persons, within the limits provided for by law, to robustly debate religion, including the right to criticise the religious belief of another, in a free, open and democratic society;

4) the value of friendship, respect and co-operation between Christians, Muslims and all people of other faiths; and

5) the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act forms part of the law of Victoria to which the rights referred to in paragraph 3 above are subject.

17 Responses to “VCAT Media Release – 5pm Friday 22nd June 2007”

  1. 1 Ruth Booij

    What a blessing! Good on you for fighting this one through! We all need to pray for this breakthrough to be the beginning of greater things on the horizon. Bless you, and may God continue to give you strength and wisdom.
    Ruth Booij

  2. 2 Office

    Thanks for this email Jason. As I was praying on Friday, I believe the word for these two pastors and their families now is ‘restitution’. At first I thought it was ‘restoration’, but restitution is different. I know God has used this time for His purposes, but I believe it has been costly for these men and their families. I believe that if they ask, God will bring restitution to them in all areas of their lives. God just LOVES to pour out His blessings!
    God bless


    To Danny, Jason and all the team. Congratulations on winning the battle of the Court case. Our admiration for seeing it out to the end. May God richly bless you all. Congratulations and blessings to Pastor Danny and Maryse on the birth of a beautiful daughter, a gift from God. With love from all the team at Geelong, which includes all who stood for what you were doing for the Lord.

    Thank you for email. I note that it is not by chance that Brianna Hope was born on the very day of this mediation court case. The Lord’s timing is impeccable. Eunice
    God bless you always Pastor Danny and Maryse. I would that you were cold or hot – Rev 3:15
    You are hot Danny Go for it Pastor Danny

    Congratulations to Pastor Danny and family. May the Lord continually use you Mightily for his Glory.
    God bless.

    Dear Pastor Daniel & Jason
    Rejoicing with you and all at CTF. It’s a NEW DAY for you and for the church in Australia.
    Harry Westcott

    Dear Rev. Danny
    I congratulate you with all my heart, may the Lord Jesus Christ protect and bless you, your family and especially the new born baby.
    God be with you and guide your steps
    Nazmy ANTONIOS

    Dear Jason:
    Please pass on to Danny & Maryse our congratulations on the birth of their little girl Brianna. We are thrilled also that the VCAT case is now resolved in such a splendid fashion, without compromise by the two Dannies. No need to reply to this because you will probably receive 1000’s of them.
    Loving Christian greetings,
    Spero Katos (chairman) – for the Christian Democratic Party, Victoria.

    Dear Jason Golden,
    Congratulations and God bless you for your support of the two Danny’s. I had lobbied politicians for months in support of them before I even heard of your ministry. Thank you for notifying me and I hope you can continue sending me relevant information on Christian subjects. I thank the Lord that this is over and we have triumphed over this hatefulness.
    Lesley Chapman

    Dear Danny and Daniel
    We praise God that this has at last reached finality for you and your team.
    We also praise God that you have been vindicated and it is a good outcome.
    Graeme and Lois

    Praise God for this latest news. We continue to pray for you. Every blessing
    John & Brenda Hollick UK

    We praise the Lord that this is finally come to an end. The prayers have been answered and we thank God for this. Ken Ryan

    Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dear Danny and team,
    This is great news, I am sure the years of sacrifice and standing your ground for the Lord has not gone unnoticed in the heavenlies. We continue to pray for you and the ministry.
    Also congratulations to you for the newest member of the family, baby Brianna Hope, surely this is a significant day for her to be birthed into the world.
    Paul and Diep-Thanh Lee

    The outcome of this case today is naturally a relief – the question of should it have ever occurred in the first place must still be asked. The time this case has dragged on for, and the cost to all parties concerned, including the people of Victoria, highlights the terrible nature of the Racial & Religious Tolerance Act. The people of Victoria must now call for the Bracks government to acknowledge the damage and repeal the law as soon as possible. The key phrase in the final statement is that all parties affirm…“the rights of each other, their communities and all persons, within the limits provided for by law, to robustly debate religion, including the right to criticise the religious belief of another, in a free, open and democratic society;”This was always the most important point in this case and one which was clearly under challenge by the case taken by the Muslims. That this freedom has now been agreed to by them is a victory indeed.We want to congratulate Ps Danny and Ps Daniel for the perseverance and their uncompromising stand throughout this ordeal. We also thank all those who stood with them. We also congratulate Ps Danny and his wife Maryse on the birth of Brianna Hope – at 1.42am TODAY!!!!! Peter P Stokes
    Co Founder & Executive Officer
    Salt Shakers Inc



    Praise our God, King of Kings, Victorious Saviour and Lord, for both the negotiated settlement and for Bianca Hope!! Wonderful and wonderful. I hope you can sleep well tonight to make up for last night Danny. May God continue to bless and vindicate you in every way.
    Love in Christ,
    Meryl Rowe

    CONGRATULATIONS! This is a great outcome. I am sure Ps Danny is very excited and relieved to have this matter dealt with.
    Mark & Narelle Cosstick

  3. 3 John Murdock, California

    I am sure it is a relief to be done with the nightmare of litigation, and that the parties will be happy to get on with the rest of their lives. It is usually better to bring things to a close through agreement and mediation rather than have a court render a decision that is certain to leave one or both of the parties less than satisfied. Having said that, however, I am disappointed that the case leaves unresolved and uncertain the fate of anyone who dares in the future to speak out against religion of any kind, be it Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Scientology, Jainism, or the People’s Temple. Freedom of speech as we know it in America includes the right to denounce, criticize, ridicule, and yes, even “blaspheme” any religious dogma, doctrine, word of god, book of Allah, sutra of the Buddha, script of the Hindu Gods, or whatever other group wants to proclaim itself a “religion”. The problem inherent in your anti-hate law is that it curtails legitimate expressions against idiotic religions of all stripes. It should be perfectly alright to ridicule a ridiculous belief, no matter how sincere or well-intentioned the believers may be. I have no doubt that there are millions of peace-loving Muslims throughout the world who will never engage in, or condone, murderous acts of terror. Nevertheless, there are also many millions of Muslims throughout the world who have never actually read nor understood the all of the teachings in the Koran. Perhaps if they could be exposed to the writings of those–including former Muslim Scholars— who have taken the time to read and understand exactly what is in the book which they believe to be the literal word of Allah, such as Ibn Warraq (“Why I Am Not A Muslim”), they might come to a better understanding of why it is that some adherents of their faith do engage in terrorist murders of infidels while proclaiming “God Is Great!”, and do stage riots over cartoons, and do issue death threats and Fatwas against peaceful authors like Salmon Rushdie. Why should anyone take this so-called “religion” seriously? It is a cult of death and destruction that has persisted for centuries by wielding the sword. The recent spate of hate speech, vilification, and threats against the Queen of England for the proposed Knighthood of Mr. Rushdie demonstrates just how ludicrous and hypocritical are the Muslim claims made against your Christian Australian pastors, who had the temerity to expose some of the inane and insane highlights of the Muslim faith. I, for one, am disappointed that this case has been “resolved” with a series of platitudes. I was actually looking forward to a re-trial and a proper presentation of the evidence before a more enlightened jurist, with a higher court finally coming to grips with the idiocy in the Australian law as well as the idiocy in the Muslim religion before it. By the way, I am not a Christian, so I have no particular sympathy for the Christian evangelicals, and I do not hesitate to say there is idiocy in the Christian and Jewish Bibles as well as the Koran. I believe that all Australians should have a right to speak their minds openly and honestly on all the idiocy in all of the sacred books, without fear of civil or criminal prosecution in a court of law.I think we would all do well to remember the fate of Galileo in the courts of the Vatican.

  4. 4 BOAZdavid

    The outcome of the mediation finally is welcome. I wouldn’t mind knowing if the settlement involved any worrisome compromise or payment.. hopefully not.
    In any case, I can speak for myself, that this saga has opened my eyes to the root nature of Islam, such as I ‘d never dreamed. I also have discovered the power of the media, and in paticular the power of YouTube as an effective medium of /for evangelism.

    Consider this. You could raise a support team, spend countless thousands of dollars in sending you and your family to some foreign country, and walk up hill and down dale to speak to anyone who will listen about Christ.

    Or.. you can find those people (thousands of them) who inhabit Youtube and place videos there, including Muslims, Christians and atheists from all countries, and you can interact with them in a non threatening manner.. and proclaim Christ and the Kingdom of God.
    Sure, we need people to ‘go’ and plant local churches, but for the rest of us who cannot, this is a wonderful opportunity to even PLANT CHURCHES and be a kind of youtube pastor !!!!! You could do everything a pastor/teacher would do in a local church except Hatch, Match and Despatch people or in other words, the hands on stuff.

    We can place video’s of ourselves, and friends, we can invite knowledgable people to share, we can do mini drama’s, apologetics, all manner of things can be achieved though this FREE and simple communications medium.

    For those who are interested, please look up ‘Youtube’ on Google and do a search on ‘Muslims’ or..’Christianity’ or the such like.
    Your faith will be challenged for sure, but you will also grow.

    Blessings to Danny, Daniel, their families and their fellowships. Our prayers are to the Lord on your behalves.

  5. 5 Office 2

    Thank you, Jason, for forwarding to me of the successful Mediation on June 22 last!! Praise God and on reading the statement I feel that justice is done because we should be able to critizise another religion freely and allow others to see how our Christian faith is based on our Lord’s wonderful LOVE!

    All the praise, honour and glory to God, our Father. Congratulations to the Nalliah family – how wonderful for little Brianna to be born into such a family.

    Blessings in abundance to them and also to you and others working for our Lord Jesus Christ. Yours in Him, Kay McInnes

  6. 6 Office 2

    Many blessings Dianne on this wonderful ministry, thank you for your kind response.

    I was very encouraged to hear of the successful Mediation through the Aust Prayer Network this morning. Our congregation has been praying for this (along with many others across our nation) since the beginning.
    I couldn’t help notice that the timing of Brianna’s birth came just before something ‘new’ being born in the ‘Spirit’.
    May it indeed be a new day. God’s day!

    ~ All glory to Jesus Christ our Lord~ Maria Dowse

  7. 7 Office 2

    Subject: Congratulations!
    Dear Danny,

    Congratulations on the healthy delivery to you and your wife of a baby girl!
    Congratulations also on the successful outcome of the Mediation after 5 years of trials to yourself and your associates.I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your obedience to the Lord that has safeguarded freedom of speaking the truth in this state. Thank you for your example and leadership.
    I honour you in the Lord and give praise to God for sending you to this nation. May your work meet with heightened success in the wake of this evident miracle.I will be joining with you at Lighthouse on Saturday.

    God Bless you and your wife and family!
    Wayne Walters
    Christ Church, Dingley

  8. 8 Office 2

    Praise the Lord! We have promptly forwarded this news onto our e-mail CTF prayer support group.
    Noel and Barbara.


    Thanks Jason
    Oh dearie me…one wonders where could the Islamic council could have turned anyway especially in view of all their recent “kerfuffles”??
    Never the less, what an excellent result, praise the Lord.
    Great to hear of the new addition to the Nahlia family…WOW…how timely!!
    Who said God isn’t alive and very very well.
    Blessings, Neil M Belsar

    Dear Jason, That was the least we could do. When another Brother is prepared to stand up for truth and rightheousness then I believe the body of Christ has to stand with him. I believe it is also Scriptural in that the Word of God says “Bear ye one another’s burdens and so fulfil the law of Christ”.
    Love and prayers. Audrey & Maurice.

    Jason –congrats Uncle, U R one promotional dude! give our lov to the family & congrats on more than one score! hope to see U on 7th but if not, know we are standing in prayer together. It’ll be interesting to see if the Lib Gov & Judiciary kick out this BAD LAW in the Future. I would love to see someone have the funds & the influence to bring a Class Action against the Muslim Council In Victoria & the Labour Gov officials, for their Vilification of the Christian Community & The People of Vic. Maybe Andrew could do it, if someone backed him. & then settle for $ 1.00 to make a point. God closed the door on that one with – ‘take no one to court!’ Think outside the box & turn their own game around on them .anyway thanks for keeping us in the loop & bless you all. In Him/by Him & Thru HIM alone
    Tricia & Hank Van Emmerik, Bendigo Vic

    Although Ps Danny does not know us, please add our congratulations and loving wishes (though belated) to him, Maryse and family on the safe arrival of little Brianna.
    Also, we like so many others who have been following the ICV-CTFM case, we were also overjoyed to learn of the successful outcome to that mediation last week. Praise the Lord for this. Although the law and the judge were in error, God has used this event and the 2 Dannys in a wonderful and mighty way to proclaim the Gospel in this land and beyond. The faithfulness and courage of these 2 ambassadors has been outstanding beyond description.
    Blessings to you, and all your ministry team,
    Leighton and Diana Thew

    We rejoice at what our faithful gracious God has done in answer to prayer. We give Him thanks and the glory with you all.
    God bless, Sylvia-

    Wonderful News!!!
    What a fantatstic statement issued by VCAT Thank you so much for all you have done. This is a victory for free speech and true religious tolerance. This is Australia’s version of free speech, not an islamic closed version that does not allow debate.
    Well done and congratulations to all
    Rick Brouwer

    Dear Jason – thank you for all the information regarding the 2 Dannys’ over the past few weeks. Our prayers have certainly been wonderfully answered – it’s just a pity that the media still can’t get it right!!! Perhaps the truth isn’t sensational enough for them! Keep up the good work – blessings – Jenny Reid.

    We rejoice with you brothers in the outcome of the mediation. However, we know that Australia will never be the same again. When it catches the fire from God, every tounge will declare that Jesus is Lord and every knee will bow.
    Let the fire of God consume every matter to be consumed. Let them see the God of Elijah is the God we serve. Hallelujah!
    Larry M. Sto. Domingo

    Dear Danny,
    Many thanks for the wonderful DVD of the various days of prayer & unity which saw the Lord respond with wonderful rain. We could not be present in person, but were united with you all in prayer.
    We also rejoice with you all regarding the final settlement of the legal battle. However we still wonder whether you were given any recommpense financially for all the cost of litigation.-What a wonderful double present for you & your family with the birth of your ittle daughter.–
    God bless you all!
    In His love,
    Greg & Judy–

    Praise the Lord. You have all done well , after all the truth is..IN His words I am the way the truth and the life..
    Bless you all from “True Vine” AOG

    Thank you, Jason, for forwarding to me of the successful Mediation on June 22 last!! Praise God and on reading the statement I feel that justice is done because we should be able to critizise another religion freely and allow others to see how our Christian faith is based on our Lord’s wonderful LOVE!
    All the praise, honour and glory to God, our Father. Congratulations to the Nalliah family – how wonderful for little Brianna to be born into such a family. Blessings in abundance to them and also to you and others working for our Lord Jesus Christ. Yours in Him, Kay McInnes

    Ps Kostya and Natasha Mchailidis wrote:
    Dearest brother, Praise the Lord and Congratulations on the final mediation.
    We Australians are grateful for your stand that highlighted the danger that Christian believers were facing in Victoria and potentially elsewhere. Thank you for taking the flack.Yeshua Tsidkenu, Russian Jewish Alliance Congregation prayed for and supported you and join with your in gratitude to the Lord for this victory. Congratulations to you on the birth of your beautiful baby girl! Truly a sign of God’s blessing on you.
    Lovingly in Yeshua
    Ps Kostya and Natasha

  9. 9 Vonnie Faulkner

    To Pastor Danny & Pastor Daniel and their wives and famililies

    Thank you most sincerely for being the Voice for Australian Christians, The Lord has used you both as a tool and a voice to waken us from our slumber, your battle has been long and exhausting, but you both have shown remarkabable strength and totally trusted The Lord in every step of the battle.Congratulations on the final mediation. We Australians will be forever grateful for the courageous stand you have both taken on our behalf. God Bless you all.

  10. 10 Office 2

    Gidday to all the team at CTFM, big congratulations to Danny Nahlia for the Appeal Victory and the arrival of the new little one, I had my third 11 weeks ago, bless you all for your work in the Gospel as we labour together to see the kingdom of darkness torn down, Jesus Christ lifted up and all men everywhere to hear the Good News. Keep going. Love always Dorian Ballard & the Miracle Christian Center.

  11. 11 Office 2

    Pastor Nalliah
    I’d like to thank you so much for your persistence and tenacity over the last 5 years in standing up for what is right. It is with great please that I was informed of the court’s ruling.

    Supporters from all around the country have been following the events and supporting you in prayer.
    Unfortunately, because it is a precedence case, you got to do all the hard work and bear all the stress, but the resulting outcome will affect the whole country, not just Victoria.

    We are all very much appreciate what you have done, and you commitment to serving the Lord.

  12. 12 Office 2

    Greetings Pastor Nalliah,
    I am writing to thank you for all you have done in standing up for free speech and the right of Christians to talk about their beliefs and assess the beliefs of others.

    Blessings, Lloyd Kent

  13. 13 Office 2

    Dear Pastors Daniel and Daniel
    I don’t know what else you had to agree to in the settlement, but if the VCAT press release is reflective of the settlement I would regard it as a victory for CTF, although quite likely a pyrrhic one, given the amount of time and money it would have cost. Thank you for standing up for our freedom to promote the faith and criticise false religions.
    God bless, Stephen Gethin

  14. 14 Office 2

    Dear Ps Nalliah
    Thank you for taking the stand in VCAT RRTA case and for upholding freedom of religious debate in this State. Congratulations on the successful outcome.
    Barbara Roberts, a fellow Christian

  15. 15 Office 2

    Dear Pastor Nalliah,
    On behalf of my wife and grown up family, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the most worthy, and we believe, successful stand which both you and Pastor Scot took in the defence of our rights, as Christians, to freely witness our beliefs to others, both here in Australia, and elsewhere in Western countries.
    You will be hearing from us again, regarding future support.
    God bless you, and you will be in our prayers. Mark and Kaye McCrum


    God bless you all at CTFM in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS. Well done Pastor Danny, well done for expecting nothing less than Victory. Amazing inspiration and persevenance. Thankyou for making a difference. Keep cutting loose in the mighty Name of JESUS!!!
    GOD BLESS YOU. Lauren Watts, TurningPoint Family Church

  17. 17 Office 2

    Pastor Danny,

    I received photos of you and your family from one of your intercessors.
    I met some Aussie Intercessors during the All Pacific Prayer Assembly in Port Moresby last month.

    Thank you for all your endless prayers and thank you especially for visiting us in PNG.
    It’s made an impact on people’s lives. Lord willing, when we meet then we’ll talk about it.
    I used to waved the flags when you visited us in Port Moresby and Popondetta.
    Will print the photos and give to little Jeannel Antonia.
    She’s a big girl now and is doing Grade Three (3) class at Port Moresby Grammar School.

    Am overjoyed to see your new baby!!!!
    Love to your wife and children.

    Remain Blessed Betty Kirori

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