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Baptism June 3rd 2007…He just could not stop talking about Jesus and told me, “I need to get baptized, because Jesus told me to do so!”  

Sunday 3rd June was a great day for the Kingdom Of God as one of His sons, originally from the Islamic Faith, went through the waters of baptism.

Two years ago I met a Muslim family from Iran living in  Australia. When I met them the wife had ‘given her life’ to Jesus. She told me, “I was one of those radical Muslims, but now I have found the Truth in Jesus. I really want my husband also to follow Jesus.” But this did not happen for 2 years, until there was a disagreement in the family 6 weeks ago and the husband left the house. The very first night he left the home, while he was in a room in a refuge at night Jesus appeared to him in a dream, and the rest is history.

In the dream Jesus clearly told him to follow Him, and said, “If you follow me I will restore everything you have lost and give you Eternal Life.” The husband responded by crying out to Jesus and ‘giving his life’ to Him. He has now changed his name to Nathan and the wife is now known as Mandy. When I first met this family, Mandy was clearly very excited because she knew Jesus. But Nathan seemed very unhappy that his wife had turned away from Islam. But 4 weeks ago Nathan entered my office and it was obvious he had been radically transformed by the grace of God through his encounter with Jesus.

He just could not stop talking about Jesus and told me, “I need to get baptized, because Jesus told me to do so.” Nathan and Mandy along with their children are back together now by the grace of God.

On Sunday  3rd  June I had the joy of baptising Nathan while many  gathered to witness this wonderful  celebration of a son ‘coming home.’ For this baptism service I took with me another man whom I had met recently, a convert from Islam to Jesus from Saudi Arabia.  This man who was once a radical Muslim, had wanted to be a Jihad fighter. It was such a joy when he got up and spoke before Nathan got baptized. He stated,  “When I was 7 years old  I started reading the Qur’an and by the age of fourteen I was really into it. But once I started reading Prophet Mohammed’s biography I had many questions, so I started searching for the truth and found the four Gospels through the internet, as you cannot access Bibles in Saudi Arabia.  When I read about Jesus He touched my heart and I invited Him ‘into my life.’ He is the Truth. You have made the right decision to get baptized brother. I was baptized 2 years ago.”

When he finished speaking everyone was clearly touched by the presence of God at the service. I am so glad to see so many Muslims coming to Jesus! Once someone told me, “Oh, many Christians are also becoming Muslims!”

My answer was, “Well if you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior and have had a real heart encounter with Him (if you are truly born again), you will never leave Jesus. Most Christians who leave the Faith are people who were just born into Christian families, followed a religion, rather than a relationship with Jesus.

On the contrary, most Muslims who come to Jesus are people who have followed their faith sincerely, but started asking question about it, which resulted in them finding Jesus.

In most Islamic countries children are taught the Qur’an from a very young age. Unfortunately in most western countries people call themselves Christians but never go to church or read the Bible nor teach it to their children.

Just because you are born in a garage, it does not make you a car. So “hats off” to the Muslims for being faithful in teaching the next generation. Possibly, as Christians, we have a good lesson to learn from this.

I love you all. Many Blessings, Pastor Danny

13 Responses to “Ex Muslim Baptised into Jesus Christ”

  1. 1 Nathan and Mandy

    Hi pastor Danny , thank you so much to use Nathan,s testimony and tell the whole world that what is lord doing to our lives . we need to tell the whole world know that our saviour JESUS CHRIST is the lord , he reighs and he is coming . Amen

  2. 2 Joshua Y.C.

    Praise God in Christ, for this to happen again and again in all nations.


  3. 3 Ian B

    Hi pastor Danny,

    Through the grace of Jesus christ I have left the homosexual lifestyle and have now become one with God.

    After many years of living in darkness I have seen the light and left it all behind me.

    Do not let anyone make you believe we dont have choice.

    Through christ all things are possible and many homos/lesbians are leaving that lifestyle and turning ton christ

    Our battle now is to ensure childrenn are protected from same-sex parenting/adoption.

    We must do all we can to ensure it remains illegal for gays/lesbians to adopt

  4. 4 Michael

    great news re the court case. heartfelt congratulations to both Pastor Nalliah and Pastor Scot – a travesty of justice that they should ever had had to endure this but every Christian owes them a debt of gratitude for their stamina. If Islam would learn to come to grips with existing in a modern secular democracy (a skill Christianity has had to painfully aquire over a long time) and to be able to peacefully respond in a civilised manner to criticism perhaps we might finally be able to co-exist as we do currently with many other faiths.
    Congratulations again.

  5. 5 antony

    Dear pastor Danny,

    I am so happy hearing about a muslim getting baptized even i am am a orthodox roman catholic but the spirit of god came on me when i was singing our father in heaven in a roman catholic church and from that day onwards my life is never been the same i am into village ministries god is using me through signs and wonders hallelujah.

  6. 6 Ruby

    That i so amazing to hear…God is so glorious. I was also a muslim now a Christian who found the TRUTH.

    Thank you and may GOD keep you strong.

    God Bless

  7. 7 Thomas V.

    Wonderful. Let it happen with the whole world. Let everyone know the truth. Only Jesus died for human being and their deliverance. Only Jesus resurrected and only the Jesus will come again.

  8. 8 ex mohamed /joshua

    hi pastor that’s so great praise the lord for all hee has done for us

    iam 24 years old from somalia leaving in south africa i was born islamic

    faith but god holly spirit touched my heart and christ save me to his beutifull

    hands any way i also have ben baptized hallelujah jesus is the only way to god

    i pray for islamic world that they will see the truth

  9. 9 Sabir

    There is no doubt that God is moving through His Spirit and bringing millions of Muslims in His Holy family that never happend before.. probably you my like to read What God is doing in Muslim Nations? Read “Unusall Easter” www. ministry-of-grace. org

    God bless

  10. 10 Johnny

    Praise the Lord! I have met 11 people that have had similar experiences, it is always refreshing to hear how “Aslan is on the move”.

  11. 11 auta ze szwecji

    Very interesting article, i bookmarked your blog
    Best regards

  12. 12 Bashir

    Dear Pastor,
    It is such great joy to learnt that Jesus The Only Saviour of the entire world revealing Himself to the Muslims in a very special way.
    Praise The Lord!
    I will be praying for this new brother & Sister in Christ Jesus.


  13. 13 Willem Kooijman

    I am a retired teacher of English and of religion. I taught both subjects for about 36 years at a a Dutch school (I am a Dutchman). I have a lot of spare time these days and I spend much of it visiting websites and blogs that have to do with Christianity. Since my retirement I must have visited over a hundred sites dealing with God, Jesus Christ, the Bible and Christianity. I must say that I consider the text about a Muslim, called Nathan, who became a Christian and was baptized into the Holy Spirit one of the most stimululating stories I have read for months. The story really demonstrates that God works in mysterious ways and that the Bibliical saying is true that it is never a man who chooses God but that it is God who does the choosing. Let us all pray that, in spite of the fact that so many siigns point to the idea that Christianity is going through a hard period, more and more people will be called by God to become His followers and His Sons and will react positively to their calling.

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