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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Below is good news from Iraq, the sort of news you will not see in the secular media. The item comes from ASSIST News Service and if you click on the source at the bottom of the item you will see that it is a Christian news service.
There is an error in it however. Nouri al Malaki is the Prime Minister of Iraq not its President as claimed by ASSIST and “Breaking Christian News”
MalakiThat aside it would be good for the Federal Opposition leader and his Labor colleagues to read what the Iraqi PM has to say about the current Iraqi situation and his views on the withdrawal of multinational forces from his country.
Please let us join our prayers with those of our fellow Christians who held his hands and prayed for God to do a miracle in that land. With love in Jesus,     

Iraqi President Lets Christians Pray for Him with Iraq “Improving Dramatically” He is Upbeat About Future  “I have a bias towards the Assyrian Christians. They are the indigenous people of our country and our most nationalist and good people.” Iraqi President Nouri al Malaki  Michael Ireland/TN (April 24th, 2007)  Assyrian Christians in Iraq have made a formal request for a province of their own inside the war-torn country, and many see this as the only way to persuade thousands of refugees outside the country to return. The Assyrian Province, under the same legal framework as neighboring Kurdistan, is seen as a key to bring the Northern part of Iraq into stability.
In a wide-ranging, exclusive interview in Tokyo for ASSIST News Service
(ANS) with Ken Joseph Jr., Iraqi President Nouri al Malaki affirmed the Assyrian Christians’ right to have a province of their own, which could be provided for under the Iraqi Constitution. (Photo: Ken Joseph Jr. meets with President MalakiANS)  Malaki said: “I have a bias towards the Assyrian Christians. They are the indigenous people of our country and our most nationalist and good people.”
 He added: “We want them to be inside the country and active and able to retake their rights. We will do all we can to help them. At the same time, if they feel they need an area, a province of their own as the Constitution provides, I support this fully.”
 Reacting to large numbers of refugees in neighboring countries, Malaki
said: “We do not consider them refugees. They are displaced, and we are doing all we can to create a situation where they can return. They are our responsibility and we do not need help from others to take them in they will return home.”
 Malaki was addressing questions concerning the minorities, many of whom are in neighboring countries, including an estimated nearly 500,000 Assyrian Christians.
 During the interview, Malaki appeared upbeat about the future of his country in contrast to the daily bad news coming out of Iraq.
 “I fully understand why bad news makes the news,” Malaki said. “It is the nature of the world we live in. At the same time, I think it is important to let the world know that things in our country are improving dramatically.
Our unemployment rate has gone from nearly 70 percent to now under 30 percent. Our most recent growth rate was 3 percent and we have seen, in particular as a result of the recent Baghdad program, a dramatic drop in so-called sectarian violence.”
 “What is particularly encouraging to me is the changes we have seen in our security forces and the trust from our people once again. We are finally seeing individual citizens provide information to our forces, which has changed the situation dramatically in rooting out those who are determined to ruin our country.”
 “In spite of much information to the contrary, we are seeing a return to the Iraq we all once knew when we considered ourselves all Iraqis and not belonging to a particular sect or group,” he said. “Economic development is taking place at a good rate. Part of the reason we are here is to encourage even more investment into our country. The monthly income of our people has gone from about $20 a month to now over $200. The dramatic rise in electrical use is one good sign that the economy is taking off. The stores are full.”
 At the same time, Malaki saw security as the major concern going forward.
“We need good and reliable security and we are doing all we can to expand the security forces so they can take charge. The key is the trust between the people and the security forces. This is where we have seen the most progress,” he said. “I think we are the only country in the region with a Human Rights Ministry we have suffered much in the past, all of us, and the Human Rights Ministry is dedicated to rooting out all forms of abuse. It is a positive sign.”
 Reacting to the question of a timetable, Malaki strongly objected saying, “There is no timetable for the Multinational Forces to leave. We are working together with our friends to bring security under control. The only timetable is that of our forces and our nation as a whole being able to assume responsibility for our situation.”
 The Prime Minister was clear that any discussion of timetables for withdrawal of Multinational Forces would be disastrous. “In the end we will be able to take care of ourselves. Meanwhile, we need the help of our friends to stand against those who want to harm us.”
 Following the interview the atmosphere in the room was heavy, and tears were in the eyes of all present as the suffering of those who, although now in power, had suffered terribly under Saddam Hussein came to the fore.
 Malaki was asked, “Do you mind if we pray for you?” This question elicited a quiet, “Please,” and all in the room bowed in prayer as they held the Prime Minister’s hand and asked God to do a miracle in the land of Abraham.
 Source: ASSIST News Service

2 Responses to “Iraqi President Lets Christians Pray For Him”

  1. 1 ray robinson


    Praise Yahweh for the boldness of the Assyrian Christians. Pray Jesus / Lord Sabaoth for their protection. Pray also for protection for Malaki, as such an act will attract the vengeful islamist.

  2. 2 tamara dowling

    Wow!! Thankyou God that you are mighty. that you have plans for nations that cannot be thwarted. We pray that You would place a hedge of protection about the Christians in Iraq and Malaki as he seeks to bring peace and order to that land. We pray that this ancient country would shine forth your glory.

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