U.S. House Committeeby Aimee Herd : Feb 23, 2007 : TruthTellers.org

“It is conceivable that preaching or teaching against homosexual conduct could be prosecuted as conspiracy to commit a hate crime.”

No one with reasonable compassion for another, especially a Christian, would want to commit or perpetuate a hate crime. On the surface, legislation that prosecutes those who do such things seems like a positive thing. However, the hate crime legislation approaching the U.S. House of Representatives of late, similar to that which was wrestled with in the UK, could force constraints on any teaching or preaching not favorable toward homosexuality.

 — (Please pray for Pastor Danny as he visits the US & Canada to speak against these laws in March) —

Hate crimes bill, HR 254, will soon be voted on in the U.S. House of Representatives. According to sources, there is a good chance this bill will be voted down, as there has been a good response in opposition from the public. However, waiting-in-the-wings is another piece of legislation which would be much more restrictive to the free speech of Christians and any who might speak against, or offer freedom from the homosexual lifestyle. This bill will likely be introduced by Rep. John Conyers, if HR 254 is voted down.

Both HR 254, and Conyers’ upcoming hate crime legislation would essentially create new classes of federally protected status, labeled as “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” making these classifications level with race, color, religion and national origin.

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  1. 1 lisa laughter

    I plan to spread the word about what catch the fire ministries is doing about the hr-254 act. I worry about the american public and christians. I worry about their response to theis act. Allready I am having priblems getting my own minister to act on this bell. Now one seems to take it seriously. Because we are a small community. They don’t think this will happen to us. Pleas pray for me .
    y name is Lisa Laughter. I am a bvaptist. I also home school my children. I am teaching them how important it is to speak out for our rights. My e-mail is laughterg@bellsouth.net God bless you

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