Dear friends,

We’re pleased to bring to your attention that the official launch of Rise Up Australia Party – Victorian Division will be held from 11am – 12:30pm on Monday the 15th of September 2014 at the St Kilda Town Hall, 99a Carlisle Street, St Kilda.

The guest speaker is Lord Christopher Monckton, from the Lord Monckton Foundation, and he is world renowned for his stand against Climate Change and Abortion.

National President Daniel Nalliah is the key note speaker and he will address the gathering on the Vision and Mission of the RUA Party in Victoria, as well as release the policies that RUAP will take to the election in November.

We extend this invitation to you, your family & friends to be at the launch, and show your support to help build a better Victoria, and to “Keep Australia Australian”.

Please contact RUAP state office on (03) 8795 7544 or email  so that we can allocate seating to you as seating is limited.

Dress code is formal or semi-formal.

Please make sure to bring your Australian flag, if you have one.

May 31, 2014 | Garrett Haley

BELFAST, Northern Ireland – A 75-year-old Irish preacher was subjected to a police probe after he condemned Islam in a sermon and was accused of ‘hate mongering.’

James McConnell, pastor of the Whitewell Metropolitan Church in North Belfast, Ireland, discussed the religion of Islam during an evening sermon on Sunday, May 18th. During the sermon, McConnell denounced Islam and said the contrast between it and Christianity is stark.

“The God we worship and serve this evening is not Allah,” he proclaimed, according to a video of his sermon. “The Muslim god—Allah—is a heathen deity. Allah is a cruel deity. Allah is a demon deity.”

(Excerpt)

Dear friends & family in Christ,

Following are two very interesting video links regarding the clear and present danger of the rapid spread of Islam throughout the Western world.

1) Queen Beatrix of Holland attends an Orchestral Concert. The Conductor, who just happens to be Muslim, proceeds to give the Queen a lecture on the “beauty” of Islam, who is physically escorted off the stage by security as the orchestra walks out.

2) Raised in Syria, Wafa Sultan suffered under Sharia law. The author of A God Who Hates, talks about the oppression, terror and evil of Islamic Sharia Law spreading across the globe.

PJTV: Survivor Of Sharia, Wafa Sultan Now Fights Against It

As our battle is not flesh and blood, please keep praying for God’s Kingdom to reign over the anti-Christ spirit of Islam in the Name above all names, our Lord Jesus Christ!

5/7/2014- Spirit-led Women

She speaks wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.  She watches over the affairs of her household…her children arise and call her blessed…Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.  Proverbs 31:26-29 selected

My earliest memories of Mother’s Day include the white or red roses that ladies wore to church, pinned to their lapels on Sunday morning.  A red rose was worn to honor a mother who was living, a white rose was worn to honor a mother who had stepped into eternity.  So one of our annual rituals was for me to go out early Sunday morning, and find five red roses on a scrubby little bush that I kept for just that purpose.

We don’t keep that tradition any more.  But I have reflected on what my grandmother passed along to my mother, and my mother passed to me, and I have passed along to my two daughters, and now my daughter is passing along to my three granddaughters.  What has been passed along from generation to generation among the women of my family is a strong, personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.

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31 May 2014 – Special Report by Guy Adams and Sue Reid

Filled with endless pictures of smiling children, the ‘information and guidance’ booklet must have looked anodyne when it tumbled off the press a few years ago.

It was produced by the Muslim Council of Britain and contained — in the words of the foreword — 72 pages of advice to schools designed to ‘promote greater understanding of the faith, religious and cultural needs’ of pupils from an Islamic background.

Even the title seemed, on the face of things, uncontroversial. It was called simply: Meeting The Needs Of Muslim Pupils In State Schools.

Tahir Alam is the alleged mastermind of a plot by Islamic extremists to take over schools. The 45-year-old can be revealed as the author of a controversial 2007 booklet about teaching Muslim pupils

Appearances can be deceptive, though. For within days of its publication, this outwardly unremarkable booklet had sparked an explosive political controversy.

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 4/30/2014 Jared Moore

One argument in favor of gay marriage made by professed Christians and unbelievers is “Jesus didn’t say anything about homosexuality.” Is this statement true? Yes and no.

It’s true that we have no record of Jesus specifically mentioning homosexuality during His earthly ministry, but He didn’t mention bestiality or molesting children either. Does this “argument from silence” (a logical fallacy) prove that Jesus was OK with these things? Of course not.

We do know, however, that Jesus affirmed marriage as between one man and one woman in a one-flesh relationship for life by appealing to creation. (Of course, Jesus is God the Son incarnate. He affirms the entire Old Testament. Yet even if I grant that Jesus’ words, the red letters, during His earthly ministry are more authoritative than the rest of Scripture, the argument still fails.) He essentially said, “It’s Adam and Eve, and not any other definition.” Thus, Jesus rejected every other so-called definition of marriage beyond what was given in Genesis 1:27 and 2:23-24.

In Mark 10:2-9, we read, “And Pharisees came up and in order to test him asked, ‘Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife?’ He answered them, ‘What did Moses command you?’ They said, ‘Moses allowed a man to write a certificate of divorce and to send her away.’ And Jesus said to them, ‘Because of your hardness of heart he wrote you this commandment. But from the beginning of creation, “God made them male and female.” “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate’” (ESV).

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May 06, 2014

I am constantly asked, “Chuck, why don’t pastors take a stand and speak out?” I’ve been a pastor most of my adult life. I believe I am qualified to answer that question. Here is the stark reality: the vast majority of pastors today are “success” oriented. Beginning in Bible College or seminary, and continuing throughout a pastor’s ministerial life, the emphasis is success. And that means church growth, larger congregations, bigger buildings, bigger offerings, burgeoning statistics, greater notoriety, denominational praise, invitations to speak at conferences, applause from fellow ministers, not to mention the financial perks and benefits that come with pastoring a “successful” church.

And the way to learn how to build a successful church is to learn from those who have done it. Pastors regularly attend church growth conferences to learn from the “big” church pastors on how it’s done. They purchase books, magazines, newsletters, etc., that are all geared towards telling pastors how to build a successful church. They are constantly being schooled in the latest and greatest “how to” strategies of church growth and success. This usually entails more and more sophisticated programs, music, sound, lighting, atmosphere, classes, seminars, organization, etc. Everything, and I mean everything, is geared toward success as described in the aforementioned paragraph.

Most pastors today are in reality not spiritual shepherds as much as they are corporate CEOs. The same mentality, philosophy, and strategy that drive corporate boardrooms also drive the boardrooms of modern churches–to a tee. Pastors act like CEOs, dress like CEOs, talk like CEOs, manage like CEOs, and think like CEOs.

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Dear friends,

1) You may click the following link to read an excellent newspaper article from the Gippsland Times in Sale, Victoria, about Rise Up Australia Party contesting the Victorian State Election this November 2014.

Party wants a Christian voice in Parliament

We are running a membership drive to recruit new members into the party, so if you know of family or friends who you think would like to become a member of the party, please click the link below, fill in the attached form and return it to us ASAP.

Membership Application Form – July 2013 (PDF)

2) You may click the two links below to read and watch the shocking video footage of Muslims in France attacking riot police, shouting ‘Death to the Jews’,

Dear family & friends in Christ,

1) Last Sunday Pr Daniel and a team from CTFM ministered in Sale, Vicwhere God moved most powerfully at both meetings. Many were greatly touched by the presence of God and the powerful testimonies of what God is doing in our nation right now. Also many were very excited on hearing about RUAP.

We thank God for every opportunity He gives us to proclaim the name of Jesus. The Pastors of this church and their congregation are very active in their local community. A Pastor and his friend travelled all the way from Wellington, New Zealand to be at the meetings.

2) For those of you in the Melbourne area, at 7:30pm tomorrow Friday 25th July, you’re invited to hear Christopher Cole, a Prophet, Intercessor & Teacher originally from Perth. He will be addressing the ‘Harbingers’ (warnings) for Australia and the rest of the world and how we can find great hope, help, peace and joy in the world’s darkest hour.

3) Also for those of you in the Melbourne area, Pastor Sam Dewald, founding pastor of World Healing International Church in Texas, US will be ministering God’s prophetic Word and miracle working power  CTFM Hallam at 9:30am this Sunday morning 27th July.

Pastor Sam has served the Lord in Jerusalem, Israel for four years and will be sharing about the Holy Spirit revival / awakening in Australia, the coming 4 Blood Moons and the 2nd Coming of King Jesus to Jerusalem, Israel.

4) Pr Daniel will be ministering God’s prophetic Word and praying for people at CTFM this Sunday evening 6:30pm.

Please note that this evening service will be live webcast at beginning at 7.30pm (AEDT).

All of these services in Melbourne are held at CTFM at 30 Star Crescent in Hallam.

Friday, May 30, 2014 – By Dan Wooding – Founder of ASSIST Ministries

Following on the heels of the shocking case of a 25-year-old pregnant Pakistani woman who was allegedly stoned to death on Tuesday, May 26, 2014, by her own family in front of a Pakistani high court – for marrying the man she loved, comes the equally shocking news that Dalit girls who were gang-raped and hanged in an Utter Pradesh village.

In the first case, Farzana Parveen, who was three months pregnant, was killed before a crowd of onlookers in broad daylight front of the high court of Lahore, in what the family called an “honor killing.”

Police official Naseem Butt said the 25-year-old had married Mohammad Iqbal, with whom she had been engaged for years against the will of her family.

However, in an amazing twist to the story, Britain’s Daily Mail is reporting that the husband of the pregnant Pakistani woman has admitted he murdered his first wife to be with her.

“Today, the victim’s husband confessed he killed his first wife so they could marry – and revealed that Farzana’s older sister was also murdered by her family in an ‘honor killing,’” said the Daily Mail story.

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War in Gaza between Israel and Hamas Islamic Terror RegimeDear family & friends in Christ,

In the early hours of this morning as I normally wake up to pray, my heart was very heavy and filled with sadness thinking of Israel, the Middle East crisis and also the Malaysian plane which was recently shot down.

I was asking the Lord how should I pray, as in Matthew Chapter 24 it is very clearly stated there will be wars and much destruction before the return of the Lord, that things will get worse and not better.  As a Christian I love to pray for peace, but I could not help but pray, “Lord, let Your will be done” as Jesus prayed at His most challenging time in life.

Just then this thought crossed my mind, what if all of Israel was Born Again?? Would there be an Israel at all?? Just take a moment to think through this.

As Christians, we should all know that Jesus was born a Jew and that He is coming back to rule and reign as King of kings and LORD of lords from Jerusalem, Israel.  So, logically He wants Israel to be protected. Now, I know that all you faithful Born-Again Christians would say (including me) we are praying for Israel.  However, we all know praying for Israel only is not going to save them from the enemy.

Could it be possible that God has kept most of the Jews from getting Born-Again, because had they come to Salvation, they would not carry guns and go to battle to protect their land. If they have not taken up weapons to defend themselves, they would have been by now completely wiped out, just like what’s happening and has happened to hundreds of thousands of Christians all through the Middle East.  I think you will agree with me the later would have been the result; that there would be no Israel.

As PM Benjamin Netanyahu stated recently, “If these Islamic terrorist put their weapons down, there will be peace in Israel, but if Israel put its weapons down, there will be no Israel.”

As stated in Romans chapters 9-11, I believe God in His perfect timing will bring the Jews to Salvation, but thank God that the Jews have the guts and courage to stand up and defend their country while been surrounded by their enemy Islam.

Continue reading ‘Why are most of the Jews in Israel not Born Again?? Had it been so, there might be no Israel today / Christians in great danger in Iraq – by Pr. Daniel’

By Sarah Griffiths, 28 May 2014 |

The Pope’s pilgrimage to the Middle East was controversial because of the holy leader’s impromptu prayer session at the West Bank’s barrier.

And a playful religious disagreement also took place between Pope Francis and Israel’s prime minister, which revolved around Jesus’ linguistic skills.

Benjamin Netanyahu and the Pope had a small, good natured squabble about the language spoken by Jesus Christ.

Most Biblical scholars agree that Jesus and his disciples spoke Aramaic, which was the common language of Judea in the first century AD.

It is likely that Jesus spoke a local Galilean dialect and the towns of Nazareth was an Aramaic speaking community.

Despite the increasing importance of Greek, Aramaic was the dominant language among Jews in the Holy Land and across the Middle East until the Arab conquest in the seventh century.

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May 28, 2014 by Daniel Greenfield

Expect the mainstream US media to report this sometime between doomsday and 5 o’clock.

Obama was welcomed by the Black Knight of the Hudson for his speech at West Point on Wednesday, but less than 25 percent of the cadets gave him a standing ovation upon his introduction, the Daily Mail reported.

“Receiving tepid applause and a short standing ovation from less than one-quarter of the audience upon his introduction, Obama argued for a contradictory foreign policy that relies on NATO and the United Nations while insisting that ‘America must always lead on the world stage,’ the paper reported.

He drew cheers from graduating cadets – far more robust applause than his speech itself – by announcing a symbolic pardon for those who were ‘on restriction due to minor conduct offenses’ as students.

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May 28, 2014 by Arnold Ahlert

Those looking for the real war on women–as opposed to the one promoted by the American left and their media enablers—should focus their attention on Pakistan and Sudan. In the former nation, a 25-year-old pregnant woman has been stoned to death by members of her own family, with her father dubbing the atrocity an “honor killing.” In the latter nation, a 27-year-old woman has been sentenced to death for refusing to renounce her Christian faith. She was also pregnant, and has given birth while awaiting her sentence to be carried out. The common thread in both cases is as predictable as it is disturbing: the religion of Islam and the endemic mistreatment of women practiced by far too many of its followers.

Farzana Parveen was killed in broad daylight by nearly 20 members of her family before a crowd of onlookers outside the High Court in the eastern city of Lahore, Pakistan. As she walked up to the court’s main gate with her husband Mohammad Iqbal, relatives waiting for the couple’s arrival fired shots in the air and attempted to snatch her away. When she resisted, the attackers, who included her father, two brothers and her former fiancé, started beating her and her husband, before escalating the attack with bricks obtained from a nearby construction site.

Parveen subsequently sustained severe head injuries and was pronounced dead at the hospital, according to police.

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21st May 2014 – Pamela Geller

I receive a lot of mail. The most heartbreaking letters, of course, are from Muslims in Muslim countries who have left Islam or question Islam, and their intellectual freedom is met with violence from family members and friends. They write to cry for help. I get a few of those emails a week, and I help each one to the best I can. Notice how they aren’t writing CAIR for help.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Ali Sina for helping me handle the most difficult and gruesome of those letters. In a number of instances, Ali has gotten a number of  these victims who have written to me out of their countries and to safe harbor.

This email is of a different nature. The journey of this young woman, whose name I have changed  for obvious reasons, is all too common, but little told. It is difficult to break free from the institutionalized thinking, reinforced in every corner of the our culture, concerning Islam. Those who challenge the propagandist narrative are smeared and libeled. Few take the risk.

I salute this “escapee.” Her note to me is a declaration of freedom and an invitation to others to question their premise and not be afraid to think.

Continue reading ‘“I had no Idea how bad Islam was until I dated a Muslim…”’

May 10, 2014 – The Huffington Post – Antonia Blumberg

It might seem strange for the Chief Pastor of one of the biggest churches in the country to have anything negative to say about megachurches. But Bishop T.D. Jakes has one major critique of megachurch culture, and it has to do with the role of the pastor.

While promoting his new book ‘Instinct’, Jakes spoke with HuffPost Live’s Marc Lamont Hill about what he hates most about megachurches: the cult of personality that often arises surrounding their pastors.

“There are pastors whose ego demands that type of adulation… It’s the part of ministry that I hate,” Jakes said. “I hate it because from the inside out I see myself as quite normal. The pressure to live up to all of your expectations frustrates me.”

No two megachurches are alike, Jakes said, and the size of the church shouldn’t define the pastor. “I’m the same guy that pastored 50 people on Easter Sunday,” he said. “I didn’t turn into some kind of creature when they became 5,000.”

Click here to view videos.


Dear friends & family in Christ,

1) You may click the following link to watch a 2 minute video from an Egyptian Doctor regarding the current crisis in the Middle East with Israel, Palestine, Islam and radical Muslim terrorist regimes.

2) Please click the following link and vote NO to legalizing prostitution in WA.

Do please vote NO – we’re losing!

May 12, 2014 – Erik Eckholm – The New York Times 

Alan Sears, who has run the Christian legal group Alliance Defending Freedom since its founding 20 years ago, turned to a picture of Abraham Lincoln in his office here and noted the decades of blood and tears it took to abolish slavery.

“I think there is no question that one day, this country will again recognize that marriage is between a man and a woman,” said Mr. Sears, a former top official in the Reagan Justice Department.

The comparison may or may not prove apt, but these are heady days for Alliance Defending Freedom, which, with its $40 million annual budget, 40-plus staff lawyers and hundreds of affiliated lawyers, has emerged as the largest legal force of the religious right, arguing hundreds of pro bono cases across the country. It has helped shift the emphasis of religious freedom enshrined in the Constitution. For decades, courts leaned toward keeping religion out of public spaces. Today, thanks to cases won by the alliance and other legal teams focused on Christian causes, the momentum has tilted toward allowing religious practices with fewer restrictions.

The group last Monday celebrated a major victory in the Supreme Court, where a client, the Town of Greece, N.Y., won the right to open council meetings with mainly Christian prayers.

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Dear friends & family in Christ,

You may click the following link to read an excellent article about RUAP that recently appeared in the Loddon Times in Country Victoria.

After clicking the link, please scroll down to bottom half of page to read the article.

May 06, 2014 – Christian TodayMichael Trimmer

With the International Christian College in Glasgow and St Michael’s College in Cardiff both recently announcing their closures, to what extent are UK Bible colleges in a state of peril?

Reverend Richard Tiplady, Principal of the ICC, says that from where he is sitting, the nation’s Bible colleges are facing a lean future.

“Of the ten largest bible colleges in the UK, only one is growing,” he says.

In the case of the ICC, the numbers were beyond the pale. Between 2000 and 2013 the annual intake of new undergraduate students dropped from 57 to 16.

What is causing this decline? Are Christians less interested in academic study around the Bible these days? Are people taking up alternatives, or not taking up anything at all? Or are there other explanations for the current malaise?

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Listen to RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah’s Speech in Canberra

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