Sin attracts God’s wrath-Repentance attracts God’s love & forgiveness

Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

You may be aware of the tsunami that hit Indonesia following a 7.5 magnitude earthquake on Friday, leaving over 800 dead and many more injured and homeless. Please follow the link below to watch a short video clip of our Prime Minister Scott Morrison leading prayer for the victims of the Indonesian tsunami and the farmers in Australia.  The Pastor of the Church then  prays for PM Morrison and his family.

Pastor Daniel stated “please join together with our Prime Minister and many others to pray for the Indonesian tsunami victims and farmers affected by the drought and bushfires. Please also pray for Prime Minister Morrison and his family”.

God Bless You.

Commission for Life - Playing Fields and Battle Fields.

Pastor Daniel spoke at CTFM’s Sunday Service and informed the congregation that he had been praying for Judge Brett Kavanaugh over the past few days. He explained that God has exposed the enemy’s secret plan against the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court. Pastor Daniel stated “Judge Brett Michael Kavanaugh has an assignment to fulfil, and that is to protect the next generation”. He then led the Church in prayer to cancel the enemy’s plans and to confirm the appointment of Judge Brett Michael Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court.

Dr Lailth Mendis from, a medical doctor from Sri Lanka, preached the word of God at the Sunday Service. His message was titled ‘commission for life – combat, contest and conquest’. He explained that God’s forward defence line is the Church, then the home and from there the market place- which is the battle field. Please follow the link above to watch a video of Dr Lalith Mendis’ message. (after the first 10 minutes of the video).


Rise Up Australia Party President Rev Dr Daniel Nalliah stated,

“What a fantastic show of unity and guts. Well done President Trump and PM Benjamin. We pray and support you both and your countries of America & Israel”.

Look forward to seeing our (Australia’s) PM Scott join you soon.

Rise Up Australia and Keep Australia Great.

Live streaming of our Sunday morning service will commence at 11.00 am (Melbourne)

PSDANIELThis morning, as I was in prayer, I was taken in a vision by the Holy Spirit, into a place that looked like a large army base/encampment. In this encampment, I saw thousand upon thousands of figures, that looked like demons, getting ready to come into Australia. Each of them carried a backpack, on which the words ‘cause disaster in Australia’ was written. I was shocked and startled to see the number of demons that were getting ready to come into Australia. I then heard the Holy Spirit tell me, “look to the north, south, east and west”. I looked and saw many more encampments preparing to send out demons into Australia.

I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “son of man, prophesy and call on the Church to pray for Australia’s protection, and cancel the words that will be spoken this weekend at the AFL ( Australian rules football) game, callinig on demons ( I don’t want to specify the words, ‘c— on d—–. One of the teams playing in the game is called ‘Melbourne Demons’). keep on reading!

You may recall Tommy Robinson, who recently sentenced to 13 months imprisonment for contempt of Court, in the UK. He was arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced, all within a brief period of less than five hours. Tommy was first put in a prison with a low Muslim population. He was later transferred to a prison with the highest Muslim prison population in the UK. Tommy voiced his concern that he was being taken from a place of safety and put into a place where he would be killed (all because he stood up for the right of free speech and for the rights of the British people). The Governor of the Prison informed Tommy that he was being held under a Muslim name and would therefore be safe. Below is a link to an exclusive interview Ezra Lavant had with Tommy Robinson. In this interview Tommy exposes what goes on inside the prison system of the UK. This is a must watch interview.

If you care about your COUNTRY and FREE SPEECH. Then do something about it.

Pastor Daniel Nalliah paid the price to protect FREE SPEECH in Australia. Attached is the link to the Australian Court case

Danny Nalliah—Battler for Free Speech Victory & Court Case against Islamic Council of Victoria

Trump/Netanyahu/Morrison/Prophetic warning by Pastor Daniel/taking Australia and the nation/vision part 2

Australia Day 2019


Prophecy being fulfilled-regarding Born-again Prime Minister for Australia by Pastor Daniel Nalliah. -(watch from 23 min mark onwards)


What a chaotic week it has been for all of us, with Malcom Turnbull standing down as Prime Minister of Australia and Scott Morrison being elected in his place. It is amazing to see how the Lord works through chaos to bring victory and order to his people. Yes, Prime Minister Scott Morrison is a Pentecostal Christian!!



When I woke up this morning, 13th August 2018 at 2 am, in a vision, I saw the Feb 2009 black Saturday bush fires in Victoria right in front of me, as if it was happening all over again.

Then I saw demons carrying files and standing in God’s Court Room, representing every State and Territory. On the files the words read DROUGHT and FIRES. These demons were trying to secure a reason for a verdict that would bring disaster to the Nation, as a result of legalising homosexual marriage NATIONALLY. At this point I was reminded as to how the Lord gave me a word of WARNING 4 months before black Saturday – when the Victorian ‘up to birth abortion’ laws were passed. I immediately released the word to the Church and asked them to REPENT on behalf of the nation for the laws that were passed and to PRAY against impending disaster. I now, feel an urgency to warn the Church that the impending disaster as a result of legalising homosexual marriage legislation, has the potential to be much more severe than black Saturday, as it will affect all of Australia.

You might ask the question, how about all other sinful activity?? Isn’t all sin is sin? However, homosexuality and abortion, are sinful acts against God’s laws that have been legalised by our Government. This gives the demonic realm the legal right to present a case to carry out disaster.


2 Chron 7 : 13 -16 :

“13 When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people, 14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 15 Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place. 16 I have chosen and consecrated this temple so that my Name may be there forever. My eyes and my heart will always be there”.

Please also read Daniel Chapter 9. While reading, whenever the word Israel is mentioned, you can say Australia or your respective country.
I am trusting in the Lord that the children of God will rise up, pray and repent, and by doing so avert the disaster or at-least minimise it as much as possible.

WARNING: If we as the Church, stay silent, blood will be on our hands. But if we rise up, PRAY, FAST and REPENT, we can turn looming disaster into a major victory for the Kingdom Of God.

Please join together with us for 3 days of fasting and prayer from 31st Aug to 2nd Sep. Special services at CTFM for Prayer, Worship and Repentance on – Fri 31/8 at 7pm, Sat 01/09 at 7pm & Sun 02/09 at 10am.

Pastor Daniel was taken up into Heaven, where he had an amazing encounter with thousands of saints, children and babies. The message they gave Pastor Daniel for the Church was: Repent!

Pastor Daniel stated, “On Saturday the 4th of August at 3.35am I woke up to pray, but fell into a deep sleep and had an amazing dream for ONE hour. I left my body and was travelling at lightning speed and entered Heaven. I noticed that there were 2 others travelling with me. To my right was Angel Gabriel and to my left was Michael. In Heaven I saw thousands of saints, children and babies. They were all singing and worshipping God. And with a real sense of urgency they declared, Repent, Repent, Repent Jesus is coming soon. I am very much shaken, shocked and also rejoicing at the things that were revealed to me. I pray that you will take the time to watch this video, as I explain everything what happened during my visit”.

Pastor Daniel has called for three days of fasting, prayer and repentance for Australia and the Nations from 31st August to 2nd September 2018, so that we can be in a place of Worship, Prayer and Repentance in the Lord.(2 chronicles 7:13 -16, Daniel Chapter 9). Please make every effort to attend these meetings. The meeting will be held at 30 Star Crescent Hallam – Fri 31st Aug 7pm, Sat 1st Sept 7pm, Sun 2nd Sept 10am.

We encourage Churches and groups to get together and pray on these dates in your respective Cities and Towns across Australia and the Nations.

Please note that This Sunday, Pastor Daniel will be speaking on the prayer strategy for these meeting and ongoing repentance and prayer.

CTFM Notice

Live steaming of the Sunday morning service will commence at 11.00 am (Melbourne)

Live streaming of our Sunday service will commence at 11.00 am (Melbourne)

Live streaming of our Sunday morning service will commence at 11.00 am(Melbourne)

Rami from IDF


Session 4 of “COURTS OF HEAVEN” will be live streamed shortly.

Our morning live streaming will start at 10.30am melbourne time.

Our live streaming service will start shortly.

Live Streaming of Service has started – press Play below to view it.

Fri 22nd June 7pm
Sat 23rd June 7pm
Sun 24th June 10am and 6pm

robert henderson


Dear Family and Friends,
I am writing to let you know that we believe that it is our God given right to support our Nation, and inform our members, family and friends of events that are important to us. We should want what is best in the sight of God for this country of ours.
We are entering a time where we might expect to see nation rising against nation, as we have been pre-warned in the book of Matt. Ch. 24. This is a time, more so than ever when we should be taking an interest in world politics, but most importantly, our own.
Why should Gods People bother themselves with Politics? Isn’t it corrupt? Yes exactly! That’s why we should be getting involved. Don’t you think that our Lord who died for us cares about our nation as well? After all it is people that make the nation. When a nation honors God, God honors that nation.
We need strong Godly leaders that are willing to stand firm, speak out and stand up for righteousness in our land of Australia. It would do us well if we took a leaf out of President Donald Trump’s book.

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heaven court

SURABAYA, Indonesia – A wave of blasts including a suicide bombing struck outside churches in Indonesia on Sunday, killing at least nine and wounding dozens of others, police said, the latest assault on a religious minority in the world’s biggest Muslim-majority country.

Indonesia, which will begin the holy fasting month Ramadan this week, has been on high alert over attacks by militants, including some incidents claimed by the Islamic State group.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the Sunday bombings in Indonesia’s second-biggest city Surabaya.

“Nine people are dead and 40 are in hospital,” East Java Police spokesman Frans Barung Mangera told reporters, adding that two police officers were among the injured.

The official death toll climbed from an initial two killed and may include those who succumbed to injuries in hospital. Three separate locations were hit by the bombings around 7:30 am (0030 GMT).

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A few months ago, North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong-un, was firing missiles over Japan and threatening to send nuclear bombs in our direction.

But last week, the young leader dropped a different kind of surprise on the world: He met with South Korean president Moon Jae-in on April 27 and announced that the 67-year-old Korean conflict is over. “I came here to put an end to the history of confrontation,” Kim Jung-un told Moon in a meeting on the border town of Panmunjom.

“There will be no more war on the Korean peninsula, and a new age of peace has begun,” the two leaders said in a joint statement. Kim Jong-un, who has built the fourth largest army in the world—with 1.19 million soldiers—says he will now focus on rebuilding his country’s shattered economy.

Boom. Just like that, swords were converted into plowshares. The two leaders, all smiles for the cameras, agreed they will denuclearize the Korean peninsula within a year. They also agreed to set up reunions with families that have been divided since the Korean War started in 1950.

Continue reading ‘North Korea Will Open Its Doors to Christianity’

Hassan Nasrallah announced a Hizbullah victory in the Lebanese parliamentary elections that took place on May 6, 2018.
The Lebanese constitution, which is based on the National Pact of 1943, divides the government among the country’s religious sects. Therefore, following the elections, the president will continue to be a Maronite Christian, the prime minister a Sunni Muslim, and the chairman of Parliament a Shiite. However, with regard to the division between 128 members of Parliament, half of whom are Christians and half Muslims, Hizbullah has increased its parliamentary power through pacts with the Shiite Amal Party and the party of President Michel Aoun. The party of Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri is the biggest loser.

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israel night photo

Blessed be the Lord God Almighty who has blessed us with the knowledge of His promises and plans through His Holy Spirit and by His word!


Ps Daniel, his wife Maryse and the CTFM team were indeed blessed to see so many come and celebrate with us on the 13th evening (effectively the 14th of May as the Jewish calendar starts the day in the evening) for Israel’s 70th Anniversary.  It is time to honour Israel and Jerusalem, its capital. Let’s stand with Israel!

Exodus 3:17 Israel the Land

And I have said, I will bring you up out of the affliction of Egypt unto the land of the Canaanites, and the Hittites, and the Amorites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites, unto a land flowing with milk and honey.

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The Iranian regime may have blocked popular messaging apps to prevent citizens from connecting with one another and to curb the flow of news, photos and videos out of Iran, but global news outlets, broadcasting in Farsi, are obtaining thousands of responses from Iran on a daily basis.

Most of the latest messages are expressions of gratitude and appreciation for U.S. President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear agreement, and expectations that the U.S. will help the Iranian people topple the oppressive regime.

“Trump’s name should be written out in gold letters upon the stars in the sky,” one Iranian citizen said. Another citizen remarked that Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali “Khamenei threatened to set fire to the nuclear agreement if the U.S. decides to withdraw form it. Why is he suddenly hesitating?”

Continue reading ‘Surprise: Iran is full of Trump supporters’

Dear family & friends in Christ,

We extend a very special invitation to all our network and their friends & family to join us for a wonderful evening of celebration to mark the 70th birthday of the nation of Israel.

As the Word of God states clearly in Gen 12:3

And I will bless those who bless you ————”

STANDING WITH ISRAEL is an evening you must not miss.

See attached brochure For all details.

Ps Daniel Nalliah

Israel at 70 flier on 13th May Sunday a-page-001

heaven court
Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the author of the book ‘Courts of Heaven’ preach at CTFM from 22nd to the 24th June 2018. The revelation this man brings from God is amazing and life transforming.

safe school Rally Forum










It is with great joy that we bring you a report on the Forum and Rally held in Melbourne against the Safe Schools (Unsafe shcools – LGBTI agenda promoted among children) which went off well, without any protests or disruption. We thank God for prayers answered.

A crucial aspect of success with Rise Up involvement in any political rallies, marches and forums for over six years now, has been prayer, fasting and the act of making a stand. For the forum and rally specifically, we prayed protection of the blood of Jesus, fasted and walked the boundaries of the locations, anointing the place with oil and speaking in tongues.

Over the past eighteen months particularly, an interesting trend has been emerged where Ps Daniel would step up to the microphone to speak and the opposition would leave, even run away, and on some instances, were not present.

With the rally and the forum, the opposition didn’t even attend. There was very little backlash or vitriol. This of course this meant peace and safety with very little police resources required.

Pastor Daniel stated “I am very pleased with the response to both events and applaud Rosalie Cerstani , Marzena Smalec and others from our team for organizing the events, and doining an amazing job. We thank God for the hundreds of parents, Grandparents and others who attended the meetings and took a stand for the next generation.I am sure this had a big impact in the Heavenly Realm. We will definitely see the results of this bearing fruit in the natural. Please continue to to lobby your local Member of Parlaiment, and pray earnestly, as we prophetically declare that the safe schools program will be history by the end of this year”.

Courts of Heaven

Our morning live streaming service will be start at 11am melbourne time.


“I was Disappointed and Shocked at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games”.

RUAP President Rev Dr Daniel Nalliah stated, ” I was Disappointed and Shocked at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

It was sad to see White Australians and others almost completely ignored. While Aboriginal Culture and ancestral rituals were given total prominence.

Before you could call me a racist. I am not white, nor am I a racist.
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He is Risen

Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

Rise Up Australia Party had a fund raiser dinner on 24th February 2018. The event was a great success , with over 100 people attending. Attached are links to three short but very challenging speeches.

Rosalie Crestani, the Deputy President of Rise Up Australia Party was the MC and also addressed the gathering.

Rev Dr Daniel Nalliah, the President of Rise Up Australia Party, spoke at the event and emphsized the importance of ‘keeping Australia Australian’.

Mrs Marzena Smalech, a mother of three young children, one of whom was very traumatised by having to follow the Safe Schools Program at his school, also spoke. She pointed out that the objective of Safe Schools , is not anti bullying as the Government would have us believe, but it is about radically sexualising our children.

Please click on the links below to watch :

1. Roosalie Crestani’s speech

2. Rev Dr Daniel Nallaiha’s speech

3. Mrs Marzena Smalech’s speach

The Blood of Jesus

Standing up for jesus

Rise Up and Take Your Stand


God’s Blessing this year

Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

What an amazing weekend it was. The presence of God was so real at every single meeting, especially on Australia Day.

Attached is the link to the service.

Cr Rosalie Crestani opened the meeting in prayer and sang the National Anthem. Thereafter, two Indigenous leaders, Sister Regina and Sister Laurel, welcomed the people and also prayed for Australia.

The worship team, led by Ps Reuben, did a great job in bringing down the presence of God. The people waved their banners and Australian flags as they worshipped the Lord.

It was so encouraging to see people from 40 deferent countries who call Australia home, come out to the front, carrying their Australian flags and unite in singing “The Great Southland of The Holy Spirit”. (watch video at 47min mark- on attached link)

Ps Daniel led the meeting under the Anointing of the Holy Spirit. He stated:

‘This was one of the best Australia Day Prayer Meetings we have had. I was very encouraged to see so many people come to the meetings, and come under such a mighty anointing of the Holy Spirit. All glory to God’.

Then he led the people into a time of Repentance and Reconciliation. During this time, Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, washed each other’s feet, in the true spirit of unity, love and humbleness.

There was around 15 Pastors present at the meeting. Some of them led in prayer for Protection, Government, Families and Unity etc.

It was so nice to see Ministers of the Uniting Church, Anglican Church, Baptist and Pentecostal Churches, come under the Anointing and Prophesy over Ps Daniel & Maryse, and state, ” You are a true Prophet sent to Australia —————–‘(Watch video link at 1hour & 15min -see whole prophecy and prayer).

Ps Daniel spoke about Smith Wigglesworth’s Prophecy over Australia and then prayed and imparted Blessing and Anointing over the people. The people were mightily touched by God. Praise God.

All videos of the Kingdom Praise Conference are on the CTFM website –

You could have a feast on the teachings by many speakers who spoke at these meetings.


Kingdom Praise Conference 2018 – Session 10 live streaming will start at 7pm melbourne time

Kingdom Praise Conference Session 7 will start at 7pm melbourne time

Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

1) This is your opportunity to come, be blessed and equip yourself for the next 3 years, in expectation of a mighty Reformation Harvest Fire that will sweep through Australia and the Nations.

CTFM and Project 61 will be uniting and working together to see The Mighty Anointing of the Holy Spirit move in Prophetic, Vision sharing, Healing and Evangelism.

The Australia Day Prayer gathering will be on Friday the 26th January 2018, at 10am followed by a real Aussie BBQ. Bring your Australian Flags with you.

On Saturday 27th January 2018, at 6.30pm – A very Powerful Testimony by Lady who was very sick and dying. She was taken into Heaven and sent back by God completely healed, with A very special message .

This Lady and her husband David, who is a real worshipper and musician, will also be leading some songs in worship on Sat night and Sunday morning 28th at 10am.

He carries a very special anointing for worship. Pas Daniel recently had a dream about him and prophesied over him. Come and hear all about it. And also what David of the Bible told his wife. When she met him in heaven.

Project 61 which is run by Pas Luke and Pas Reuben (who is also the worship Pastor at CTFM); will be teaching on Evangelism – Thursday 25th January at 10am & 6.30pm, Friday 26th January at 6.30pm, Sat 27th January at 10am and Sun 28th January at 6pm.

Pas Daniel Nalliah will be sharing the Vision and the Prophetic Word of God for the next 3 years and after on Friday 26th January 10am , Sat 27th January at 6.30pm and Sun 28th January at 10am.

He will also be Praying and Imparting the Holy Spirit Anointing for the END TIMES – “Reformation Harvest Fire”, as Prophesied by Smith Wiggles Worth over Australia and the Nations.

All meeting will be held at CTFM 30 Star Crescent, Hallam.

Entrance Free. Love offerings will be taken.

for more info Contact Ash on 03 9703 1620 or

2) Please follow the link to watch a special Australia Day message from Rosalie Crestani, the Deputy President of Rise Up Australia Party.

God Bless you

Ash Puvi
Catch The Fire Ministries Inc.

Holy Ghost fire

Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

1          Last week Ps Daniel got an urgent message from the sister, of a lady in QLD.  The lady from QLD was taken into hospital with an E.coli infection and a stones in her Kidneys. Ps Daniel stated, ‘I have never heard of this infection before’.

(E. coli is a type of bacteria that normally live in the intestines of people and animals. However, some types of E. coli, particularly E. coli O157:H7, can cause intestinal infection. E. coli O157:H7 and other strains that cause intestinal sickness are called Shiga toxin producing E. coli (STEC) after the toxin that they produce. Symptoms of intestinal infection include diarrhoeaabdominal pain, and fever. More severe cases can lead to bloody diarrhoeadehydration, or even kidney failure).

 So he called this lady and she told him that the Doctors were going to operate on her the next day. An  ultrasound showed that there were stones in her Kidneys as well. She was in a lot of pain. So he  prayed for her healing in the name of Jesus, for the stones to dissolved and disappear. He was thrilled to get a call from this lady the next day, she stated ” The Doctor did another ultrasound this morning, and the stones had disappeared and the operation was cancelled.”

Continue reading ‘Operations cancelled/ two Amazing Miracles as Ps Daniel prays in the name of Jesus’

Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

The above video link and transcript is from the Prophetic Word Ps Daniel Nalliah gave on 31st Dec 2017.

This link contains 3 parts. The first 10 min is the Prophetic Word regarding Donald Trump, North Korea and ISIS.

The last 15 min of this link is, Ps Daniel and his Wife Maryse receiving a Prophetic word from A visiting speaker from Singapore. In-between is his sermon.

Transcript of Prophetic Word. –

“Welcome all those who are with us and those who are watching across the nations, give them a big clap please. We want to welcome you to this broadcast. This morning I want to share with you some the things that have been happening in the last few days. Generally when we come to a New Year’s eve we are looking for a great year ahead of us 2018. Unfortunately, I am going to tell you that 2018 is going to bring a lot of challenges and people don’t like to hear prophetic words like that. They like to hear “bless me, bless me” prophetic words, that “she will be right mate”, is something everyone likes to hear but in the last few weeks, morning after morning from about 3.30-4.00 in the morning to about 6 in the morning

Continue reading ‘A prophetic word given by Ps Daniel Nalliah on 31/12/2017 regarding 2018, Donald Trump, North Korea and ISIS’

This is your opportunity to come, be blessed and equip yourself for the next 3 years, in expectation of a mighty Reformation Harvest Fire that will sweep through Australia and the Nations.

CTFM and Project 61 will be uniting and working together to see The Mighty Anointing of the Holy Spirit move in Prophetic, Vision sharing, Healing and Evangelism.

The Australia Day Prayer gathering will be on Friday the 26th January 2018, at 10am followed by a real Aussie BBQ. Bring your Australian Flags with you.

On Saturday 27th January 2018, at 6.30pm – A very Powerful Testimony by Lady who was very sick and dying. She was taken into Heaven and sent back by God completely healed, with A very special message .

This Lady and her husband David, who is a real worshipper and musician, will also be leading some songs in worship on Sat night and Sunday morning 28th at 10am.

He carries a very special anointing for worship. Pas Daniel recently had a dream about him and prophesied over him. Come and hear all about it. And also what David of the Bible told his wife. When she met him in heaven.

Project 61 which is run by Pas Luke and Pas Reuben (who is also the worship Pastor at CTFM); will be teaching on Evangelism – Thursday 25th January at 10am & 6.30pm, Friday 26th January at 6.30pm, Sat 27th January at 10am and Sun 28th January at 6pm.

Pas Daniel Nalliah will be sharing the Vision and the Prophetic Word of God for the next 3 years and after on Friday 26th January 10am , Sat 27th January at 6.30pm and Sun 28th January at 10am.

He will also be Praying and Imparting the Holy Spirit Anointing for the END TIMES – “Reformation Harvest Fire”, as Prophesied by Smith Wiggles Worth over Australia and the Nations.

Reminder :

CTFM New Year’s Eve Service will commence with supper at 9.30pm on 31st December. Please bring a plate to share. Communion will be taken at the dawn of the New Year. CTFM will endeavour webcast this Service live starting at 11 pm

All meeting will be held at CTFM 30 Star Crescent, Hallam.

Entrance Free. Love offerings will be taken.

for more info Contact Ash on 03 9703 1620 or

Dear Family and Friends in Christ,


All Glory, Honour and Praise be to Jesus our Lord and Saviour. On our tour of Israel, He spoke to several of the Team through dreams and visions regarding the birthing of a new move of the Holy Spirit. I am unable to share all of it, but will share 3 dream/visions regarding birthing and nurturing.

1. First sister Margret, while passing Jerusalem in the bus started weeping and travailing, like a mother about to give birth. Soon several others in the bus started to do the same. The presence of God filled the bus. Then a Word from the Lord came through, that He was about to birth a new move of God and that the Harvest is ready. Just then there was a release of the Holy Spirit laughter. Many in the bus just laughed and laughed.

2. Then another intercessor had a dream. Attached is what Sister Marg Lyle wrote.:

“Hi Pastor Daniel,

While we were in Israel I had a very vivid dream. I was in a place where there were many births taking place. I saw some very pregnant women waiting to deliver and in early stages of labour. Others were giving birth. I was on the ground floor looking up at this scene. These others were all up on a mezzanine floor with many different groups each group were assisting babies to be born. On the ground (where I was standing), I saw a baby start to be birthed and realised I had to help this baby be born. As I assisted with the birth I knew someone was telling me what to do. When the baby was born it was covered in afterbirth and I was aware the baby could not breath, it was starting to go purple, it was suffocating. I was staring into the babies eyes as the film of after birth tightened around its face like it was covered in glad wrap. I was aware if I didn’t assist and clear away the afterbirth, clear the babies airways and assist it to breath it would die. So I did all that I needed to do to free up this new born child so it could breathe on its own. Then I slapped it and it took its first breath. It then started breathing on its own and I knew my job was over.

When I awoke the dream was still very vivid. I asked the Lord to tell me what it was about. One thing I remember vividly was that no other baby was being born on the ground floor. All the other babies being born were on the next level. However, I and the group that was with me saw this as something had been birthed by our group in Israel. Margaret from CTFM had been in travail either that day or maybe a few days before (not sure what date it was). It was after we had our picture taken on the hill looking over Jerusalem. Maybe around the time we were staying in Bethlehem.
I was aware that when a baby is born it needs help. The word discipleship was a thought that kept coming to me and Fresh breath of Holy Spirit life. If we don’t do what the Holy Spirit calls us to do – then what God is wanting to be birthed can’t survive. The enemy will always try to abort or kill what is being birthed in the Spirit. But God sends all the help that is needed, we only have to obey His leading. Everything else will take place naturally, as it is the our Creator who is in charge.
Just a few of my own thoughts. I know there is much more to this dream. I am also aware that this is a corporate birthing that I dreamed about, not just for me, the picture is much bigger.

God Bless,
Marg Lyle
Darwin Aglow”

3. The team was in transit at a Hotel in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka overlooking the Ocean, and a very large block of land with beautiful green lawns and Hotels. This place is very well known by Sri Lankan’s and called “Galle-face Green”. It is like a massive open air food court, where thousands of families and friends gather to enjoy their evenings. It is also a place where public meetings and large gatherings are held.

Pastor Daniel had a dream, the first night that they were on transit in Sri Lanka, on their way back to Australia. He said, ” In my dream I had opened the front door of my house in Melbourne and saw several boxes left at my door step, in one box was this beautiful baby. I carried the baby in my arms took the baby in and gave the baby to my wife. Just then Jesus appeared and said in the dream, ‘Nurture this baby. This baby will be called “Reformation Harvest”. I literally jumped off the bed. Then the voice of the Lord told me ” Go to your window, and look outside” As I went to the window and looked outside, from the 14th floor. I saw Galle face Green. Just then the Holy Spirit reminded me of Smith Wigglesworth’s 3 day
revival crusade which was held at this very place around 90-100 years ago. He was travelling from England to Australia, his ship stopped in Colombo Sri Lanka for 3 days. This was a midway stop on their journey. At Galle face Green, in Colombo Sri Lanka (Then called Ceylon) he had the most number of miracles in the shortest time of 3 days. Then he proceeded to Australia and prophesied of the Great end time Reformation which will take place in the turn of the 21st century, before the coming of the Lord Jesus. Which will start in Australia and spread all throughout the earth and usher in the second coming of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour”.

Please follow the link to read more on Smith Wigglesworth’s prophecies

Smith Wigglesworth’s Prophetic Word of Australia’s Mighty Revival

Smith Wigglesworth’s. time in Sri Lanka (Ceylon), is documented in the small book titled “The untold stories of Smith Wiggles Worth” Written by one of his very close friends.

Then I had a prompting by the Holy Spirit to pray for the team that morning. But I went back to bed and fell asleep. A little later I woke up with another dream, calling out Repent, Repent, Repent for what we did to the British in Sri Lanka when they brought the Gospel to my fore-fathers. As my country of birth is Sri Lanka. Around 200 years ago when the British brought the Gospel to Australia, they also brought the Gospel to Sri Lanka. Many with rejoicing accepted Jesus, so did my Grand-Parents. My Grandfather was one of the first converts from Hinduism, and went on to become a Methodist Minister. However many people in the country cursed the British, At this point God showed me that the same happened in Australia.

That morning in Sri Lanka at the 5 Star Hotel there was much weeping and repenting on Sri Lankan soil by our team and some Sri Lankans. After which we prayed for revival for the nations. It was not by accident nor coincidence
that we were at this Hotel/Location where Smith Wiggles Worth had a mighty outpouring in Sri Lanka. I think the British and their descendants have said sorry so many times. Now it’s time for the first people of this land Australia to say sorry to the descendants of the British for cursing them for coming on their land. As our land Australia is blessed in material terms, however in moral and spiritual terms it is moving towards bankruptcy. We need a real Reformation. This will only come through Repentance, Revival, Restoration and Reformation.”

This Australia day weekend on 26th-28th Jan 2018 we will be covering the areas of repentance and worship in prayer. Come expecting a breakthrough. Pastor Daniel Nalliah will be praying and imparting the anointing of
the Holy Spirit for the end time out pouring as prophesied by Smith Wiggles Worth.

Shalom and God Bless You,

Patricia Tan

Israel Prayer coordinator
Catch The Fire Ministries Inc.

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Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

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God Bless you,

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc.

The 7 Keys of Wisdom

Our Sunday morning sermon will be streamed at 11 am (Melbourne)

Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

 What a mighty God of miracles we serve!

 About a week ago, I received a telephone call at the CTFM office, requesting urgent prayer for a young accident victim, on his death bed, at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

The Doctors had given up hope for this young man 10 days ago.

 Pastor Daniel had just returned home, from an incredible and hectic tour of Israel. I knew that he would be very tired. However, I conveyed this urgent message to him.

Pastor Daniel immediately contacted the brother of the young man. He was told that the young man had done a motor cycle jump on the family farm, which had gone terribly wrong, and resulted in a crash. He said that his brother had severe head injuries, was on life support and that the Doctors had given up hope.

 Pastor Daniel said: “ I asked the family to anoint the young man with oil, and prayed;  Farther, in the name of Jesus, I rebuke the spirit of death out of this room, and call back life. I cancel every negative word spoken in this room. By your stripes he is healed. Just then, I felt such an amazing release of the Holy Spirit’s, healing and anointing touch the young man. I said to the family, he will not die but live. I asked them to start thanking the Lord for the miracle of life. I thank God for the family, who are believers”.

 The CTMF team also joined with the family in claiming his healing.

 Pastor Daniel has been in contact with the family getting updates of his progress.

All glory to God; the young man is now off life support, and is making good progress. A big thank you to Jesus.

 We also thank the Doctors and the medical team who are taking care of the young man, and all those who prayed. Since the young man still has a long way to go, please continue to pray for him and his family to see a complete recovery.


God Bless you,

 Ash Puvi

Catch The Fire Ministries Inc.

Capture“Yesterday, just as we were about to start our intercessory weekly prayer meeting, we heard the very sad news regarding SSM.

We all hoped for a No vote win, and worked very hard. May I take this opportunity to thank all those who worked hard and voted ‘NO’. It was very encouraging to see that almost 40% voted NO.

I personally could not sleep for most part of last night. I woke up around 12.10am with a dream, and had so much love in my heart for the homosexual community. This might sound strange. Don’t get me wrong. I am very disappointed at the results. But we must love the sinner and not the sin.

We must continue to speak out against SSM. But always have the right ‘ heart ‘ attitude.

Then I had a prompting in my spirit to read Mathew Ch. 24 Particularly starting with verse 9, since some of you might feel like quitting. We are at the very end of times.

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Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

Praise be to God for what He did on this amazing tour of Israel. The CTFM team, comprising of more than 50 mighty prayer warriors, Worshipped and Praised God and carried out many very important Prayer assignments as led by the Holy Spirit.

CTFM Team at War Memorial in Beersheba, Israel

CTFM Team at War Memorial in Beersheba, Israel

We returned home back to base in Australia last week, with many wonderful stories of what God had done right throughout this trip.

I thank God for giving me the opportunity, to lead such a great team from across Australia, on this very special mission commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Light-horse Victory in Beersheba.

I am unable to recap everything that happened on this tour, but will try my best to give you the highlights of the tour.

At the Melbourne Airport at the departure gates the team sang ‘He is Lord’ and prayed over the gateway, and then soon after departure, up in the air started interceding for Australia.

As we approached Istanbul over Turkey on transit to Tele-Aviv in Israel; I had a prompting from the Holy Spirit to pray that the Ottoman Turk Empire will never raise its head again, that Islam will not be exported out of Turkey, and also for the Salvation of Muslims.

Upon boarding the aircraft, I got permission from the cabin manager to pray over Turkey and the Middle East. Some of the team went to the back of the plane, stretched out our hands and worshipped the Lord and prayed.

Pastor Daniel and Wife in the City of Jerusalem

Pastor Daniel and Wife in the City of Jerusalem

Attending the morning service celebrating the 100th anniversary of the light-horse charge on Beersheba and the victory was one of the main high lights of this trip.

Just to see around 3000 fellow Aussie’s, our PM Malcolm Turnbull and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu at the service was so touching and brought so much joy.

Then to see around 120 Aussie troopers on horseback do the re-enactment was just amazing.

At this place I had the opportunity to anoint the team with oil and prophetically declare a Light-horse brigade for Jesus.  To liberate Australia and the nations in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. It was just amazing.

It was brought to our attention 11 would be suicide bombers, who were coming through a tunnel in Gaza were killed by Israeli forces. Thank God for His protection.

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