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“I was Disappointed and Shocked at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games”.

RUAP President Rev Dr Daniel Nalliah stated, ” I was Disappointed and Shocked at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

It was sad to see White Australians and others almost completely ignored. While Aboriginal Culture and ancestral rituals were given total prominence.

Before you could call me a racist. I am not white, nor am I a racist.
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He is Risen

Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

Rise Up Australia Party had a fund raiser dinner on 24th February 2018. The event was a great success , with over 100 people attending. Attached are links to three short but very challenging speeches.

Rosalie Crestani, the Deputy President of Rise Up Australia Party was the MC and also addressed the gathering.

Rev Dr Daniel Nalliah, the President of Rise Up Australia Party, spoke at the event and emphsized the importance of ‘keeping Australia Australian’.

Mrs Marzena Smalech, a mother of three young children, one of whom was very traumatised by having to follow the Safe Schools Program at his school, also spoke. She pointed out that the objective of Safe Schools , is not anti bullying as the Government would have us believe, but it is about radically sexualising our children.

Please click on the links below to watch :

1. Roosalie Crestani’s speech

2. Rev Dr Daniel Nallaiha’s speech

3. Mrs Marzena Smalech’s speach

The Blood of Jesus

Standing up for jesus

Rise Up and Take Your Stand


God’s Blessing this year

Dear Family and Friends in Christ,

What an amazing weekend it was. The presence of God was so real at every single meeting, especially on Australia Day.

Attached is the link to the service.

Cr Rosalie Crestani opened the meeting in prayer and sang the National Anthem. Thereafter, two Indigenous leaders, Sister Regina and Sister Laurel, welcomed the people and also prayed for Australia.

The worship team, led by Ps Reuben, did a great job in bringing down the presence of God. The people waved their banners and Australian flags as they worshipped the Lord.

It was so encouraging to see people from 40 deferent countries who call Australia home, come out to the front, carrying their Australian flags and unite in singing “The Great Southland of The Holy Spirit”. (watch video at 47min mark- on attached link)

Ps Daniel led the meeting under the Anointing of the Holy Spirit. He stated:

‘This was one of the best Australia Day Prayer Meetings we have had. I was very encouraged to see so many people come to the meetings, and come under such a mighty anointing of the Holy Spirit. All glory to God’.

Then he led the people into a time of Repentance and Reconciliation. During this time, Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, washed each other’s feet, in the true spirit of unity, love and humbleness.

There was around 15 Pastors present at the meeting. Some of them led in prayer for Protection, Government, Families and Unity etc.

It was so nice to see Ministers of the Uniting Church, Anglican Church, Baptist and Pentecostal Churches, come under the Anointing and Prophesy over Ps Daniel & Maryse, and state, ” You are a true Prophet sent to Australia —————–‘(Watch video link at 1hour & 15min -see whole prophecy and prayer).

Ps Daniel spoke about Smith Wigglesworth’s Prophecy over Australia and then prayed and imparted Blessing and Anointing over the people. The people were mightily touched by God. Praise God.

All videos of the Kingdom Praise Conference are on the CTFM website – www.catchthefire.com.au

You could have a feast on the teachings by many speakers who spoke at these meetings.


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