Randy DeSoto January 14, 2016 

Glenn Beck used his radio show Wednesday to discuss a line from President Obama’s State of the Union address he could only describe as “stunning.”

During Tuesday’s address the president said, “But as we focus on destroying ISIL, over-the-top claims that this is World War III just play into their hands.Masses of fighters on the back of pickup trucks, twisted souls plotting in apartments or garages — they pose an enormous danger to civilians; they have to be stopped. But they do not threaten our national existence.”

Beck observed that Obama’s mocking of Republicans and those who believe his administration is not doing enough to counter the ISIS threat gave him pause.

“I’m trying to make a case that if he mocks you — not if he disagrees with you — if he mocks you when it comes to global conflict, you can take that to the bank, that the opposite is going to happen,” the talk show host said.

Because of the president’s remark, Beck feels more certain than ever that World War III is a forgone conclusion.

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Dear friends & family in Christ,

Please click the following link to read a very important letter from RUAP in regard to urgently needing your help in upholding Judeo-Christian values.




Dear family & friends in Christ,

We’re pleased to announce that you can now order the Australia Day Prayer DVD (3 & ½ hours) from CTFM office by calling (03) 9703 1620 or emailing angelene@catchthefire.com.au

You may click the link above to watch 6 minutes of video highlights from this powerful interdenominational prayer meeting for Australia’s spiritual revival and transformation, where church leaders from Baptist, Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Salvation Army, Messianic Jewish, CRC and other Pentecostal denominations led in prayer for Government, Armed Forces & Emergency Services, Youth & Families, Business & Marketplace, Israel, Indigenous people, etc.

Ps Petrus from Indonesia preached the Word of God with power and authority as many received a mighty touch from Heaven.

We’re pleased to announce that special guest speaker Evangelist Daniel Krestianto is from Indonesia will be ministering at CTFM in Hallam at the 10am & 6:30pm worship services this Sunday 14th February.

He is the senior pastor of Ark of Christ Ministries (AOC) which has branches in 15 cities across Indonesia. AOC is also the Apostolic Oversight for Faceless Generation Ministries in Sydney, Australia.

Ev. Daniel has been in ministry for over 25 years and he has a very deep passion for Israel. He has travelled to Israel more than 20 times and his teaching series specialises in observing the original Hebrew language and how it can apply to our everyday lives.

Please watch and share RUAP’s Daniel Nalliah’s speech parts 1 & 2 from the recent Reclaim Canberra rally.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Qo4ARGY8as&feature=youtu.be  Part 2

Dear family and friends in Christ,

This last weekend was truly history making in Canberra, our nation’s capital.

There were several events happening at the same time in and around parliament on the weekend.

A group of Christians were reading the bible non-stop for 72 hours outside parliament starting Friday.

CTFM prayer warriors arrived on Friday and carried out a special prayer and warfare operation, preparing the way for the Reclaim Australia Rally on Saturday on the lawn in front of the parliament.

They were binding evil spirits of violence and calling on the Prince of peace to rule and reign in that place.  Well, that prayer was definitely answered as there was no violence at all at the rally.

On Saturday, the Reclaim Australia rally was absolutely amazing as hundreds gathered and marched to parliament with police escorts, waving their Aussie flags and shouting – ‘Aussie Aussie Aussie Ooi Ooi Ooi.’

Surprisingly, when one speakers asked as to how many in the rally were Christians, more than 60% put their hands up.

One pastor at the rally stated, “This looks like a great outreach. I was quite surprised to hear so many speakers speaking of their Christian faith openly in public. I have not even heard pastors speak like this.”

This is so true. Daniel Nalliah was introduced to the crowd by the MC Rosalie Crestani, the Vice President of RUAP) as the crowd started cheering and received him very well.

Please watch and share his following speech.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDfoACu_H2Q  Part 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Qo4ARGY8as&feature=youtu.be  Part 2

In the natural you would think that many in the crowd would have been hostile to a Christian Pastor taking the stage, but NO, they absolutely celebrated him.

Ps Daniel stated, “It is good to be in a place where you are celebrated and not tolerated. No wonder Jesus hung out with fisherman, tax collectors and at times even with prostitutes.”

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By Bernard Goldberg – Jan. 19, 2016

Politicians say dopey things all the time, but every now and then one of them says something so downright dim-witted that you have to stop and take notice.

Nancy Pelosi, of course, is such an example. When she said that Congress would have to pass ObamaCare so we could find out what’s in it, I thought that was the dumbest remark I’d ever heard from a politician.

But sorry, Nancy, move over — we have a new winner.

In Philadelphia, you’ll recall, a police officer was shot repeatedly while he sat in his police car. It was all caught on surveillance cameras. According to the city’s police commissioner, Richard Ross, the gunman, who was captured moments after the shooting, told police he shot the officer in the name of Islam; that “the police defend laws that are contrary to Islam”; that all he wanted to talk about in the police station was his devotion to Islam.

Just seconds after Commissioner Ross made all this quite clear at a news conference, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, went to the microphones to declare: “In no way, shape or form does anybody in this room believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam has anything to do with” the shooting, which the mayor said, “does not represent the religion or any of its teachings.”

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Dear family and friends in Christ,

1) You may click the following link to read a very interesting article from Christian Broadcasting News titled ‘Groundbreaking Muslim Declaration Calls to Protect Christians from Persecution’.


2) For those of you in the Melbourne area, our monthly Rise Up Australia Prayer Meeting is this Friday 5th February from 7.30pm to 9.30pm at Catch the Fire Ministries Centre at 30 Star Crescent, Hallam.

Conservative Post ^ | 1/18/2016


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke at Christian university, Liberty University, on Monday and said “Christianity is under siege.”

“Somehow we have to unify,” he said. “We have to band together. We have to do really, in a really large version, what they’ve done at Liberty. Because Liberty University has done that,” Trump said.

“You’ve banded together. You’ve created one of the great universities, colleges, anywhere in the country, anywhere in the world. And our country has to do that around Christianity,” he continued.

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Dear friends & family in Christ,

Please watch and share this brief video from RUAP’s Daniel Nalliah, titled ‘Australia is under attack / Reclaim Australia Rally in Canberra on Saturday 6th February 2016’.

Daniel will be speaking at the Reclaim Australia Rally in Canberra at 1pm as stated in the video on Saturday 6th February opposite Parliament House.

Please bring your Australian flags.

Dear friends and family in Christ,

We’re posting the following article from RUAP facebook for your interest.

“The Australian Defence Force [ADF] is one step away from adopting Sharia lawlessness!

In March 2015, Stuart Robert, the then Assistant Minister for Defence, stood up in the Federal Parliament to inform the Nation that he’d instructed the Australian Defence Force to recruit more Moslems.

The lights in the former A.M. for Defence’s ‘Myer’s Christmas shop window” clearly weren’t completely “on” because he dubbed this excursion into rank and file dhimmitude: “capability through diversity”.

A COUPLE of days hence, the Prime Minister himself stood up in front of the National media to warn about the”very real risk” of insider attacks against Australian diggers.


January 16, 2016 – Robert Spencer

Islamic apologists in the West argue furiously that child marriage has nothing to do with Islam, and that the idea that Muhammad married a child is the invention of greasy Islamophobes. In reality, few things are more abundantly attested in Islamic law than the permissibility of child marriage. Islamic tradition records that Muhammad’s favorite wife, Aisha, was six when Muhammad wedded her and nine when he consummated the marriage:

“The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death)” (Bukhari 7.62.88).

Another tradition has Aisha herself recount the scene:

The Prophet engaged me when I was a girl of six (years). We went to Medina and stayed at the home of Bani-al-Harith bin Khazraj. Then I got ill and my hair fell down. Later on my hair grew (again) and my mother, Um Ruman, came to me while I was playing in a swing with some of my girl friends. She called me, and I went to her, not knowing what she wanted to do to me. She caught me by the hand and made me stand at the door of the house. I was breathless then, and when my breathing became Allright, she took some water and rubbed my face and head with it. Then she took me into the house. There in the house I saw some Ansari women who said, “Best wishes and Allah’s Blessing and a good luck.” Then she entrusted me to them and they prepared me (for the marriage). Unexpectedly Allah”s Apostle came to me in the forenoon and my mother handed me over to him, and at that time I was a girl of nine years of age. (Bukhari 5.58.234).

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Dear family & friends in Christ,

What a wonderful weekend it was to see God’s awesome presence at every single meeting and then on Australia Day yesterday at the interdenominational prayer meeting for Australia’s spiritual revival and transformation!

Hundreds packed the CTFM auditorium over the weekend to hear the Word of God, with people travelling all the way from Perth, Darwin, Sydney and other places around Australia to soak in the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Ps Petrus from Indonesia preached the Word of God with power and authority as many received a mighty touch from Heaven.

At the Australia Day United Prayer Service, Church leaders from Baptist, Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Salvation Army, Messianic Jewish, CRC and other Pentecostal denominations led in prayer for Government, Armed Forces & Emergency Services, Youth & Families, Business & Marketplace, Israel, Indigenous people etc.

The worship from the Indonesians & CTFM was absolutely awesome, as the Holy Spirit moved most powerfully, including when we sang ‘The Great South Land of the Holy Spirit’.

You may click the following link to listen to a very special worship item from Ps Daniel’s son & daughter.


You may also click the following link to watch the conclusion of the meeting as we sang our national anthem, ‘Advance Australia Fair.’


We praise and thank God for a great weekend of Holy Spirit revival fire!

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November 16, 2015 – The Times of Israel – Gregg Roman

As my French friends, colleagues, and acquaintances agonize over what is to be done in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, the best advice I can think of is to look at Israel.

This tragedy was not “France’s 9/11.”  Al-Qaeda effectively depleted its stateside human assets in that attack and never regained the ability to strike the American heartland.  This is France’s Al-Aqsa Intifada – unfortunately, more of the same is absolutely going to follow. Whatever one’s political predisposition to Israeli counterterrorism policies may be, its success fighting Islamist terror over the past two decades is the only real-world model for overcoming the specific challenges France now faces.

Here are some of the main takeaways.

First, it’s time to sacrifice some freedoms of convenience. Most Israelis don’t know what it’s like to walk into a mid-size concert venue of the kind targeted in France without passing through a metal detector and their government intends to keep it that way.  They may gripe about it, but they would feel less free if their government wasn’t inconveniencing them on a daily basis.

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Dear friends & family in Christ,

1) Please watch and share this 6 minute video from RUAP’s Daniel Nalliah, titled ‘Flying the Australian flag on Australia Day does not make you a racist ’.

Daniel will be speaking at the Reclaim Australia Rally in Canberra at 2pm (not 1pm as stated in the video) on Saturday 6th February opposite Parliament House.

Please bring your Australian flags.

2) There will also be a RUAP meeting at 7pm on Saturday at Griffin Centre, 7th floor, 20 Genge St. in Canberra CBD.

3) There will also be a special prayer meeting at 8pm on Friday 5th February also opposite Parliament House.

4) You are also invited to go to Canberra to pray with others in the Great Hall of Parliament House on Sunday 7 February 2016 from 10 am – 4 pm.

Christians from all denominations united together in prayer in our seat of Government is a powerful testimony to our leaders.

You may click the following link for more details.


December 8, 2015 – Daniel Greenfield

Each and every act of Muslim terrorism is followed by a wave of denial.  The politicians who have done the most to cause the latest disaster are the eagerest to blame it on something, anything else.

The San Bernardino Muslim massacre was blamed on postpartum depression at CNN. Bill Nye blamed the latest Paris attacks on Global Warming. According to Hillary Clinton, Benghazi was a movie review with artillery. Islamic terrorism was blamed by the State Department on a lack of jobs, but Syed Farook had a good government job and his wife was the daughter of a wealthy family.

After rummaging through their big brass chest of excuses, Obama and his media allies have settled on gun control as their latest weapon of mass distraction.

California has the toughest gun laws in the nation. Unlike Ted Kennedy, the terrorists weren’t on the no-fly list that has become the latest desperate meme of mass distraction. And, despite Obama’s claim in Paris that mass shootings don’t happen in other countries because of gun control magic, they most certainly do. European gun control didn’t stop a Muslim mass shooting in Paris that killed 130 people.

Syed Farook and Tasheen Malik had built pipe bombs. The latest attack in the UK involved a knife. So did quite a few in Jerusalem. The Boston Marathon massacre used fireworks and a pressure cooker.

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Dear friends & family in Christ,

Please remember to bring your Australian flags tomorrow Tuesday 26th January to the National Australia Day United Prayer Gathering in Melbourne from 10am – 1pm.

For those of you unable to join us in person, you may watch the live webcast right here at www.catchthefire.com.au beginning at 10am (AEDT).

This national prayer gathering which brings together hundreds of prayer warriors from many churches, denominations and ethnicities across Australia, will be held at the CTFM at 30 Star Crescent in Hallam.

This interdenominational Christian prayer gathering also includes special guest speaker Pastor Petrus Agung from Indonesia.

Attached is the leaflet with more details.

You may also click the following link to listen to the audio promo.


December 27, 2015

America’s most urgent need as the New Year begins is national repentance.

“I am struck by the high level of anxiety and worry on all fronts,” said Robert Jones, CEO of the Public Religion Research Institute, as PRRI released its American Values Survey November 17.

There are many obvious causes of national nervousness: terrorism, crime and domestic unrest, political weakness and uncertainty, economic woes, and moral collapse, to name a few.

Yet there is unidentifiable angst in the national soul. In our travels and interactions with people across the United States, we conclude this hidden distress is spiritual.

America needs revival, but first there must be national repentance.

Ancient Israel shows how it’s possible for a whole nation to repent. There are powerful examples showing how repentance brought return to God, and restoration of the nation to its values and the best of its history, as well as security and general well-being.

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Jeremy Reynalds : Dec 29, 2015 : ASSIST News

“Christmas is a celebration of God’s mercy. I forgive my persecutors, those who have made false accusations against me, and I await their forgiveness.”

A story by Paolo Affatato for La Stampa, an Italian newspaper published in Turin, reported that this was the seventh Christmas she spent behind bars, in the women’s prison in Multan. That’s a town in the province of Punjab, where Asia awaits the outcome of a re-examination of her blasphemy conviction.

Pakistan’s Supreme Court, the third and final stage in the trial, has accepted Asia’s petition to appeal against her death sentence. The wait is now on for a hearing date to be set so that her final verdict can be issued.

For this 50-year-old mother of five, Christmas in the Year of Mercy, is a celebration of forgiveness.

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Monday, December 7, 2015

And out of the ground the LORD God made every tree grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for food. The tree of life was also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. —Genesis 2:9

The Christmas story begins with a tree, but not the kind of Christmas tree with brightly colored lights or ornaments. The Christmas story begins with a tree called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, in the Garden of Eden.

God had given Adam and Eve only one restriction in that literal paradise: stay away from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But before long, that’s just where we find them. Of course, we know the rest of the story. They listened to the serpent and ate the forbidden fruit. And once that happened, they lost their sweet fellowship with God.

A few verses later, we come to the first Christmas verse in the Bible, where God said to the serpent, “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed; He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel.” Continue reading ‘It Began with a Tree’

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