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Please read and share the following newspaper article titled ‘Preacher pushes assimilation message’, featuring RUAP national leader & Victoria #1 Senate Candidate Daniel Nalliah.

This excellent article written by Tracey Ferrier of AAP has been published in many major newspapers and media outlets across the country, including The Australian, Daily Telegraph, Courier Mail, Adelaide Now, Gold Coast Bulletin, Cairns Post, Mercury, SBS, and others.

THE BACKGROUND: In 2002 the Australian province of Victoria under LABOR, passed the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act.

which:- “prohibits conduct that incites hatred, serious contempt, revulsion or severe ridicule of a person or group of people based on religious belief. “

This was a subjective law (“offence” coming from emotions) not an objective law (“truth” coming from the rational).

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Rachel Eddie For Daily Mail Australia and AAP- 28 June 2016

One of the standout images of the weekend’s protests between far right and anti-racism groups was the sight of the deputy leader of an anti-Islam political party addressing a flag pride protest wearing an Australian flag dress with her clenched fist raised.

Rise Up Australia candidate Rosalie Crestani delivered a speech to members of the True Blue Crew and United Patriots Front on Sunday to ‘protect our Aussie flag’ outside Royal Exhibition Building, where the flag was first raised in 1901, in central Melbourne.

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Please listen & share the following RUAP Radio Advertisement for Australia’s upcoming Federal Election on this Saturday 2nd July 2016.

MONDAY 27th JUNE 2016 – For Immediate Release

Not everyone likes their ‘Greens’, especially when they can be so distasteful by saying one thing then doing another.

John Safran epitomised this with satirical genius when he exposed how The Greens spout ‘multicultural’ ‘racial’ tolerance yet their candidates and seated members are wrapped in a sea of ‘vanilla’; in other words, it appears a white-only supremacy party.

While Rise Up Australia Party have members and candidates who are of white Anglo-Saxon descent, there is no denying the fact they are also a sea of multi-ethnic richness of varied heritage and skin colour;  This flies in the face of lies perpetuated by groups such as The Greens, who constantly accuse Rise Up of racism.

May we suggest it is groups like The Greens who are truly racist in their hearts, for failing to attract and stand multi-ethnic candidates.

Daniel Nalliah and his Rise Up Australia Team have spent their whole political existence drawing Australia back to the dictionary definition of ‘Multiculturalism’ and ‘Multi-Ethnicity’ and their obvious difference.


1) Please watch and share this following Special Documentary on RUAP on SBS TV by John Safran.

You may watch the full interview at the link below.

Although an excellent promotion for RUAP, please note that the title of the documentary is blasphemous, there are several explicit words used by others which hold some opinions that RUAP does not endorse.

2) RUAP’s Daniel Nalliah is scheduled to be on SBS TV News tonight 6:30pm Monday 27th June.

Please watch this video footage taken from today’s peaceful rally in Melbourne whereby many Australians united together to stand up for the protection of our Aussie Flag.

VOTE 1 Rise Up Australia Party and Keep Australia Great for generations to come!

Contrary to what the media says, the rally outside the old Melbourne Exhibition Center was one of the most peaceful rally’s we have attended.Australian flag rally in Melbourne.

It was an absolute honor to be there and see many people uniting together and making a stand to protect our Aussie Flag.

National President of RUAP and No.1 Senate Candidate for Victoria Daniel Nalliah along with Rosalie Crestani our No.2 Senate candidate for Victoria addressed the Rally.

A very big thank you to all the organizers of the event and to the police force for ensuring we were kept protected.

We will be uploading footage and speeches from the rally shortly.

VOTE 1 Rise Up Australia and Keep Australia Great for generations to come!

CTFM Live Streaming..

March 10, 2016 – by Ralph Sidway

The “End of Days,” or Eschatology, also referred to as the Apocalypse, reveals much about Islam and Christianity, and the Same God Question. If you want to understand any belief system, look at what it teaches about Origin and Fulfillment, Beginning and End, about Ultimate Things.

The Return of Jesus in Christianity and Islam

Traditional Christians believe that Jesus Christ was crucified, died, and was buried, to redeem us from our sins and restore us to the Father. This same Jesus rose from the dead and ascended in glory, and will return at the end of this age to usher in his kingdom, after which the destiny of mankind as children of God will be fully revealed.

This is set forth in a simple way in the Nicene Creed: “He shall come again in glory, to judge the living and the dead, whose kingdom shall have no end.” What will this kingdom be like? John relates the vision given him in Revelation 21,

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March 15, 2016 – Dr. Majid Rafizadeh

It was not solely 1400 years ago that a little girl named Aisha married a 55-year-old man, although Muslims, their scholars, Sheiks and Imams argue to the contrary.

Tens of thousands of “Aishas” are being forced to marry elder man on a daily basis under the name of Islam in Muslim nations in the 21st century. No one is even raising an eyebrow.

For example, according to the latest reports from Persian news outlets, the number of the child marriages has been dramatically increasing in the Islamic Republic.

According to the Students’ News Agency and Radio Farda, these marriages include girls under 10 years old.

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Dear friends,


Literally there has been a war declared against our children in our school system and this mum has taken on the fight.

The attached link just in a few days have had 425,000 views and more than 1000 shares on Facebook.

If nothing worries you, I am sure this video will make you RISE UP.

The mother in this video will be speaking on Thursday the 30th of June at 7pm, regarding the Safe School Program or rather call it the Un-safe school program.

Dear friends & family in Christ,

1) RUAP has some new exciting news that there’s not need to worry about picking up a ‘How To Vote Card’ at the polling booth as you may access this same information electronically at or by downloading the new RUAP app for mobile phone, tablets, etc.

To make it easier for our supporters and followers to access information the App features information such as Membership sign-up, Candidate profiles, RUAP News & Media Releases, Upcoming Events, Make a Donation, Party Policies, How to Vote and Much More!!

You can install it by clicking on the following links:



You may also watch the following short video about how to use the new app.

2) There will be a special documentary about RUAP featured on SBS TV at 8:30pm this Sunday 26th June.

3) The RUAP website has tallied more than 7 million hits in the 1st 20 days of June.

This is very encouraging to know that people are looking for an alternative parties to vote for in the upcoming federal election on the 2nd July, as they’re sick and tired of the major political parties.

Please see graph statistics above.

March 19, 2016 – by Robert Spencer

This is a historic speech. Viktor Orban is a champion of freedom amid the enveloping darkness. “We must therefore drag the ancient virtue of courage out from under the silt of oblivion. First of all we must put steel in our spines.” Luminous and lapidary words shining like a spotlight out of the gloom.

Here is the complete translation of Victor Orban’s speech (via The Rebel):

The destiny of the Hungarians has become intertwined with that of Europe’s nations and has grown to be so much a part of the union that today not a single people — including the Hungarian people — can be free if Europe is not free.

And today Europe is as fragile, weak and sickly as “a flower being eaten away by a hidden worm.” Today, 168 years after the great Wars of Independence of the European peoples, Europe, our common home is not free!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Europe is not free. Because freedom begins with speaking the truth.

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Celebrating the 9th Anniversary for Freedom of Speech Victory

This Wednesday the 22nd of June will mark the 9th Anniversary for protecting Freedom of Speech in Australia.

From 2002 to 2007, Daniel Nalliah the lead senate candidate for Victoria was in the centre of a court case for freedom of Speech in Melbourne, Australia, when the Islamic Council of Victoria took him to court on vilification charges.

In 2007 Dr Nalliah won a landmark Australian legal battle in Supreme Court with the Islamic Council of Victoria for freedom of speech and the right to criticize parts of the Koran which promote hate and religious intolerance.

He was officially recognized and thanked by the former Prime Minister John Howard in his office in Canberra. He was also nominated for Australian of the year in 2007.

Rise Up Australia party is standing twelve Senate candidates in this year’s 2016 Federal Election as well as many lower house candidates.

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Dear family & friends in Christ,

1) Please listen & share the following excellent recent radio interview with Ps Daniel discussing Australia’s upcoming federal election on 2nd July 2016.

2) “This is a very important election and we need all God’s children on their knees praying as never before for righteous men and woman to be elected into parliament.

“Righteousness exalts a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.” Proverbs 14:34

Could you please join with thousands of Christians across the country to storm heaven in prayer and fasting from now up to 2nd July 2016?

From Saturday 25th June to Sat 2nd July, for 7 days can you please drive or walk through the streets wherever you live and pray every day for 1 or 2 hours, that many true Christians will be elected into parliament this election.

If possible get another person to join you and go out 2 by 2.

We would also greatly appreciate your financial support (donations are tax deductable), as we have many bills to be paid in the next few weeks.

Also, if you can help to drop brochures and help out at the polling booths please call our RUAP national office on 03 87957544.

Please do pray for me and my family and team too.

Blessings, Ps Daniel.”

March 15, 2016  Robert Spencer 

Spousal abuse is universal across all cultures, but only in Islam is it given divine sanction, both in the Qur’an and in Muhammad’s example:

“Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because Allah has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them.” — Qur’an 4:34

Muhammad “struck me on the chest which caused me pain, and then said: Did you think that Allah and His Apostle would deal unjustly with you?” — Aisha (Sahih Muslim 2127)

“Pakistan religious groups say law protecting women from abuse ‘un-Islamic,’” by Mubasher Bukhari, Reuters, March 15, 2016:

An all-parties conference convened by Pakistan’s oldest Islamic political party and attended by powerful religious groups asked the government on Tuesday to retract an “un-Islamic” law that gives unprecedented protection to female victims of violence.

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Haaretz ^ | Mar 15, 2016 | Ariel David

The discovery of the oldest-known pre-Islamic Arabic writing in Saudi Arabia, from ca. 470 CE, evidently caused some consternation, given its Christian and Jewish context.

In 2014, researchers from a French-Saudi expedition studying rock inscriptions in southern Saudi Arabia announced they had discovered what could be the oldest texts written in the Arabic alphabet. But they did so very quietly, perhaps because the context of the texts is something of an embarrassment to some.

The dozen or so engravings had been carved into the soft sandstone of the mountain passes around Bir Hima – a site about 100 kilometers north of the city of Najran, which over millennia has been plastered with thousands of inscriptions by passing travelers and officials.

Conveniently, at least two of the early Arabic petroglyphs that were discovered cited dates in an ancient calendar, and expert epigraphists quickly calculated that the oldest one corresponded to the year 469 or 470 CE.

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