27th November 2014Muslims protest in Sydney

Rise Up Australia leader and RUAP Legislative Council candidate for the South-Eastern Metropolitan Region, Daniel Nalliah has committed his Party to a Ten Year Moratorium on Islamic Immigration.

“This State Election is the ideal opportunity for the people of Victoria to stand their ground,” said Daniel Nalliah. “We Victorians want the Federal and State Governments, as well as opinion leaders everywhere, to understand and to endorse our resolve to preserve and defend Australia as a permanent bastion of Democracy based on Judeo-Christian values and civilisation.”

“The Muslim population of Australia in 1981 was 76,792 or 0.53% of the total, a manageable and acceptable figure. In just 30 years the Muslim population has multiplied 5.38 times to 479,300 or 2.25% in the 2011 Census.  In recent days the ABC’s Quentin Dempster has asserted that there are now 600,000 Muslims living in Australia.  What we do know is that if the 2011 Muslim population continues to multiply by 5.38 times each 30 years, Australia  will have nearly 2.7 million Muslims in  2041, and nearly 14.4 million Muslims in 2071. Today’s youngsters will end their lives under Muslim rule unless we act now.”

“By implementing a 10 year Moratorium, it will also greatly help the government to successfully integrate the Muslims currently living in Australia and encourage them to join Team Australia.”

“Every vote for a Rise Up Australia Candidate is a vote to preserve Democracy and our Judeo-Christian Values and Civilisation,” Daniel concluded.

The National President of the Rise Up Australia Party, Daniel Nalliah, released his book “The 21st Century Culture War in the West” on Saturday 22 November.

Bert Farias

Have you ever looked with holy eyes at some of today’s most popular Christian conference ads? It’s all about Apostle so and so and Prophet so and so, and for those who are not content with just one title there is Apostle/Prophet Dr. so and so—posters advertising special people and special programs, and how much they are all doing for the Lord.

I realize some of these things have their place, but in all of it, where is His face? Don’t you want to see Jesus? Doesn’t it disturb you when some mere mortal stands in the way?

The real truth about most men is this: They don’t really know their own hearts as well as they think. We are never as humble and submissive to God as we think we are. Even Paul near the end of his earthly life and ministry had to be broken so that he wouldn’t be puffed up with pride because of his many visions and revelations (2 Cor. 12:7-9). Who do you think you are?

Your only safeguard against pride is to keep on truly humbling yourself and not be self-seeking. Paul said of Timothy, “I have no one else like him” (Phil. 2:20, NIV) because he was not self-serving or self-seeking (v. 21).

The origin of every word and action determines its glory and purity. Holy roots mean holy fruits. A desire for gain outside of God’s will or even timing means you are worshipping a form of increase and success instead of God. It is evidence again that you are seeking your own glory and honor, and not the glory and honor of God. I call it unsanctified gain, which manifests in discontentment. Notice what true gain is: “Now godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. And having food and clothing, with these we shall be content” (1 Tim. 6:6-8, NKJV).

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Christian Aid Staff (Oct 31, 2014)

(Ghana)—Members of a ministry based in Ghana are fighting more than poverty, illiteracy and illness. A spiritual battle against discouragement rose to a new level when evangelistic success brought threats of persecution.

“It has been tough and discouraging these days, but we are still dependent on Him,” the director of the ministry said.

Along with health, water, education and micro-enterprise development programs, the ministry has been showing “The Jesus Film” in villages, and not without opposition. The organization complements the screenings and other evangelistic efforts with broadcasts from its radio station. It reaches 2 million listeners with a wide range of community service programming, such as agricultural advice, besides its Christian programming.

The director considered closing the radio station, however, as it could not keep up with costs and repairs: the transmitter developed serious problems; air conditioners in the transmitter room faltered; the radio mast was 50 meters short; there were persistent problems with the studio console, and a consultant concluded that reception was poor among many listeners.

“Wages were low, and the morale of the radio staff was so low that some staff members resigned,” he said. “Should we close the radio station down? Should we reduce the radio staff even more? With more than 90 percent of the 1 million folks in the metropolis and its surrounding villages being Muslims, it has become increasingly difficult to sell airtime to run the station.”

Income remained the same, as expenditures continually rose, he added.

“We have huge electricity bills, as the tariff was increased more than 80 percent,” he said. “We prayed and prayed for God’s intervention. We needed the Lord to do something for us to see He is still with us.”

One afternoon the radio station received a call from an imam at a village mosque about 25 miles away. He told a station staff member that after listening to the broadcast for a little more than a month, he and eight of his followers had given their lives to Christ.

Their conversion to Christianity, the imam added, had caused Muslims in a nearby village to come and beat them, as well as destroy some of their properties.

“It was a great disgrace to the communities to have a leader of a mosque turn to Christ,” the ministry director said. “This is an unpardonable sin. The parliament of the local communities came together and took the imam, trying to force him to change his mind. He sneaked back to the village, still holding on to Jesus Christ.”

Members of the radio station received threatening calls from Muslims upset about the conversions.

“Tension was high and some staff went into hiding,” he said, “but we kept on praying and praying and praising God. We kept this on a low key, so it would not turn into unrest.”

God gave them strength to persevere and members of the staff went to the village to help disciple the new converts.

The cloud of fear and pain has dissipated now, but there is still an uneasy silence.

The ministry’s micro-enterprise, educational, health, water and other social economic development programs have helped build bridges with other Muslims, leading them to put their trust in Christ, said a representative from Christian Aid Mission, which assists the ministry.(Photo via Christian Aid) 

“Meeting real community needs opens the door for them to share the love of God on a personal level. It is so effective,” he said. “They have erected public toilets and water fountains and given them to the city. They operate about 10 schools and feed thousands of children weekly.”

The ministry’s social enterprises enable local evangelists to engage Muslims daily. Among micro-enterprise projects, one lends small amounts of cash to women so they can develop sustainable businesses to help take care of their families’ needs.

“This is the most forward-thinking missionary group that I have had the opportunity to engage in my life,” the Christian Aid Mission representative said. “The local director believes that there is dignity in work, and that every person deserves the opportunity to earn their own way. They have many projects on the drawing board, and even more in mind for the future, as God allows. His motto: Africans helping Africans to do missions in Africa.”

Two other Muslims, strong young men, have since called the radio station from another area and given their lives to Christ. They, too, are undergoing severe persecution.

“In spite of all the problems we face here, the Lord is calling His own, through our struggles and weak position, to His glory,” the indigenous ministry director said. “Pray for the Lord to give us wisdom and boldness to continue with our work, and that the Lord would provide the needed resources to run the radio station.” Continue reading ‘Imam of Mosque in Africa and Followers Risk All to Accept Jesus as Lord’

Dear friends,

On the weekend the book titled ‘The 21st Century Culture War in the West’ was released by Daniel Nalliah, the Author & National President of Rise Up Australia Party.

Within half an hour around 150 copies, personally signed by him was sold.

The place was buzzing with excitement as some people bought 10 copies.

This book will challenge the readers to take a stand for our nation.

It will make a great Christmas gift.  You may order your copy by calling (03) 9703 1620.

You may click the following link to watch a short video clip of the launch at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCPBF3H7-1c&feature=youtu.be where people line up to buy their copy.

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Faith leader's statement on our shared values to save our babies, our morals, our schools and our faithMedia Release – For Immediate Release – 24th Monday November 2014

Rise Up Australia endorses faith leader’s statement on our shared values to save our babies, our morals, our schools and our faith

Daniel Nalliah, President of Rise Up Australia Party, is one of the first party leaders publicly to endorse a remarkable joint statement (click the photo on the left to read) by the eminent leaders of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths identifying the four crucial moral issues in the Victorian State election.

Rabbi Shimon Cowen, Bishop Peter Elliott and Imam Riad Galil say in their statement that The Victorian law permitting abortion without anesthetic until birth is the worst abortion law in the world. The UN-sponsored Safe School’s programme to promote homosexuality in schools under the guise of preventing bullying is an attack on the freedom of parents to have children raised according to the values of their faith. Labor’s proposal to force religious schools to employ staff who do not share the school’s religious faith attacks the freedom and integrity of religious institutions. All parents are entitled to obtain a religious education for their children but that neither of the major parties has announced a commitment to fulfilment of this need.

Mr Nalliah, lead Upper House candidate for the South-Eastern Metropolitan Region, said “Faith leader’s statement recognizes our common cause to protect the Faith, Values and Moral decay in society. Never before has our heritage of moral principles been under such relentless and deliberate attack as it is today. Faith leaders stand united in their profound concern at the deliberate assaults on the moral principles on which Australia and the West were founded.

He added that it is alarming that the United Nations, whose charter of human rights states that everyone has the right to life, does nothing to uphold the rights of little children in the womb not to be tortured and then killed. It is still more concerning that the UN is actively supporting the promotion of homosexuality in our schools as though it were a normal lifestyle when in fact it is a life-threatening choice. If a child is bullied for stealing, one does not stop the bullying by celebrating stealing. The UN has arguably out lived what use fullness it once had.”

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Robert Spencer Oct 27, 2014 – Jihad Watch

“If Muslims do not critique their own atrocities, then people on the outside will and their message will not be listened to simply because of who they are.” “An open letter to Ben Affleck,” by Eiynah, Pakistan Today, October 25, 2014 (thanks to Anne Crockett):

Your heart was in the right place, but…

Dear Ben,

I am writing to you today as a woman who was born and raised in Islam. I saw your discussion with Bill Maher and Sam Harris, and I must say you did me a great disservice that day. Your heart was in the right place, of course, and it was lovely of you to step up and defend ‘my people’.

What you really did though, perhaps inadvertently, was silence a conversation that never gets started. Two people attempted to begin a dialogue and you wouldn’t even listen. Why should any set of ideas be above criticism, Ben?

Why are Muslims being ‘preserved’ in some time capsule of centuries gone by? Why is it okay that we continue to live in a world where our women are compared to candy waiting to be consumed? Why is it okay for women of the rest of the world to fight for freedom and equality while we are told to cover our shameful bodies? Can’t you see that we are being held back from joining this elite club known as the 21st century?

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Lagos – A coroner on Wednesday threatened popular Nigerian preacher TB Joshua with arrest if he failed to testify at an inquest into the deaths of 116 people at his church.

Oyetade Komolafe rejected arguments from Joshua’s lawyers that the televangelist should not be summoned because he did not directly witness the September 12 tragedy.

A total of 84 South Africans were among the dead when a guesthouse for foreign followers at Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) collapsed in Lagos.

Joshua, known to members of his church as “The Prophet” or “The Man of God”, has indicated that sabotage was to blame and linked the collapse to a low-flying aircraft seen in the area at the time.

“The court has the power to summon whoever it deems necessary to assist it,” Komlafe told the hearing in the city.

“The counsel should advise The Prophet to come. The church is not on trial. It’s not a matter of ego. Nobody is above the law. The court will be fair to all.

Continue reading ‘‘Prophet’ warned to testify at SCOAN inquiry’

Daniel Nalliah, leader of Rise Up Australia and the party’s no. 1 candidate for the Upper House in the South-Eastern Metropolitan region, will launch his new book The 21st-Century Culture War in the West at Federation Square, Melbourne, on Saturday 22 November 2014 at 11.00 am.

Mr Nalliah’s new book, subtitled Multiculturalism and the danger of Fundamental Islamism in the West, is a revealing account of the failure of multiculturalism in the West. He was born in Asia, lived in Saudi Arabia just 40 minutes from Mecca and now calls Australia home.

His life in three very different cultures, in addition to working with more than 40 cultural groups in some 20 countries, gave him first-hand experience of the negative effects of multiculturalism in the Western world.

He tackles questions such as:

  • How do Muslims see the West?
  • Does multiculturalism unite or divide a society?
  • What values underpin stable government?
  • Is Islam a similar religion to Christianity?
  • How should the West respond to the challenge of rampant, oil-fired Islam?

Mr Nalliah gives a clarion call to the West to understand the threat to all the freedoms we hold dear and calls upon us to respond before it is too late.

Mr Nalliah said: “If we go down the current road of multiculturalism, soon the silent majority in the West will lose all their rights and start feeling that they are foreigners in their own land. We must rise up against political correctness and fight for the future of our sons and daughters. We must stand up now and protect Australia to Keep Australia Australian for generations to come.”

The book is very direct and to the point. This is a very politically incorrect book, but, says Mr Nalliah, it is what Australia and the West need.

Media inquiries: Melanie on 03 8795 7544

Mark Durie is an Anglican minister in Melbourne who is well known for his understanding of religious freedom issues. He has just prepared a 3 minute video clip, highlighting the huge concerns about Labor’s proposal to re-introduce laws to require Christian schools and organisations to PROVE why they need to employ Christians who share their values.

The Age – Craig Butt – November 20, 2014

Lord Christopher Monckton is lending his support to the Rise Up Australia Party’s Victorian election campaign, and has helped one of their upper house candidates with her attempt to get the Casey Council to stop promoting same-sex relationships.

Lord Monckton, a noted climate change sceptic and former adviser to Britain’s Conservative party, was in the public gallery in a council meeting on Thursday, in which a counter-motion which asserted the council’s existing policy was passed.

Speaking to media after the decision, Lord Monckton said he was “willing to help out anyone on the (Rise Up) team who is needing some help”.

On Tuesday, Casey Councillor Rosalie Crestani, who is also running as an upper house candidate in the South-East Metropolitian region for Pastor Danny Nalliah’s Rise Up Australia party, attempted to pass a motion calling for the council to remove any mention of same-sex relationships from its advertising material and cease its diversity training.

Lord Monckton said: “Cr Crestani had been disturbed by the practices of this council imposed on its staff that appeared to her to contravene the 2010 Equal Opportunity Act.”

Posted by: Joel Brooks | 20 November, 2014

You may click the link at the bottom of the article to listen to a 5 minute interview with Tom Elliot of 3AW on their website.

Heterosexuality is being left out when it comes to discussion about sexual orientation, which is discrimination in itself according to Casey Councillor Rosalie Crestani.

At a recent diversity training program at the Council, Cr Crestani noticed that heterosexuals were never mentioned in the discussion, whereas for example; homosexuality and transgender were.

“I regard everyone as equal and I believe everyone should access to services with true equality,” she said.

“We shouldn’t talk about sexual orientation on the agenda, but if we are let’s just talk about it to include heterosexuals rather than discriminate against them by excluding them.”

“They’re actually leaving heterosexual off the list when they talk about sexual orientation.”

An example Cr Crestani used was if a gay person was called a derogative name.

“I said isn’t just the same as calling someone else a derogative name?” She told Tom Elliott.

“It would just be, write a complaint, you wouldn’t call names it doesn’t have to be specified in any one discussion.

“It should just be we have respect equally for all, we don’t have to put everyone in a box.”

Sexual preferences do not need to be made public, according to Cr Crestani.

“We don’t have to look at people and ask them what sexual orientation they are, we should offer them services regardless,” she explained.

“I think it’s their private business they have behind closed doors, it shouldn’t have to be bought out in the public arena.”


Dear friends & family in Christ,

You may click the following links to watch the 1st & 2nd segments of Rabbi Cowen from the Faith, Values & Politics Institute interviewing RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah, Rosalie Crestani and Lord Christopher Monckton.



Dear friends & family in Christ,

You may click the following link (also left photo) to read an excellent article that appeared in The Age regarding Rise Up Australia Party and the upcoming Victoria State Election on Saturday 29th, November.


You may click the right photo to read a very good article in The Australian about the same issue.

Robert Spencer Oct 31, 2014 – Jihad Watch

These young “Britons,” if they have “warm feelings” toward the Islamic State, don’t have any allegiance to the British state, and are likely in the future to try to make Britain over to be more like the Islamic State. They may not have to work very hard at that, however — the current British government is already doing all it can to smooth their path.

“One in seven young Britons has sympathy with Isis cause,” by Oliver Moody, the Times, October 30, 2014 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

One in seven young British adults has “warm feelings” towards Islamic State, according to a poll.

Isis is riding a surge of “anti-politics” sentiment among disaffected under-35s who admire the jihadists’ courage, academics warn.

A tenth of Londoners and one in 12 Scots view Islamic State (Isis) favourably, but sympathy for the militant group reaches its highest levels among the under-25s, the Populus survey found.

In the first rigorous poll to test the UK’s feelings about Isis, 2,000 adults were asked to rank several countries and terrorist organisations on a scale of one to ten…

CTFM LiveStream: Ps Daniel

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014 – By Peter Wooding Europe Bureau Chief for ASSIST News Service

Ever since Leading The Way began broadcasting Christian programming to the Arab world through its 24/7 satellite TV channel THE KINGDOM SAT, something miraculous has been happening.

Every week Muslim viewers are turning to Leading The Way’s dedicated follow-up teams to find out how they can know more about Jesus.

One such team member often ministering late into the night is Rahim*. Every week he corresponds with viewers from the Middle East and North Africa via Skype, Facebook, email, text messages, and in-person discipleship meetings, sharing the love of Christ with those who are hungry to know God’s truth.

Some are Muslims who want to know more about the Christian faith, while others have made the dangerous decision to accept Jesus as their Saviour and are in need of spiritual support as they face extreme persecution.
Rahim has faced violent persecution himself and can identify with those who turn to him for help. He was a devoted Muslim until the power of Christian radio helped him find new hope in Christ.

“I was raised in a Muslim family and I was very dedicated to Islamic practices. My father was happy at this time, but I was empty inside,” said Rahim.

He added: “One time when I was searching by radio, I listened to something that was talking about God, and afterwards I see this is Christian radio. This brought problems to me. For the first time I wanted more knowledge about Christianity.

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October 30, 2014 by Daniel Greenfield

Obama’s foreign policy was supposed to reboot America’s relationship with the rest of the world. Old allies would become people we occasionally talked to. Old enemies would become new allies. Goodbye Queen, hello Vladimir. Trade the Anglosphere for Latin America’s Marxist dictatorships. Replace allied governments in the Middle East with Islamists and call it a day for the Caliphate.

Very little of that went according to plan.

Obama is still stuck with Europe. The Middle East and Latin American leftists still hate America. The Arab Spring imploded. Japan, South Korea and India have conservative governments.

And then there’s Israel.

The original plan was to sideline Israel by focusing on the Muslim world. Instead of directly hammering Israel, the administration would transform the region around it. The American-Israeli relationship would implode not through conflict, but because the Muslim Brotherhood countries would take its place.

That didn’t work out too well. Instead of gracefully pivoting away, Obama loudly snubbed Netanyahu. A photo of him poking his finger in Netanyahu’s chest captured the atmosphere. Netanyahu delivered a speech that Congress cheered. And Obama came to see him as a domestic political opponent.

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Dear friends & family in Christ,

You may click the following link to read an article from the Age newspaper titled ‘Victorian state election: Denis Napthine puts Rise Up ahead of Greens’.


You may also click on the photo to the left to read the article as it appeared in the hard copy of The Age.

Dear friends & family in Christ,

1) You may click the following link to read an excellent newspaper article with Casey Councillor Rosalie Crestani who has been formally endorsed as a candidate for Rise Up Australia Party in the Upper House ahead of the Victorian State Election on Saturday 29th November.


2) Our weekly Sunday worship services are this Sunday 16th November at 9.30am & 6:30pm at CTFM at 30 Star Crescent in Hallam, Melbourne.

Pr Daniel will be ministering God’s prophetic Word and praying for people at the 9:30am service which will be live webcast at www.catchthefire.com.au beginning at 10:30am (AEDT).

3) For those of you in Victoria, if you’re able to help in the polling booths on election day Saturday 29th November, please call RUAP on 8795 7544.

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