February 12, 2015 | Simon Benson

YOUNG Australian jihadi brides are now being traded as sex slaves by terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq, intelligence ­officials have revealed.

Other young women captured by Islamic State fighters were also being bought and sold for as little as $100 each.

The publication of an IS document revealing a price list by age for buying women has prompted intelligence officials to warn that young Australian women risked being sold into sexual slavery.

It is known several Australian women who had gone to Syria had now become slaves of the terrorist group after their partners were killed.

They are literally selling women for sex. Young Australian women should know that it’s not an adventure … it’s a slave trade.

a price of 100,000 Iraqi dinars ($100) was placed on women aged between 20 and 30. The price went up to $160 for girls aged between 10 and 20.

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by Burak Bekdil – Hürriyet Daily News -February 4, 2015

Time flies… It was nearly a decade ago that Turkish and Spanish leaders institutionalized their efforts to build interfaith dialogue and peace between the Islamic and Western worlds. Since then, at least a couple of million (overwhelmingly Muslim) people have been killed (overwhelmingly by Muslims in sectarian and other wars). Keeping a count of terrorist attacks on Muslim and non-Muslim targets by jihadists of this or that holy fraction would require meticulous academic work.

Today, few recall or talk about the initiative that went with the fancy name, “Alliance of Civilizations.” The world instead debates grimmer topics that do not speak of alliances, but rather of mis-alliances.

For all the things that have gone wrong, Turkey’s top cleric, Professor Mehmet Görmez, blames the “Islamophobia industry.” In the words of Professor Görmez, it is Islamophobia that “is trying to spread fear to hearts by using clashes and incidents in the Islamic world for cruel propaganda against Muslims.”

Mr. Görmez’s own Alliance of Civilizations initiative has a longer name: The Peace and Moderation Contact Group. A “letter of goodwill” prepared by Islamic scholars will soon be shared with heads of states and religious leaders. President Recep Tayyip Erdo?an and Prime Minister Ahmet Davuto?lu were the first (lucky) people to receive the “letter of goodwill.”

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Come and join thousands of patriotic Aussies from many nationalities who call Australia home, as they take a stand to Reclaim Australia at rallies held across Australia in many cities, including Melbourne on Saturday 4th April 2015.

This grass root movement started off with just a few Aussies who were sick of staying silent while Islam, through Multiculturalism, was slowly but surely taking away all of our rights and freedoms. They decided to call for a Reclaim Australia Rally to be held in Sydney, but within weeks it has spread across Australia, and now there will be some 15 rallies held on 4th April in most capital cities and some country towns.

On the request of the organizers of Reclaim Australia, Daniel Nalliah the National President of Rise Up Australia Party will be the key note speaker in Melbourne at 1pm on the steps of Federation Square on 4th April.

Mr Nalliah stated this morning from his office in Hallam Victoria, “I am so pleased to stand in support of the Reclaim Australia Rallies and to speak at the Melbourne rally as Rise Up Australia Party’s motto is to Keep Australia Australian.

We must Reclaim what we have lost up to now.

I encourage everyone who loves Australia, and wants to see her protected for our children and grandchildren, to bring your Aussie flags and be at a rally, wherever you live. Please make every effort to get there.

I believe that this is a real grassroots movement of people’s power to stand up against the spread of Islamism in the West, particularly using the gateway of Multiculturalism as cover.

We must stand up now and speak out against the evil agenda of fundamental Islam. We cannot stay silent any longer.  Look forward to seeing you there.”

For more information see their website http://www.reclaim-australia.com/

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Dear family & friends in Christ,

1) We thank and praise God for His mighty hand at work on the weekend as Ps Daniel ministered in the Gold Coast at an AOG church.

Many were mightily touched by the Holy Spirit, with some in tears, other clapping and rejoicing as they heard the word of God preached in power and authority.

Many responded to the altar call to stand in the gap and pray for Australia’s transformation.

The Gold Coast was going through a heat wave, but praise God it started pouring with much needed rain on the weekend.

Ps Daniel stated, “First the natural rain and then the supernatural rain. I believe with all my heart that we are about to see God’s supernatural rain.’

2) Following are 2 links to another Christian TV programme with Ps Daniel in the US.

Part 1: https://youtu.be/gm7U7ng95Ug

Part 2:  https://youtu.be/vahCbx0B_2Y

3) Our weekly Sunday worship services are this Sunday 29th March at 9.30am & 6:30pm at CTFM at 30 Star Crescent in Hallam, Melbourne.

Pr Daniel will be ministering the Word of God and praying for people at the 9:30am service which will be live webcast at www.catchthefire.com.au beginning at 10:30am (AEDT).

Dear friends,

We’re pleased to announce Reclaim Australia Rallies across our country on Saturday 4th April 2015 and to encourage your participation in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Hobart, Newcastle, Mackay, Hervey Bay, Esperance, Albury, Bunbury & Cairns.

This peaceful rally is part of the national Reclaim Australia Rally and is being used to show the people of Australia we have had enough of minorities not fitting in and trying to change our Australian cultural identity.

RUAP President Daniel Nalliah has been invited by the organisers to deliver a speech at the Melbourne Rally beginning at 1pm at Federation Square.

You may download flyers & posters at the following link.


It’s time for all patriotic Australians of all nationalities & beliefs to stand united against radical extremism!

For more information see http://www.reclaim-australia.com/

By Lauri B. Regan

Last week, pro-Palestinian protestors disrupted a New York City Council meeting yelling slogans and brandishing a Palestinian flag. The demonstration was particularly offensive given that it occurred as council members were voting on a resolution commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz.

In an impassioned response, Councilman David Greenfield observed that every Middle East country — except Israel — is not democratic and persecutes people of other faiths, gays, women, and those with opinions inconsistent with those of their governments.  He concluded, “What you saw here today was naked, blind anti-Semitism.”

Greenfield’s point is critical.  Those who attack and demonize Israel for its imperfections in the face of the atrocities committed by its Arab neighbors are not just hypocrites.  There is only one explanation for their irrational condemnations: hatred of Jews. And there is no difference between protests by pro-Palestinians and protests that regularly emanate from the White House.

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February 01, 2015 – Desiring God

As the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade draws near, we are reminded of how large and formidable the abortion industry has become in the United States. Planned Parenthood survives with a heavy dose of government funding, even as overall abortion numbers are down and seem to indicate the entire industry is diminishing.

The battle between life and choice is being fought one story at a time.

On one side is 25-year-old Emily Letts, who uploaded to YouTube, as a “positive” story, what she claims is her abortion procedure (the actual procedure is shielded from view and the authenticity of Letts’ video remains in question). It became an overnight viral phenomenon, spawning websites dedicated to gathering up more stories from women who seem to harbor no regrets for their choice, with the intent of alleviating the private shame.

On the other side are those who know such deep guilt can only be relieved by the open confession of sin, a story Lecrae Moore lived out firsthand, and a message he’s now willing to share. It was honesty that opened the door of healing for the 35-year-old Grammy Award winning hip-hop artist who has come forward to admit he advocated for the destruction of his own child in 2002.

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By Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison , CP Op-Ed Contributors – January 26, 2015|

t was a stunning sight. President Obama was in London for a summit meeting in early 2009. He bowed low before King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. President Obama had apparently never learned that Americans do not bow and the American President, especially, should never bow to a King.

Now, with the death of King Abdullah, President Obama has issued a statement that is, to put it charitably, about as far from the truth as the East is from the West. The White House issued a warm statement of appreciation of Abdullah’s legacy.

To Mr. Obama, King Abdullah was “a candid leader who had the courage of his convictions, including his passionate belief in the importance of the U.S.-Saudi relationship as a force for stability and security in the Middle East.”

Should we laugh? Or cry? During Mr. Obama’s six years, the always-turbulent Mideast has boiled over. Countries that were thought to be reliable allies of the U.S.—like NATO Member Turkey, like Egypt—have been moving farther away from their pro-American stance.

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Dear family & friends in Christ,

I am sure you all know by now that Benjamin Netanyahu was re-elected as Prime Minister of Israel.  Just for the record, I do know that the government yet needs to be formed together with other minor parties.

As I watched news heading up to the election, the predictions were that he will not make it. But now that he is in, the left media seemed to be shocked as to how this happened.


Well, glory to God as I know that millions of Christians around the world stormed heaven in prayer for this great miracle. Thank so very much for doing so ,as this victory is a victory just not for Israel, but it is a victory for the whole world.

Why is this victory so important? After living in Saudi Arabia, I know that in the war on Islamic terror, Israel is right in the front line of this war. I don’t think any other nation in the world can understand the danger and threat of Islam to the whole world as Israel does.

Like it or not, the Jewish people are a chosen bunch of people by God placed right in the middle of the Middle East and they know best how to deal with Islam. A visit to the Middle East will never give you the true nature and mission of Islam.  However, if you have live in the Middle East, you will know as to why PM Benjamin Netanyahu stands so strong against the spirit of Islam and refuses to be politically correct.

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11/20/2014 Michele Perry – Spirit Led Woman

I have been back in the USA for over a year now. After living in South Asia and Africa for almost 10 years collectively, I’m noticing things I probably didn’t before. I’m older, not nearly as starry-eyed and have had opportunity to see the beautiful and the broken in so many places as I have traveled.

There is a trend in some parts of our Western Christianity that is dangerous and counter-productive, especially as it has recently been amplified by social media’s explosion. It mirrors the “cult of celebrity” in popular culture where twitter feeds dictate reality and reality TV is anything but real.

Let me preface what I am about to say by saying there have always been leaders who were well known in their day within the church and recognized by history as influential. I am not talking about being well known in and of itself.

In the last few years as the selfie has become a social media staple, it seems the goal has shifted even in ministry to becoming well known, as well as having a more powerful platform, a bigger ministry, a wider-reaching Facebook presence and a broader personal branding empire … for Jesus’ sake of course. #allforhim (I couldn’t resist.)

History’s “famous” leaders—and many of today’s—became known simply as a by-product of their fixed gazes following Christ, the only famous one, and paying unimaginably high prices to do so. Being “well known” was never the goal.  Being known well by Him was.

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By Walter Williams – Feb. 25, 2015 – Jewish World Review

President Barack Obama surprised many at the National Prayer Breakfast when he lectured us, “Lest we get on our high horse and think this (barbarity) is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.” Obama went on to explain, “In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often (were) justified in the name of Christ.” In Obama’s mind, Western outrage at Islamic barbarism should be tempered by the remembrance of what Christians did a thousand years ago in the name of Christ. Plus, that outrage should be chastened by our own history of slavery and Jim Crow.

President Obama’s vision is that of a man brainwashed through an academic vision of multiculturalism, in which American exceptionalism has no place. It’s a vision that has been shaped by a longtime association with people who hate our country, people such as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Weather Underground leader and Pentagon bomber William Ayers and Ayers’ onetime fugitive wife, Bernardine Dohrn. A vision that sees a moral equivalency between what Christians did centuries ago and today’s Islamic savagery is quite prevalent in academia. It’s part of what’s worshipped on most college campuses as diversity and multiculturalism.

College campus idiots — and that includes faculty members and administrators — call for the celebration of and respect for all cultures. In their eyes, it’s racist Eurocentrism to think that Western values and culture are superior to others. But that’s the height of stupidity. Ask your campus multiculturalist who believes in cultural equivalency: Is forcible female genital mutilation, as practiced in nearly 30 sub-Saharan African and Middle Eastern countries, a morally equivalent cultural value? Slavery is practiced in Sudan and Niger; is that a cultural equivalent? In most of the Middle East, there are numerous limits on women — such as prohibitions on driving, employment, voting and education. Under Islamic law, in some countries, female adulterers face death by stoning, and thieves face the punishment of having their hand severed. Some multiculturalists are members of campus LGBT groups. Ask them to what extent the Muslim culture would tolerate their lifestyle.

Blessings.buzz ^ | 1/25/2015 | Elly Mae

This story is miraculous in so many different ways.

A man named Ravi said that God showed him a man that he was supposed to go find. He didn’t know his name but he did know what he looked like. After going where God led him, Ravi found the man God showed him.

The man was a guru, dedicated by his parents to be the priest in the village temple. After talking to each other for a while, it is revealed that the guru had a dream about Ravi… And you have to watch to see what happens next…

Watch the incredible story here:

(Excerpt) Read more at blessings.buzz

Direct Link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?x-yt-cl=84503534&v=KmMAgXZiGjU&feature=player_embedded&x-yt-ts=1421914688

Dear family & friends in Christ,

On 3rd March at 6.45am I was interviewed by a very well-known secular radio station in California. The host wanted to know, amongst many other things, as to what my take was on the PM of Israel speaking to the US Congress just a couple of hours after my interview.

That morning from my hotel room in Los Angeles, I watched the PM of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu address the US Congress. It was possibly one of the best speeches I have ever heard. Interestingly enough, he did not need a teleprompter machine because he spoke from his heart about his people and the land the Lord had given them.

I was in tears at times when I heard him quote the bible and speak on Esther and Moses. It was very interesting, although President Obama did not attend this very important meeting. His absence seemed not to bother anyone.

Congress stood up and applauded the PM of Israel, almost after every sentence he spoke. I have never heard anyone get so many rounds of applause.


God does have a very good sense of humour as he used the PM of Israel to challenge the nation of America from the very place the US President would address the nation and the congress.

Let me get to the real point. We must earnestly storm heaven for PM Benjamin Netanyahu to be re-elected. If not, Israel will possibly lose a lot of what she has gained under his leadership. It is not about people’s opinions, but God’s will to be done for Israel.

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Dear friends & family in Christ,

Thank you to all those who attended the RUAP national conference in Melbourne and a special thank you to those who came from almost every state across Australia. Your presence was greatly appreciated.

The conference started with Cr Rosalie Crestani from the city of Casey in Victoria (where the RUAP head office is located) welcoming the people and then sharing why she believed in the vision of RUAP.

This was followed by 6 RUAP State Presidents giving their speeches. Each one stated that they believed in the vision of Keeping Australia Australian and that RUAP was the answer for Australia.

Next, the special guest speaker Mr Asoka Perera addressed the gathering and encouraged the people to stand strong and committed to the vision.

Then the National President for RUAP Daniel Nalliah addressed the people and challenged them to Rise Up and fight the good fight to protect Australia for the next generation.

Those at the conference were greatly blessed and pledged their commitment to Rise Up Australia Party, to keep Australia Australian.

After a short break for lunch, the floor was open for questions and answers. This was very interactive as many of them who spoke shared their excitement to be a part of RUAP.

Daniel Nalliah stated, “I was so encouraged to hear and see the commitment of people gathered at the conference to see RUAP become a major player in Australian politics in the next few years. It is always good to hear members of the party share their thoughts as it reflects the mood of the nation.”

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who is a part of RUAP.

You may click the following link to view the photo gallery.

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January 25, 2015 – Matt Waterson, NEWS CONSORTIUM Catholic Online

In 2014, India saw a wave of violence towards Christians that left five dead, including one 11-year-old child. Another 7,000 people experienced other persecution that year, a new report from the Mumbai-based Catholic Secular Forum (CSF) revealed.

The Christian Persecution Report revealed that another 300 clergymen or leaders of Christian communities were victims of violence.

Most of India is Hindu, but there is also a large population of Muslims, Sikhs and Christians — largely Catholic. In recent years the country of more than a billion has seen a sharp turn towards nationalism and fundamentalism, and those who do not fit the Hindu Indian profile are being targeted for violence or discrimination.

In an interview with ucanews.com, CSF’s general secretary, Joseph Dias spoke the reason this disturbing trend has arisen.

“Some right-wing forces have become active since the pro-Hindu Bhartiua Janata Party took over the reins of the country.”

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Jewish World Review – By David Ignatius – Published Jan. 23, 2015

The death of King Abdullah begins a period of generational change in the oil kingdom that may last for several years. Crown Prince Salman, the nominal successor, is elderly and infirm, as is the next in line, Prince Muqrin. The Saudi royal family, which has proven itself adept at survival, will be struggling in the next days and months to decide who in the next generation should be positioned for eventual power.

Saudi Arabia’s opaque and often repressive political system mystifies outsiders, especially at times like this, when the leadership of the kingdom is a critical factor in the regional balance of power. Saudi Arabia is the heart, and the pocketbook, of the Sunni Arab world. A leadership vacuum in Riyadh echoes from Yemen to Syria, and all the places in between.

Abdullah’s death comes as Saudi Arabia, and the Sunni world it leads, are vexed as never before by the power of Iran and its Shiite Muslim proxies. Iran’s allies control four key Arab capitals: Damascus, Baghdad, Beirut and Sanaa. The Saudis have raged against Iranian power, and tried to finance covert operations to counter it, but they have failed everywhere they have tried. Many in the kingdom blame the United States for these reversals, but they should be more self-critical: This has fundamentally been a failure of Sunni, and especially Saudi, leadership.

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Dear friends & family in Christ,

Pr Daniel will be ministering at Holy Spirit revival meetings on the Gold Coast on Saturday 21st at 7pm and on Sunday 22nd March at 10am & 6pm at New Life Worship Centre at 16 Dunkirk Close in Arundel.

See flyer above for more info.

Dear friends & family,

1) We are very happy to let you know that Pastor Asoka Perera from Sri Lanka will be speaking at Catch The Fire Ministries in Hallam at the 9:30am worship service this Sunday 15th March.

He will be speaking on how the kingdom of God should function in the church, government, society and nation.

Pr Daniel who will be present at both the 9:30am & 6:30pm services stated, “I believe that every Christian should listen to his message as it will definitely bring you great wisdom and revelation knowledge from the Word of God.”

Please note that this Sunday’s morning service will be live webcast at www.catchthefire.com.au beginning at 10:45am (AEDT).

2) We’re forwarding you the following article from RUAP on Islamism for your prayerful interest.

“Brainwashed youth are increasingly catechized to believe that ISLAM IS SKILL. Older, wiser heads understand that ISLAM IS KILL, ISLAM IS ILL.



The seeds of 18 year old Jake Bilardi’s death-by-Islam were sown when Australian History and the Bible were chucked out of Aussie schools. Without a moral compass, and sense of identity, young lives will continue to be hijacked by our enemies! The greatest of which could well be the DEATH CULT OF ISLAM.

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Dear friends & family in Christ,

You may click the following links to read two recent media articles about a Melbourne teen joining ISIL, plotting terror attacks in Melbourne & then allegedly dying in Iraq as a suicide bomber.



January 18, 2015 By

Exposing the role that Islamic jihad theology and ideology play in the modern global conflicts

“I never thought I would see the day when members of the Jewish community in the United Kingdom would say they were fearful of remaining here in the United Kingdom.” The hopelessly confused Ms. May doesn’t seem to realize that the Jews without whom Britain would not be Britain are fearful of remaining there because of the Muslims without whom Britain would not be Britain.

Also, a very good case can be made that “without its Jews Britain would not be Britain,” as there is a very long history of Jews in Britain. It is mostly an unhappy history, and those ugly times are returning, but it is undeniable that Jews have contributed to what makes Britain Britain. But “without its Muslims, Britain would not be Britain”? Really? Theresa May must therefore think that Britain wasn’t Britain until the last few decades, when Britain for the first time in its history began to have a significant Muslim presence.

Theresa May is a disgrace. Then again, so is the rest of the Cameron government, and its opposition. Britain is racing to ruin, courtesy of Theresa May and her ilk.

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